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Balancing Work and Home with Secure Remote Access It is innovation that is making the world go round today. Today’s discovery becomes regularity in the forthcoming days. Technology and innovation is in a constant stage of development and co-creation. No wonder why secure remote access too is becoming the talk of the day and a must in the professional sphere. Factors for instance a secure, fast and reliable internet connection makes it possible for solution providers to offer remote access solutions easily. The expense is much less as compared to the conventional systems, irrespective of the number of users. In addition to that, a user can benefit from the in-built disaster recovery system. Reasons for choosing Secure Remote Access Once you have a secure remote access, you can experience a degree of cost-efficient benefits. The instant the IT system is offered remotely in the secure data centers, the IT architecture, hardware and support expenses are brought down to a great extent. Furthermore, it assists the mobile workers, extranet partners. Home workers and other approved users to access the needed business applications and resources for increasing the productivity. At the same time, it works a business continuity remote desktop solution that assists enterprises to work under unwarranted situations and urgencies. Leading service providers of secure remote access offers their customers with numerous software applications, such as the SSL VPN remote access that enables them to access their work place from anywhere at any given time. Certain benefits are listed below:-


Offers a controlled access for both managed and un-managed equipments comprising laptops,

desktops, PDA’s and mobiles ·

Provides a diverse range access methods that consists of Layer-3, Web, and other mentioned

client-server and thin-client applications ·

Offers a cross-platform assistance for a diverse range of browsers, operating systems, client-side

security scans ·

Has a dynamic end-point security that includes adaptive policies, host-checking, cache-cleaning,

and secure virtual desktop ·

Has a granular identity-based access control for files, URLs, applications and networks


There is no network traversal or pre-installed clients issues and needs just a common Web browser

for users to have access ·

Superior end-user experience through integrated application acceleration and 256 virtual portals

tunable to the preferences of multiple communities of interest ·

Unmatched performance and scalability for remote access SSL VPN

Therefore, you can be seated within the comfort zone of your house and carry on with your work. This is the apt way to balance work and home efficiently. Read on - RDP Android, Load Balancers

Balancing Work and Home with Secure Remote Access