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SSL-VPNs - Striking the Right balance for a Networked Environment In an age of globalization, technological evolution has enabled the corporate houses with multinational offices and workforce to stay connected. The success of global corporate is dependent on high productivity levels of its multinational workforce and is driven by the remote connectivity factor. However, with remote connectivity comes in crucial factors such as a widely networked environment and secure access to all the vital business information. In order to drive in corporate success through increased employee productivity, the organizations needed to provide their widely distributed teams remote desktop accessibility. However, remote accessibility also provides ways and means for a forced entry into the network for forbidden and unknown entities to pursue malicious attacks on sensitive data. This brings in the requirement of implementing safe SSL VPN solutions that will provide authorized users secure access to the critical data. Initially with remote access across networks being expensive and complicated to use, access was given to only a few corporate employees. However, with the development of SSL VPN technology, a web browser-based network access was possible from any computer system. The remote workers were provided a secure access to the corporate resources through the Internet by encrypting all communications between the corporate network and the remote desktop. As SSL VPN technology gained popularity to provide remote access to the remote and mobile workforce, through any cloud based device, it blends in flexibility and function making organizations extremely competitive. Further, system administrators also made use of Load balancers in an attempt to maximize the available resources and enhance the performance of the applications across the network. the server load balancer provides 99.99% application uptime, data center scalability, and increases the efficiency of the network by offloading the web and application servers besides providing uninterrupted delivery of critical business applications. Today’s growing SSL VPN market offers organizations a wide range products to choose from. A number of factors that needs to be considered before buying the SSL VPN device include security, user experience and cost. However, with setup and management of these devices being easy, authentication certificates is not essential for this technology products. The increasingly mobile workforce of the present day organizations demands for an enterprise-class SSL VPN remote access solution that would enable anytime, anywhere secure remote desktop access to business applications and resources even through BYOD options. Organizations thus look out for SSL VPNs that does not require pre-installed clients, provide encrypted connectivity, scalability and price performance while striking the right balance between productivity, security and compliance.

SSL-VPNs - Striking the Right balance for a Networked Environment