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Remote Desktop: Ensuring Business Continuity And Productivity One of the effects of globalization is the creation of a mobile workforce. The advent of technology has made the workforce demand for a secure access to large number of resources from remote devices and platforms. With even the small and medium sized enterprises also competing globally, the secure remote access appliances, used for global networks help to connect employees, partners and customers over multiple network connections and channels. Providing the workforce with a remote desktop by extending the existing physical and virtual desktop environments is the most efficient method for a secure remote access. This way it is ensured that data never leaves the network while the end-users have an access to all the applications available on the physical desktop. Further, remote desktop access not only gives scope for mobility for the workforce but also mitigates business disruptions and drives enterprise productivity. Organizations have thus developed cost effective ways to leverage their existing physical or virtual desktop infrastructure to scale remote and mobile access. With the development of innovative, secure remote access solution, the leaders in providing remote desktop access services enables employees to get to their office computers from any remote location, irrespective of the machine and the place. The remote desktop appliances uniquely leverage proven and scalable technologies to deliver secure enterprise-class solution. When any crisis situation strike an organizations productivity, these appliance-based remote desktop access product helps the employees to work remotely and thus alleviates the effects of business disruptions. This product not only provides the workforce complete access to the physical desktops or workstations in the office, but also gives them complete access to all the applications that run on the distant physical system. Secondly, with a number of end point controls, it eliminates the chances of data leakage. This appliance-based remote desktop runs on Universal Access Controller series of hardware appliances. The features such as high-speed hardware SSL VPN encryption and built-in active clustering accounts for its high performance, scalability, and anytime availability. Besides ensures data security, this Secure Remote Access works facilitates power management, thereby saving organizations energy costs. With the requirement of less bandwidth to reach out to distant links, this also optimizes WAN performance. Providing a secure, scalable and cost-effective access to office desktops on any device which a easy to deploy, manage and use the organizations are ensured of business continuity and employee productivity. Also read on - Desktop Virtualization, Application Traffic Management

Remote Desktop: Ensuring Business Continuity And Productivity