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Benefits of Mobile Officing The invention of the internet and its paraphernalia is definitely a boon to mankind. It has made life more comfortable and easy. Be it search engines, collaboration software or social media platforms, a few keystrokes and you get to know everything happening around the world. This is a huge transformation compared to the lives that we have been leading 15 to 20 years back. Decades ago, the concept of mobile offices was unimaginable and seemed impossible. Working from home was believed to sap productivity but not anymore. The invention of next generation solutions such as remote desktop solutions accelerated the shift from the traditional office environment. Now mobile offices are a reality and more and more employees are becoming part of the mobile workforce. Let us look at some of the benefits that the employees get to enjoy when the boundaries of the traditional office environment are changed. Increased face time with clients Normally personal interaction with clients occurs rarely due to time constraints. The mode of interaction is mostly phones and emails. But the mobile officing has helped employees to increase their face time with clients. Since it is not necessary for the employees to spend stipulated time at the office, they can utilize that time to interact directly with their clients. Reduced commute time With mobile officing, employees are able to save considerable amount of time that would have been otherwise spent on commuting. The concept of anywhere office saves them the trouble of wading through heavy traffic, Application Traffic Management congestion and crowds during rush hours. Better control over workloads The concept of anywhere office helps employees to manage their workloads more efficiently. When working from office interruptions and distractions in the form of meetings, visitors and parties are bound to occur. But if the employees can take their office wherever they go, they can easily curb these distractions and concentrate on their tasks. Secure Remote Access helps them to be productive from any location on any device with full security. Better work life balance Mobile officing helps employees to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional lives. The employees are able to spend quality time with their families and at the same time keep up to their professional targets.

Job satisfaction Employees are happy when both their personal and professional lives move in the right direction. And when the employees are satisfied within their job they stick to the organization for a longer period of time. Click here to read more on: Load Balancer, SSL VPN

Benefits of Mobile Officing