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Successful Tablet Access and BYOD for Efficient Application Availability Apps make your work and life much easier. With today's changing work environment, a number of employees have the option of working remotely. Many organizations are looking for innovative and cost effective ways of increasing the productivity of their workforces. There is a pressing need for flexible, secure and manageable options for remote access to an enterprise. These days many workers want tablet access to business applications, often from personal devices. With a good appliance solution you can have Remote Desktop access that will make you more productive and generative as you need not have to stay glued to your workstations to finish your work. Of course for IT, this can mean unfamiliar grounds for a variety of enterprise applications and a new class of devices to support and secure. Remote desktop access offsets productivity and revenue losses associated with unanticipated daily occurrences.

A solution that you invest in has to be not only appliance-based and enterprise owned and operated, but also has to be under full enterprise control. It must also and ensures that it does not open the corporate network to third party networks while also eliminating data leakage. An efficient solution will ensure remote desktop connectivity to end-user iPad and Android devices are encrypted using SSL. With such a solution, remote and mobile devices do not become part of the network in any way nor does the data never leave the network. Choose a application based solution that can enable workers to access physical and virtual office desktops from any remote location whether they are at their home office, a customer or partner site or on an iPhone, iPad or Android device. By leveraging scalable technologies it must be able to increase employee productivity and mitigate the effects of business continuity. To ensure efficient application availability, the solution must allow laptops and desktops to be powered down at any time. If the connectivity requires very little bandwidth and is built to operate over relatively high-latency links, it can be a perfect solution for all Internet-based communications.

An enterprise generally has several applications, and the security and cost implications of mobilizing every application can be extremely formidable. The right application can enable tablet access for employees, enterprises get a cost-effective solution that is fully secure and fully under IT control and at the same time provides full application availability, supports a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy and is simple to deploy, manage and use.

By allowing users to remotely turn on their PCs when needed, the your company can benefit from considerable savings in energy costs Click here to read on - RDP Remote Access, iPad Remote Access

Successful Tablet Access and BYOD for Efficient Application Availability