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Scalable and Flexible Solutions for Remote Access Facilitation in Business Working from remote locations which were considered absurd has now become one of the most prominent methods of operating a business. Businesses are discovering the potentials of remote accessibility through remote desktop appliances and mobile devices for enjoying the benefits. The possibility of working from remote locations without any disturbance in the normal environment is helping businesses to engage in practices for continuous growth and development. The traditional modes of operation and maintenance of legacy IT applications have been posing some serious challenges in efficiency and costs. The remote access methodology is facilitating businesses to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs thus increasing agility and flexibility. The remote access service facilitates the user to self register the office desktops and access desktops from a URL or a mobile application with the help of a single sign on. From a single location the users can access the files, applications and data stored on the remote desktop. They can also browse the internet and check and send emails with the help of the remote desktop solutions. The business environment is highly unpredictable and constant changes occur. The business has to continuously experiment with processes that deliver innovative solutions for countering the unpredictability and render the best results in any type of adverse circumstance. Those who are unable to adjust according to the changes are sure to experience bitter failures. The remote access procedures have to be automated, transparent, simple and quick to deploy so that time and money is not wasted. These processes should provide the administrators with options for both manual registrations of remote desktops as well as self registration facilities for individual users. There is a need for highly scalable Remote Desktop Access appliances equipped with high-speed hardware SSL encryption capabilities and built-in active clustering. The emails, files and applications can also be accessed by offsite users through SSL VPN appliances with the help of a common web browser. It is very important to maintain high security to ensure the integrity of the business. The remote access solutions provide identity-based access control for both managed and un-managed devices, URLs, files, applications and networks. They provide a supportive and integrated platform for a variety of operating systems, browsers and client-side security scans. Infrastructure maintenance and network issues are some common challenges faced by all businesses. These challenges can be resolved easily as the businesses are provided with a single web browser to access the remote desktops without any additional costs. The era of secure Remote Access is showing positive signs of higher gains and reduced risks in a highly secured environment.

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Scalable and Flexible Solutions for Remote Access Facilitation in Business