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How to Ensure a Successful Cloud application Deployment Network performance is said to be the key to application performance for many cloud services deployments. And this is because every business service accessed over cloud infrastructure is by definition a remote, network-dependent service. With proper cloud assembly there can be smooth deployment of core business applications. Deploying a proven set of cloud core services like include storage management controls, hypervisors, security policies and security software including firewalls, disaster recovery and governance, and database administration and replication services etc., are imperative when building out the cloud computing infrastructure. Cloud service delivery should be consistent, reliable and most importantly fast in delivering those on-demand services that their customers desperately need. The following are significant cloud infrastructure and application deployment characteristics essential to ensure a successful cloud application deployment

â—? Focus on Application Delivery The primary focus needs to be on application delivery controller rather than the cloud infrastructure. As good business outcomes are built on these core applications smooth running applications are the driving force behind cloud systems. To make this happen, it is necessary for systems resources like computing, storage, network and application resources to get the same considerations

â—? Application Performance is of Prime Importance The efficiency in your cloud environment does not stand a chance without true automation. There is no chance at efficiency in your cloud environment. Customer focus and communication needs to be on applications and not on server performance. It is therefore necessary to be direct and speak about application performance, app availability, and app scalability within the capacity plan. This way the deployment can be made both rapidly and reliably.

â—? Install consistent version control software For the configuration of your infrastructure, complete visibility is necessary. Without it there is the possibility of repeating deployment and version mistakes. Ensuring compliance when it is not known which version of which application was installed can be difficult. It is therefore good to maintain a complete history of all of the systems and applications. With a centralized version control and configuration management, it is possible to manage today and plan for the future with much less stress.

Today’s cloud-based services are business-critical and ensuring their availability is vital and users need the performance of cloud-based services to be at least as good as what their current infrastructure delivers. By conducting a comprehensive baseline assessment of network performance you can ensuring a successful cloud application deployment. Organizations making the move to cloud services can enjoy the many benefits that include lower startup costs, lower total cost of ownership and on-demand scalability. Also read on - Load balancing, Remote desktop access

How to Ensure a Successful Cloud application Deployment