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January 2017

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• Outdoor Pavilion • Seating for up to 300 People • • Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners • Anniversary Celebrations • Meetings • 910.425.6667 | 6775 Irongate Drive | Fayetteville, NC | www.gatesfour.com Less than 10 minutes from Raeford Road

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January 2017

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Find out about the new art giving downtown a whole new beauty.

26 Brian Candy Learn about this fun show coming to the Crown!

28 Supa Trav A man of many talents! Learn how he is using those talents in the community.

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Week of Jan. 1

• The Cumberland County Council on Older Adults can always use volunteers for their many programs, such as Meals on Wheels. Contact them at 910-484-0111 to see how you can help put a smile on someone’s face. • How about gathering a group of friends together and go visit the North Carolina Veteran’s Park at 300 Bragg Blvd? This is the first state park dedicated to military veterans, from all branches of the Armed Services. Symbolic features pay homage to the veterans of our 100 NC counties.

Week of Jan. 8

• Want to challenge yourself this year? Join in the State Park Hiking Challenge. The mission is to hike all state parks in NC. There will be a new destination each month. Some are day trips and others may require overnight stays. Transportation is provided and expect 3 miles hiking ranging from moderate to strenuous. Call for dates, times and prices. 910-433-1018. • Is this the year you want to mark things off your Bucket List? If zip lining is one of them, then you are in luck. Fayetteville has it’s very own Zipline and Aerial Adventure Park right off Ramsey Street. Call ZipQuest at 910-488-8787 and set up a time to go out. The guides are great and with you every step of the way. Give it a try and check that one off your Bucket List.

Week of Jan. 15

• Why not volunteer with the Telephone Reassurance program through the Cumberland County Council on Older Adults. It takes so little from you to help others. For volunteer information contact them at 910-484-0111. • Now that the holidays are over and you are ready to start that exercise program but don’t want to pay those high gym fees, what should you do? Well this is a win-win…Check out our local senior centers and find one near you for all your exercise needs and more. Call the Fayetteville Senior Center for more information at 910-433-1574.

Week of Jan. 22

• Let’s spend a day visiting museums and such. The Museum of Cape Fear is located right beside the Poe House, another historical local site. If you want to learn the story of the settlers and their hard journey here to this region and what they did once they got here, The Museum of Cape Fear has lots to share. It’s free admission, but donations are appreciated. It’s located at 801 Arsenal Ave and call 910-486-1330 for more information. • How about a Winter Hike? While it may or may not be chilly outside, don’t let that stop you from going on a walk. On Wednesday, January 11 from 4-5 pm go on an interpretive hike to explore the park. Bring binoculars to view birds and learn about a variety of evergreen plants that bring color to the forest even in winter. It’s FREE but you need to call to register at Lake Rim Park at 910-433-1018.



Let’s Eat!

Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup Made and eaten by Angel West

While I’m not a natural organic

vegan type of cook, I did try some Kale Soup while meeting at a local restaurant. One of the ladies I was meeting with raved about the Sausage and Kale Soup there. I figured I would give it a try. To my delight, it was delicious, it had great flavors and textures. While I hate winter and the cold I do enjoy cooking up a big pot of soup that can be eaten for days. So I searched around for some recipes and gave them a try and found one that pretty much matched what I had in the restaurant. It was time consuming to make, which is another plus for me. Give it a try…you might like it as much as I did.


• 1 pound of bulk Italian sausage • 3 cups of cubed potatoes • 4 cups half-and-half • 2 cups low-sodium chicken broth • 2 cups whole milk • 2 cups torn kale leaves (bite-size pieces) • 1 onion, chopped • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, or more to taste • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano


Crumble sausage into a large pot over medium-high heat. Cook and stir sausage in the pot until browned. Drain and discard the grease. Stir the chicken broth, half-and-half, milk, onion, oregano, red pepper flakes and potatoes into the sausage. Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat to low. Simmer until the potatoes are tender. That should take about 30 minutes. Then season with black pepper, and stir the kale into the soup. Simmer until the kale is tender which should only take about 10-15 minutes. Enjoy! •A•

ARRAY’s Spring Fling April 29th

More details to come... watch our website and FB page for more info.



Hidden Nuggets

Your Year of Resolution Now that 2016 has come to an end, have you

taken a moment to reflect on all the things that went well in business? Did you hit all your goals? Did you experience the increase in sales and in clients that you had hoped? Did your territory growth exceed your expectations? Did you meet the mark? If you are like me, I initially thought 2016 was a good year. In a more detailed assessment of things, however, I realized that while I had been busy and experienced increase, my ultimate outcome was not attained. How could that be? How could I have fallen short despite the fact that I had the busiest year since moving to North Carolina? Within a matter of days, I experienced three different incidents that seemed to answer my question, as well as offer a solution to resolving

Written by Anissa Short

it. They all helped me to see that being busy doesn’t always mean being productive. Incident Number One: I read the Facebook post of someone I have been following for years. His transparency and words of wisdom regarding life and business have made an impact on many. To say that he inspires is an understatement and his post on this particular day resonated with many, including me. His message was “Get clear. Stop being indecisive and know what you want.” Thank you, Dr. Keith Harley, Jr. Incident Number Two: A Pastor, one very passionate about his work in ministry and community, shared his vision for 2017. As he shared, it was evident that his plan was

Victoria Hardin 1314 Raeford Road, STE D, Fayetteville, NC 28305

910- 568-4954


In more than a decade of practice, Victoria Hardin has earned the trust of clients and legal professionals alike. She is a familiar and respected presence in Cumberland County. • Divorce • Custody • Child Support • Alimony • Property Division • Domestic Violence

“Sailing T hrough Seas of Adversity” 6


to ensure most his time and energy would be centered around two groups, Men and Millennials. His purpose was clear. His plan was well thought out and as I listened it was revealed that when focusing on a specific target and a clear purpose, you will choose only the activities or actions that support it. Thank you, Dr. R. A. Vernon. Incident Number Three: During a mid-year workshop within the company that I represent, our mentor shared the importance of eliminating distractions. Distractions, as we were reminded, are those things that steal your time. They are dream killers. They sabotage success and influence. To successfully eliminate distractors, we were encouraged to stay focused on “The Gift”, the tangible and intangible thing of value that you want to extend to your family and your community? “The Gift” makes an improved difference in the quality of one’s life. Thank you, NSD Donna Meixsell. If you were like me and many others, business in 2016 afforded you some measure of growth. If, however, a lack of clarity prevented you from accomplishing the ultimate, make 2017 your year of RESOLUTION. (1) Be decisive. What do you want to accomplish? (2) Be Specific. What is your target, demographic or market? (3) Be Purposeful. What will be the gift you extend to others? Welcome to 2017. Your Resolution starts today! •A•





Grant Funding Courtesy of the Cumberland County Tourism Development Authority (TDA)



Written by Johnnerlyn Johnson

When Matt Horn’s love of the land intertwined with

Michele Horn’s passion for art, an amalgamation known as Landart Solutions was birthed. Having grown their business, Landart Solutions, since its inception in 2008, Michele and her husband, Matt, have lived in the Fayetteville community for 19 years. Not only have they grown their business here, but they have an even deeper vested interest in this area since they are raising their children. Michele said, “Our dining room table conversations have become quite business-oriented. We tend to discuss topics such as growing leaders and finance. In fact, our nine-year-old daughter already has a good eye for aesthetics.” Michele, who previously served as the Assistant Director at the Fayetteville Museum of Art, describes Landart as, “…a combination of two passions. My husband has a degree in Landscape Design. My degree is in Art Education. As a young couple, we came up with the term ‘Landart’ because it is the marriage of two passions.” Landart Solutions prides themselves as a registered landscape contractor based in Fayetteville, NC. The company specializes in government construction landscape projects but also performs high quality commercial and residential design/installations. Many services are performed in-house; however, they select and manage specialty licensed subcontractors which allows them to provide turn-key landscapes. From design to installation and maintenance, Landart Solutions can create and maintain an innovative landscape with lasting impressions. The aesthetics of one’s outdoor living space is the first thing one’s clients or friends will see as they visit the property. Landart provides client specific landscape maintenance services to both residential and commercial property owners. Relative to recent projects, Michele shared, “We have most recently completed the Greenscape LEAD



Certification for the City of Fayetteville. The Person Street Greenway was completed in October, and it is a project of high profile involving North Carolina State University.” The focal point for this particular project is storm water management. The uniqueness factor of this project lies in its design. Mrs. Horn added, “There is permeable pavement for the parking area, and the landscape area is a special bio pond area created to filter storm water and rainwater so that residue off the street will wash through the system of many layers of aggregate. To the common eye, it looks like a landscape planting, but it is a complex system dealing with our storm water and rivers.” A city’s aesthetic quality is increasingly becoming one of the most integral, determining factors associated with how future residents may be drawn to a city. To this end, Michele noted, “The City is diligently working on the gateways of our community trying to create beauty and changing the aesthetics of our community by focusing on the gateways.” Evidence of such can be seen in Landart Solution’s various projects including this past summer’s joint venture through which Landart Solutions, in tandem with the NC DOT, completed the median planting on Grove Street and 301. “As things become prettier, people become happier, and they tend to stay longer. They begin to feel like it is a great place to work, live, and raise children,” Michele added. Landart Solutions is a North Carolina Registered Landscape Contractor Certified Sustainable Sandhills Green Business with an office on 1014 Robeson Street in Fayetteville, NC. They may also be contacted at (910) 223-9164 and via P.O. Box 87401. Although the current website is: www.landartsolutions.com, the company will roll out a new website in a few weeks, so stay tuned. •A•

What Is Your True Purpose? Written by L. Wayne Smalls

Do you know what your true

purpose in life is? Although that is a rhetorical question, it is a critical one nonetheless. We all have a purpose and we should know what it is so that we can begin to live a more fulfilling life. We were all put on this earth to fulfill a destiny- some to be great leaders, others to be caregivers and still others to be public servants. There are people who have already realized their purpose. There are some who still have not been able to figure it out yet. There are even some who thought they knew what their life’s purpose was, but somewhere along the way, may have gotten distracted. Here are a few tips that may help you get back on track and moving in the right direction for 2017. Passion – To get to our true purpose, we must first get in tune with what we are passionate about. Most of us are passionate about at least one thing, right? What is it? There are some who are passionate about multiple things. Those who fall into that category may find it beneficial to narrow the list down to

what they are the most passionate about. For some people, this may be an easy task. For others, it could be a very daunting one. Take your time and go through the process. Don’t be affected by the amount of time it may take. The point is that you keep moving forward until you can identify at least one clear passion. Priorities - Another thing we must do is set our priorities in order so we can be organized as we begin to walk into our purpose. What are priorities? They are those things that are most important to us; the things that come before everything else. What’s the key to establishing priorities? Stephen Covey says, “the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” In other words, you must figure out what’s most important to you as it pertains to your passions and build your schedule per those things. Planning - As you continue through the process, you must come up with and commit to a plan that will get you the results you desire. Having a

viable plan gives us the structure and motivation we need to get started. Inevitably, life happens and we sometimes get sidetracked. However, having a proper plan in place will help limit the amount of distractions that could cause us to lose focus. Let’s make 2017 the year for living life with a greater purpose! Remember, purpose + passion + priorities + planning = a great payoff. The payoff will be the fulfillment and satisfaction of knowing that you lived a life that was gratifying because you did exactly what you were created to do. Make the decision to keep moving forward towards your true purpose in life and begin walking in that purpose today! •A•

Wayne is CEO of L. Wayne Smalls & Associates, LLC., an independent leadership trainer and coach certified by the John Maxwell Team; radio show co-host; author; retired Army Officer; doctoral student of Bus. Admin. and Leadership; has a passion for empowering, enabling and enhancing leaders. He does this by promoting the power of connection as well as personal and professional growth and development.

More energy. Less stress. Better health. Chiropratic Laser Acupuncture Disc Decompression Pain Management Inflammation Reduction Body Contouring with i-Lipo CDL Physical Examination Sleep Apnea Testing Drug and Alcohol Testing

Visit Dr. Robert Twaddell

Chiropractic Physician, Certified DOT Medical Examiner, Author 1411 Ft. Bragg Rd. Fayetteville 303-2690 Doctor@ahealthyback.com





Array of Pets

The Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Inc (FAPS) provides a licensed, no-kill shelter. Anyone interested in these animals or others should phone 910-864-9040 or visit 3927 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville. Photos by www.JeniferFennellPhotography.com

Name: Elvira Age: 6 months Sex: Female, Spayed Breed: Domestic Shorthair I’m young and spunky! I would love another cat in the home to be my best friend, I really love other cats! (people too don’t worry) I will steal your heart, but don’t worry I’ll stay curdled up on your lap so it won’t go very far!

Name: Fiona Age: 1 year Sex: Female, Spayed Breed: Black-mouth Curr/ Lab Mix I’m sassy and sweet! I have a short tail and it makes me really difficult to chase it, maybe one day I will catch it! I love spending time outside playing, want to come play with me?

Name: Teddy Age: 4 years Sex: Female, Spayed Breed: Domestic Shorthair I’m shy and quiet, but that’s okay. I like to observe my surroundings before selecting my companions. Often, I am up high on my perch looking over the cat-ery. Once I get to know you I’m very affectionate!



Name: Odie Age: 2 years Sex: Male, Neutered Breed: Australian Cattle dog/Husky Mix I’m an extremely handsome athlete! I love to run and chase a ball, but also do some modeling on the side! One day I hope to have my very own dog calendar, a dog can dream right? Could you be my professional photographer?

Name: Kitty Purry Age: 5 months Sex: Female, Spayed Breed: Domestic Shorthair I am the star of the show! A young tabby looking for my perfect companions. I want to be famous one day, and hopefully with my gorgeous looks I will be! Take me home so you can bask in my beauty!

Name: Ariel Age: 1 year Sex: Female, Spayed Breed: Boxer Mix I’m a elegant, high-energy, fun-loving kinda gal! If your New Year’s resolution is to get out and go, I’d be a great companion for you!

See more Array of Pets on our website: www.ArrayNC.com



g n i r e w o p Em s r e d a e L Women ctive e f f E e B o t s r e g a n a Time M

Stiletto Thoughts

Written by Lisa Thomas

Where did the time go? Isn’t

that the question often asked, as there never seems to be enough of it. But how is it that super successful people, like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey, have that same 24 hours, yet accomplish so much more? Time and money seem to be the two biggest challenges people face - we’ll tackle time for now and come back to money on another occasion. I’ve broken down four major areas to focus on in being an effective time manager. 1. Personal Productivity 2. Delegating Tasks

3. Managing Results 4. Leverage Managing your time is easy, very easy. What gets in the way of people being effective time managers is their lack of vision and power and choice over their thoughts about what has to be done. In the absence of these, the “to do” of time management becomes a great challenge. So, know your vision and do the work on your internal thoughts. Personal Productivity Start with what needs to be done. Ask yourself, “Am I the only one that can do this?” Most

often, people are single focused, thinking they are the only one that can do something, which causes overwhelm. Honesty is key. If only you can perform a task, make it a priority and don’t waste time. Do it immediately. Use a calendar. Putting things on a calendar ensures it gets done. It’s hard to complete a task that’s not in a system for remembering to do it. Focus on one task at a time with all of your attention on that task. Focused attention is more effective, while multi-tasking only delays the process of completion.

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Delegating Tasks Remember the old saying “first things first”? Determine the things that need to be attended to first and keep in mind the things only you can do. With what’s left, delegate to someone who is effective, competent and can produce. Oftentimes, we delegate to those who don’t have skill, the time or are ineffective. Be sure you’re soliciting the right person for the task. Managing Results If you do this effectively you’ll delegate, manage and focus only on the results that are being produced or not produced.

Jewels by Park Lane Peggy Manning 910.624.5056 parklanejewelry@twc.com website: myparklane.com/pmanning

Keep in mind: 1. You must identify milestones and timelines. 2. Be in regular communication with the person(s) you’ve delegated the task to. 3. Track their progress and evaluate their results. Leverage Leverage is a combination of personal productivity, delegating tasks, managing results and optimizing other people’s time, efforts, and resources. Leveraging heightens your ability to see “how” to get things done. You strategically look to see how to best utilize the resources you have. As with Richard Branson, when he shares his vision with his management team, he in essence shares with his entire team. It funnels all the way down to the flight attendants in his airlines. He leverages his resources to get more done, so can you. We all have the same 24 hours, how are you using yours? Lisa Thomas is CEO of The P3 Group, Inc., a revolutionary training and development company; President of NetWorth; freelance writer and radio show host. www.TheP3Group.com



Caring for your new best friend Written by Rosemary Teague, FAPS

So, you adopted a dog or puppy at Christmas –

good for you! You’ve done a big part in reducing the number of homeless pets. But now you realize that having a new canine family member takes some adjusting and commitment. Take a deep breath. Renew your patience. It won’t be long before everything falls into place. Taking on the responsibility of a dog with a past is hard work, and at first, it may seem overwhelming. Most of the problem behavior you’ll encounter is an expression of the dog’s inability to cope with the demands of your personality and lifestyle. Make sure you and he are indeed suited for each other; that you can meet needs for activity and companionship according to the breed type. Things may proceed slowly; you’ll hit frustrating learning plateaus. But if you’re committed you’ll get there. Remember that the basic period of adjustment can be anywhere from six to twelve weeks. Go into this with your eyes open… and then stand back and marvel at the transformation. . . it will bring you endless joy! General Advice When you get your dog home, he or she is confused and disoriented. Sights and sounds are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar; things are jumbled up. He jumps on the couch and bed; she drinks from the toilet bowl, barks at the phone and makes wild lunges at strangers. In another life, these behaviors may have been encouraged or maybe just not discouraged. Don’t worry; he’ll catch



on. She’ll get past it all - she’ll become your dog. Be reasonable in your expectations; additionally, be sensitive. It’s culture shock, pure and simple. Put yourself in his shoes - imagine that you’ve been snatched away from home and suddenly find yourself in an aboriginal outback community. No language or gestures in common, communication is by trial and error. By being patient and supportive, you’ll succeed. Pets are like children – they need to know rules/ boundaries. When they know your rules, they’ll be happier and they’ll be happy to please you. Always be consistent in your training and in setting the rules. If he came from another home, objects like leashes, hands, rolled up newspapers and magazines, feet, chairs and sticks are just some of the pieces of “training equipment” that may have been used on this dog. Words like “come here” and “lie down” may bring forth a reaction other than the one you expect. Or maybe she led a sheltered life and was never socialized to children or sidewalk activity. This dog may be the product of a neverending series of scrambled communications and unreal expectations that will require patience on your part. Step-by-step Once home, take him to his toileting area immediately and spend a good amount of time with him, so he will get used to the area. Even if your dog does relieve himself during this time, be prepared for accidents. Coming into a new home

with new people, new smells and new sounds can throw even the most housebroken dog off-track, so be ready just in case. If an accident happens, don’t be brutal - express your displeasure at the site and take her directly outside to this designated toileting area. If you plan on crate training your dog, leave the crate open so that she can go in whenever she feels like it in case she gets overwhelmed. Also, be sure to check out the do’s and don’ts of crate training your dog, found often online. From there, start your schedule of feeding, toileting and play/exercise. From Day One, your dog will need family time and brief periods of being by himself. Don’t give in and comfort her if she whines when left alone. Instead, give her attention for good behavior, such as chewing on a toy or resting quietly with you. For the first while, remain calm and quiet around your dog, limiting too much excitement (such as the dog park or children). Not only will this allow your dog to settle in easier, it will give you more one-onone time to get to know him and his likes/dislikes. People often say they don’t see their dog’s true personality until several weeks after adoption. Your dog may be a bit uneasy at first as she gets to know you. Be patient and understanding while also keeping to the schedule you intend to maintain for feeding, walks, etc. This schedule will show your dog what is expected of him as well as what he can expect from you. Professionals recommend that you feed your dog twice a day, puppies under five months, three times

a day, but always check with your veterinarian. Leave the bowl down for five minutes, and then pick it up, regardless of whether your dog has eaten or not. Put the bowl back down at the next scheduled feeding, for five minutes. Your dog will learn to eat when you put the bowl down, and not to linger and nibble throughout the day. A dog that eats on a schedule, poops on a schedule. Remember, too, that sometimes the only way to recognize that your dog is ill is a lack of appetite. If your dog has her food down all day and usually just picks at it, it may be two or three days before you notice that she hasn’t eaten; whereas the dog that gobbles her meals as soon as you put the bowl down would be easy to recognize when she is ill. It’s always advisable to feed your dog in a separate, quiet area so he can concentrate on the task at hand. After ensuring your dog is up-to- date on his vaccines, you may wish to take him to group training classes or the dog park. Training classes are a great way to strengthen the bond you are working to build with your dog. To have a long and happy life together with your dog, stick to the original schedule you created, ensuring your dog always has the food, potty time and attention she needs. You’ll be bonded in no time! You’ve made a wonderful commitment to a lifelong friend. Your love and care will be returned a hundred-fold!

Amy’s Hats Written by Robin Minnick Writers here at ARRAY wear many hats. Some of us are full-time writers with part-time jobs, others work fulltime and dedicate personal time to our writing for the experiences and joy it brings. Many of us have other occupations as well, from being parents or students to volunteering our time at some of the many nonprofits and service-related companies here in town. To introduce you to this magazine’s array of writers, here is one of our feature writers discussing some of the other hats they wear.

If you have the good fortune to be interviewed

by Amy Garner, the first thing you’ll notice is her direct manner. Her dark brown eyes focus on yours as she asks her questions, often with the quick disarming smile that underscores her ready sense of humor. She listens closely to your reply, her attention on you throughout. It’s a technique that serves her well - whether in a magazine interview, working with the basketball players she coaches, or in the Carolina Treatments Center where she is director. In 1999, Amy was working through a divorce and juggling three jobs at once, one of them cleaning the treatment center. The center piqued her interest, and she developed an ambition to become a Substance Abuse counselor. 300 classroom hours, 6,000 work hours, and two exams later, she achieved her goal. Almost immediately she was moved into the position of Interim Director, which soon became a permanent appointment. Carolina Treatment Center is a local facility specializing in outpatient treatment of patients



with addictions to opioids. Basing treatment on a disease model, the Treatment Center puts patients in a safe environment where they can address their problems. Medication, counseling, and ‘twelve-step” methods are all tools in the Treatment Center’s arsenal. Amy’s role there is one of a ‘high crisis’ manager, engaging with a staff of 35 and their patients to make sure they have the tools they need. From physical plant to support to education, she troubleshoots situations and makes sure needs are met. She draws a lot of her ‘get-it-done’ work philosophy on what she learned from her own parents. Her mother coached basketball for thirty years, and now Amy does the same. She draws parallels between that and what she does at the Treatment Center and elsewhere. “I’m a coach and my staff is the players. I need to provide them with everything they need to go out and help the patients.” She serves her staff by making sure everything works. This - along with an innate sense of fairness she absorbed from her father, a government service employee who worked closely with unions most of his career - permeates both her professional and volunteer work. Besides coaching Kiwanis girls’ basketball, Amy works with Cumberland County Re-entry Council, an all-volunteer group that assists transitioning prison inmates with their re-entry into the community. They address everything from

the need for glasses to finding a home and job and re-uniting with family. They assess a person in terms of what support they have in the community and what they need, and then they help. From the time she was a single mom working three jobs, Amy’s been in love with the library, specifically Cumberland County Library. “It was a haven for my son and I as he was growing through elementary school and early middle school. We spent countless hours there. We checked out books and movies and music. It was free and positive and that was everything I needed. “ Besides her volunteering at Vanstory Elementary and passing out programs at the Fayetteville Symphony, she began working the library’s book sales. As her son graduated Terry Sanford to play basketball at St. Joseph’s University and later in Germany, Amy sought more opportunities to serve her community. She took on the position of Vice President of Friends of the Library, normally a precursor to being its president. She is passionate about her role there as well, constantly on the lookout for ways to promote the library’s services, add to its events and raise money to fund it all. (For more on how the Friends of Library works and how you can support it, please check out our sidebar.) Some might think it takes a large head to wear so many hats, but Amy is both as calm and humble about what she does as she is passionate. The passion to get things done fairly and right doesn’t leave her time for conceit. These traits, combined with her curiosity about how things work have lead her into a variety of jobs and volunteer positions and now lead her out on stories for ARRAY. Encountering Amy Garner is always an enriching experience, no matter what hat she’s wearing. •A•

Friends of Library books for chips with World Tavern Poker on Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 2:00pm at Phat Daddy 3406 Raeford Rd. Games are free and played as a tournament. All players begin with same number of chips. If interested in playing in the games, register at worldtavernpoker.com. The role of the Friends of the Library in the Cumberland County system is to provide support and funding for library events and programming. Much of the financial support comes from their popular book sales, historically held at Headquarters Library. “Hundreds of people attend the sales on a quarterly basis,” Amy says. “We use the money raised from those sales to offer programs to children, teens and adults throughout the entire library system in Cumberland County.” Her face grows serious, thoughtful, and her tone becomes urgent as she continues. “During Hurricane Matthew, the creeks surrounding Headquarters rose dramatically and flooded the basement of that branch. We lost 100,000+ books, shelving, storage...everything. We are now in recovery mode and need your donations. Obviously, we need books in order to continue the book sales. Your donations can be dropped at any branch. “Another way to help is to donate to the Library Endowment Fund. Any dollar that you donate is saved, invested and grown specifically and only for our county libraries. Also, the Friends match every dollar up to twelve thousand dollars annually - no donation is too small. You can donate to the library at any branch by picking up a Friends membership and joining us in supporting our libraries. Inside that application is also a place to donate dollars to the Library Endowment Fund. You can also go to our website and click ‘Give Now’ in the upper right corner.” Visit the Friends of the Library website at www.cumberland.lib.nc.us/ccpltest/content/join-friends



Author Spotlight:

RJ Minnick Written by Amy Garner

Writers here at ARRAY wear many hats. Some of us are full-time writers with part-time jobs, others work full-time and dedicate personal time to our writing for the experiences and joy it brings. Many of us have other occupations as well, from being parents or students to volunteering our time at some of the many non-profits and servicerelated companies here in town. To introduce you to this magazine’s array of writers, here is one of our feature writers discussing some of the other hats they wear.

Robin “RJ” Minnick was

already nested in the corner of the coffee shop when I walked in to interview her. As soon as I scanned the room and found her, I felt my pulse quicken. I confess: I am in awe of this tiny woman with a huge brain. RJ is a fellow ARRAY writer and accomplished author, with hundreds of published reviews, short stories and poetry collections. She works with fiction and nonfiction, without bias. She is most locally famous for her Dr. Mackenzie Wilder stories, a self-published mystery series, about a complex woman physician who returns home to practice medicine and enjoy antique boats. As fate would have it, skeletons are uncovered and Dr. Wilder becomes embroiled in getting to the bottom of the bared bones. Of course, there is family drama, small-town drama and romance. RJ’s Wilder series flows through five novels, two already published. Where the Bodies Lie Buried pulls the reader into Dr. Wilder’s new life and old mysteries. Sweet Corn, Fields, Forever continues Dr. Wilder’s adventures into country music and unsolved murder. Book three, Flying Purple People Seater is slated for a 2017 release. Books four and



five are still being hammered out in RJ’s giant, creative mind. “I knew I wanted to be a writer in fifth grade but later got sidetracked by other things, like trying to use my social work degree and getting married and raising six kids,” RJ laughs. “Life happened.” RJ and her family lived in Nashville for 24 years, “long enough to get the first three kids off the ground, spend sixteen years coaching writing in the schools and writing in my so-called spare time.” After that, she decided to get serious about her own writing again, though she struggled to balance ‘adulting’ and chasing her dreams. “I finished the first version of my first Mackenzie Wilder book there and also wrote for some national and local magazines. I did several software reviews for Compute, Compute’s Gazette and a couple for MacWorld, but I was new to Macs and not as expert with the machine as I needed to be for that,” shared RJ conspiratorially. She also worked on recipes, cookbook reviews and features for Amateur Chef Magazine. The Minnick family moved to Fayetteville in 2007 and the remaining baby birds were launched from the nest, freeing up more time for RJ to focus on writing. Then came the wonderful writing group WORN (Write On, Right Now) as well as her introduction to NaNoWriMo. “These two things have helped keep me on track with all my writing and motivated me. It was through WORN that I learned about ARRAY.” RJ has been writing for ARRAY for almost three years. RJ pushes back in her chair, smiles enigmatically and says, “Of course I am still working on the Mackenzie Wilder books. But I am also working on a Christmas epic which actually has my writing heart.” And that is all she had to say about that…•A•

On the Town:

Date Night

Written by Amy Garner


have lived in Fayetteville for over 20 years. One thing that crawls all over me is when someone shoots off with “there is nothing to do here.” That is just flat out untrue. Fayetteville is a special town with a big heart and big sense of community. We love our country, we love our neighbors and each other, and it looks like we may learn to love baseball. Our stuff isn’t always super visible. We are, obviously, not a bustling city with options up and down every sidewalk. Fayetteville tucks the good stuff into little sweet spots all over town. You just have to look for it…like a treasure hunt. I am excited to kick off my very first column and even more excited that it will focus on local fun, local events, local businesses and how you can potentially pair some of those with your lifestyle and your wallet and create some cool adventures. These suggestions will vary based on effort and expense throughout the year. They are also not intended to be treated as a recipe, so much as an inspiration. Something I suggest may spark an idea in you that’s lead to your own custom memory-making moments. It really is all about opening your heart to our little town and finding the fun. The first adventure, keeping with the January-esque theme, is positively self-centered. The most important relationship we will ever have is with our own self. We tend to pour ourselves into other people. We give the bulk of our energy away to our family, to our friends, to our work, leaving very little for anything else. What if we actually devoted that level of energy into something for ourselves? What if we actually burned as much energy into planning a date night with ourselves as we would for someone else? Imagine that. Here we go! Remember that you are intentionally and consciously focusing on you. Pick a day. Line up a sitter, take the day off, put it in your budget, etc. Write it in ink on your kitchen calendar with happy faces and hearts all around it. Use as much or more energy planning this date as you would if you were planning it for your lovey-dovey-kissy-face-sweetie pie. Once you have done all of that, call Mihwa’s Salon and Spa at (910) 423-4466 and make an appointment. Personally, I recommend a massage with the Queen of Knead herself, Mihwa. There can be a wait to actually get a massage with Mihwah, so book in advance. If massage is not your thing, you may

enjoy a pedicure or facial, or both. You can check out the full menu of services at mihwas.com. Just be thoughtful and decide what makes you happy, what feels like a special treat to you and book it. Mihwa’s is located at 260 Robeson Street and they are closed on Mondays. On the actual morning of your me-day, confirm that all of your “adulting” is covered. The kids are safe and secure with someone else, somewhere else, the pets are fed, the car has gas and you are wearing something that makes you feel beautiful. Put your mind at ease and decide to feel pretty. On your way to Mihwa’s, stop in at Bob & Sheree’s Brew and Wine Shoppe, located at 2828 Raeford Road, and browse their selection of delightful and unique inventory. Most days, they have tastings. The staff here is very helpful and friendly. I encourage you to tell them what sort of flavors you like and allow them to suggest something or just grab a pretty bottle that catches your eye. Take a few minutes, though, to pick out something for later. Remember you are spoiling yourself today. Enjoy your experience at Mihwa’s and head back home. Continuing the theme of self-care, cruise FayToGo using their handy app or at faytogo.com; there are over 20 local restaurants and their menus. Once again, channel your inner diva, and pick a meal that makes you happy and that feels like a treat and place your order. Most deliveries take about an hour and a half and the menus are reasonably priced. FayToGo is efficient and the delivery service people are excellent. At this point, you’ve had a Mihwa massage and FayToGo is bringing your dinner. Time for a hot bubble bath and your selected sip from the pit stop at Bob & Sheree’s. Put on some relaxing music and light candles. This is your date with you. Be kind and generous to yourself. Give yourself permission to relax, indulge and enjoy. You may not follow this exact plan, but there are some really good bones here for a fantastic datemyself-night. It is critical, that, as we move through this busy world, we make time to prevent burnout and cultivate joy. If we are drowning with stress, we are absolutely no good for anyone else in our world. The best thing about dating yourself is that you are always guaranteed to get lucky. I welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can reach me garner.email@yahoo.com.•A•

The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville Written & photos by Stone Samuels

Culture comes in many ways,

sometimes in the form of cuisine, dance, or people. In this instance, it comes in the form of sculptures strategically placed in the downtown area. There are ten unique works of art that will be in Fayetteville on display until October of 2017. These sculptures were created by various artists from different walks of life, which make them even more special. These works represent a different facet of each artist’s mind, and when you look at the different pieces, you can see that a person’s creativity is only limited by their imagination. What the Fayetteville Arts Council (Work in Progress Initiative) has done by commissioning these creative sculptures is to show a range of cultural diversity. One of the benefits to the public is that it does not cost anything to see some great artwork, gain some knowledge about the pieces and the artists who created them. Additionally, placing the sculptures around the downtown area gives the public a chance to gaze at their leisure, without the confines of a museum’s visiting hours. While the pieces are outside, viewers get to see them in different lighting during the day and at night, giving each viewer the chance for a new interpretation every time. Anyone who is visiting, or already lives in Fayetteville, will be treated to some wonderful sculptures created by some wonderful artists over the next ten months. We will be writing a series of articles for you about each artist and each sculpture over the next period of months.



Jonathan Stivers Bowling is a 45-year-old sculptor and collector who resides in Greenville, NC. He primarily uses old pieces of scrap metal (rail spikes, metal from old cars, forks, knives and such) that he turns into beautiful works of animal art. If you ride through Greenville, you just know that you are in the right spot, because you can see his sculptures all over town. Like many artists, Jonathan used to do different types of abstract art, something that over the years he has gradually moved away from. He now wants his art to touch people in a way that moves them and gives the viewer something that they can relate to, reactions that abstract art often does not generate. Bowling studied Sculpture at the University of Kentucky where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and also received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. He would come to pursue his graduate degree in Fine Arts at East Carolina University. He grew up in Kentucky on a cattle farm, and has been working in different mediums of art since childhood. Being on the farm meant he is familiar with horses, and many of his pieces incorporate the animal, including one of the sculptures found in downtown Fayetteville. The Colorful Horse got its name in part from some of the metal – it had color still. Jonathan did not want to do a traditional paint job on the piece because it steers away from what he does in using things that people throw away. By using preexisting color and rusted metal, he created the look that he wanted to portray in that piece. This horse is a beautiful sculpture and it is resonating well with a lot of people. Anyone who looks at this piece will get something different from it, whether they are young, old, a resident or in from out-oftown. The city of Fayetteville and the Arts Council are showing the citizens that they are committed to bringing new and different exhibits to Fayetteville in the ever-changing scenery of the art world. This is just the beginning of things to come in 2017. Stay tuned for the new things coming down the pipe and enjoy all of the amazing artwork in and around the downtown area. •A•



Repurpose with a Purpose:

Project One

Written By Amanda Loftus

This bookshelf started out as four cabinet doors, a long

piece of plywood, and some paint - all things that can be found at the Habitat ReStore. “Doing it yourself” can be intimidating at first, but you will certainly end up with a lot more than a new appreciation for glue. During the making of this project,

I experimented with things I had never done before - pilot holes, resin, cabinet doors, polyurethane, and glitter. There are many flaws in this bookshelf, and I can see every one of them...but I also see new experiences, new lessons, and a new appreciation for the fact that I have only boys, and don’t have to use glitter often. The mess in my garage was for a great cause, but I can guarantee this is the last project to include glitter! One of the best parts about the RePurpose with a Purpose project is that anyone, regardless of profession, can do these things at home. Whether you are a carpenter, musician, teacher, parachute rigger, barber, mother, father, grandparent, or automotive technician, YOU can make something. The best way to truly experience and understand how something works is by simply trying it. The sale of each RePurpose with a Purpose project during 2017 will help the Habitat for Humanity build strength, stability, and shelter in Cumberland County through the funding of their homeownership program. The local ReStore opened in November of 2013 as the premiere home improvement and donation center, and carries everything from light fixtures and picture frames to gallons of interior paint and window panes. With the Habitat ReStore located conveniently at 3833 Bragg Boulevard, materials are at your disposable, and “doing it yourself” doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating anymore. Join ARRAY Magazine in the monthly ReStore hunt for something OLD that can be turned into something NEW!

Project One:

Turning doors into a bookshelf Step 1

Prepare to pre-drill holes by marking contact points (chalk worked great since the doors have a dark finish). This may seem like an unnecessary step, but believe me - it’s well worth the short amount of time it takes to do it. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to drill pilot holes. To pre-drill pilot holes, you will want to choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the thickness of

Line up the top and bottom panels TIP: to make sure the pilot holes are straight and identical for the top and bottom. One of the flaws in this bookshelf is the uneven width due to this missed step.



the screw that will be used. At the mark, make sure your drill is set in the clockwise direction, and drill straight into the wood with steady pressure.

Step 2

Sand, paint, and prep all panels of the cabinet doors. Remember to follow all directions printed on each product you use - there’s a reason for them! Now’s your time to be creative - it’s your project to do with as you please. I chose to paint the side panels with chalkboard paint and I used resin to fill in the valley of the top cabinet door. Unfortunately, the amount of resin needed to fill the valley was more than I anticipated - in volume AND cost. If I were to make this again, I would forgo the resin all-together. Depending on the finish of the doors, leaving them bare would also work well.

Step 6

Because I put so much glitter, designs, and the ribbons on top, I wanted a strong textured finish. I added a few layers of Modge Podge after everything was done. It dries clear, and creates a quick-drying and durable top coat - it’s a truly versatile item to have on hand!

Step 7

Step 3

To create the shelf supports, you can use hobby wood/squared dowels, which can easily be found at Hobby Lobby. I cut the dowels into two 2” long supports per side/per shelf in the front and back of the inside of the side panels. Measure the distance between the shelves evenly on each side to make sure shelves sit straight. Attach the supports with wood glue (follow glue directions!) and let them dry completely before putting any pressure on them.

Step 4

Drill the screws from the outside-in. While trying to figure out the easiest and strongest way to attach the top panel to the side panels, with what I had on hand, I decided to also use screws from the topdown and cover the screw heads after. I had already planned on using a ribbon trim around the resinfilled top already, so I decided to cover the head of the screw with the extended ribbon ends. Wood glue and dowels could work as well - you would just need to drill pilot holes at the same diameter of small wooden dowels and use glue to secure all pieces.

Insert the shelves. It is at this point that I learned a few lessons on measuring and preparing. My shelves had to be recut a few times, and even shaped differently because of the angle of the side panels. I couldn’t straighten the bookshelf out at this step, so I had to improvise. I wouldn’t say I’m glad I “messed up”, but I learned a lot from that mistake. There are certainly steps that seemed unnecessary, but some things just can’t be rushed! Measure, Measure, Measure!

Step 8

Predrill tiny holes on the back sides of the bookshelf to prepare for the small nails needed to attach the support backing. I used a thin panelling sheet from Lowe’s that can be cut to size right there at the store.

Step 9

Adore your creation!

Step 5

Cut the wooden shelves to the correct size and paint or seal for protection. It’s easier to cut the wood to fit the dimensions of the frame than it is to cut first and work around them, since you are working with a precut cabinet door. I used a jigsaw to trim down the plywood since that’s all I have onhand.

Project One will be up for silent auction during the month of January in the Habitat ReStore, located at 3833 Bragg Boulevard. You can view it, touch it, and see the unique crookedness of it in person and even place a bid on it to take this one-of-a-kind bookshelf home. For more information on the Habitat for Humanity’s programs and community involvement, visit www.fayettevillenchabitat.org •A•



January 2017 Sunday


HAPPY NEW YEAR 6 pm Bull Riding on the Farm, Shady Acres Rodeo



8:30 am Senior Exercise, Spring Lake Senior Enrichment center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake 11 am Teen Bookmark Design Contest, Cliffdale Regional Branch 7 pm Java Jams, The Coffee Scene, 3818 Morganton Rd

8 6 pm Bull Riding on the Farm, Shady Acres Rodeo

9 9 am Fit4Life Zumba, 3266 Ray Rd, Spring Lake

12 pm Hope Mills Chamber Luncheon, 5766 Rockfish Rd, Hope Mills 7 pm Java Jams, The Coffee Scene, 3818 Morganton Rd, Fayetteville


11 am Teen Bookmark Design Contest, Cliffdale Regional Library 6 pm Bull Riding on the Farm, Shady Acres

169 am Fit4Life Zumba, 3266 Ray Rd, Spring Lake

7 pm Java Jams, The Coffee Scene, 3818 Morganton Rd, Fayetteville

7:30 pm Java Expressions, The Coffee Scene, 3818 Morganton Rd


6 pm Bull Riding on the Farm, Shady Acres



9am FREE Diabetes Clinic, 1422 Bragg Blvd, Fay



9 am Fit4Life Z Ray Rd, Spring

11 am Tai Chi for Health, Cape Fear Botanical Garden

3 pm City Mar Museum, 325 F

6:30 pm Cape Fear Toastmasters, Methodist U, 5400 Ramsey St

9 pm Fayettevi The Rock Shop St

10 10 am Parent & Child Art

11 10am FREE Ex

17 11 am Tai Chi for Health, 536

am Dia 18 10:30 Gray’s Creek El

Class, Fascinate U, 116 Green St 11 am Tai Chi for Health, 536 N. Eastern Blvd 6 pm Lupus Foundation Support Group, 6920 Cliffdale Rd

N Eastern Blvd

6:30 pm Cape Fear Toastmasters, Methodist U, 5400 Ramsey St

1422 Bragg Blv 11 am Lafayett Fayetteville, 32 3pm City Mark Museum - Faye Transportation

2964 School St. 3 pm City Mar Museum, 325 F 9 pm Fayettevi Rock Shop, 128

7:30 pm Senior Citizens Entertainment Night, EastoverCentral Rec Center

239 am Fit4Life Zumba, 3266 Ray Rd, Spring Lake

7 pm Java Jams, The Coffee Scene, 3818 Morganton Rd, Fayetteville

24 12 pm Al-Anon, Serenity

25 8:30am Senior

Seekers Group, 701 Westmont Dr

- Spring Lake S Enrichment cen St, Spring Lake

7:30 pm Seniors Citizens Entertainment Night, EastoverCentral Rec Center

3 pm City Mar Museum, 325 F

8:30 pm Poetr 223 S Eastern B


11 am Teen Bookmark Design Contest, Cliffdale Regional Library 6 pm Bull Riding on the Farm, Shady Acres

24 ArrayNC.com

30 8:30 am Senior Exercise, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake

31 9am FREE Diabetes Clinic, 1422 Bragg Blvd, Fay

10 am FREE Exercise Class, Better Health, 1422 Bragg Blvd

11 am Tai Chi for Health, 536 N. Eastern Blvd

7 pm Java Jams, The Coffee Scene, 3818 Morganton Rd

11am From State House to Statehood - 325 Franklin St


Zumba, 3266 Lake



11 am From State to Statehood, 325 Franklin St


6 8:30 am Senior Exercise, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake


7 9 am City Market at the Museum, 325 Franklin St

rket at the Franklin St

6 pm Social Ballroom Dance, 120 Elizabethtown Rd, Fay

7 pm VerseUs Open Mic, 5900 Yadkin Rd, Fay

9 am Cars & Coffee Car Show, Millstone Complex, Hope Mills

ille ART Attack, p, 128 S. King

6 pm Wine Tasting at Luigi’s, 528 N. McPherson Church Rd

7 pm Oldies, Rock & Blues Music, 5766 Rockfish Rd, Hope Mills

12 pm See the Trains, Fascinate-U, 116 Green St

xercise Class vd te in 25 Franklin St ket at the etteville Museum

abetes Clinic, lem. School, . rket at the Franklin St ille ART Attack, 8 S King St

r Exercise Senior nter, 301 Ruth e

rket at the Franklin St

ry & Open Mic, Blvd

12 8:30 am Senior Exercise, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake

6pm Wine Tastings at Luigi’s 528 North McPherson Church Road

13 10 am Crocheting@Senior

Center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake 7 pm VerseUs Open Mic, 5900 Yadkin Rd, Fay

Stroll Downtown Dunn, Dunn 5:30 pm Wine & Whimsy, Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, 536 N Bragg Blvd

26 6 pm Wine Tastings at Luigi’s, 528 N. McPherson Church Rd 6 pm Diabetes Clinic, Better Health, 1422 Bragg Blvd

Museum, 325 Franklin St 10 am Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, 352 Devers St 11 am Make It, Take It!, Fascinate U, 116 Green St

6pm Diabetes Clinic – Better Health, 1422 Bragg Blvd

19 5 pm Third Thursday Dine &

14 9 am City Market at the

20 10 am Crocheting@Senior

Center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake 7 pm VerseUs Open Mic, 5900 Yadkin Rd, Fay

21 11 am Super Science Saturday!, Fascinate U, 116 Green St

8:30 pm Live Music at Luigi’s, 528 N. McPherson Church Rd

8:30 pm Live Music at Luigi’s, 528 N. McPherson Church Rd

27 7 pm 4th Fridays at the Market 28 9 am City Market at the House Museum, Market House Downtown Fayetteville

9 pm Birthday Dance & Potluck, Retired Military Association, 120 Elizabethtown Rd

Museum, 325 Franklin St 12 pm Art Market, The Sweet Palette, 101 Person St 8:30 pm Live Music at Luigi’s, 528 N. McPherson Church Rd

To see more events and details, visit our calendar at ARRAYNC.com ArrayNC.com


Written by Amanda Loftus

Watch out Fayetteville! There’s about to be an

unusual surge of explosions, experiments, and excitement when Adam Savage and Michael Stevens come to town. On February 21st, Brain Candy Live! will be kicking off a 40-city tour right here at the Crown Complex. That’s right - Adam Savage, the host of one of the Discovery Channel’s most interesting (and dangerous) shows (Mythbusters), has teamed up with Michael Stevens, the creator of the extremely informative YouTube channel,Vsauce. The pairing between the two of them creates a whirlwind of surprises throughout each twohour Brain Candy Live! experience. “Michael is a master explainer,” says Adam. “We cross over in many ways, but there’s many ways in which we don’t, and that’s where I really find this fruitful.” He adds, “We have lots to learn from each other.” “This is the kind of show that we’re going to be modifying and playing with right up until opening night,” Adam says as he talks about the last stages of the tour preparation. Since Fayetteville will be the host of the very first show, the last rehearsals will be right here in town. “Michael and I like working from a script

- but one that we wrote. So, that’s something that’s going to change constantly,” he continues. “We’ll find ways to just deepen the experience as we go.” The evolution of a live show is Adam’s favorite part about touring. Being a dedicated husband and father, Adam’s family plays an important role in the making of most of his creations. “They’ve heard all my stories - a million times,” he says. “So, if I can craft something that surprises and delights them, then I know I’ve got something great.” If Mythbusters has taught us anything, it’s that science is a fascinating and complex force to be reckoned with, but it can also be a ton of fun! “They’re going to want some bomb baths. They’re going to want some excitement. They’re going to want some target practice. We aim to give them all of that, while still being a safe, family friendly, totally enjoyable night out.” For more information on the Brain Candy Live! event, visit www.braincandylive.com. Tickets for the event are available now at the Crown Complex Ticket Office, located at the main entrance of the Coliseum or online at www.crowncomplexnc.com. •A• Photo source : braincandylive.com

X pert

epair R e v i t o Autom ervice Mobile S

5 Star Reviews

15+ years experience specializing in computer diagnosis, drivability, no starts, & scheduled maintenance. All makes and models! Towing available!


910-670-3159 26



Owner & Technician


Written by Amanda Loftus

Whether it’s cutting hair, or cutting

Midway Barber & More

up beats, Travis Fowler is skilled with his hands and tools. Travis, or “Supa Trav”, as his friends call him, has been working at the Midway Barber Shop, located at 4521 Bragg Boulevard in Fayetteville, since the late 1990’s. In 2003, Travis bought the well-established barber shop from Mr. Brown, and began creating his own legacy. “I liked cutting hair around the way, but it wasn’t anything I really was pursuing,” he says, “it was just a hood thing - something to brag about at school.” There was something else there, though, and his family saw it from the beginning. “My grandmother and uncle would tell me that I had a gift for cutting hair,” he adds. It wasn’t until he was working in the electrical industry that he saw the potential to be happy and create a future for himself in a world of hair. The final push to pursue barber school came from a coworker who didn’t want to see a young, 19-year-old Travis Fowler make the mistake he had made and get stuck in a career that didn’t make him happy each day. “He asked me if this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. He could see it in the way I walked that I wasn’t happy doing the work,” recalls Travis. After many hurdles of not only paying to put himself through school, but finding the right school to enroll at in Fayetteville, he made the first step towards his happiness and started taking classes. Although he started cutting hair at 12 years old, he had a lot to learn. “I was cutting my hair when I was in eighth and ninth grade, during Christmas break. So, that way, if I messed up, nobody would see it,” he says as he chuckles. “These older guys from the neighborhood taught me how to cut hair,” he adds. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but he practiced and learned all that he could during school, and at the barber shops in town. Of all the styles he has worked with, his favorite cut is “the type of haircut that you can get a job with. One that you can wear a nice suit with and feel like your whole look is on point,” says Travis. “I hated working construction, landscaping companies, restaurants, grocery stores, and telemarketing,” he says. “So, on my nineteenth

birthday I wrote a note to my future-self that read ‘Trust Me’. I put it in a mason peanut butter jar and buried it in my grandmother’s backyard.” He knew that it would be a long, and difficult road he’d have to follow, but he was prepared to put in the work. Ten years later, he dug up the jar to remind himself that “regardless of how tough things get,” he adds, “I needed to stay in my lane and stay focused.” and that’s what he did. Over the past 20 years of his life, Travis has worked on placing his mark on Fayetteville. In addition to the barber shop, he also owns BeatKuttaz Studio, nestled right in the Midway Barber Shop. “Music is a universal language, no matter the age, sex, race, or religion,” Travis says. Being a child of the late 70’s and 80’s have certainly shaped the methods he uses to produce music. “I’m a fan of music as well as a fan of Hip Hop culture and the creation of Hip Hop culture,” he adds. Travis doesn’t stop at music production, either. He has produced his own documentary-style film, SUPA TRAV presents EDGE, which was released in March of 2014 at the NC Black Film Festival in Wilmington, NC, and re-released in Chicago during 2015 and 2016. He has also produced another documentary titled, 9th Inning: The Clifford Layton Story. On top of the barber shop, his music and video production, Travis also goes to the VA Nursing Home and cuts hair every week. “At the nursing home, those elderly people have been where we are trying to get to,” says Travis. “They have lived a full life and I learn from their experiences.” As if that weren’t enough, he goes to the local jail and cuts hair for the inmates each week, too! “At the jail I learn what not to do,” he adds. “I learned that your life is based off a simple decision - good or bad...just a thought you acted on.” The next 20 years of his life look to be a promising couple of decades. Travis plans to produce a follow-up documentary to EDGE, called EDGE 2, and is in the midst of producing his own cartoon series. He is the current President of the Fayetteville Barber Association, and works with the Caring 7, an organization created by the barber shop to help feed the homeless and others in need. He’s more than just a barber - he’s Supa Trav. •A•

Car Tips! Heater Stay toasty warm by running your heater and defroster now to ensure they’re working properly. Wiper Blades Upgrade to a winter blade that can handle both snow and ice. Scrape the ice off your windows before cutting the wipers on, as the ice can damage them. Lights Test all your lights (including hazards) and make sure you have a spare set of bulbs on hand. If you don’t know what size stop by your local auto parts store and they will help you out. Gas Keep your tank above half full to avoid freezing your fuel lines and damaging the fuel pump.

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Small Biz Doctor

Great Small Business Ventures For 2017 - Pt 2

Written by Michael McCollum “The Small Biz Dr.”

In Pt. 1 of 8 articles, I discussed

how a potential client contacted me to tell me that he heard about me through one of my radio shows or articles regarding the small business industry, and wanted to know if he could pick my brain. He wanted to know what I thought about his new… CD/DVD CLEANING COMPANY…”YES”… A CD/ DVD CLEANING COMPANY! I started this business because I was the asst. manager of a CD/DVD pawn shop, and the owner would pay me $.50 to clean old CD’s that looked dirty before hitting the sales racks. So

I thought that I should offer the same service to anyone with large CD collections. Needless to say, but the business closed two months after he contacted me. NEED I SAY WHY? The bottom line is that regardless how YOU feel about starting a certain type of business, unless YOU are the one that will purchase everything and pay yourself, it’s NOT about you, but what your customers want, need and willing to pay for. Over the next few articles, I will be providing some good small business ideas for people who are looking to start a

business in 2017, but may not have tons of business knowledge, experience or high-tech training. So make sure that you read them all for ideas. Last month’s article listed the following business ideas: 1. Cleaning Business 2. Flea Market Vending 3. Day Care 4. Lawn Mowing 5. Errand Services Here are the next five: 6. Wedding/Birthday Consulting If you enjoy planning and organizing events, you might consider starting a wedding/ birthday consulting business. This mainly requires you to plan and

2945 Hope Mills Road Ste 112 Fayetteville, NC 910-485-3111

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facilitate with various vendors and service providers. Make sure to set-up relationships with all potential vendors prior to starting. 7. Wholesale Bakery You could start a baking business where you create dessert items at home and sell them wholesale to local bakeries or restaurants. You’ll need to learn first about regulations in your community for commercial food preparation. 8. Dog Walking Service If you love being outside and hanging out with animals, you can put up some flyers around your community offering your services as a dog walker, because, just like running errands, lots of business owners, seniors, or people with limited walking abilities need you. Establish a good relationship with the owner and the dog, and you have a client for life. 9. Estate Sale Service Those who have lost loved ones or need to move and sell many of their possessions often need help setting up estate sales. If you have some knowledge about antiques and selling used items, you may be able to offer your services in this capacity and earn a living along the way. 10. Personal Chef Service If you enjoy cooking but don’t necessarily want to start a whole restaurant, you could become a personal chef and prepare meals for a client or clients in their home or yours. This is GREAT for busy business people, seniors and people with limited movement. Cook 1-7 days worth of food at a time.


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Migraine Therapy

10 Page Drive Pinehurst, NC

Make sure to get next month’s article for more great ideas… •A•

At our Pinehurst Neurology Headache Management Center,

we strive to provide the best and maximum relief for our patients suffering from headaches and provide a personalized treatment plan that is right for you.

Misty Sinclair, MD

Contact us for more information: www.sboradio.com (web) mmccollum@sboradio.com (email)


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Healthy Living

Written by Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year! It’s time to make those resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, go back to college, buy a house or car, pay off debts, find love, and the list goes on. Take a moment and ask yourself, “What am I going to do this year that I did not do last year?” This is the year to make all of your dreams come true. It takes confidence and perseverance. Just think of the great things that will happen this year and now is the time to make it happen. Follow these tips in order to make your goals a reality: 1. Make a list of specific and attainable short and long-term goals and post them where you can see them on a daily basis such as the refrigerator. Don’t waste time and work on them immediately. The most important step is taking the first step. Get excited! 2. Keep negative people and naysayers out of your life. They can drain you because they possess a jealous spirit. They don’t want anything out of life and most definitely don’t want you to have anything either. As a matter of fact, do not share your goals with people who do not have your best interest at heart. Surround yourself with people you want to be like. These individuals should be positive and encouraging. 3. Stay focused and determined to achieve your goals. Setbacks may occur and you may get sidetracked and feel discouraged but jump right back on it. Stop making excuses and hold yourself accountable. 4. Keep fear out of your thinking. I have learned that there are people who are afraid of

succeeding because they feel that people will be jealous and envious of them. That comes with success and there is nothing you can do about other people’s insecure feelings. You have bills to pay and a retirement plan to set up. 5. If you do not like your current situation, change it. If you do not like your job, get another one. If you do not like where you live, move. If your relationship is not a good one then it is time to move on. You are the change agent and hold the master key to your happiness. 6. Seize the moment. Time does not wait for anyone. It is so easy to put things off for another time and you look up one day and it is too late. You do not ever want to say, “I wish I would have done this or that in my life.” Do it now. 7. Reward yourself when your goal is achieved. Celebrate! This will keep you motivated. Set more goals and let the process begin with achieving those goals too.

Remember every successful person worked hard to get to where they are today and you can do it too. Don’t let time get away from you. Happy New Year! I wish you happiness, success, and peace of mind. 32


Social Security


Written by Brenda Brown

Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Fayetteville, NC

Social Security Is Always Evolving

Social Security is always evolving to meet the needs of

the American public. We are optimistic about the future and the limitless possibilities for progress. Much of the progress we have made together, as a nation, is through the shared responsibility of paying Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax. This federal payroll tax funds Social Security— programs that provide benefits for retirees, the disabled, and children of deceased workers. You help us keep millions of hard working Americans out of poverty. Without your contribution, wounded warriors would not receive the benefits they deserve. Children who have lost parents would have no social safety net. Millions of elderly people would be destitute. In the same way that we take great pride in helping people who need it, you should take pride in making this country stronger. You can see the many ways our retirement benefits help your loved ones and neighbors at www.socialsecurity.gov/retire. The strength of our nation relies on cooperation and the empathy to understand each other’s unique struggles. Similarly, Social Security has an obligation to provide benefits quickly to applicants whose medical conditions are so serious that their conditions obviously meet

disability standards. Compassionate Allowances offer a way of quickly identifying diseases and other medical conditions that invariably qualify under the Listing of Impairments based on minimal objective medical information. This also lets Social Security target the most obviously disabled individuals for allowances based on objective medical information that we can obtain quickly. You can view the list of Compassionate Allowances at www.socialsecurity.gov/compassionateallowances. Our diversity is an asset that can bring us together, making us stronger as a nation. Visit www.socialSecurity. gov to empower your future, for today and tomorrow. •A• Brenda Brown has been with the Social Security Administration for over 40 years. She began her career with Social Security as a Service Representative in the Reidsville, NC field office. She transferred to the Fayetteville, NC field office in March 1975 as a Service Representative and later promoted to a Claims Representative. She has worked as a Public Affairs Specialist since 2008. As the Public Affairs Specialist, she is responsible for providing information to the media, other employees and the public regarding Social Security issues and policies. She covers the Southeastern and Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Brenda is available to speak to groups in almost any setting in her efforts to educate the public about their Social Security Program. Brenda is a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC.



Crow Kozak Written by Amanda Loftus

Mechanic by day, musician by night: Crow Kozak

likes to shred metal any way he can. As the lead vocalist in the local punk rock band, The Chemical Lizards, and motorcycle mechanic, Crow meets new people every day and night. His willingness to make people smile and bring a rockin’ melody to the party makes him easy to love and admire. Originally from Kelley’s Creek, West Virginia, Crow has made Fayetteville his home since he was stationed here with the Air Force, and is loving every second of it. “I just want to keep playing as long as I am able,” he says, “and keep introducing people to the music scene to experience all the amazing talent



with local musicians.” He’s played at many venues in Fayetteville and the surrounding area, but often visits The Rock Shop at 128 S. King Street and The Twizted Kitty at 2918 Fort Bragg Road. “The band and I have played over 110 combined shows” boasts Crow while reminiscing over 2016. Throughout the years, Crow has experimented with many different sounds and worked with many different bands. In addition to his vocal talent, he also plays guitar, piano, mandolin, and bass. Him and his bandmates, Colin and Drew, happened to stumble across each other and then The Chemical Lizards were born. “Some friends and I were in separate bands and we wanted to start jamming to fill in all the down time. It had such a positive impact and gained such momentum, we just went with it,” says Crow. Crow certainly has a big heart, and whether he’s wearing a mohawk, fancy hat, ballcap, or another crazy hairstyle, don’t be fooled by what you see when he’s jamming out on stage. He has a soft, romantic side that every good musician must learn to channel when the time is right. “I am a huge fan of romantic comedies,” he says with a gigantic smile on his face, “I probably shouldn’t tell this, but it’s true!” When he isn’t working on his 1950 Chevy Deluxe, with The Chemical Lizards, or watching The Wedding Date, Crow can be found playing events all over the Fayetteville area, including the 2016 ARRAY Holiday Open House we hosted at the Fayetteville Arts Council last month. He often volunteers to play in local nursing homes and works with foster children as well. As a foster child himself, Crow understands the importance of positive role models in the lives of children that need it the most. “I still go back to help and mentor,” he says, “and teach them how to change a tire, introduce them to instruments, and just some simple life skills.” For more information on the happenings of The Chemical Lizards and to see what Crow is up to, visit their website at www.thechemicallizards.com for event and show dates, music, and videos! •A•

Ask Tina

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home? Have a question about real estate? Ask Tina. Jillian M. St. Pauls, NC asks…

I want to make good use of my tax return this year. Is it a good idea to use it as a down payment for a home? I am tired of paying rent and not having anything to show for it.

There are two schools of thought

about using your tax return as a down payment on a home. One might say that if you need to use it as a down payment, you haven’t saved enough to buy a home and you should keep the return as a rainy-day fund. The other thought is that every bit of money you can use as a down payment can save you a lot in interest over the life of your loan. In this area, as of the end of November, there were over 800 homes for sale that were priced between $90,000 and $140,000. Using a FHA loan, which requires a down payment of 3.5%, you would need approximately $3150 - $4,900. In 2015 the average married couple with two children received a tax refund of $5500. This would be more than enough to cover a down payment. In many cases with interest rates still being unbelievably low, the monthly mortgage payment can often be less than what you would pay for

Answered by Tina Renee Dawson

rent. If you are disciplined enough to save your tax refund for a couple of years, you might actually have enough to put 20% down, using a conventional mortgage. Doing this will eliminate the extra cost of mortgage insurance, and either allow you to have very affordable payments or the opportunity to get a bigger home. There are also programs out there that assist with costs associated with purchasing a home. Finding a professional real estate agent to work with as well as a lender is the first step to finding the home of your dreams. They can tell you exactly what options are open to you for your individual

situation. There are many options and you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable owning a home can be. After all, when you rent a home – all you have at the end of the day are rent receipts. With home ownership you gain equity. A good rule of thumb is to always plan for the worse-case scenario. If you can live with that – you are good to go. It is also very important to work on keeping your credit in good shape. Late payments do a lot of damage to your credit score. Tip for Home Owners: Did you know you can save about 10% of your fuel consumption to heat or cool your home simply by changing and using a high efficiency filter? Replacing old and dated insulation and repairing old windows will also help to improve the efficiency of your home as well.•A•

Send your real estate questions to Tina Dawson at tinardawson@gmail.com, or give her a call at 910-988-1969. Your question may be featured in an upcoming edition of Array.



Coworking Revolutionizes Fayetteville through Friendship

Hanah Ehrenreich in the co-working space

Written & photos by Amy Garner

Coworking is good for anyone

who needs space to work. Not only can you be around other people who are working, but it is affordable, efficient and shrinks the carbon footprint. It does a lot of good things. “But for me,” says Dalton Carter, a founder of Fayetteville Coworking, “the word ‘coworking’ is a trendy, new buzz word. I have been coworking for years - we just never called it that. I am a home-base business guy and I do not need that overhead. But I do need reliable internet service, a comfortable chair, good coffee and a little table. And most importantly, I need to network and meet people. I need to connect. I work better around other people who are working with good energy,” Dalton Carter explained. Dalton has helped to organized Fayetteville Coworking, a local, fluid group of people that work independently in common spaces, for almost two years. Through this group, Dalton met Hanah Ehrenreich. Hanah’s personality and excitement for coworking literally bursts from her face. As she is talking, she is glowing with excitement. Like Dalton, I asked her how she got into coworking. She shared a story about a fellow military spouse, Kelly Weatherby-Pennisi, who relocated to Fayetteville and worked remotely for a large non-profit organization. Kelly never saw Fayetteville. She only saw the walls of her home and the inside of her gym. She needed a quiet work space but also really needed to be around other professionals, but ended up leaving Fayetteville feeling like she had just escaped a prison. Kelly’s experience inspired Hanah. Hanah also runs Sustainable Sandhills, an environmental non-profit where 98% of the staff are transitioning military and/ or spouses of same. She goes on to describe that her experience there, Kelly’s experience of isolation and Dalton’s support of networking and sharing space led

to establishing Revolutionary Coworking. Dalton and Hanah put their heads together and decided to revolutionize the Fayetteville coworking scene. They felt like Fayetteville needed a nonprofit coworking space model. They discussed what that would look like, who would be involved, who would be served. Hanah shared that they felt that coworking created a community and a gateway that can be pulled together now, more closely, with Revolutionary Coworking. There is a wonderful, established business community here in Fayetteville. But if you are a newcomer or just starting a new business, it takes a lot of effort to get into that circle. Revolutionary Coworking provides you an entry point. Historically, this has been missing. “There is a sweet spot that is missing for professionals. There is a shortage of quality, affordable conference spaces in this area and we want to address that need also.” Revolutionary Coworking will provide an actual building for professionals, students and creators who need somewhere to spread out and work but within a relaxed environment, surrounded by other working people. For the work-from-home person, this model provides often needed discipline and routine. It also offers high-speed internet, a quiet space with fewer distractions and a “good vibe”. Hanah is also very focused on bringing growth to the downtown area. “We have a beautiful downtown area that is under used. Everyone will tell you so…the shopkeepers, the restaurant owners, the Chamber, city officials. We need more workers here. For us it was a no-brainer where Revolutionary Coworking would be located and it had to be Downtown. We found a beautiful space in the Self Help building and it was perfect to serve this community. We will have a classy space, where you can bring someone and have meetings and conference calls and work in a fabulous atmosphere.” Memberships are now on sale for Revolutionary Coworking. You can purchase different tiers of membership, similar to gym memberships. The basic membership, with access to common areas and high speed internet is $99/month. Ramp it up to your own desk for $125/ month. Private office memberships and 24-

hour access fees start at $400/month. There are other options to use common areas. Transitioning military, military spouses and military entrepreneurs will be eligible for discounted rates. You will be able to utilize common areas, large and small conference rooms, individual and group offices and other amenities that you would find in a traditional office environment. Revolutionary Coworking is going live between January 15 and February 15. Hanah, along with Dalton and Kelly’s influence, will continue to guide the focus of Revolutionary Coworking. “Anytime I work in a shared space, I want to be comfortable. I don’t want to be distracted by the temperature in the room, poor wifi signal or loud socializing. I like everything to be right. I also like meeting new people and bouncing ideas off new people. I enjoy introducing people to the coworking concept and seeing how they respond to this type of experience.” Hanah also lights up towards the end of our interview. “Our goal for this space, for this community partnership, is to be visible and accessible, while offering a green business, taking into account energy efficiency, air quality and good sustainable ethos. We want to inspire other businesses and each other.” To inquire about memberships, visit revolutionarycoworking.com. Revolutionary Coworking is located at 100 Hay Street, 6th Floor.

Dalton Carter ArrayNC.com



Dollar &

Contributed by Alan Porter, Strategic Wealth Strategies

One of the main things that

people need to understand is, you want to own as little as possible but control everything about the asset. This does 2 huge things. Number 1, taxes can be reduced significantly and Number 2, you will be immune for judgements and litigations. You want to make yourself a very unattractive litigant. You also need to understand the asset protection is pro-active not re-active and if not done correctly it can be construed as a fraudulent act. One thing that is safe is your retirement account in qualified plans. It is safe from everything except taxing authority, spousal support, and child support, everything else is off the table. Life insurance and annuities in many states are protected. Also, possibly your home with the Homestead Act. You need to talk about asset protection from many things to include, but not limited to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, critical and chronic illness. I don’t care if you have $1,000,000 in your retirement plan, if you have one of the above disabling diseases it can wipe out the retirement savings for you and your spouse in a very short period of time. Do you realize that in today’s world, if you are married and over the age of 65 there is a 75% chance of one of you contracting Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or Dementia! The number one fear of people in retirement is running out of money and there is a 70% chance for people in retirement that they will need long term care at some point. You need to be protected from the cost of unnecessary taxes. Also, how about protection from a divorce of someone from one of your children. You have worked your entire life to protect your child and grandchildren but what if you lost a large part of your estate



Asset Protection to an estranged spouse of one of your children? Everyone needs asset protection but everyone neglects it. They think that I have auto, home, liability (umbrella insurance) so what do I need asset protection for? Are the limits enough in these policies to protect you from losing your assets? Killing someone in an accident is one thing but permanently disabling some for life that made a lot of money is something entirely different. What about the actions of your minor children that you are responsible for? Understand, for pennies on the dollar creating structures that protect your livelihood and asset base is one of the best investments a person can make. You need to talk about asset protection from the stock market prospective. Have you insured your IRA, have you insured your portfolio? Has your Financial Planner or CPA asked you about this? Are you aware of Financial products that will give

you a guaranteed income for life and could possibly be TAX FREE? People think that they are in control of everything when in actuality they are in control of very little. Objections are that they don’t have time, it is not going to happen to me, or it is too expensive. You need to understand the cost basis analysis. There is a cost of doing something, and a cost of doing nothing, but the cost of doing nothing is always so much more. Let me ask you this. Would you be willing to pay $10,000 to protect $1,000,000 to spend a couple of hours to protect that $1,000,000? You need to treat asset protection as an investment not as a cost. It is an investment in you and your family’s financial security. Price is always an issue only in the absence of value. If any of these observations are of interest to you, please give me a call at 910-551-1046. •A•

Strategic Wealth Strategies Maximizing Your Investment Dollars


I ONLY DEAL IN SAFETY AND PROTECTION FOR THE FAMILY I DO NOT DEAL IN RISK! (910) 551-1046 • strategicwealth0@gmail.com www.iflretirement.com/Alan-Porter

From the desk of…

Mayor Nat Robertson 2016 Was a Very Productive Year for Fayetteville Calendar year 2016 was a very productive year for the City of Fayetteville and, as Mayor, I am extremely proud of the progress we made in making our city one of the top-notch communities in North Carolina. Here are a few examples of great strides we made this year:

Park Bond

In March, Fayetteville voters approved a $35 million bond that will bring a significant number of parks and recreation projects to Fayetteville and Cumberland County. For far too long, Fayetteville lagged behind in its number of parks and recreation facilities, so the park bond - in addition to the opening of new pools at Westover and College Lakes recreation centers – will help Fayetteville provide a better quality of life for our residents. Park bond projects will include a western senior center at Lake Rim; an eastern senior center; a skateboarding park and two smaller such parks; a river park at Person Street; improvements to seven parks; a tennis center; a sports field complex; and seven splash pads, with six at recreation centers and a seventh at the planned baseball stadium. All of the splash pads have been scheduled to be built and completed in 2019.


The City Council and I are excited about bringing Minor League Baseball to Fayetteville. We signed a nonbinding memorandum of understanding with the Houston Astros and the City is planning a $33 million downtown stadium - which primarily serves as an economic development catalyst – that will be constructed with no planned tax increase. The City Council will vote on an operating agreement with the Astros during a special meeting on Dec. 13 at 5 p.m. The Astros plan to bring a Single-A minor league team in 2019; they will play during the interim at Campbell University in Buies Creek.

More Progress

We are also excited about our Fayetteville Area System of Transit’s (FAST) new Transit Center that is scheduled to open by February 2017. The opening of the FAST Transit Center puts the icing on the cake for our much-improved Transit system that has extended bus routes and operating hours, as well as improved on-time performance. In closing, I want to thank you, our residents, for being supportive of me as Mayor and our City Council. The accomplishments I have highlighted, and so many more that we cannot list because of space, were made possible with your feedback and guidance. As elected officials, we answer to you and, in 2017, we will continue building a better Fayetteville with you in mind. Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!

Nat Robertson



The Gingerbread Habitat Written by Robin Minnick Photos by Robin Minnick and courtesy of Ruthie Dent, Habitat for Humanity

It’s never the expected, dealing with teenagers.

Teens might be expected to enter contests for the fun of it, or the payoff. Or because their teacher made them. But Destiny Rodriquez, 18, Micah Alexander, 17, and Richard Sabatinos, 17, all had a far different agenda on their minds. They are members of Kimberly Gibson’s Culinary Arts III class at Douglas Byrd High School. High on their list of reasons for entering this year’s “H&H Homes Gingerbread Community of Hope” at A Dickens Holiday was to give Douglas Byrd’s reputation a little boost. The three are very aware of how the school and its students are sometimes viewed by the community. That bad rep, they say, is the result of the actions of a few, not the whole of the student body. So they decided to do something about it, to show Fayetteville that good also comes out of going to Douglas Byrd. They’ve proved their point. This year, Ms. Gibson’s class took First Place as the People’s Choice Award Winner at the annual event produced by the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County and the Downtown Alliance. For the contest, the public was invited to help build an entire neighborhood, complete with homes, schools, parks - all the elements needed for a healthy and happy community, according to Ruthie Dent, Vice President in charge of Marketing and Special Events for the Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity. Contestants picked up entry forms and wooden bases



for their gingerbread homes at the Habitat ReStore located at 3833 Bragg Boulevard. West Regional Branch Library hosted a Gingerbread House Workshop for those bakers needing construction tips. The only guidance needed by this year’s winners came from their own culinary instructor, Kimberley Gibson. A Douglas Byrd teacher for ten years and in culinary education for nineteen, Kimberly has enjoyed baking since she was sixteen. When she went to college, she had to choose between Culinary and Accounting. She opted for what she enjoyed rather than what would have filled her pockets. She still bakes professionally on the side. Walking into the classroom, the students’ love of cooking and learning is apparent in their enthusiasm and eagerness to talk about their competition experience. Destiny says that when she took her first culinary course, she enjoyed it. “At first there was lots of book work, but once I got in the kitchen, I loved it - love the rush,” she says, referring to the literal rushing around the kitchen needed to complete the dishes in time. For Micah, it’s about helping the unfortunate through working in culinary. He wants it to be the basis of his career. Richard’s reason is more practical. “I enjoy eating, but I wasn’t big on cooking. Then my Mom said she wasn’t going to follow me to college to cook for me.” He actually wants to be a firefighter, although he intends to keep cooking for himself. He adds that he found a good secure family at Douglas Byrd when he started Culinary I. Then Destiny looks up and tags, “- and a great teacher, too.” Her smile is repeated by Richard and Micah. Schools had participated in the gingerbread house contests previously, but they’d moved away from it in recent years. This year, the opportunity to compete dovetailed with the class’s curriculum, coming just at the time when competition was the next step in their baking experience. It was also another way to experience community with Fayetteville. “It made us feel better about our work, and we got to see what others do,” says Destiny. “I love gingerbread houses,” says Micah. “The last one I made was with my family, when we did the Market House.” The class pored over pattern books Kimberly provided and made a collective decision about which one to use. They enlarged it 140% (the copier’s limit) and laminated the pattern for reuse. Then the changes began. The pattern was done in solid pieces. They rolled the dough over a brick texture sheet. They added some windows - “a very good idea by Ms.

Culinary Arts III: Richard Sabatinos, Kimberly Gibson (teacher), Destiny Rodriquez, Micah Alexander. Gibson,” says Richard. She counters with, “If you have windows, you may as well have something to see inside.” So they painted a Victorian wallpaper on the interior of the walls, and set up scenes in the rooms. Lighting was designed and built by Richard, using a raised platform and an interior light. The windows were made of gelatin sheets and first secured with white chocolate before being fixed permanently with royal frosting. Richard did the windows and the foundation of Necco wafer pieces. Micah made the fireplace, using caramel bits for the chimney. Destiny made trees of ice cream cones and frosting colored and pulled to look like decorated pine trees. Presents in the sleigh were Starburst candy still in the wrapper, and the roof shingles were made from Big Red gum. Their teacher did the piping. “We decorated it to a higher level than anything the students had done before,” says Kimberly. When completed, the inside rooms had carpet, tea, a fireplace with fire, three hanging stockings, and a table with cocoa, a Santa letter, and cookies. “It’s the details,” insists Kimberly. “That extra little something.” That ‘extra little something’ plus roughly 108 collective work-hours earned them recognition, a boost in reputation for Douglas Byrd, and a $250 gift card. The money will be reinvested in their projects. The recognition from the community and the satisfaction of doing something for their school will only heighten the enthusiasm these three feel over the culinary arts. All of which makes for a prize that is priceless in terms of a teenager’s future. •A•

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More Than Skin Deep

Modern Health Care May Be Missing the “Point” Written by Brenda Howell

“Since the rise of modern

Trigger Point Therapy part 2

technological health care, surface palpation (examining someone by touch) has been a skill most overlooked in the training of health professionals. Palpation of the musculature - assessment through touch of the muscles, tendons, and fascia - is a fine and discerning art, one that is becoming lost in the morass of technologies now applied to health care. The health professions have generally forgotten the effectiveness of touch in both determining the extent of patients’ pains and disabilities and in the treatment and resolution of that pain. Through palpation we can discriminate normal, supple musculature from musculature that is constricted or contains trigger points; palpation can also assist in discerning the source of myofascial pain.” I love this quote, written by Dr. Finando and the sad truth of it is another reason I love being a medical massage therapist. When a massage therapist is trained well, we can “see” the structures that underlie the skin:



the muscles, skeletal structure, and organs. Trained and used properly, our hands are the greatest tools in finding trigger points and eliminating those nasty little beasts. The real question is: can you eliminate your own trigger points? The answer: yes and no! If you can properly reach the trigger point at the right angle then yes, otherwise no it is not possible. To deactivate the trigger point, you need to press on the tender area that is referring pain (If it doesn’t refer pain it is not a trigger point but rather a tender point and fixing that is completely different.) and hold your pressure until it begins to release and the pain starts to dissipate. The amount of time that you hold the trigger point has been debated over the years, but it appears that approximately 8-12 seconds is the accepted amount of time. It is important to note that if you are pushing and it isn’t releasing, you may be giving it too much pressure and just blasting through superficial tissue and/or more superficial trigger points. Also, if the

trigger point doesn’t release after a short period of time, you may want to mark the area (with a pen or something that will wash off) and work other areas of the muscle and come back to it, as trigger point therapy can get very intense and this intensity may not allow the trigger point to release right away. The real key is to give the trigger point just enough pressure to start to feel it release (and confirm that with a slight dissipation of the referral symptoms) and then start to go deeper and work through the next barrier. Eliminating trigger points is wonderful and will bring you great relief. Avoiding those trigger points from forming in the first place is a whole other article. •A• Brenda is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and owner of Healing Hands Body Therapy, 5843 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC. 910-5023596. Healinghandsbodytherapy.com. She and her team specialize in medical massage by using a variety of modalities to reach your goals. Brenda and her team are constantly taking more training and education classes to help you realize that becoming pain free is not just a dream but is something that is attainable.

Dear Shanessa, The New Year is almost here and I am exhausted. I must say that 2016 was not a good year for me. I am too tired to set any goals for 2017 and know that I am not mentally prepared to do so. What should I do?

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referrals - Engage in passionate conversation

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Signed, -Ms. Exhausted

Dear Ms. Exhausted Trust and believe I know what exhausted feels like. You have got to somehow find the energy to keep going. You cannot stop now. I want you to focus on smaller goals at the beginning of 2017 so you can build your momentum for the bigger goals. Life is very exhausting but you have got to stay on the battlefield. Keep the faith and say, “This too shall pass.� Take care,




Outlast Your Resolution Written by Daniel Martin Outsourced Ingenuity

For many people, New Year’s

Day is the biggest Monday of the year. When Thursday rolls around and you haven’t had a very productive week, have you ever said to yourself, “The weeks almost over...I’ll get back on track Monday”. Or, “I’ll start that diet on Monday”. Or “I’ll get my budget back in line on Monday”. “I’ll work less beginning on Monday and spend more time doing what I love”. Does any of that sound familiar?

New Year’s resolutions are just the biggest, “I’ll start that on Monday” of the year. Goals are great. Making choices that align with your principles and vision? Great. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions aren’t either one of those things. Instead, they are often used as a reason to forgive ourselves for how little we actually accomplished in 2016 because the New Year is in sight! A time for fresh beginnings, big changes, and a new you! It’s a

magical opportunity to forgive yourself for the disappointing year you just had and begin living life to its fullest potential just as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. After all, 2017 is going be YOUR year! I’m just kidding...that’s all nonsense. I’m willing to bet that in December of 2015 you were telling yourself that 2016 was going to be your year. You probably did the same in 2014. Here’s the

Get found online.

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Truth; there’s nothing special about a new year. There’s no cosmic alignment of energy on January 1st that infuses you with the power to change your life. Do you know why? You have it. Always, already. It’s called choice. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not waiting for some made up date on a calendar to start living life on purpose. Whatever you want to change doesn’t have to wait for Monday or for your 2017 calendar full of cats doing people things. You can put this magazine down and choose to show up. Right now. Seriously. Hyrum Smith, founder of FranklinQuest and creator of the Franklin Planner defines character as, “The ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed”. The most common resolutions deal with health, personal finances, family, and passions. I’d say a commitment to any of these is a worthy decision. But when your emotional buy-in that drove the decision has passed, can you find the motivation to keep going? It’s 2017 now and in about 26 days, the excitement will wear off, the guilt will pass, and the fear will disappear. Do you have a strategy in place to outlast the emotions, keep your commitments to yourself, and live life on purpose? •A•

Daniel’s passion is helping you and your business improve performance by changing behavior. Specifically improving communication skills, emotional intelligence, and sales performance. Daniel is also training to teach meditation, which helps people remove stress, anxiety, and worry from their lives (who doesn’t need that, right?). It may sound like an odd combination, but all of his coaching, training, and strategy work is infused with selfawareness, common sense, and a healthy dose of truth.



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Publisher’s Note Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life. ~

2017 is bringing some big changes! While the

world around us is adjusting to new politics and new ways, ARRAY is making some big changes as well. We have been working to get some changes in place as we begin 2017, and we are very excited about them! ARRAY is now heading towards year #4! We’ve been blessed to have Kristy Sykes join us in our sales department, and are excited about all Kristy brings to the table with her years of sales experience along with so many other talents she has! Kelsey Shaver, while still our Associate Editor, is stepping up to help with some of the administrative work and to help keep us very organized. Kelsey has the same passion for the magazine as I do and I’m very excited about all the opportunities this opens for Team ARRAY. Wayne Smalls has joined us a columnist and we know you will enjoy his column each month. In 2016 we got our Distribution Team in place and that will be an area we continue to grow as we expand throughout Cumberland County, and into Hoke, Harnett and Moore counties as well. We have added some new writers and photographers and are very excited about the energy they bring to the table, along with their talents. The continued support and enthusiasm from our other writers and photographers that have been with us for a while keeps us going. Devon continues to do an amazing job each month with layout and improves every single month somehow. Of course, I couldn’t do this without the help from my family and I truly appreciate all the behind the scenes work they help with! What an amazing group of people that help to get every issue to you! We’ve added “A Night on The Town” and have joined forces with Habitat for Humanity to share some amazing projects with you in “Repurpose With a Purpose”. We have our amazing columnists each month and we hope you enjoy their knowledge on so many different topics. We are hoping that you will share some of your recipes with us for our ArrayNC.com 48

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Array Magazine is full color, grassroots magazine printed monthly that showcases the lifestyle, businesses, and activities of Cumberland cou...

ARRAY Magazine January 2017  

Array Magazine is full color, grassroots magazine printed monthly that showcases the lifestyle, businesses, and activities of Cumberland cou...