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Extended Control and Enhanced Revenues in Business with Remote Desktops Applications that boost performances, leverage efficiency and agility and render profitable returns without escalating the costs are in high demand as businesses struggle to cope with the intense pressure. Organizations seeking alternative methods to accelerate their revenues without upsetting the existing environment are gravitating towards remote access solutions. To keep pace with the competition every business is realizing the need for remote workers and mobile employees. The trend of remote operations is fast gaining momentum as the users can easily work from any remote location thus ensuring business continuity. The remote access solutions have helped many businesses to provide a freeway for conducting business operations through any web enabled mobile devices. Businesses are encountering encouraging responses with less risks and liabilities. The remote access model provides the user the benefit of accessing the remote desktop from any location at any time. The applications are easily available which helps the user carry on his normal work without any interruptions or wastage of time. The remote access service facilitates the user to self register the office desktops and access desktops from a URL or a mobile application Delivery with the help of a single sign on. The business environment is a dynamic one with constant changes. A business that has the capability to adopt these changes and make modifications accordingly is rewarded with greater agility leading to enriching renditions. The IT administrators are provided with the choice to manually register these remote desktop as well as self registration by individual users through easy, simple, quick and transparent procedures. The appliances that deliver extraordinary performances ensure high levels of scalability and availability are equipped with high-speed hardware SSL encryption capabilities with built-in active clustering. The SSL VPN appliances enable the offsite users to access emails, applications, files and intranets quickly and securely with the help of a common web browser. They provide identity-based access control for both managed and un-managed devices, URLs, files, applications and networks. They provide a supportive and integrated platform for a variety of operating systems, browsers and client-side security scans. Businesses are relieved from the tension of infrastructure maintenance and network issues as a common web browser is only used for accessing the desktops, thus increasing their savings on costs. Remote desktops have revealed a new opportunity for businesses to make more gains with fewer expenses amidst high security. The Secure Remote Access technology makes invaluable contributions towards the development of business in a positive and healthy manner.

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Extended Control and Enhanced Revenues in Business with Remote Desktops