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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Enlargement Bible

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The eBook is supplied for information purposes only, even though the contributors of this material are well conversed in the subject matter printed. The material content in this ebook does not constitute professional advice. This eBook is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regards to the subject matter contained. It is sold on the understanding that the publisher and its contributors are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice. If professional advice or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. The readers are advised to consult with any appropriately qualified professional before taking any decisions. If you have or suspect an illness or have a health concern, always consult with your physician or health care provider. We have used our best judgment in compiling this information, however, the information presented may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any reference to a specific product is for your information only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Table of Contents Introduction .......................................................................................................................... 4 Know Your Penis ................................................................................................................... 6 Measuring Your Penis ............................................................................................................ 8 Penis Exercises: The Basics................................................................................................... 10 Penis Exercises: Stepping It Up A Gear (Advanced Exercises) ................................................ 16 Penis Exercises: The Schedule .............................................................................................. 20 Conclusion........................................................................................................................... 24

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Penis Enlargement Bible


First of all, congratulations on your choice to download this ebook. This ebook may be free, but I can assure you it‟s priceless. Soon you will know exactly how to enlarge your penis! So consider yourself lucky, my friend, because normally you have to pay $49 just to read guides that are less good than this one. This is a real treat indeed. Now let‟s talk about penis. Your penis, to be exact. I„d bet that your woman has not said in your presence that a bigger penis feels much better during sex than a small penis. It‟s no surprise because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Copyright © All rights reserved.

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Penis Enlargement Bible You see, one of the top complaints from women about their sex life is their partner's small penis size. So what can you do now to make sure your penis causes compliments, not complaints? Don‟t worry, I‟m here to help. If you want to know how to enlarge your penis, then doing exercises is one of most popular ways to increase the size of a man's penis. Nonetheless, there is some effort required - and a catch! By doing some penis enlargement exercises, you can train your penis to let more blood into it which will give you a harder erection and assist in penis growth if you follow the other necessary steps to cause big growth. (This is what the exercise "gurus" didn't want you to know!) But of course, exercises alone DON'T work. In the same way that your body does, your penis needs nutrients and biochemicals to repair itself and - more importantly for us - to grow. What's more, you can trick your body into restarting puberty style penis enlargement (i.e. natural growth) with biochemicals that were present in your body during puberty, but which left when it ended! When they left your body, penis growth ground to a sudden halt. A cool video all about biochemicals and their function in penis enlargement can be found at However, right now you can read this amazing free penis exercise ebook and start straight away to improve your sex life. What I can say is that this guide has been changing the way a bucket-load of men think about treating their "size" problem. Within a few minutes, you will learn how to become a much better lover with a bigger penis. Now enjoy this free report and please pass it on to your family and friends. Tell them about They need your help too. :) Let's get started!

John Collins,

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Know Your Penis

I'm not going to waste this space (and your valuable time) by telling you all about your penis. You know what a penis is already, right?! :) But there is some important stuff that you need to know if you want to make your penis bigger... As you know, the penis is not a muscle. It's also not a bone. Instead, it's made up of delicate spongy tissue which grew because biochemicals in your body made it bigger as you went through puberty. The most important thing you've gotta remember is that the penis isn't a muscle that can be exercised in the conventional way. BUT... You can use exercises to accelerate penis growth. And this free guide is all about those exercises which are most effective at accelerating the growth of your penis.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Unlike muscle, your penis consists of three cylinders or tubes of tissue. These are arranged with two cylinders on top (as you look down on the penis) and one on the bottom. They are each roughly the size and shape of a pencil. Running through the bottom cylinder is the urethra, the tube through which urine and sperm pass. These cylinders of tissue are firmly held together by a wrap of tissue called Buck„s fascia. If you want to make your penis bigger then you have to enlarge these 3 cylinders and the Buck's fascia. Here's a diagram of the male sexual organs:

Our objective is to make the shaft of your penis bigger in length and girth from the base all the way to the tip. When we do that you get a bigger penis. Penis exercises, unlike muscle exercises, are focused on trapping blood in the penis for longer than is natural. When I implemented my method of penis growth, this accelerated results and took me from a lowly 5” to a big 8”. This guide is focused on getting you gains that are between 2 and 4 inches personally. Before we look at the exercises themselves let's talk about measuring your penis...

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Measuring Your Penis

The truth is, the majority of men have no idea how to measure penis length accurately. To accurately measure your penis is vital if you want to record the increases in size. Here are the steps to measure your penis size accurately so you can give yourself an honest measurement about how you jack up to the male average of six inches‌ FIRST.... find a measuring device. A cloth measuring tape works best. IF you can't find one - then a piece of string will do. After measuring yourself with a piece of string you can place that string along a wooden ruler or some other measuring device! (I hope that makes sense)

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Penis Enlargement Bible IF your penis 'curves' or 'bends' [and many penises do!!] be sure to measure along the curve or bend. Don't measure STRAIGHT from your pubic bone to the tip of your penis in other words! Now the fun part... GET ERECT! Take your measuring device and measure your penis from your pubic bone (the 'pubic bone' is the bone you feel when you press in the area that is covered by your pubic hairs). Don't press TOO hard - but hard enough to be firmly against that bone. Now hold your penis - if you have to! - and place the measuring device (whatever it is that your using) along the top of your penis. (That„s the part of your penis that YOU see!) You are measuring from the pubic bone along the TOP of the penis to the tip of your penis. THAT measurement [whether in inches, centimeters or millimeters] is your OFFICIAL length. The reason I suggest measuring FROM the pubic bone is because it puts every guy on a level playing field. It's a way of being more accurate. Some heavier guys have extra fat behind their pubic hairs - making the penis APPEAR smaller. But we're going for the scientific method to measure your actual size. If you are using a piece of string or whatever, find the distance from your pubic bone to the tip of your penis and then measure the piece of string. To measure the thickness or 'girth' or your penis - stay erect and find the thickest part of your penis (along the shaft). Take your measuring device and wrap it around your penis to get your actual girth measurement. Take note of how many inches, centimeters or millimeters it takes to go all the way around. That measurement will be the official girth of your penis. That's it. That's all there is to it. Now, onto the basics of exercises... J

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Exercises: The Basics

Penis exercises are a way of trapping blood in the penis. While some people sell systems on penis exercises this guide is free. And it's free because I'm not going to lie to you about penis exercises. I'm not here to make a quick buck. I was once where you are – trying to get a bigger penis – and I was scammed countless times. Here is what “gurus” who rip you off with exercise programs will tell you: o “Penis exercises are a great way to make your penis bigger. They're all you need to grow by 2-6 inches!!!”

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Penis Enlargement Bible o “Buy my stuff!!!” o “Exercises work because the enlarge the blood vessels in the penis and then your penis can accommodate more blood. That means you get a bigger penis!!!” I gotta tell you right now though. That's total BS! What you need is the two-step biochemical method to penis enlargement. One of these steps is exercises. So here's what you need to know about exercises. This is basic exercises, advanced exercises and finally a schedule for when to do what. Here's what you need to know... Some men, all too eager to see gains, have gone straight in at the deep end and done harm to their penis by not following the routine structure. Please be careful!

Warming up Just like any sports, warming up is very important to make sure that you protect your penis from any undue damage. If you fail to warm up properly then you're really putting a penis risk. I'll say it again, warming up is vital! First of all, you need to prepare your penis. Soak a washcloth in warm or hot water, then squeeze it out. Take the warm cloth and wrap it around the shaft of your penis (either flaccid or erect). Hold it right there for a minute, remove it, repeat at least twice. Next is to dry off your penis well. Many people have come up with different ways of warming up but I find the simplest to be dunking a towel in hot, but not boiling, water and wrapping it around your penis. The hotter the better – but please be careful not to burn yourself. Before you begin your daily exercises, you have to start off with this procedure for at least 5 minutes. The hot compress is useful because it draws blood to the area of your penis, thereby escalating the blood flow and making the skin more elastic. Another advantage is that this also ensures a good grip for the exercises you will be carrying out.

Lubrication Lubrication is necessary for all of the techniques we recommend here. Using the right lubricant will help you avoid irritation to the sensitive skin of your love gear.

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Penis Enlargement Bible There are many types of lubricants are used around the world. Of course, the most popular types are water-based personal lubricants. The water-based lubricants are so simple and easy to clean up, but tend to dry out quicker while you are exercising your penis. Therefore you may need to add more lube as you progress through your workout. While the petroleum-based lubricants are fine to use but they seem to be thicker and harder to clean up. Vaseline is the most popular of the petroleum-based lubricants, but we believe that VigRX oil works the best. This oil has been specially formulated to boost male enhancement. Now you are going to learn is standard stretching and standard Jelqing.

Stretching Standard stretching involves stretching penis so that the ligaments get longer under penis therefore gains length. The purpose of this method is to create tension in the erectile tissues by stretching the skin of the penis while in an erect state. Not only does this make the skin of your penis slightly elastic, it also expands the amount of the space in your penis chambers, the corpora cavernosa. The higher the amount of blood that can fill these spaces results in an enlarging of the overall mass of your penis. Stretching is so simple that you need to do is stretch the penis to make it longer. This involves gripping the penis just below the head and stretching it out with force to the ligaments gain size. There are six stretches. 

Stretch one: While sitting on the edge of a sofa or bed, begin stroking your penis using your thumb and forefinger (the same "a-ok" symbol used in our other methods).

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Penis Enlargement Bible Pulling the penis directly in front of you. You put the penis out directly in front of you from 30 to 40 seconds. As you stroke the penis from the base toward the head, maintain a firm grip and stretch the skin as best as you can. 

Stretch two: you put the penis directly down for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch three: people the penis directly up for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch four: you pull the penis directly to the left for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch five: you pull the penis directly to the right for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch six: you rotate the penis all the way in a circular movement for 30 to 40 seconds.

Repeat each direction 2-3 times. With these six stretches all you have to do is four sets of each everyday. Only do this after you have warmed up correctly. After you've finished the exercise you can release the grip on the base of your penis. You should feel the blood begin flowing again. Go ahead, you may ejaculate at this point if you feel the urge. Remember to use a firm grip and enough lubrication, always exercise caution! Do not grip your penis too tight so that you lose the circulation. If you are in pain or feel any discomfort, then you are doing the technique in the wrong way. Read the instructions again and retry the technique slowly.

Jelqing Stretching exercises are useful for lengthening your penis. But in order for one man to increase the circumference, you have to perform stretching exercise while your penis is in a partially-erect state. Jelqing is the technique that develops the whole penis so that its length, thickness, weight, and density all become proportionately enlarged. Jelqing (also called "milking") is actually one of those ancient practices that has been performed for centuries by various tribes and cultures around the world. It's considered the most successful method of enlarging the penis. These “milking” exercises could force the blood into your penis. Over the course of several months, the blood spaces in the penis will gain volume. In other words; they can hold more blood. As a result, your penis gets larger.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Jelqing is slightly different from stretching. Standards Jelqing involves forcing blood through the shaft of the penis by using your hand to trap it so that the blood vessels expand. The standards jelq, the one that you'll be using for the first number of weeks, requires that you make a shape with your thumb and forefinger. To make this easier to explain simply make an okay symbol with your hand. The 'O' that you create through doing this will form the basis of your jelq. The Standards jelq involves gripping the penis at the very base, squeezing tightly, and milking penis as you would a cow so that blood is forced to the tip. Standard jelqs should each last 3 seconds from the base to the tip. 1. Apply your lubricant all over the skin of your penis. Keep your lubricant close by since you will want it to last for as long as you need it. Don‟t use the soap because it tends to dry the skin. 2. With your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the base of the penis shaft. Pull downward. Stop at the head. Repeat, alternating hands. Each stroke should last about three seconds. The stimulation will certainly help you reach an erection. 3. When your penis becomes semi-erect (not fully-erect), make the "A-OK" sign with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand. With this hand, grip tightly around the base of your penis. 4. Now starting from the base, pull the penis gently yet firm. Stretch downward and outward. You have to maintain your semi-erect penis at this point. Make certain to start from the base the head with each stroke. Note that the head of your penis will get bigger with blood. 5. Switch to your right hand and repeat the stroke, starting from the base and stretching downward to the head. Alternate both hands in a smooth rhythmic ("milking") movement, touching upon every part of the penis except the very top part of the penis head. This is the very foundation of jelqing.

Don‟t forget that jelqing exercises are not performed during fully-hard erection. Make sure that your penis is between half to 3/4 erect. Results cannot be obtained until a partial erection is present. After this exercise has been done for quite some time, you will notice that your penis appears both longer and thicker. This is a fact. And we can assure you that from within one to several months of routine exercise, your penis will emerge quite huge; this is due to the impaction of blood in the penile tissues.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Carefully choose ONE of these jelqing exercise techniques that you feel comfortable with to include in your daily routine.

PC Muscle Workout What nearly everyone doesnâ€&#x;t know is that the pubococcygeus muscle (pyoo-bococksee-gee-us) or PC muscle plays a critical role in the functioning of the penis. The pubococcygeus muscle is actually a group of muscles that run from the pubic bone to the tailbone. The PC muscle is the muscle you bring into play to stop the flow of urine from the bladder. It is also the muscle that contracts whenever you ejaculate, moving the semen up through the penis and out of the body. The PC muscle is a busy little muscle, you know? But as far as most men are concerned, it is still grossly unknown. Mastering the techniques of male multiple orgasms is easy once you know how to train your pubococcygeus muscle. When you urinate and you want to get the last drop out, you use your PC muscle in the opposite direction. By doing this you'll feel your anus open and the feeling will be somewhat different. Most men can do Kegels anywhere, since they're seldom aroused by the exercises. Continued over a lifetime, the exercises can help men and women avoid urinary incontinence as they age. That, plus greater arousal, enhanced orgasms and longerlasting sex, make Kegels one of the simplest, most beneficial exercises a man or woman can do throughout their lifetime. Be careful though. Using your PC muscle can have negative effects. If you produce too much testosterone then you will find that you ejaculate prematurely. However if you follow our guidelines you will actually enhance your ejaculation control. The basics of the PC muscle work out involve you clenching your muscle as hard as you can for a certain amount of time. To find the muscle in question all you have to do is stop the flow of urine when you are in the toilet. In the e-mails that we send you we will give you an exact routine every week.

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Exercises: Stepping It Up A Gear (Advanced Exercises) These next exercises are more advanced. You will use these as your penis becomes more used to being exercised in this way. They introduce more strain to the penis. If you were to use more advanced exercises immediately then you would do far more damage than good. The stretches and jelqs are slightly more complex. You will not be using these exercises for a number of weeks. You will be e-mailed exactly what you should be doing that week, and these exercises will make up a part of your later routines. Advanced Stretching Advanced stretching it's just different ways of forming stretching exercises. They stretch different parts of the penis.

The Wrist Stretch The wrist stretch is a way of applying pressure to the middle section of your penis midstretch. It stretches the ligaments more authority, but could also do more damage to your penis if your penis hasn't been trained by doing the simpler exercises first. The Wrist Stretch involves gripping your penis just below the head, as with the standard stretch, and stretching penis directly in front of you, to the left, to the right, up and down. To add more pressure to this stretch, you take the wrist of your free hand and apply pressure to middle of your shaft as you stretch before force. So, if you were stretching to the left, you would apply the wrist pressure on the left hand side of your shaft. If you were stretching up, you would apply wrist pressure to the other side of your shaft. If you stretching down, it would apply pressure to the bottom etc. Please don't attempt the Wrist Stretch unless directed by one of our e-mails.

The Big Seated Stretch This is a very long stretch for those of you who have time and privacy. Each stretch takes 10 minutes to complete. By that I mean literally 10 minutes of nonstop stretching.

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Penis Enlargement Bible To perform the stretch, grip your penis while seated by raising one leg up and putting your hand underneath it then gripping just below the head. Then, pull with full force and hold for 10 minutes. For the next set, lift up your other leg and using your other hand repeat the process.

The Big Squeeze The Big Squeeze is placed in this section because it is more a stretch than a Jelq. This routine simply involves squeezing your penis by putting it on the table, and using the flattened palm of your hand, push down on the penis. For this you push firmly by placing one hand on top of the other and using all your weight to squash the penis. You separate the penis into the upper and lower parts, and push down on each for 45 seconds

Advance Jelqing Advanced Jelqing is for those of you who want to see big girth and length gains. We've already seen standard Jelqing, but these advanced techniques will do much more to improve your size. You will notice there are quite a lot of Jelqing exercises that you can do. After you have completed our program, you will be a pro, and then you can develop your own jelqs. However, by the end of our program you will probably have reached the size that you desire anyway -- so you can forget all about Jelqing! Most Jelqing improves your length and girth. Stretching is reserved for length gains, but then length can also be obtained from Jelqing correctly. However, the main reason for using Jelqing is to improve your girth.

The Double-Handed Jelq Erection strength: 95% This is a variation of the standard jelq, the difference lies in using both of your hands instead of one. What you must to his start a standard jelq using your right hand, moving it up your shaft by about an inch, then with your other hand grip at the very base i.e. where your first hand started. Your left-hand is being used to trap the blood.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Now, with your right hand, jelq all the way up to just below the head of your penis. At this stage lots of blood will be trapped. Now, to gain length, finish your jelq with the first hand (your right hand) and slowly move your left hand up to just below the head. Then, take your right hand and gripped the very base again and continue this cycle. Important things to remember: your penis must be, and remain 95% erect. Only ever do this exercise after you have warmed up properly. This exercise is mainly for length gains, but by making a small variation you can turn it into a girth jelq. That is what we shall be looking at now...

The Double-Handed Girth Jelq Erection strength: 95% This Jelqing exercise is designed solely for improving girth. Start as you did the previous exercise -- so that your hands are either end (one at base, one just below the head). The only difference with this exercise compared to the last one is that this is your starting point. Now all you have to do, when there is lots of blood trapped in your penis, is to slowly push to hands together while maintaining a tight grip. What you will notice is that your shaft is being expanded as the blood is forced outwards. This is held for 30-60 seconds. Important things to remember: again, your penis must be, and remain, 95% erect. Only ever do this exercise after you have warmed up properly.

The Double-Handed Girth Bend Erection strength: 95% This exercise is similar to the last. With one hand at either end of your shaft, literally bend the penis forwards slowly, ruling it so that the bend moves from top to the bottom. Do this for 30-45 seconds. Repeat the exercise but in reverse i.e. bend it the other way.

The Ultimate Girth Jelq Erection strength: 95% Copyright Š All rights reserved.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Similar to the Double-Handed Girth Jelq, the object of this is to force your hands closer until they almost touch. The time spent on the movement from each end of your shaft to the center point should be 30-45 seconds. You can concentrate on different parts of your penis shaft while doing this. If you want to see more gains at the base than simply don't move your base and. If you want to see more gains closer to the tip, then don't move your upper hand. You can mix up the exercise depending on whether your girth gains are level or different at different points of your penis. Important things to remember: 95% erection. Ensure that you warm up.

Warming Down Each step of exercises should be ended with a gentle massage and a warming down session with the help of a hot towel. When you give a massage to your penis and apply some heat to it, it helps healing and rebuilding of the cell tissue. You see, heat promotes faster growth of tissue cells and it restores the sensibility problems you may have had during your enlargement exercises. So after each exercise, you have to massage your penis softly for about 1 minute. You should perform a soft and circular motion with your forefinger and middle finger along the base and the shaft of the penis. Be very gentle with your moves here since your penis has just been through some serious hard workout. Following the massage session, you should apply another hot towel around your penis, just like you did for the warm up. This part of the practice is as essential as the first one because the heat will stimulate the damaged parts and will make them function well again.

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Exercises: The Schedule

This is the schedule that you can start today. Alone, it won't have any affect. Until you have assimilated all of the required nutrients and biochemicals into your body, you will just get improved erections and maybe a very small amount of growth. Usually it takes 10 weeks to see real gains, but you will notice a harder penis after a few weeks. Biochemical growth will cause rapid growth – it's what worked for me when I finally after years of trying – stumbled upon the secret to getting a bigger penis. But exercises increased the speed at which I gained by about 22% when those biochemicals were present. Here is the exact exercise schedule that I used...

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Penis Enlargement Bible


Weeks 1-3

Time spent on exercises per day: 15-20 minutes. Gently massage your penis and surrounding area with a warm cloth. You want to loosen up your penis and the muscles around it. Do this for 2-3 minutes. Standard stretching is the only way to begin! For this hold each stretch (outwards, up, down, left, right and around) for 30 seconds. Your penis must be flaccid to do this or you will hurt yourself. Go through this cycle twice. Exercise you PC muscle in the process by flexing it in the manner similar to controlling your bladder flow. This technique helps you preclude premature ejaculation. After 20 minutes, give your penis a rest. Wrap a warm towel around your penis and then repeat the routine after a few minutes of sufficient rest. Now continue on to the standard jelq. Do this for 10 minutes, and then warm down. Perform these exercises 5 days a week. Give yourself the weekend (or any two days) off. You will notice that your erections become harder and you may see a little growth. In week 3 spend 10 minutes doing the Double-Handed Jelq as well. Exercises to use: Standard Stretching Standard Jelqing

Weeks 4-5

Time spent on exercises per day: 15-20 minutes. Exercises to use: Standard Stretching Take a seat with you back vertically straight and mare sure to lubricate you penis. With one hand, grab the base of your penis squeezing the

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Penis Enlargement Bible penis shaft as you move towards the penile head. Once there, use your other hand and start anew. Do the squeezing routine for 3-5 seconds as you moved from the penis base to the head. Repeat this action over a 5 minute period without attaining a full erection or ejaculation. Standard Jelqing Gently encircle your penis and moving your hand up to the head, concentrate of pushing the blood up the penis. On reaching the head of your penis, take your other hand to the base and perform the same motion with your other hand. The Wrist Stretch Grip your penis firmly just below the head and stretch it gently to the left, to the right, up and down. Repeat this technique for about 5 minutes. The Big Squeeze Place your penis on the table, squeeze and put pressure on your penis with your palm firmly. But donâ€&#x;t be so hard on your penis. Keep repeating this for about 2 minutes.

Weeks 6-8

At the end of this cycle you will have your body at its optimum. This is the last transitional stage. Because of that you shouldn't do everything yet. However, you can split your exercises into morning and night. You should do more advanced, intensive jelqs and stretches as your penis starts to get ready for growth. Spend between 20-30 minutes a day exercising. Now you can do everything but the Ultimate Girth Jelq and the Double-Handed Girth Bend. If at this stage you have already begun to see growth then by all means do the others. You'll now know the feeling of a good workout so you will know which exercises you respond to best. Also, mix up what you do. Keep your routines fresh for the best results.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Week 8

Well done, my friend! You have been through a great experience towards enlarging your penis. Don‟t get too excited though because your first week is nothing. But now you can create your own routine. You‟ll have noticed what you respond to best. Tailor-make your exercises and growth will happen. Spend at least 15 minutes a day on intense workouts.

Note: Before any exercise you have to warm up and afterwards you have to warm down.

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Penis Enlargement Bible


That's the basis of penis exercises! This is a complete part of the system that I discovered (almost by accident!) which caused my penis to get bigger by 3 inches in length and 2 in girth. Why am I sharing this? I'm sharing this information because some really sneaky “gurus” are selling this information and making a profit out of it. That would be cool, and I'd be fine with it if it worked. But, here's the thing, it doesn't on its own! I personally wasted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on penis enlargement stuff. And ALL of it failed until I stumbled upon the solution that worked wonders for me. So, this free guide is here to stop you getting ripped off. I am not a wealthy guy and at some points when I shelled out a fortune on these products I was really frickin' poor. So if I help one guy save a bit of money and get better educated then I think this guide is a good thing. So how do natural size gains happen? I've said exercises accelerate growth, and here's how my complete system worked for me. Please remember that I'm not an expert! I'm just a regular dude who found

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Penis Enlargement Bible something that's worked incredibly well for me and the few people I shared this info with. The way that my biochemical method works is by making your penis naturally grow. All you need to do is to restart the production of certain biochemicals in the body. These biochemicals were responsible for growth when you were going through puberty, and can be made to be produced in the body now, just like they were then. If you can do this then you will begin penis growth. Most people don't know about this vital technique because the enlargement industry makes much more money selling very expensive methods which don't deliver results. However, getting your body ready to make your penis bigger is the only way (other than surgery) that you can cause real gains in your penis size. That is the reason why other products (as you probably have discovered) fail, because they ignore this highly important aspect of growth. The way to make your penis bigger is by getting those biochemicals (which caused penis growth during puberty) back in the body. Then: BOOM! You will start to see gains. If you guys are interested in this then let me know. If you're not part of my members email list then sign up now - and you can email me directly from there! It's at If you guys want these secrets badly enough then I'll tell you them! I would rather that than you getting scammed by the big businesses like I did. All the best. Your friend,

John Collins

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Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss Penile extension surgical procedure hints. AMS Inflatable 3-Piece Penile Prosthesis Surgery Details. Printing tip: If you need to print handiest one part of this entire report, you have to be capable of do this depending to your software program. To print a ramification, highlight the section you need to print the usage of your mouse, then click on on print, after which inside the print menu, pick out "selection." Terminology tip: If you come upon phrases you don't recognize, appearance them up within the On-Line Medical Dictionary. The penile prosthesis is a device that is surgically implanted in the body. Implants are most a hit for men who can ejaculate and feature orgasms even though they can't obtain erections. All penile implants vicinity prosthetic internal tubes in the penis to mimic the inflation process and create an erection. Used for the reason that Nineteen Fifties, heaps of fellows have been treated efficiently with implants and there were many advances within the era. Advantages and Disadvantages of Implants. Implants are powerful in treating almost any kind of impotence. They have a ninety% success charge while each companions are informed approximately these prostheses and their barriers. Prostheses don't require follow-up treatment after implantation and no drug treatments or injections are vital. In addition, as soon as the prosthesis is in location and functioning, there aren't any extra charges. The more moderen prostheses are very reliable, with a threat of mechanical failure inside the range of simplest 2% to four % according to year. However, surgical implants completely trade the internal shape of the penis. If the prosthesis is ever removed, everyday erections not often return. There is a small (three% to 5%) threat of infection that might require elimination of the prosthesis. Some sufferers can increase surgical complications or anesthetic headaches. Occasionally, sufferers will be aware numbness at the head of the penis and sex can be uncomfortable. Because the erection isn't always caused by expanded blood waft to the penis, the top of the penis isn't always a part of the erection, and this softness may additionally bother some men. Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. Inflatable prostheses are the maximum herbalfeeling of the penile implants, because the penis can be both erect or flaccid. These implants are made of two tender inner tubes silicone or bioflex, which might be inert plastics. The tubes are filled with a sterile liquid that comes from a small reservoir placed under the muscle tissue of the stomach. A pump inside the scrotum is used to transport the fluid from the reservoir to the tubes. The extra fluid this is pumped into the internal tubes, the less attackable and large the erection. When the erection is now not desired, the fluid returns to the reservoir, leaving the penis once again gentle. (See Figure) AMSseven-hundred / AMS-700CX- Two-Piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. Learning to Use Your AMS seven-hundred Penile Prosthesis An educational video on using the 700 Penile Prosthesis. Video with the aid of American Medical Systems, Inc. Surgical Implant of the AMS seven hundred Penile Prosthesis This video demonstrates the implantation technique of the AMS seven-hundred Penile Prosthesis. Video by means of American Medical Systems, Inc. The major advantage of inflatable penile implants is that it provides a extra herbal erection that the affected person can manage. The erection can final indefinitely, till the person transfers the fluid in the penis lower back into the reservoir. One major drawback of this sort of device is that the surgical operation to implant this kind of tool is slightly extra complex than for a semi-inflexible implant. Also, due to the fact there are greater mechanical components, there's a better danger of mechanical failure that could require upkeep or modifications. Many insurance businesses cover part or all of the expenses of the prosthesis alternative however not the surgical or health facility prices. The options concerning the penile prosthesis are malleable, self-contained inflatable and this multi-piece inflatable product. Please see the hyperlinks to the other tactics for assessment. Your preoperative appointments. Before your surgical operation, you ma. Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss be visible through the medical doctor and the anesthesiologist, and when applicable, there may be a pre-admission appointment with the clinic. Click here to read extra information about these appointments, called the Pre-Operative WorkUp. Change In Health Status. Notify your general practitioner in case you revel in any sizeable exchange for your fitness status: expand a cold, influenza, a bladder infection, diarrhea, or other contamination, earlier than your surgical procedure. Pre-Operative Medication Instructions. Unless specially informed otherwise by your health care provider or anesthesiologist, please look at the following gu > One Week Prior to Surgery: - STOP all aspirin and all aspirin-containing medicines (e.G., Anacin, Excedrin, Pepto-Bismol). Check any bloodless or ache medicinal drug bottles to make sure aspirin isn't always contained. See additional list at Blood Thinners. Two Days Prior to Surgery: - STOP all nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medicines (e.G., etodolac [Lodine], fenoprofen [Nalfon], ibuprofen [Advil, Motrin, Nuprin], ketorolac [Toradol], maproxen [Aleve], meclofenarnate [Meclomen], mefenamic acid [Ponstel], naproxen [Anaprox, Naprosyn]. Day Before Your Surgery: Start the pre-operative Bowel Prep (cleaning technique) suitable for this surgical operation. As damage to the bowel is not going on this procedure, you'll have the only form of a bowel education, defined below. 2- Fleets Enemas Night earlier than Morning of the surgical treatment. On the Morning of your Surgery: DO NOT TAKE digitalis drug treatments (e.G., Crystodigin, Digoxin, Lanoxin). DO NOT TAKE oral antidiabetes medicines (e.G., chlorpropamide [Diabinese], glyburide [DiaBeta, Glynase, Micronase], glypizide [Glucotrol], tolazamide [Tolinase], tolbutamide [Orinase]. DO TAKE one-1/2 of your common morning. INSULIN dose. DO NOT TAKE your morning INSULIN dose in case you are driving a exquisite distance the morning of surgery or if your surgical procedure is scheduled for the afternoon. DO TAKE, with a small sip of water, ALL of your different typical morning doses of frequently prescribed drug treatments. Use your bronchial asthma inhalers and produce them with you to the clinic. Pre-Operative Diet Instructions. Unless in particular instructed in any other case by your health care provider or anesthesiologist, sufferers of all ages need to take a look at the following weight-reduction plan regulations earlier than surgery: Eight hours before the Scheduled Start of your Surgery: DO NOT EAT any sol > Six hours before the Scheduled Start of your Surgery: DO NOT TAKE something via mouth besides for your ordinary medicines; comply with the Preoperative remedy instructions above. Exceptions: DO NOT TAKE anything by means of mouth for eight hours, besides on your usual medicines, if you are pregnant, morbidly obese, or are diagnosed with diabetes, renal failure, or belly acid reflux disease with heartburn. Patients present process operative or diagnostic techniques regarding sedation are required to chorus from ingesting, ingesting or taking whatever by using mouth for a stated length prior to their surgical

procedure or process. Th. Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss purpose for this is to save you headaches caused by nausea or vomiting at the same time as you're subconscious. Should you vomit while inside the unconscious country, the risk exists that the vomit may also enter into your lungs causing severe headaches including pneumonia. These headaches may additionally result in an extension of your hospitalization following your surgical operation. It is because of this sufferers are regularly informed to have nothing by way of mouth after midnight the night time previous to your operation except otherwise instructed by means of an anesthetist. Pre-Operative Cleaning Instructions (bathing and showering commands) Pre-operative showers are to be taken the night earlier than and the morning of surgical operation just prior to your arrival. All adults are required to take a bath the use of either a Betadine or Hibiclens Surgical Scrub antibacterial cleaning soap. The cause is to eliminate as a lot bacteria out of your pores and skin as possible previous to your surgical procedure. If you're allergic to these products please notify your physician or nurse. Perform your bathe as follows: Generously lather your body, scrub well, and rinse. Give precise interest to the region have been the incision could be made on your system. Following the morning bathe, do not follow creams, frame oils, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, make-up, lipstick, nail polish or any other cosmetic product to the skin or nails. Do now not use Hibiclens in your face. You may additionally use every other antibacterial cleaning soap for the face. Children beneath five years of age are to take delivery of a bathtub using an over the counter antibacterial cleaning soap. On The Day Of Surgery Take your drugs as advised above. You can also brush your enamel; rinse your mouth, however do no longer swallow the water. Leave all jewelry (such as wedding ceremony and all other rings) and valuables (including money and credit playing cards) at home. If you wear contact lenses, glasses or hearing aids, please convey a case or field, and solution for contacts, to guard them whilst you are in surgery. Wear a minimum quantity of make-up, and no mascara. Please do away with the nail polish from both index fingers. Please bring a duplicate of your cutting-edge clinical problem listing from you number one care doctor (own family medication/internist). Minors (everybody less than 18 years antique) have to be observed by means of a parent or prison guardian to sign the operative consent fount. The anesthesiologist will talk with you the anesthetic maximum appropriate for your medical circumstance and manner prior to surgery. After your surgery you need to be escorted/pushed home via a accountable person. You can also take a taxi automobile or trip if followed via a accountable person who can stay with you after the motive force departs. Time To Arrive For Your Surgery. During your Pre-Admission Interview, our Registered Nurse will offer you with the right time to arrive for test-in prior to your surgical procedure. Risks and Complications. The dangers and headaches for this surgical operation are described in the "Counseling and Pre-Op Note" that you will need to sign before the surgical procedure. The important content material of that be aware is listed below. Patient is a male who is scheduled to have placement of a penile prosthesis. This operation is most usually carried out for intense erectile disorder and allows a affected person to have an erection, that is usable for sexual intercourse. Alternatives to the procedure encompass observation; oral agents which include sildenafil, trazadone, and yohimbine; pharmacological injection programs (alprostadil, papaverine, phentolamine and mixtures); vacuum tumescence devices; intra-urethral remedy (alprostadil); and behavioral/sexual remedy. Several kinds of penile implants are to be had: malleable, semi-inflexible; self contained inflatable; and multi-piece inflatable with connectors. The dangers and complications of the technique in which drastically discussed with the patient. The fashionable risks of this system encompass, but are not limited to bleeding, transfusion, contamination, wound infection/dehiscence, pain(brief and long time), scaring of tissues, failure of the manner, capability harm to different surrounding structures, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolus, myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke, death or a long-term stay within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Additionally, mentioned had been the feasible extreme headaches of the anesthesia to include cracked teeth, airway damage, aspiration, pneumonia, spinal head-ache, nerve harm, spinal canal bleeding and malignant hyperthermia. Your anesthesiologist will talk the risks and headaches in extra depth one after the other. Additional procedures may be essential. The unique risks of this manner encompass, however aren't limited to: prosthetic contamination requiring long term remedy with antibiotics, penile/urethral damage, removal of prosthetic secondary to erosion or infection, lack of ability to region a specific form of prosthetic (inflatable vs. Semi-inflexible) requiring the position of an opportunity kind, prosthesis failure/breakage/leakage requiring destiny revision/elimination/ substitute, altered cosmetic appearance, perforation of the cura, crossed rods, not on time climax and spontaneous erections. With a prosthetic tool you may be required to take prophylactic antibiotics before some other surgical or dental processes to save you possible bacterial seeding and contamination of you prosthetic. The glans penis may additionally slump (SST deformity) after surgical operation or after some use of the prosthesis at some point of sex. It is also vitally crucial to have practical expectations of the surgical treatment. The penile prosthesis does now not provide the identical kind "normal" erection, but acts as a device to growth the penile pressure for sex. You can be upset with the appearance and size of the penis after the surgery. This procedure will not give you accelerated duration and girth. You recognize the technique, general and particular dangers as discussed and comply with proceed with the procedure. You additionally understand that not each viable difficulty can be listed in this counseling observe and additional risks are feasible, despite the fact that not likely. To view the actual printable form for this surgical treatment, click right here: Counseling Note for AMS Inflatable three-Piece Prosthesis. To print the record, certainly pick out print after you have opened the web page. You can use that reproduction to sign before your surgical operation. Detailed Surgery Description. Terminology tip: If you come across phrases you do not understand, appearance them up inside the On-Line Medical Dictionary. Indications: Male patient with Impotence. Sample Procedure Dictation: The patient become given preferred anesthesia / spinal anesthesia, positioned in the supine role after which prepped and draped inside the traditional fashionable sterile way. A 16 Fr Foley catheter was positioned in step with urethra and the bladder become drained. A transverse penoscrotal incision was made via the skin and dartos layers to show the interscrotal tissues. A area became made with blunt dissection among the testicles to show the corpora cavernosa bilaterally and the corpora spongiosum. The Foley catheter became palpated to perceive the urethra. This shape was

avoided for the final portion of the case. Care changed into taken not to dissect down the midline have been the urethra became positioned. Multiple live sutures had been located for retraction and a 2-three cm vertical incision become made in the corpora the use of a #12 blade (hook). A metzenbaum scissors turned into used to broaden a space just beneath the tunica albugenia in each instructions to allow sequential dilation of the corpora with Hagar dilators beginning with an 8 mm up to a 14 mm. The dilators have been completely seated inside the proximal dilation and mentioned to be in the mid-glans inside the distal dilation. The corporal lengths were then measured in both directions and the full intercorporal period turned into documented: Right ___cm, Left ___cm. Using the entire intercorporal period and the organization-sizing chart, it became decided that a 12mm diameter and ___cm lengthy cylinder was required with proximal tip lengths of: Right proximal __cm and Left proximal ___cm. The corpora were copiously irrigated with GU irrigant previous to placement of the prosthesis cylinders with suggestions. The cylinders, proximal pointers, pump and the 70cc / one hundred cc reservoir have been soaked in GU antibiotic answer. All the air become irrigated from the cylinders and the pump. All ends of tubing were clamped with mosquitoes protected with rubber shods. The prosthesis turned into positioned without difficulty within the left corpora with a 14mm Hagar dilator in the right aspect to avoid a crossover disorder of the prosthetic cylinders. There became no buckling disorder and the prosthetic distal tip become cited to be within the mid-glans area. The proper prosthesis changed into located without issue in a similar manner with the identical findings. The corporotomies were then closed with a going for walks 2-vicryl suture with the knots inverted. The pump turned into located in a established position between the two testicles. A subcutaneous canal changed into made to the left side of the pubic symphysis and an incision into the rectus fascia was made to increase the sub-rectus pouch for the reservoir. 2-0 vicryl interrupted sutures have been pre-positioned for closure after the reservoir become placed. The empty reservoir changed into placed after which filled with 22cc of a 10% Hypaque answer. The reservoir turned into now not palpated via the anterior stomach wall even as inflated. The fascia turned into closed and the tubing from the reservoir changed into connected with the tubing from the pump. The prosthesis was cycled via multiple inflation and deflation trials and was cited to properly feature. All tubing turned into protected with a layer 2-zero vicryl closure of the interscrotal connective tissue. The skin became closed with interrupted 4-zero chromic sutures. The bladder changed into tired and positioned on gravity drainage for 24 hours. The prosthesis become inspected for role, loose movement, accurate cylinder period and accurate inflation and deflation over a couple of trials, all of which were regular and adequate. Bacitracin ointment was placed on the scrotal incision after which 4X4 gauze and fluffs were used to bandage the scrotum. An athletic supporter turned into positioned to at ease the bandages. The prosthesis became inflated to ? Of its complete capability and the pump changed into deactivated for destiny activation. Patient changed into then wake up from anesthesia with out complications and transferred to the Recovery Room (RR). The patient arrived to the RR in strong situation and with out complications. Family Waiting Instructions. To the circle of relatives and friends of sufferers present process surgery. SCHEDULED STARTING TIME OF SURGERY: ESTIMATED LENGTH OF SURGERY: You ought to plan to test in on the waiting location records desk as soon as your member of the family or buddy has left for the Operating Room. This is the simplest manner we can communicate to you afterwards, or on occasion; reach you to offer you updates on the operation's development. If the surgery is scheduled for lots hours, you may leave to devour or do other things, but you need to permit the statistics desk realize that you're going to go away the region, wherein you are going, and how long you might be long past so that we might reach you if need be. You should be within the vicinity earlier than the elected time of the end of the operation. The facts deck will overhead page you or the "family of" when they obtain the recovery name to assist you to understand that the surgery has been finished. The overhead page system works ONLY on the Surgical Waiting Area and no longer in the course of the health center or the cafeteria. We will plan to look you in the surgical ready location after we have correctly finished the early levels of the publish-anesthesia recuperation in the "Recovery Room" or PAR (Post Anesthesia Recovery). This may absorb to an hour after the preliminary name. Sometimes, particularly if some other case is prepared to begin, we are able to name and talk to you. If for a few reason, we've got not come or referred to as within 30 minutes, please ask the statistics desk to page us. Your family member will be within the Recovery Room for 1-2 hours. This is preferred restoration time, although the times range with each person. For instance, spinal anesthetics take longer to "wear off," neighborhood anesthetics are a good deal shorter performing. Under no situations are own family participants or friends allowed inside the recovery room. The statistics deck will tell you of the affected person's return to the room as quickly as they receive the facts that the patient has left recuperation. At that point, they'll come up with the room wide variety and direct you to the appropriate wing and ground. Activity No heavy lifting (greater than 15 lbs.) for 4 weeks (1 week for an implant). No using for 3 weeks (1 week for an implant). We additionally discourage driving in a vehicle because the vibrations and motion can also motive bleeding. Use the stairs every now and then. Take one step at a time, and have assistance to be had. No long trips for 3 weeks. No cutting the lawn, shoveling snow, raking leaves, and so forth., for 4 weeks. No sexual interest for 6 weeks after surgical operation. No manipulation of the prosthesis Showers after the bandages are eliminated (48 hrs) are okay. It is k to wash the wound, do now not rub the wound just pat dry it. Avoid tub baths or swimming in a pool for 1 week. Regular light hobby is encouraged several instances each day. We inspire strolling. Do no longer be a couch potato. If pain returns then lessen pastime, take it clean, and extra gradually resume activities. Diet Drink plenty of fluids. We endorse 24-32 oz.Over your typical each day fluid consumption. Limit fluids after 6 PM. Avoid tea, espresso (such as decaf) and pop. Resume a everyday diet at domestic. Take high calorie supplements if urge for food is poor. If you have a special food regimen secondary to Diabetes, Renal Disease, Liver Disease, and many others. You can resume consuming when tolerated. Medication Please take the medicinal drugs as prescribed with the aid of your medical doctor. Start them on day of discharge, and please entire the entire prescription. Take pain medication simplest as wished. Try Tylenol or Motrin for milder ache. You will typically be discharged together with your old medicines and new pain medication, antibiotics and stool softeners Resume all medicinal drugs you commonly took

before surgical procedure, unless informed in any other case. Do no longer take blood thinners or aspirin merchandise for 12 weeks or as directed. If there may be a hassle taking or getting the drugs, name us. Catheter and Wound Care Do not do away with the dressing from the wound unless informed. If you are home with a bandage, it is usually eliminated after 48 hrs. Your sutures will dissolve through the years and do no longer need to be eliminated. Your steri-strips will fall off over a -week length; please allow them to fall off on their personal in place of casting off them. You can trim the rims of the steri-strips which have rolled up onto themselves if they bother you. You can also cover the wound with gauze if there's moderate drainage. If the wound turns into pink, infected, or has immoderate drainage, please touch your doctor without delay. If you word pus coming from any wound, please name your medical doctor. Expect a few recognizing or bleeding from your incision for the following 1-week, if it steadily worsens then please call your health practitioner. If you have got a catheter in vicinity, wash around it lightly with cleaning soap and water. Keep the catheter taped on your thigh or abdomen to keep away from inadvertent jerking or pulling. Do not disconnect the catheter from the drainag. Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss bag until directed through your physician. You may also observe Bacitracin ointment at the factor the catheter enters your body. Bowel Movements Do no longer pressure when having a bowel motion. Expect irregular bowel conduct after surgery till absolutely recovered. Increase fiber in your eating regimen. You may additionally want to apply a stool softener or laxative. Try Colace (Docusate Sodium), Metamucil or Milk of Magnesia at your nearby pharmacy. When to Contact your Doctor Excessive bleeding or passage of massive clots. Also in case you sense your bladder isn't draining or in case you are not able to urinate. Fevers more than one hundred and oneยบ F, immoderate chills. Nausea and vomiting or inability to hold down fluids. If you have got any questions or concerns that aren't included with the aid of this handout. Significant tenderness or swelling inside the legs, chest pain, shortness of breath. If it is a extreme emergency, pass the Emergency Room or call 911. Please name the workplace to set up your comply with-up appointment. Contacting Your Physician. Dr. Bauer can be contacted by using calling the number indexed at the pinnacle of the web page. You may additionally call the medical institution to have them touch us. Please do not hesitate to name with any questions or issues. Specific put up-operative instructions on your person surgical treatment:

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Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss  

Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss. Download Penile extension surgical procedure hints.AMS Inflata...

Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss  

Increase Penile Length Exercise And Weight Loss. Download Penile extension surgical procedure hints.AMS Inflata...