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Tablet Access Solutions to Successfully Meet Business Needs While there have been laptops for decades, and Smartphones are playing an important part in business lives, the latest portable device that is accelerating the mobile revolution is the tablet. It is the latest technology development that is as big and important as the futurists claim. Due to their potential to offer instant access to applications, they are a proven winner in many business situations. They also help enhance a wide range of activities that can make employees more effective. As a business tool, tablets offer new opportunities for sharing and presenting information, engaging with customers, collaborating and working on the move.

Although they come with a number of benefits there are many challenges faced with tablet deployment. The most significant ones being security, application availability, device management, cost and time. Using personal devices can create a lot of problems as there is a probability of it getting lost or stolen, and as these devices also contain confidential corporate data, the risk is even greater. Organizations like financial services and healthcare, etc stand to lose the most in the event of data leakage. Additionally, because tablets are consumer devices, employees will commonly switch from one platform to another, increasing the number of application environments that must be purchased, deployed and managed. It is therefore essential to offer tablet remote desktop connectivity from an efficient solution to end-user iPad and Android devices using an SSL.

Choose a application based solution that can enable workers to access physical and virtual office desktops from any remote location. The solution must be installed in the corporate network and integrate with Active Directory or similar to establish user credentials for secure access. By leveraging scalable technologies the solution must also able to increase employee productivity and mitigate the effects of business continuity. To ensure efficient application availability, the solution must allow laptops and desktops to be powered down at any time. With the right application, it is possible to provide tablet access solutions for employees and enterprises. It must be a cost-effective solution that is fully secure and fully under IT control while also providing full application availability. The solution must also support the bring your own device (BYOD) approach and be simple to install, manage and use. Invest in a solution that innovative solutions designed to give you a greater degree of control over the specific aspects of your enterprise like logistics, cost control and security. Read on - RDP Access, Android Remote Desktop

Tablet Access Solutions to Successfully Meet Business Needs