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Increasing Business Stability with Remote Access Solutions The advancement of technology has provided us with enormous opportunities and helped us achieve the impossible. The unimaginable losses incurred during the bygone days due to unexpected absence from work by employees or due to any natural catastrophes cannot be accounted for. If only remote access technology was discovered earlier these losses could have been averted with uninterrupted business continuity. The RDP technology could perhaps have saved the revenues of many organizations from plummeting. However, this technology is available in the current situation which can help reduce costs and leverage revenue earning possibilities. The remote desktop access solution was bound to happen due to the increasing demands for consistent and quality service deliveries without aggravating the risks. As the requirement for mobile work environments increased more flexible and secure options were sought. The remote access desktop solution provides you with a comprehensive and secure virtual desktop environment that you can access anytime from any location and with the help of any handheld or mobile device such as an iPad, an Android smartphone, a laptop, an iPhone or even a tablet. The RDP solution is the perfect antidote to your rising costs, risks and complexities. As the reliance on VPN for providing remote and mobile access is reduced the devices can be kept off the network which helps in curbing the costs and reduces the risks. It’s built in Wake-on-LAN power management facilities help the desktops to be shut down when not required and can be rebooted whenever there is a requirement which also reduces the cost of energy. The solution ensures the deployment of stringent application security practices with device based identification processes, end-point controls and anti-spyware solutions. It supports the physical and virtual environments with eloquence and expertise. You can add unlimited users to meet the requirements of your enterprise. The solution can also be configured with the help of a simple web user interface for easy management. Thus you can deploy the desktops easily and quickly with the selfregistration facility. The remote desktop access solution provides you with optimized application performances, high availability and robust security due to the server load balancers. It facilitates the web and application servers to be offloaded so that efficiency can be increased and you can make more profits. The solution provides secure remote desktops on your iPad or Android which helps you to download free applications from any App store, App marketplace or a personal tablet. Learn more about : iPad Remote Desktop & bring your own device

Increasing Business Stability with Remote Access Solutions