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Remote Desktop for the Globally Bound Organization Technological innovations that led to telecommunication devices, networking infrastructure and related software applications have today enabled organization to remain connected worldwide. Understanding the value of quick decision making for a profit oriented business environment has paved way for the furthering of innovations. This has given birth to a concept of networked corporate environment with remote accessibility. Deploying the remote desktop access technology makes it feasible for the remotely located workforce to access their files and folders or any other critical information from their desktops and corporate database. This facilitates the management with quicker decision making capabilities. Further as organizations move to become global entities, the number of mobile workforce and remotely located teams only increases making remote access an indispensable part of the corporate operational strategy. However, for the organizations to maximize the benefits of remote desktop appliances it becomes necessary to understand the scope of the Internet and the ability to access the desktop. The desktop sharing applications help professionals access and share their workstation from any location and any device. Today's advance BYOD technology helps the workforce to share and access desktops from any hand held device such as smart-phones, iPads, notebooks or laptops. The program that allows to bring your own device and connect to a distantly located computer is dependent upon Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) besides others. The ability to access and control the workstations remotely is advantageous for the business houses and corporate sectors. The remote desktop access appliances facilitates IT industry to streamline operations and costs and provide their clientele with a much needed good backup support. In an era when teleconferencing, online business meetings and virtual offices make up the business scenario, remote desktop protocol enhances corporate communication, boosts productivity and mitigates the effect business disruptions. The widely networked environment challenges organizations with cyber attacks from unknown and forbidden entities forcibly making their way through the networks. Such attacks on sensitive data brings in the requirement of implementing SSL VPN solutions that will provide safety and security of the critical data. Being a web browser-based network, this technology makes it possible to access the corporate data from any computer system. However, this requires encryption of all communications between the corporate network and the remote desktop so as to provide the remote workers with a secure access to the corporate resources. The development of mobile devices with cutting edge technology and the appliance based remote desktop access solutions by the leading service providers has facilitated the global organizations to extend the virtual and physical offices beyond boundaries. This has also led to an energy efficient and secure data access with unmatched returns on investment for the organization. Read more about : remote desktop access

Remote Desktop for the Globally Bound Organization