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Application Delivery Controllers For Secure Network Access The globalized business world today is marked by a communication connectivity mechanism called networking. The highly technology enabled environment makes networking possible across organizational branches, offices, vendors and customers across wide distances and beyond geographical boundaries. However, failure at any point or slow response times across the widely networked organization hinders the complete application productivity levels. Software development enterprises have worked out number of web and network enabled application platforms, which become unstable and face performance issues due to networking problems. Application delivery controllers come in as a rescue system under such circumstances. The ADC's help organizations with better performance and reliability levels of web applications. The application infrastructure installed within an organizational network is expected to provide end-users with the good user experience. Unstable performance levels of the applications leads to missed opportunities, financial drain and a tarnished image for the corporates. The application delivery controllers with its many features work towards enhancing the performance, consistency and security of the networked services. Placed between a router or firewall and the web farm in data centers, these try to reduce the load off the web server similar to the functioning of a load balancer. With innovative features like advanced routing and content manipulation this new age load balancers help organizations to meet the demands for remote desktop access, iPad Remote Desktop scalability, high availability and performance. Acting as a single entry gateway to all the applications in the network, ADC's can check the formation of protocol messages, filter out attack signatures and validate requests. Further, it can also filter and authenticate responses as they pass through the network. In an era when there is a tremendous growth of the mobile internet through smart phones and tablets, customers raise demands for remote desktop access through these hand held devices or any BYOD options. This creates the need for a more wider connectivity levels. has accelerated demand for continuous connectivity to business applications. Technology innovations such as the application delivery controllers facilitate organizations to meet up to such demands. ADC's are built with features which facilitates compression, cache, connection, multiplexing, application layer security, SSL offload and content switching combined with fundamental server load balancing. However, today as organizations are more focused on improving the delivery of applications, service providers of ADC's help to make applications secure, accessible and fast. The new age ADC's offer price-performance, functionality, and economies-of-scale for all organizations irrespective of the size. Further, as technology advances, these application delivery controllers are also engineered to thrive in the new age data center and provide support for features like visualization, delivery of IP data services and cloud service delivery.

Application Delivery Controllers for Secure Network Access  

The globalized business world today is marked by a communication connectivity mechanism called networking. The highly technology enabled env...

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