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Remote Desktop Solutions Ensure Business Continuity The technological enhancements and the competitive environment has paved way for business houses to go global. But such a move has its own pros and cons. Though it has profit bearing characteristics, the global organizations are also challenged by their competitors to drive enterprise productivity levels without being effected by any disruptions while being compliant to all the local and international regulations. Further, business expansions have also created a mobile workforce. One way to drive the productivity levels against all odds is to empower the mobile workforce by providing access to their work platforms irrespective of the locations. To make mission critical information available across the corporate network, IT professionals have designed and developed remote desktop protocol solutions. These remote desktop access solution will facilitate users and project team members across wide geographical distances access the same project profiles and work on the same operating platform. Further, this will ensure a time bound completion of the projects irrespective of the different time zones and multicultural work environment. Further, with technological innovations giving rise to new age devices such as the iPads, android based tablets and smart phones with a number of features, customers and corporate managers look forward to making use of these smart devices to remotely access the desktop environment. The RDP technology would help provide the mobile workforce with a secure extension of the physical and virtual office desktops to a convenient device. Such a direct access to the files and folders of their desktop irrespective of the location or device will help the mobile workforce ensure business continuity. Remote desktop access solutions provide an efficient, cost-effective means for providing full application availability and data transfer across while preventing data leakage. With the next generation workforce depending on the mobile technology and the android based devices for connectivity, service providers have designed and developed remote desktop solutions that can support all android based devices . In an era of bring your own device mechanics to access critical data, such innovative remote access solutions with scalable technologies facilitates uninterrupted and secure connectivity to carry out business operations through any of the new age devices. Being an appliance based, secure access to any remote desktop environment requires installation of the remote desktop appliance in the corporate network and integrating with the active directory. The advantages of the BYOD strategy facilitates efficiency in the applications with consistency of service irrespective of any natural calamities or disruptions. Learn more about : Application Delivery Controllers

Remote Desktop Solutions Ensure Business Continuity