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RDP Access: Tactical Solutions for Business Continuity through Mobility The widespread growth of personal computing technology has seen businesses houses equipping their employees with various software applications and technological tools which has led to the growth of mobile workforce. Today, telecommuting and the mobile workforce have proven to be an important tool for businesses continuity. With benefits of higher productivity and job satisfaction clear in the minds of the business leaders, both large corporate sectors and business houses now support employees working remotely.

In their attempt to provide the mobile workforce with remote access to their corporate network and the mission critical information required in their work sphere, IT experts have designed and developed remote access protocol (RDP) solutions. RDP allows users to interact across a wide network with other servers with the same graphics or operating system. With globalization opening up avenues to expand offices beyond geographical boundaries, the workforce of these organizations is made up of multicultural and multilingual community working in different time zones. Providing access to the entire workforce at the same time thus becomes a challenge for these global organizations.

The remote desktop protocol technology provided the workforce all over the world with a direct access to their familiar office desktop from any location, thus ensuring work continuity irrespective of being at home or elsewhere. Further, with the development of high-end mobile devices the ability to log in to their computer systems from a different location through these mobile devices is also possible. The technology featuring RDP mobility solution ensures that even if one is stuck in traffic or is commuting, work and business continues no matter what.

To meet the growing demands of business continuity, organizations need to enable remote desktop access for workforce from the new age mobile devices too. Thus leading IT service providers has developed solutions for RDP iPad, RDP iPhone meet such demands. The RDP access technology leverages the existing desktop application and security infrastructure, thus providing a PC work environment with full application availability to the employees without installing any new hardware, software, licenses or applications.

However, when access to the mission critical corporate information is provided over a wide area network, the organizations faces the challenges of security and compliance. Nevertheless, the RDP access solutions developed and designed by the leading IT service providers ensures that the compliance and security standards established on the office computers are seamlessly extended over to the mobile devices too when accessed remotely. Being appliance-based, the architecture provides IT administrators control and real-time information of the remote access sessions.

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RDP Access: Tactical Solutions for Business Continuity through Mobility