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It is present day America. CARA, a 26 year old single writer living in Manhattan is badgered into going on a blind date by her friend STACY. Cara is unenthusiastic about what she believes will be another failed attempt at a romantic connection, but goes along with it anyways. Upon arrival at the restaurant her lack of confidence and fear of rejection are shown heavily on her face. The lights are dim with soft music playing in the background as she is ushered to the designated table by her WAITER. Here sits a seemingly handsome gentleman dressed in a dark suit with his face hidden by deep seductive shadows. He rises to greet her. As their blue eyes meet a rush of inevitable attraction overcomes them, until they realize they have met before. Cara flashes back to a moment when she TRAVIS, a 28 year old photographer, embarrassing photo of her shopping at which in turn made the local newspaper. Travis begins to recall the feces filled workplace in return. Cara and Travis are reality by the waiter.

was humiliated by this when he published an Macy’s on Black Friday With a grotesque face, present she sent to his quickly snapped back to

They both sit in the plush red chairs, with an eager agenda to destroy one another’s night. The conversation consists of one sly remark after another as the tension between the two begins to rise. The fierce attraction between Cara and Travis causes an uncontrollable banter. Finally, Cara refuses to participate any longer and stands so abruptly she knocks over her chair, tripping the Waiter, causing an entire tray of spaghetti and meatballs to fly which, of course, comically lands on top of her head. An udder silence overcomes the restaurant followed by a burst of uncontrollable laughter. Just as Cara begins to wallow in her own sorrow she sees Travis snap a photo of her tragedy and disappear into the crowded streets. A flash a rage swoops through her body and she fleets towards the door leaving a trail of noodles and fine meats behind her. Determined to retrieve yet another embarrassing picture from Travis, Cara rushes outside, steals a tattered bike from an unsuspecting homeless person, and pedals with force through the dark, smoke filled streets as she races to Travis’s workplace. Here she knows he will be plotting his feces revenge.

She arrives, panting, glistening with perspiration as she sneaks past the brick building to catch a peek through the rusted window. She must climb a limber tree in her tomato covered dress to catch a glimpse of her infamous blind date. Just as she reaches the edge of the branch she spots her rival laughing in victory while he develops the photo. Suddenly, the branch gives way and crashes to the ground as the camera zooms back up showing Cara hanging for dear life by the windowsill. Her chipped paint fingernails are gripping the old building as she wrestles to stay attached. Travis rushes outside in a heroic manner after hearing a woman’s shrill screams. He spots Cara in tears struggling for her life. Travis cannot help but run to her safety just as she loses strength and falls from the two story building. Travis runs and leaps through the air with his arms outstretched to catch her. Unfortunately, he overestimates the distance ending with Cara landing directly on top of him, breaking her fall. Cara opens her eyes feeling groggy and full of medicine. She notices the band around her wrist as she touches the white hospital gown upon her. She realizes she is lying in a hospital bed with a cast tightly wound up to her elbow. Visions of the night begin to rush her memory. She looks to her right and there lies Travis in the bed next to her. He is fashioned with a cast on his left leg and a blood incrusted nose seeming to be in a deep sleep. Cara is disturbed by this image until she realizes Travis broke her fall initially saving her life. A feeling a kindness consumes her face. Cara struggles to lift herself out of bed as she stumbles over to Travis’s bedside. She leans slowly to press her lips against his. This rush of wet warmth awakens Travis as he slowly opens his eyes. He accepts by gently kissing her back. In the next scene, the room is filled with ‘get well’ cards and the scent of flowers as a light breeze and rays of sunshine enter the room. Cara and Travis spend the next few days recovering in their fresh linen hospital beds. Stacy enters the room in a summer dress holding two bouquets to greet her blind date disaster. Laughter and romance echo from the white washed walls causing Stacy to realize she might have been right about the couple all along.

Time elapses. The tidy pastel covered room is chic and quiet. Cara sits staring at her reflection in the mirror while slowing stroking her eyelashes with mascara. She applies her soft pink lipstick, the final touch as she prepares for her first date since her full recovery. She leaves her room taking small steps down the carpeted stairs, careful not to trip in her heels. Her hair bounces with curls as she opens the front door to greet her date. There stands Travis, smiling in admiration reaching his hand out for her to hold.

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alyson arrendale

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