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December 2016

A Variety of Local Experiences


2016 Christmas Lights at Denton Ridge A Step Back In Time Ride A Tram to a Decorated Village See A Live Nativity, Santa Claus, Roast Marshmallows Live Music Nightly

$1O Per Person/Age 3 & Under Free Nov. 25-26 & Dec. 2-3 • 9-10pm Dec. 16-21 • 6-9pm

10501 Ramsey Street, Linden, NC 910-273-3071 •

Spring Lake Office G r a n d R



January 2017

CU Service Center

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Brandy Merritts was the winner of the November Leaf Find. Thank you for supporting Array Magazine!

Our cover photo for December celebrates our historic downtown and one of the many events that occur in the historic district during the year. Dickens Holiday is a celebration that occurs every year the day after Thanksgiving. The Downtown area is turned into a time from the past with carolers, hot cider, horse carriage rides and so much more. The evening ends with a candlelight procession to the Market House with fireworks bringing a festive and remarkable end to an event that once you attend you don’t plan on missing ever again! Amanda Pulliam was the winner of the Dickens Photo Contest and we are happy to have Amanda’s image grace our cover.

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Featured 20 Person Street Find out about all the wonderful things happening down on Person Street!

28 Hay Street Learn about all the stores and shops downtown Fayettevile has to offer!

34 VRC A dinning experience like no other! Learn about all the amazing things this event is bringing to the community.

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• Flooding from Hurricane Matthew destroyed donated books for the annual Friends of the Library book sale. Drop off your used books at your nearest branch. • Why wait until spring to clean out your closet? Go through your closet and donate to a local charity or non-profit to help those in need. • Call a local non-profit and ask about their needs. It may be an hour of your time answering the phone or helping to serve a meal. It’s worth so very much to them and only takes a small amount of your time.

• Be sure to check with Kidspeace Foster Care to adopt a child from their Angel Tree or see how you can help anytime during the year. 910-223-0949 • Help support our local library and their programs that are offered free to seniors and children of all ages. Call 910-483-7727 or donate online. No amount is too small! • Contact our local Second Harvest Food Bank and ask about their needs. Go through your cabinets and pantry and drop off a few cans of food. Take some time out of your busy schedule to help stock their shelves by volunteering. Call 910-485-6923 to find out how you can help.

• We all want a world without Alzheimer’s, so reach out to the local Fayetteville Chapter to help with the 2017 Fayetteville Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Contact the Fayetteville Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Facebook or call McKee Homes for more information. • Do you love animals? The Fayetteville Animal Protection Society can always use volunteers and donations of pet food and supplies. Call to see how you can help make a difference in the life of animal. If you would like to adopt a pet be sure to pick up a copy of ARRAY each month to see a few of the pets available for adoption or visit Also call FAPS at 910-864-9040.

• There is still time to donate to the Arts Council of Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Stop by 301 Hay Street or call 910-3231776 or visit their website at Exhibits are year-round and change often. Be sure to check out their online calendar. • Join ARRAY’s Baggie Campaign! Place toiletry items, toothbrush, socks or $1 or more in a plastic baggie and keep in your car. When you see a homeless person hand it to them. Make up 12 baggies and make the pledge to pass out 1 a month or more! Our goal is to give out smiles in 2017!!

More Than Skin Deep

Written by Brenda Howell

Knotty or Nice: Trigger Points, Part 1

Have you felt that burning

sensation that runs down your back, between the shoulder blades? Or maybe you feel “knots” in your back and/or in your legs. Sometimes the pain is sporadic and uncomfortable and sometimes the pain is like a dagger stuck in your back. Most people with the chronic pain that I just described suffer from Trigger Points. A trigger point is a “localized tender area in the muscles that develop as a result of chronic muscular contraction and adaptive shortening.” Every movement you make, even the tiniest of motions results in a contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Each muscle in the body is made up of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of individual muscle fibers. These fibers work in perfect unison to create a harmonious movement of the body. When a trigger point forms in these individual fibers, the muscle fibers can no longer relax and elongate. The result is a muscle that quits working in perfect unison and

movement is affected. Because our muscles work like a perfectly balanced pulley system, trigger points causing chronic contractions pull this system out of balance. While one muscle is stuck contracted short, the opposite muscle is stuck being pulled long. Our bodies are wonderful creations and able to adapt to even the most severe condition changes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel it!!! We move around every day with our body adapting to this muscular change, so much so that the pain you feel becomes your new normal. Slowly we lose our range of motion, slowly the trigger points get bigger. An ugly, and often painful, pattern emerges. So we now know that a dysfunctional muscle with trigger points will contract, but will not return to its normal shape following the contraction. We also know that the muscle holds a partial contraction forcing the body to adapt. Movement is a fundamental characteristic of life and the musculature

system plays a major role in that activity and we know trigger points hinder that movement. Our bodies may adapt and our movement patterns may become our “new normal,” but we do not have to stay in this state. Trigger points can be released, movement patterns can go back to our real normal, and the pain can go away. Next month I will write in detail how we can eliminate trigger points, and how to prevent them. In the meantime ask your medical massage therapist what she can do to help the pain. You might be surprised what a good massage therapist can do for you and your pain! •A•

Brenda is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and owner of Healing Hands Body Therapy, 5843 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC. 910-5023596. She and her team specialize in medical massage by using a variety of modalities to reach your goals. Brenda and her team are constantly taking more training and education classes to help you realize that becoming pain free is not just a dream but is something that is attainable.

Fredericks Hair Design 4011 Sycamore Dairy Rd Fayetteville, NC 28303 Cell: 919-498-4207 Shop: 910-485-1855


Small Biz Doctor

Great Small Business Ventures For 2017 - Pt 1

Written by Michael McCollum “The Small Biz Dr.”

As a small business coach for

over 20 years, I have TRULY seen and heard all about all there is to see and hear within the small business industry. I have seen people start businesses that would have closed within months even if it started 5 years ago. For example, I had a person call me last year from Detroit that told me that they heard about me from one of my small business radio shows. Believe it or not this person spent money too; • Lease a storefront business location on a major street • Purchase a huge company electric sign that can be seen for miles • Hired two people to man the

floors and take calls • Purchase an assortment of cleaning products and materials • Paid an advertising company to write a 1 minute radio commercial • Purchase print and radio advertising in local newspapers, magazines and radio stations • Etc. Now that you have read all of this, allow me tell you the type of business he started with all of this… A CD/DVD CLEANING COMPANY…”YES”… A CD/DVD CLEANING COMPANY! After trying my best to NOT sound like I was blown out of my chair…I asked him why he started this type of business, and this is his

answer? I started this business because I was the asst. manager of a CD/ DVD pawn shop, and the owner would pay me $.50 to clean old CD’s that looked dirty before hitting the used sales racks. So I thought that I should offer the same service to anyone with large CD collections. The Business Closed Two Months After He Contacted Me. NEED I SAY WHY? The bottom line is that regardless how YOU feel about starting a certain type of business, unless YOU are the one that will purchase everything and pay yourself, it’s NOT about you, but what your customers want, need and willing to pay for.

Creative. Quality. Professional. Logos • Business Cards • Websites Product Packaging • Brochures Banners • Billboards • Menus Invitations • Booklets • Magazine Ads

Visit to learn more 6

Over the next few articles, I will be providing some good small business ideas for people who are looking to start a business in 2017, but may not have tons of business knowledge, experience or high-tech training. So make sure that you read them all for ideas. Ready to start, here we go: 1. Cleaning Business All you need to start your own cleaning business is a stockpile of cleaning supplies and access to clients, which you can gain through word of mouth, flyers or classified ads if you don’t want to set up your own website. 2. Flea Market Vending Flea markets are filled with a huge variety of different vendors. You can sell basically anything from vintage household products to jewelry that you made yourself. 3. Day Care Running a child care service out of your home just requires you to have some experience working with kids and a safe home environment to care for them throughout the day. “Make sure to get your location reviewed prior to starting”. 4. Lawn Mowing You can start a business providing lawn care services to people in your area. You just need a lawnmower and a vehicle to get you from place to place. 5. Errand Service Busy people could often use some help with their day-to-day tasks. Starting an errand service means you can charge people to take care of things like grocery shopping, dry cleaning and other odd jobs. Make sure to get next month’s article for more great ideas… •A•

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Hidden Nuggets

Your New Year Starts Today Written by Anissa Short

“You’re broken down and tired Of living life on a merry go round. And you can’t find the fighter But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out” …lyrics from Rise Up by Andra Day So, another year has almost come and gone. Congratulations on making it to end of another year and in taking measure to begin anew! As we plan activities typical for this time of the year, I hope that you have or will review your accomplishments of 2016. Has your life improved to a more quality state? Are you stronger physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, relationally, and financially? Did you take the actions needed in 2016 that bring about a life

that THRIVES rather than merely SURVIVE? Or, did you resume to life as usual and merely hoped for change? Did you become distracted and lose track? Did you give up? One of the beautiful things about a new day, week, or month is that it offers opportunity. In fact, opportunity is available within the next second if you choose it, embrace it, and become obsessed with what it offers. When opportunity becomes your next breath, a breath that you look forward to taking over and over again, all things are possible. So, what’s next for you? As we close out 2016, I encourage you to stop waiting. Begin again. Start now and in starting, • Decide to create massive success. Success is unlimited so why dream small? “A person who limits his or her potential success will limit what he or she will do to create it and keep it”, Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule. • Discontinue one of the biggest distractions. Busyness is not your friend. Too often we decline opportunities or fail to embrace them because we are so “busy”. Busyness absent of productivity is counter productive. If it does not support your dreams or goals, it is not adding value. • Disregard any previous losses. How did you feel when you finished high school, graduated from college, purchased your first car or home? Rather than focusing on disappointments, focus on wins and aim to recreate that feeling. • Disconnect from negativity. Anything, anyone,

More energy. Less stress. Better health. Chiropratic Laser Acupuncture Disc Decompression Pain Management Inflammation Reduction Body Contouring with i-Lipo CDL Physical Examination Sleep Apnea Testing Drug and Alcohol Testing

Visit Dr. Robert Twaddell

Chiropractic Physician, Certified DOT Medical Examiner, Author 1411 Ft. Bragg Rd. Fayetteville 303-2690


or any practice that does not feed your dream and vision is a liability. Be selective with your time, with whom you associate, the words you speak, and those in which you share your heart. Negativity will never produce success. • Do Not Quit. You may get tired and disappointed, but don’t quit. Those close to you may not understand your drive and they may not support you, but don’t quit. The harvest you anticipate may seem as if it’s taking forever to appear, but don’t quit. Within a 49 year life span, a close friend of mine completed high school, attained three degrees, started her own law practice, served as the first female attorney of her county, was instrumental in starting a scholarship, built her dream home, married, started a family, and worked with her mother to start a Montessori named after her son. The most remarkable part is that she accomplished much of this during a 10-year fight with cancer. In celebrating her life, I realized just how much internal fortitude determines our fate and how much SUCCESS…. goals and dreams attained....can become a reality in the midst of a fight. That said, I encourage you to FIGHT for what you want in life. The year is almost over but it is never too late. Don’t wait until 2017, start today because today matters and as you do make this your mantra…. “And I’ll rise up I’ll rise like the day I’ll rise up I’ll rise unafraid I’ll rise up High like the waves I’ll rise up In spite of the ache I’ll rise up And I’ll do it a thousand times again.” … lyrics from Rise Up by Andra Day •A•


The real goal of treating epilepsy is to stop seizures or control them as best as possible.

Let us help improve your quality of life! For appointments call

(910) 295-6868 Jonathan Richman, MD | Misty Sinclair, MD | Robert Snyder, MD Nicole Odom, MD | Bruce Solomon, DO



Finding the Creative in Art Written by Amanda Loftus


As a local artist, Billie Jean Page, has planted

her roots and is beginning to grow right here in Fayetteville. She’s a single mother of three young girls who fuel their mother’s creativity just as she fuels theirs. “There’s a natural creative buzz around the house,” says Billie. The desire to create has certainly been passed on to her children, and they help keep the fire alive in her paintings as well. “They always want to create more art, which makes me want to create even more art.” There must be something in their genes, because the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. Billie’s oldest daughter, Savannah, has a natural ability to create, and she picked up her mother’s artistic habits, which makes for an awesome mix of determination and skill. Already, at the age of 11, Savannah has begun starting to work towards attending the Art Institute of New York after high school, and is extremely passionate about her art. Understanding her desire to create, Billie is completely supportive of Savannah’s dreams. “She’s good,” says Billie. “All of her gifts are homemade, and she is always ready to learn and willing to try new projects.” Unfortunately, Savannah’s middle school doesn’t offer any art clubs to its students, but she wants to start an art club to bring together other students in her school that are interested in the beautiful wonders of art. Seeing her daughters with the same sparkle of beauty in their eyes as she had in hers when she was younger, reminds Billie of how her passion blossomed as a young girl. “Growing up, I would watch a lot of Bob Ross, and paint along with the man every Sunday morning,” she says. Although she never had the right types of paint to paint with, she would make it work and continue to color her world with what she had. “It would never be the right medium,” says Billie, “but I loved painting along with Bob Ross the best that I could.” Having to get a little extra creative is something that Billie has never grown out of. It takes a lot of imagination and a good amount of determination to not only dream up an idea, but to put it onto a canvas. “I’ve learned a lot from a lot of different people along the way,” Billie says. “But, my friend Tabitha was the one that encouraged me most to grow and work towards becoming a professional artist.” Being open to criticism and input is what helps keep her creativity flowing and evolving. A local Richmond county artist sparked a fire in Billie’s eyes, and it has given her the extra boost of inspiration she had been waiting for. “He was an actual starving artist,” she adds. “He was poor, but he needed to create, so

he would rummage through dumpsters and home renovation scraps; he used a lot of children’s toys, too. He’d repurpose it, and make these beautiful works of art out of another person’s trash…I think that is where my repurposing sticks and old frames comes from.” When Billie sold her first painting, she describes it as the greatest feeling she has ever had. “Knowing that someone that didn’t know me personally was so interested in a very personal piece, was amazing.” It was then that she knew someone saw her art for what she had created it for: pure emotion. “At that moment, I felt it - this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to make people happy with my art,” she says. “I put all of my emotions into that painting,” and the buyer of Billie’s ‘Life’ painting knew he had to have it from the moment he saw it. “He fought for it,” she adds, “another person was interested in the painting, but he fought to get it.” The first painting she had sold also happens to be her most personal. “That was me going through the grieving of my father’s death,” she says as she recalls what made the painting so special to that young man. Maybe there was something special about the paint. Maybe it was the heartbreak of a daughter losing her father that made it resonate. Maybe it was the pure emotional turmoil that she was feeling during every stroke of her brush. Whatever the recipe entailed, it all fell into perfect harmony on that piece of canvas. “It was a very emotional time, and I put my all into it,” she says. As for her future, Billie plans on opening her own paint and wine shop. “I would love to teach people who are interested in painting and have a lot of fun.” Regardless of where she ends up as an artist, she says that she will always have a house full of art. It will surely be a sight to behold! ARRAY will be hosting its 2nd annual Holiday Open House at the Arts Council at 301 Hay Street in December, and Ms. Billie Jean Page will be there with her artwork, as well as an original painting she will be donating for a door prize. Keep an eye out for more information on this wonderful event, and prepare for hot apple cider, live music, and more prizes to be won! For more information on Billie’s works of art, go to www.ArtByBJP.wordpress. com.•A•


3 Part Series

This one will be a 3 part series presented by Daniel Martin, Outsourced Ingenuity Sponsored by Hope Mills Chamber and ARRAY Magazine • Part 1 Managing your Self 10/17 • Part 2 Managing your Time 11/15 • Part 3 Managing your Relationships 12/6 December 6 from 5:30-7:30 pm at WoodmenLife, 414 East Mountain Dr. Fayetteville (near Crown Coliseum) Registration required $10 (light refreshments and handouts provided) Register at

ARRAY Magazine


Dollar &

Contributed by Alan Porter, Strategic Wealth Strategies

You grow older, you leave work

(voluntarily or otherwise — from job loss, health concerns or the need to care for a family member) and you do what you have to do. But here are 10 things you might not realize about this coming change in circumstances. 10. You should have asked for raises a long time ago, and much more often. Especially if you’re a woman, with pay that runs behind that of a man. A Payscale study from 2015 revealed that 75 percent of people who asked the boss for more money got a raise and they’re 27 percent more likely than men to have saved zero dollars toward retirement — a truly frightening prospect. 9. Get used to doing more of your own cooking and cleaning. Consider the cost of everything these days: HomeAdvisor puts the average cost of hiring someone to clean your house at $158. 8. Taxes will change — and not for the better. You probably thought you’d be paying lower taxes in retirement, but if your overall retirement income is high enough, you’ll end up paying taxes on your Social Security benefits — which will cut down on the funds you’ll have available to live on. 7. Insurance will change — and maybe not for the better, either. If you thought it was tough finding and/or paying for medical coverage while working — whether your employer offered a plan or you purchased insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges — prepare for a bumpier ride as you enter retirement. 6. You might be paying more for housing. Whether you downsize, decide to splurge on your “dream home” or stay where you are to “age in place,” you’re liable to find yourself paying more for your home, wherever or whatever it is. 5. You won’t have saved enough. Boomers tend to be way too optimistic about how much money

10 Questions In Retirement they’ll need — that’s boomers who try to figure out how much retirement will cost. The scary thing is that health care costs alone could run the average retiree $250,000. 4. Social Security might not help much. Oh, and don’t count too much on Social Security. After two years with no cost-of-living increase, the Social Security COLA for 2017 only amounts to a measly $4 for the average retiree. And under a new Republican president and administration, any adjustments will likely come in the form of cuts, rather than an expansion of benefits. 3. You’ll probably have to lower your standard of living. U.S. Department of Agriculture figures put the cost of raising a child born in 2013 at a projected inflation-adjusted $304,480 (including food, child care, housing and education — but not college tuition). And that’s just till age 18. Add in the escalating costs of health care, with or without insurance, and you’ll see that you’re going to have a tough time of it meeting any retirement savings goals while raising

children. 2. You may end up supporting parents or children. No matter what you’ve saved toward retirement, your nest egg could take a big hit if you end up having to support elderly and infirm parents or adult children who have come home to roost. Both problems are common, particularly since few families have any discussion about whether and how to pay for long-term care, and few parents are willing to turn away children who can’t find a job or afford to pay for their own home or apartment. And if you end up paying their bills, who’s going to pay yours? 1. Any job you find in retirement might not pay much. People who plan to work through retirement — or who find, after retiring, that they just can’t get by on what they’ve saved — could be in for a rude awakening if they hit the job market again. Not only are jobs for older people tougher to come by, they don’t necessarily pay much. THINGS TO THINK ABOUT •A•

Strategic Wealth Strategies Maximizing Your Investment Dollars




Array of Pets

The Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Inc (FAPS) provides a licensed, no-kill shelter. Anyone interested in these animals or others should phone 910-864-9040 or visit 3927 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville. Photos by

Name: Willard Age: 2 years Sex: Male Breed: Shar Pei Weight: 50 lbs I’m wrinkly, wiggly, and wacky! I’m adorable, let’s face it! I have the energy for a family and ALL the love to give to one, too! I’m very social and do get along with most other dogs. I especially like people that will give me all the dog massages and scratches I want!

Name: Frank Age: 5 months Sex: Male I’m noble and handsome! I have high expectations for what I require of my habitat provided by my human servants. I require a warm spot to rest (your lap!), luxurious accommodations (your bed!), the most soothing of massages (your petting), and the finest of gourmet foods (provided by you!). Do you possess the proper qualities I desire?

Name: Juniper Age: 1.5 years Sex: Female Breed: Pitbull Terrier Weight: 30 lbs My temperament is extremely sweet and gentle. A perfect day for me would be full of belly rubs and back scratches. I absolutely love children and would be perfect for a family with children of any age. There is nothing I enjoy more than receiving love and attention from kids, seriously it’s my favorite!


Name: Winnie Age: 1.5 years Sex: Female Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix Weight: 30 lbs Hey there! I’m a fast-running, ball-chasing, waterloving, sassy pup! A perfect day for me would be running and playing with other dogs or a big, active family. I would be great for a family with kids who have lots of energy! I could be like your exercisenanny! Are you my match?

Name: Cali Age: 1.5 years Sex: Female I am a small adult cat, sometimes I even get confused as a kitten by visitors and volunteers! I am affectionate and my purr-box is always on! I’m even said to love dogs (even big dogs!) because my foster home had some that I liked to snuggle up with on occasion! I’m relaxed and easy-going and would love a purr-fect place to call my own!

Name: Skippy Age: 5 years Sex: Male Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Weight: 13 lbs I’m a sweet, energetic dog! I absolutely LOVE people, like really, really love them, but I’m not so fond of other animals. I want my family to be mine, ALL mine! I would be great dog to play outside or just stay in for the day. I’ll do whatever you like, I just want to be with you!

See more Array of Pets on our website:


Once in a Blue Moon... Cafe Written by Robin Minnick Photos by Dave Minnick

Coming in from the bright sun of

Welcome to the Blue Moon Cafe


the wrought-iron furnished patio at the Blue Moon Cafe, patrons must wait for their eyes to adjust. The sounds reach them first conversation, orders called, kitchen bustle, music. ‘Best of Fayetteville’ plaques awarded to the cafe by Up & Coming Weekly adorn the walls, representing years from 2010 to 2016, and more. Indoor seating is limited: a bar, a short counter, tables for two. Menus arrive, with clear descriptions of the food, which include things like Pork Nachos, Turkey Cranberry Brie Panini, Bread Pudding, Hummus, Smoked Salmon appetizer . Aromas emanate from the kitchen, making the orders seem even more tempting. Cheeses like Brie and goat, breads for panini, chicken for salads and soup, barbecue pork, pizza, roasted beets or butternut squash for salad. ARRAY’s order included Fig-Baked Brie with rosemary-infused honey and pita chips; Tomato Basil Soup; and a Blue Moon Club sandwich. For drink, a Colaweizen, an intriguing mix of Coca-cola and Hefeweizen. Most items on the menu, drink or food, are in the $7.99 to $12.99 range. The Fig-Baked Brie was made of fig preserves under what was referred to as melted ‘double-cream Brie’ in a puff pastry shell atop a bed of dressed spinach. The plate was elegant, the fig and Brie combination a smooth strong flavor, and served piping hot in a light pastry shell. The spinach tasted exceptionally good when eaten in a bite with the rest of the components. The tomato basil soup was full of tomato bits

with lots of aromatic basil. The basil and tomato balanced well, with the basil standing up to the tomato flavor nicely. The soup was made with cream, perhaps thickened with bread, an Italian technique. The Blue Moon Club was really satisfying and delicious, with strong flavor. It was thick and fully stuffed with layers of meat and cheese on fresh ciabatta. The Colaweizen, a variation on a German drink, was surprisingly light in color and tasty. The cola flavor could be tasted first, then the beer, making it sweeter than a Hefeweizen on its own. Our server, Jordan, was quick and eager to make us at home. She took time to explain that they had a cafe-wide delay due to the computers being down. Card payment was now being taken via an iPad, but orders had to be hand-written with care for the kitchen. Jordan seemed to be managing several of the tables and ensuring the patio had coverage while others filled and totaled up orders. Recipes are devised and brought to the Blue Moon by the cooks who work there. They then teach their recipes to the rest of the staff. Among their specialties are seasonal recipes, which are changed out four times a year. Ingredients come in three times a week via Cisco and local produce providers, ensuring freshness. This keeps the dishes rotating through the menu, according to owner Esther Thompson, who is visibly proud of her establishment. “Consistency is the most important thing,” she says. “There’s consistency in the kitchen, but it’s sometimes trickier to keep consistency in service.” Esther refers to herself jokingly as an ‘absentee’ owner, only because she herself is not in the kitchen. She comes in to the Blue Moon regularly to inspect and troubleshoot and keep track of things. The Blue Moon Cafe feeds everyone but prides itself on catering to vegetarians - and dogs. “They’re allowed to eat on the patio with their owners,” says Esther, laughing. “Do I love the business?” she asks. “I love the people coming in here... love talking to them. That’s what keeps me keeping this going.” The Blue Moon Cafe is just one of Thompson’s

Serving a variety of beers and wines. businesses. She has a shop in Haymount. This Saturday she brought some of her goods down to hold a ‘pop-up’ shop upstairs from the cafe. However, she says that this winter she’ll open the loft for overflow customers. She invites Fayetteville in, saying, “We’re open and just come in, dine and visit us.” •A•

Dine inside or out. If you’re a dog-lover, your pooch can dine outside with you!


Social Security


Written by Brenda Brown

Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Fayetteville, NC

Gathering with family and friends during the

The Twelve Sites Of Social Security

holiday season reminds us we are part of a strong community. Sometimes, in the spirit of the season, we break into song. Our take on “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — a holiday favorite since 1780 — highlights the national community we care for all year long. We call it “The Twelve Sites of Social Security.” For the first site of Social Security, we give to you: our home page, It is the place to go for all things Social Security. Everything you could want — from online services and benefit screening tools to publications and frequently asked questions — you can find all these and more on this site. For the second site of Social Security, we give to you: our hub for Social Security news and updates at our blog, Social Security Matters at blog. For the third site of Social Security, we give to

you: an easy way to learn how to replace your Social Security card at ssnumber, and in some states, you can replace it online at! For the fourth site of Social Security, we give to you: an online application for retirement benefits that you can complete and submit in as little as 15 minutes at For the fifth site of Social Security, we give to you: five estimates of your future Social Security benefits or as many estimates as you would like using different scenarios. Get instant, personalized estimates of your future benefits at www. For the sixth site of Social Security, we give to you: a convenient way to apply for disability benefits at applyfordisability. For the seventh site of Social Security, we give to you: fun and informative videos on our YouTube

Victoria Hardin 1314 Raeford Road, STE D, Fayetteville, NC 28305

910- 568-4954

In more than a decade of practice, Victoria Hardin has earned the trust of clients and legal professionals alike. She is a familiar and respected presence in Cumberland County. • Divorce • Custody • Child Support • Alimony • Property Division • Domestic Violence

“Sailing T hrough Seas of Adversity” 18

channel at user/socialsecurityonline. For the eighth site of Social Security, we give to you: Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs. You can learn more and apply for a subsidy online at prescriptionhelp. For the ninth site of Social Security, we give to you: our convenient publication library with online booklets and pamphlets on numerous subjects, at For the tenth site of Social Security, we give to you: one of our most popular social media outlets, our Facebook page. This is where we engage thousands of customers and you can join the conversation at www.facebook. com/socialsecurity. For the eleventh site of Social Security, we give to you: answers to your Social Security related questions at our Frequently Asked Questions page at www. On the twelfth site of Social Security (and we saved the best for last): open your own personal my Social Security account, which will enable you to verify your earnings, get future benefit estimates, obtain benefit verification letters, update your Social Security information, and more at myaccount. And a partridge in a pear tree! Find all of this and more (except the partridge and pear tree) at•A•

Brenda Brown has been with the Social Security Administration for over 40 years. She began her career with Social Security as a Service Representative in the Reidsville, NC field office. She transferred to the Fayetteville, NC field office in March 1975 as a Service Representative and later promoted to a Claims Representative. She has worked as a Public Affairs Specialist since 2008. As the Public Affairs Specialist, she is responsible for providing information to the media, other employees and the public regarding Social Security issues and policies. She covers the Southeastern and Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Brenda is available to speak to groups in almost any setting in her efforts to educate the public about their Social Security Program. Brenda is a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC.

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Smoke/heat sensor

Sensor Keyfob Motion Sensor


Simon XTi


Person Street

Personality Written by Amanda Loftus

Between the food, fun, and historical


beauty, downtown Fayetteville is certainly the place to be - and Person Street is no exception! After many buildings in town suffered a devastating loss brought on by the fire of 1832, the town had to work diligently to replace many buildings and revive downtown Fayetteville. In the early 1900’s, the economy began to boom again for the area; more stores and shops were built, and a five-story skyscraper had been erected - the first of such caliber in town. As a constant work-in-progress, hidden gems keep popping up and calling Downtown Fayetteville their new home. The beautiful paved sidewalks, benches, trees, and buildings are enough on their own to boast the beauty of our town. Person Street has a diversity all its own with American, African, Turkish, and sweet fares to be devoured as well as many lawyers, beauty salons and barber shops to visit between meals. Paintings and various art displays can be spotted throughout the shops and restaurants. The Sweet Palette, right near the Market House at 101 Person Street, can lure anyone with a sweet tooth in just by walking near the front door. Beside the dining area, beautiful works of art hang cleverly on the far right wall as if calling to feast your eyes on the amazing eye candy after grabbing a sweetly-crafted treat. This family-owned bakery has a variety of cheesecakes, cake-bites, cupcakes, and other delicious morsels ready and waiting for the next customer to fall in love with the sweet side of Fayetteville! As for lunch options, the food at the Taste of West Africa has a flavor all its own, and the fragrance booming through the restaurant is quite amazing. With authentic flavors from West Africa, friendly staff, and delicious food, it’s a must-see for lunch! Not sure what to try? The freshly made Tamarind juice is an African dream available right at 107 Person Street. “It felt like I was back in Ghana!” says one of many satisfied customers. Due to the various restaurants throughout the downtown Fayetteville

area, tons of flavorful experiences call out to visitors from all around Cumberland County. On the same side of the street as Taste of West Africa, and The Sweet Palette, Reyhan’s Turkish Kebaps wait with their gyros and other Turkish dishes for lunch and dinner. Homemade breads, Pide, and Lahmacun are oven baked by the chef daily. The delicious gyro, also known as “Doner Kebap” to the chef and staff, are fresh, packed with unique flavors, and an amazing tzatziki sauce. Baklava and Kisir are also popular choices at this one-of-a-kind restaurant located at 113 Person Street. Across the street, Circa 1800 sits proudly at 108 Person Street with their elegant outside seating area serving lunch, dinner, and drinks all week long. Inside, drinks are made by the most skillful bartenders in town. The menu is sure to please everyone with a variety of options such as steak, pasta, seafood, and salads along with their specialty brunches on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30am - 2:30pm. Not only is the food absolutely delectable, the plating is certainly pleasing to the eye. “The atmosphere was fantastic, the service was friendly, and the food was very flavorful and exquisite,” states an out-of-town customer in town during Hurricane Matthew. “The food was fantastic and very reasonably priced!” adds another happy customer. With weekly drink and food specials, there’s something new to try every day! Of course, the food itself is enough to bring visitors through town and right to Person Street, but there’s other reasons to find yourself walking down the street. Many lawyers are located throughout the buildings as well as a salon, a barber shop, a couple event venues, and a 24-hour gym! As an established part of Historic Downtown Fayetteville, Person Street still has a lot of room to grow. With storefronts available for leasing, lofts available for rent, and the common desire to succeed, Person Street is its own small community within a community. It’s the camaraderie of the local businesses that help the town as a whole do what every business hopes to do: thrive. Visitors, residents, and business owners alike keep the town alive, and the life that flows through these streets create an unsurpassable feeling of community and natural historic beauty. •A•


Reggie Codrington

The Music Scene

Written by Amy Garner

“There were people around me when I was growing

up who assumed there were things I couldn’t do and that gave me an inner drive to achieve the goals I had for myself.” The soft- spoken man with me, sipping his bottled water and smiling an infectious smile, was born with a beautiful musical talent and cerebral palsy. “My family was always really supportive and positive, but there were people in my life, teachers and peers, that said there were things I could not do. That just made me more determined.” Ten albums later, Reggie Codrington is still shutting down his doubters and doing everything and anything he sets his mind to. Reggie, a Fayetteville native and E.E. Smith graduate, laughed as he recounted the origins of his love for music. “I was kicked out of the school band. I started off playing clarinet in 5th grade but moved to the saxophone in 8th grade. By high school, I was practicing all the time and was not very social.” Early on, Reggie had his sights set on being a professional musician. He couldn’t wait for graduation. “I had a plan and I was heading for New York. Then in my senior year, I attended a Harold Vick concert in Rocky Mount. Harold was my teacher and my mentor. That night, I actually got to sit in and perform. It was very exciting.” Also attending the same performance was Arthur Dawkins with Howard University. He approached Reggie after his performance and talked with him about attending Howard in the fall. Reggie’s plans shifted during this meeting. Dr. Dawkins offered Reggie a scholarship from the National Endowment for the Arts and he was off to college in Washington DC. Reggie flashed me that infectious smile again. “I did the college thing at Howard for two years. Contemporary jazz was getting some play at the time. Artists like Kenny G and Najee were seeing air time and, strategically, I felt like it was my time.” He hit the studio and released his first album “Never Let You Go” in 1990. Since then, he has created nine more collections of his signature “smooth old-school soul meets contemporary funk sound”. He also performed for President Obama in 2012, travelled to Guatemala in 2014 with Manna Church, and has played to audiences all over the United States - at everything from birthday parties to reunions to faith- based events and jazz festivals. He has opened for

Frankie Beverley and Maze and has shared stages with artists like Peabo Bryson and Charlie Wilson. Reggie signed with M.A.N.D.A.T.E. records in September, a label historically focused on gospel music. “I am honored to be their flagship jazz artist.” He also will continue writing his own music: “I have periods where it flows freely and the music is just….there. Other times, I have to search for inspiration and direction. I question the tempo. Upbeat? Mellow? I am still learning to trust my own process. The music is always there. Sometimes it is just still being created within me.” Album #11 is a work in progress right now, untitled. I always ask “what do you want our readers to know about you?” Reggie lit up, with a I-was-hoping-you’dask-that look, and said with solid conviction, “I want to inspire other people on a global scale that they can achieve anything. I want to share my gift and reach out to people with disabilities….” He paused. “We all have something. Some personal challenges are visible, some are not. But we all have something. I want to help people who feel written off, the hopeless; the ones who feel like there is no way out and no way up. I want those people to know there is, there is hope. If I can do it, so can you.” To contact Reggie to book an event or to buy his music, visit A


December Sunday




To see more events and details, visit o calendar at 4

11am Teen Bookmark Design Contest - Cliffdale Regional Branch 1pm Heritage Square Tours Heritage Square 6pm Bull Riding on the Farm Shady Acres Rodeo

Teen Bookmark Design 11 11am Contest - Cliffdale Regional Branch

6pm Bull Riding on the Farm Shady Acres Rodeo

Teen Bookmark Design 18 11am Contest - Cliffdale Regional Branch

6pm Bull Riding on the Farm Shady Acres Rodeo



9am Fit4life Zumba - Fit4Life, 3266 Ray Rd, Spring Lake, NC 28390 10am FREE Exercise Class 1422 Bragg Blvd 7pm Zumba Class - Kiwanis Recreation Center

FREE Exercise Class 12 10am 1422 Bragg Blvd

2pm Hope Mills Chamber of Commerce Luncheon - Parks and Recreation Services Center, 5766 Rockfish Road, Hope Mills, NC 28348 7pm JAVA JAMS: FAYETTEVILLE’S PREMIERE POETRY OPEN MIKE - The Coffee Scene

10am Parent and Child Art Classes-Fascinate-U Children’s Museum 10:30am Baby Bunnies Story Time - The Southern Pines Public Library, 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines NC 28387 7:30pm Senior Citizens Entertainment Night - EastoverCentral Recreation Center


11am Civil W Sesquicentenn Franklin St 8:30pm Poet Classics 9pm Fayettev The Rock Sho

Pre-School Pals - Museum 14 10:30am Dia 13 10am of the Cape Fear Historical Creek Parks a Complex 11am TAI CHI for HEALTH Cape Fear Botanical Garden 6pm Lupus Foundation Support Group – Cumberland County - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices All American Homes

Creek Elemen 3pm City Mar Museum - Fay Transportation 6:30pm Cape Dancers - Hig Club

Senior Exercise Baby Bunnies 19 8:30am 20 10:30am Spring Lake Senior Enrichment Story Time - The Southern

Fit4life Z 21 9am 3266 Ray Rd,

Senior Exercise Parent and Child Art 26 8:30am 27 10am Spring Lake Senior Enrichment Classes-Fascinate-U Children’s

City Mar 28 3pm Museum - Fay

center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake, NC 28390 10am FREE Exercise Class 1422 Bragg Blvd 7pm Zumba Class - Kiwanis Recreation Center

center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake, NC 28390 9am Fit4life Zumba - Fit4Life, 3266 Ray Rd, Spring Lake, NC 28390 7pm JAVA JAMS: FAYETTEVILLE’S PREMIERE POETRY OPEN MIKE - The Coffee Scene



Pines Public Library, 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines NC 28387 12pm Third Tuesday Talks Pizza Inn, 1138 W Broad St, Dunn, NC 28334 6:30pm Cape Fear Toastmasters - Methodist University

Museum 7pm Weymouth Jam Session with Irish Guests - Weymouth, 555 E Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines, NC 28387 7:30pm Senior Citizens Entertainment Night - EastoverCentral Recreation Center

28390 10am FREE E 1422 Bragg Bl 3pm City Mar Museum - Fay Transportation

Transportation 8:30pm Poet Classics 9pm Fayettev The Rock Sho



try & Open Mic –

ville ART Attack op Musical Hall




8:30am Senior Exercise Spring Lake Senior Enrichment center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake 6pm Diabetes Clinic - 1422 Bragg Blvd 7pm FREE SENIORS DANCE & LESSONS - Retire Military Association, 120 Old Elizabethtown Road


10am Crocheting @ the Senior center - Spring Lake Senior Enrichment center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake 6pm Jazzy Friday - Cypress Bend Vineyards, 21904 Riverton Rd, Wagram 8pm Art Meets Life - The Sweet Palette



11am From State House to Statehood - 325 Franklin St 6pm Diabetes Clinic - 1422 Bragg Blvd 6pm Wine Tastings at Luigi’s Luigi’s, 528 North McPherson Church Road


10am Crocheting @ the Senior center - Spring Lake Senior Enrichment center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake, NC 28390 11am Lafayette in Fayetteville 325 Franklin St 7pm VerseUs Open Mic and Discussion - The Big Apple Restaurant & Sports Pub

Cars and Coffee Car Show 10 9am - Millstone Complex


War nial Exhibit - 325


10am Parkinson’s Disease Support Group of Fayetteville Kiwanis Recreation Center and Honeycutt Park 11am Make it, Take it! Fascinate-U Children’s Museum

abetes Clinic-Gray’s and Rec - Gray’s ntary School rket at the yetteville n Museum e Fear Ballroom ghland Country

Third Thursday Dine 15 5pm and Stroll Downtown Dunn -

Zumba - Fit4Life, Spring Lake, NC

Senior Exercise VerseUs Open Mic and 22 8:30am 23 7pm Spring Lake Senior Enrichment Discussion - The Big Apple

City Market at the Museum 24 9am - Fayetteville Transportation

Senior Exercise Crocheting @ the Senior 29 8:30am 30 10am Spring Lake Senior Enrichment center - Spring Lake Senior

City Market at the Museum 31 9am - Fayetteville Transportation

Exercise Class Blvd rket at the yetteville n Museum

rket at the yetteville n Museum try & Open Mic –

ville ART Attack op Musical Hall

Downtown Dunn, Dunn, NC 5:30pm Wine & Whimsy - Cape Fear Botanical Garden 8pm Social Ballroom Dance Retired Military Association,

center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake, NC 28390 6pm Diabetes Clinic - 1422 Bragg Blvd 6pm Wine Tastings at Luigi’s Luigi’s, 528 North McPherson Church Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303

center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake, NC 28390 6pm Diabetes Clinic - 1422 Bragg Blvd 6pm Wine Tastings at Luigi’s Luigi’s, 528 North McPherson Church Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Oldies, Rock and Blues 16 6pm Music - Hope Mills Recreation

9am City Market at the Museum - Fayetteville Transportation Museum 12pm See the Trains! Fascinate-U Children’s Museum 2pm MakerBox Saturdays - 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines

Center 7pm VerseUs Open Mic and Discussion - The Big Apple Restaurant & Sports Pub 8:30pm Live Music at Luigi’s - Luigi’s, 528 North McPherson Church Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Restaurant & Sports Pub 7pm 4th Fridays at the Market House Museum - Market House Museum, Downtown Fayetteville 9pm Birthday Dance & Potluck - Retired Military Association

Enrichment center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake, NC 28390 11am Civil War Sesquicentennial Exhibit - 325 Franklin St 7pm VerseUs Open Mic and Discussion - The Big Apple Restaurant & Sports Pub

City Market at the Museum 17 9am - Fayetteville Transportation Museum 12pm Come See The Trains! Fascinate-U Children’s Museum 2pm MakerBox Saturdays - 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines NC 28387

Museum, 325 Franklin St 12pm Art Market - The Sweet Palette, 101 Person St 2pm MakerBox Saturdays - 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines

Museum 11am From State House to Statehood - 325 Franklin St 2pm MakerBox Saturdays - 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines NC 28387



Fayetteville Written by Amanda Loftus

Xscape Factor is a place you’ll come back to just

to try to escape from it again! As a family-owned and operated business, Lee Bowers and his wife, Summer Moore, have incorporated their life and family into the very bones of their business. Their daughter, Autumn, plays a very important role in the day-to-day activities as well as the daily prepping that is necessary for bringing the ultimate experience of the Xscape Factor together. Set up in the historic district of Downtown Fayetteville, the beautiful building located at 136 Bow Street couldn’t have been a better fit for all the fun and excitement that lies behind each door. Built in 1851, there are more than creaky floors and doors to be seen. The wooden architecture and decor placed throughout the building bring together the uniqueness of all of the rooms. As a building that is over 165 years old, there are many stories to be told about the building’s character, and all fit perfectly with the Xscape Factor design! With four rooms currently set up for thrills and chills, there will be plenty to discover over multiple visits. The rooms are always being upgraded and tweaked, with the help of guests along the way. Surveys are extremely important to the success of each room. “We want people to enjoy it,” says Lee, “we really do listen.” The creepiest of the rooms is the ‘Big Top Murders’ room. Intricately designed with dim lighting, eerie clues, and intense special effects, the mood is set for a serial killer clown. “That’s my wife’s baby,” Lee says, “she designed that room from top to bottom.” Each piece of the room has been chosen for a reason. Most items in the Xscape Factor building are antique and authentic, with new items and technology being added all the time. Since the killer is on his way to come finish the job, time is not on your side in this room! If government conspiracies strike your curiosity a bit more than a killer clown, the ‘Abduction’ room will be a great choice. “You are a member of a paranormal team searching for the truth behind a mysterious disease that 26

is changing human beings into something new and dangerous,” according to the Xscape Factor website, “you must break into a top-secret government facility and find out who or what is the cause.” This room is set apart from the other three rooms because it has two mini-rooms to explore. Each room is fully interactive, and the operators are there to join in on the fun and help if needed. While clowns and biology seem to be pulled right from the darkest of nightmares, nothing compares to a good ole family inheritance drama! In the ‘Last Will & Testament’ room, there is money, murder, and mystery packed into a dusty old room. With many pieces and puzzles to be found, your mind will be your most valuable asset in finding out not only who killed the old Mr. Pennywise, but where his money has been stashed! Turning the clocks back to 1930, you better have your best investigative skills on hand in the ‘Crime in the Windy City’ room. The main goal is the find a corrupt accountant that can singlehandedly bring down the city’s most notorious crime bosses before they catch him first. Not such an easy task, as these guys are smart!

“My favorite part is probably peoplewatching,” Autumn says happily. The room’s operators focus on watching each group and analyzing their unique chemistry in a strategic setting. As a Veteran, Lee employs what he has learned throughout his career in the Army by working with groups and identifying strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits throughout the group’s experience as a team-building resource. Each room has a record of the fastest escape times to aim for while teams of two, three, four, six, and more, work quickly to beat the clock. It’s not as easy as it sounds though; everything is a clue, and it requires logic and teamwork to move from step-to-step. A night spent at the Xscape Factor will certainly be a night to remember. The stories in each room progress as the rooms are updated, and new chapters are added, so it’s almost like living through an intense mystery novel. What happens once the crime bosses are caught? How does the killer clown react once he is discovered? Who gets to keep the money from the inheritance? The rooms at the Xscape Factor will certainly leave you wanting more, as every good story does. •A•

2945 Hope Mills Road Ste 112 Fayetteville, NC 910-485-3111

A full service Barber Shop All nationalities welcome!

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A Reindeer’s Hay Street Run

Written by Robin Minnick Photos by Dave Minnick

It’s the holiday season, and everyone

wants to go shopping. What better way to spend gift money than putting it back into the local economy? Downtown Hay Street is full of shops run by local people selling quality local goods. The last five years has seen a jump in downtown growth. In the 1970s city leaders decided to try and clean up the bars and strip clubs downtown. Then came the 1980s, and Hay Street became a pedestrian mall known as Olde Fayetteville Commons. It re-opened to vehicle traffic in the late ‘90s. Today Fayetteville is working its way towards becoming the thriving district planners had in mind. A holiday shopper’s reindeer run up Hay Street is a good example. In the sidebar we list nearly every store on the 100 through 300 blocks of Hay with their street numbers and a brief listing of what they carry. Here’s a closer look at a few of the downtown businesses. Skyview on Hay, located at number 121, is a venue for major events (up to four hours long) such as weddings, celebrations, and meetings. Various amenities and services they provide make for great flexibility. Details about how to make arrangements can be found at their website, www. Skyview’s soaring tower of glass makes it an attractive, unique place for any event, holiday or otherwise. Skyview and its sister property, the Rainbow Room, a smaller, intimate venue located at 223 Hay, are both owned by Jan Johnson and Pat Wright. They also own and operate Moonlight Communications, an awardwinning video production company at 221 Hay Street. Information on the Rainbow Room is available at www. Next door to the Skyview are the Shops at 123 Hay. Owner Joy Powell rents space to 16 different dealers and runs the business aspect for them.


Each dealer maintains their own shop area. Shops carry clothing, glassware, decor, jewelry, furniture - all manner of unique, unusual, and odd items, particularly classic vintage items, laid out along pleasantly crowded aisles. “We offer customers a variety of antique, vintage, hand crafted, shabby chic, primitive, whimsical, classic, old and new merchandise,” says Joy. They are open from late morning to five or six o’clock in the evenings, but they are flexible on Fridays and Saturdays, depending on the traffic. Their busiest time is generally weekends, and sometimes Monday or Friday. Last year’s Dickens Festival was especially busy. Joy tells Fayetteville, “Remember, when Christmas shopping, shop local and small and support the small business owner.” 108 Hay is home to two businesses: The Wine Cafe and the Coffee Cup, owned by Angie Nalave. A store dedicated primarily to wine and its accompaniments, as well as a few

varieties of beer, The Wine Cafe is done in sleek industrial style with steel racks and wine tasting stations lining the walls. There is a back room for tastings, classes, and small events for up to 25 people. Tasting stations feature four wines in three serving sizes: taste- , half- , and full-sized. They recently celebrated five years at this location with a five-wine tasting. Hours are primarily afternoon and evening, with Friday and Saturdays being twelve noon to ten o’clock. Friday nights they - in conjunction with the Coffee Shop - sponsor a live jazz by local group the Paul Saunders Trio. A great way to spend an evening during the holiday season. The Coffee Cup is located just across the hall from the Wine Cafe (or next door, from street-side). It’s a bright and cheery place with a couple tables for in-dining, and more tables out front. They offer frappes, smoothies, lattes, hot and iced coffees and pastries from a local baker. Advertising itself as “100% organicious”, the Coffee Cup

Art and craft by local military and spouses.

The Wine Cafe and its sister store, The Coffee Cup uses all organic ingredients. In addition to their regular menu, they post a special seasonal menu board. December’s includes White Chocolate Cranberry Frappe, Sugar Cookie Latte, Frosted Gingerbread Latte, and a Peanut Brittle Latte. Friday - jazz night - is also their busiest night, although this Tuesday afternoon was pretty busy as well. Barista/server Katie Middleton invites everyone to “Come get a cuppa coffee.” Next door at 112 is City Center Gallery and Books, owned and run by Hank and Diane Parfitt. It’s a serene haven for book- and art-lovers. The shop carries used books and works of local artists and local authors. Laura, who works in the shop, says they will search for books on request, frequently finding books for shut-ins. People seek books they read as a child, or on a particular topic. One of her clients is a gentleman with an interest in military history. “He’s a fast reader,” she says, “so I have to order a few at a time. It just makes me feel so good to help.” Open daily from roughly ten to eight, their busy times vary. Laura says, “There are not two weeks that are the same.” Works of resident artists Johnny Horne, Cindy Burnham, Caroline Morino, and Stephanie Bostock will be on display through December. Laura says, “I’ve often thought that Dickens holiday is Fayetteville’s best kept secret...All the people, the sea of candlelights, no matter color, religion... all kinds of things up and down the’s a special day down here.” 120 Hay Street houses the business of Ashley Thompson, Pressed: A Creative Space. Ashley is a military spouse and entrepreneur. Pressed carries products locally made, usually by military spouses. Some are made in-house. Others, such as the candles made by a lady in Raeford, are brought

in. They carry note paper, cards, adult coloring books, as well as tees and other kinds of shirts. A popular favorite are their own original “Save the chunky unicorns” shirts. They carry some Rifle Paper Company note cards. They also sell a line of cards designed and made on site on a letter press. Angela Santos designed several of their Christmas cards. She says that Ashley found the 100+ year-old press online, bought it, and had it refurbished. Now it sits on a stand in the back, working hard to turn out the beautiful cards they design. They’ve been open just over a year, and Angela says their busy time is “right now.” Open from eleven to eight or ten, their afternoon Sunday hours are flexible. Angela says, “If you’re looking for something unique, from local artisans, shop here at Pressed.” The Capitol building at 126 Hay Street has been a department store, a club, and now is an integrated arts charter school. With 291 diverse students, Capitol Encore Academy aims to “develop artists who inspire others with principles of design and artful thinking through the integration of academic excellence, virtuous character and disciplined artistry.” They urge their students to Inquire, Imagine, Innovate, and Inspire. They pursue that goal by integrating the fine arts into core academics. Check out their front windows for their display. Be sure to see if they have a holiday program this year. Diane’s Vintage Antiques occupies 242 Hay Street. She carries rustic, funky vintage antiques as well as some original local art. If asked, she’ll try to locate particular items for customers. A great place for unusual gifts for an antique-loving friend. The Cameo Art House Theatre, “Fayetteville’s Alternative Cinematic Experience” is located at 225 Hay. They

show documentaries, independent films, mainstream films, and present live entertainment. People can check their web site: www.cameoarthouse. com for prices, schedules, and events. The theatre can also be rented out for events, including weddings. The Cameo is owned by Chris and Nasim Kuenzel and Eric Lindstrom. They took ownership of the former Dixie Theater building in 1998 and used their architectural expertise to renovate it. It has a state of the art sound and projection system presenting art films in an atmosphere of retro decor. Stop in for a flick any time. One of the newer fun things on Hay Street is the historical carriage tour provided by S&S Carriage Rides. The carriages are handled by Tina Sutton and Gary Sessoms and sponsored by the Downtown Alliance and Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum. Tours run the second Saturday of each month from March through November. The historic rides visit revolutionary and civil war sites, and are narrated by guides. Rides can be reserved during season by calling 222-3382 or visiting the office at 222 Hay Street between ten and four, or via online at www. In December there will be carriage rides with Santa as he has the children help him get back into practice for Christmas. His assistant Kringle rides with him in the carriage. Be sure and take a ride this year! Valentine’s Rides will be made in February, then the historical tours will resume in March. Bit by bit, Hay Street and all of downtown have come a long way since the 1970s. It’s our wish at ARRAY, that this is only the beginning. May the holidays everywhere be joyous, and may the new year - especially downtown - be prosperous.


Up and Down Hay

Hay Street has burst with new tenants in recent days. Shoppers can find many unique gifts, services, and experiences from one end of the street to the other. Here’s a list. (Those in bold are covered in greater depth elsewhere in the magazine.) Natural Genius, 315 Hay - hair salon Twisted Jewelry, 311 Hay - handcrafted jewelry, jewelry-making lessons Arts Council of Fayetteville & Cumberland County, 301 Hay - Arts Center and Gallery Cameo Art House Theatre, 225 Hay independent, documentary, and classic film in intimate atmosphere Rainbow Room, 223 Hay - small event venue Pierro’s Italian Bistro, 217 Hay - sidewalk and indoor cafe featuring Italian cuisine Downtown Lady, 131 Hay - exclusive women’s clothing boutique Dance With Me, 131 Hay #301 - children’s dance studio The Shops at 123 Hay St, 123 Hay - multiple booths of unique and vintage items, clothing, glassware, furniture Sky View on Hay, 121 Hay - event venue with multiple rooms and services The Wine Cafe, 108 Hay - wines, tastings, craft beer, and Friday night jazz The Coffee Cup “100% Organicious”, 108 Hay coffee and related drinks, pastries and goodies City Center Gallery & Books, 112 Hay - original local art & used books, plus used books REDtro Habitat Sneaker, 118 Hay - everything sneaker boutique plus consignmenst boutique Pressed, “a Creative space”, 120 Hay - tees, cards, decor by local military and spouses Capitol Encore Academy, 126 Hay - integrated arts charter school, check their windows for their


latest projects and decorations Manhattan Men’s Wear, 134 Hay - men’s clothing Sunny’s Men’s Wear, 200 Hay - men’s clothing store Peacock’s Eye Polish Pottery, 218 Hay - highquality polish pottery for sale, in business 5 yrs, tea shoppe inside Walter Guy Jewelers and estate sales, 220 Hay fine jewelry and antiques Historic Carriage Tours, 222 Hay - by the Downtown Alliance Fayetteville Ink and Art, 234 Hay - custom tatoos Cherry Blossoms Studio , 238 Hay - tattoos and art gallery Purple Lotus Boutique, 240 Hay - women’s clothing boutique with latest trends, unique fashion, Diane’s Vintage Market, 242 Hay - rustic, funky vintage; some new local crafts Fusion Hair Salon, 304 Hay - hair salon A Bit of Carolina, 306 Hay - locally-made decor, baskets, soaps and oils, Carolina foods, check out the lighted tree decorations, featuring goods from 70 vendors Old Town Apothecary “A place of curiosity”, 308 Hay - a mix of vintage and gifts of unique style Blue Moon Cafe, 310 Hay - restaurant specializing in original recipes, vegetarian and non Just Desserts Bakery, 314 Hay - currently remodeling, tasty baked goods J&M Vapor, 318 Hay - local vapor bar •A•









Abby Chase Ginger Lacey O’Reilly Scruffy Brandi Eli Jet Minnie Ron Vienna Buzz Foxy Kaia Nibbles Rusty Ziti Abraham Annie Oakley Apple Jack BG Billy Boss Brooklyn Butterscotch Cappuccino Cher Cleo Clifford Dino Dixie Dutchess Elvis Fitzgerald Gabby Gizmo Gunner Gus Izabelle Izzy Jesse James Jin-Hi Julius KiTKat Lacy Leroy Levi Mario Marley Mike Mojo Nellie Oliver Oreo Pearl Pez Piper Rex Rhyme Rogue Rosco Ruby Rufus Scarlet Sebastian Solo Sonny Tiger Timmy Tulip Watson Ziggy Alfredo Baron Chibs Daisy Rose Goldie Hermione Latte Luigi Patty Queenie Sheldon SunShine Annie Baloo Bandit Benny Birdy Blossom Boomer Joe Brutus Bubbles Clementine Cooper Cruz Dexter Dolly Donald Dusty Emma Faith Haru Hemingway Ike Jackson Jake Jess JJ Joey Leonardo Lois Louise Maggie Mary Maverick Mickey Molly Monkey Petey Poppy Pugsley Raven Riley Ringo Rodeo Roscoe Rose Skylar Stella Sully Thelma Toby Tommy Tug Willow Wilson Bolt Dozer Jax Meg Roary Trixie Ace Ally Andy April Archey Banks Basenji Bentley Bunny Ceilia Chester Choo Cinnamon Coal Coco Daisy Daphne Diesel Fiona Gemma Glacier Goliath Grayson Hammy Hannah Herbie Holly Iris Juice Kobe Lady Layla Leo Lightning Lila Lucy LuLu Mandy Murphy Onyx Oscar Peeca Pepper Pixie Pocket Punk Quincey Ravioli Roxy Scotty Shakespurr Shorty Skippy Sooby Sophie Summer Sweet Pea Thor Zelda Addison Amber Arely Baxter Betty Chewy Cinder Cody Darcy Digsby Gnocchi Goose Hansel Hope Irma Lala Leela Lillie Luna Marinara Otto Penelope Polly Radar Razzles Shelby Simon Sparky Tank Jr. Tig Arwen Canyon Colby Fry Harley King Lily Olive Pooh Sassy Spaz Beauty Boo Brody Callie Darla Duck Duke Ellie Frappe Hound Jazzie Jean Grey Jimmy Katnip Everdeen Mac Menuw Michelangelo Miya Noah Raine Rocco Rocky Rosa Samson Tea Trooper Bo Tucker Violet Zoey Amy Cinimini Graham Leighton Penny Sirius Buelah Finn Jess Jubilee Murphey Roxie Yoshi Bella Darlene Howard Macon Raleigh Teddy Ky Buddy Calvin FiFi Freddie Jolie Kiki Mr. Mittens Nori Rosie Sara Yogi Axel Kit Conner Harmony Pooka Spike Bailey Bud Cookie Fancy Harry JoJo Eddy Mr. Meowgi Popeye Rosey Spooky Winnie Binx Charlie Doc Holiday GiGi Jack Kyoo Marvin Opie Rico Scout Toad Bam Belle Star Bobby Brisket Bow Cece Cozmo Dash Donatello Linguine Garfield Pattie Hudson Jasper Jessie Lola Macy Max Ming Ollie Prince Randall Rio Romeo Scooter Stevie Ray Terrier Tonka Twinkle Benji Dewey Idamae Madison Raphael Tex Brock Candy Ella Fritz Jewels Kilohana Miss Bee Olaf Roo Sarge Vinny Bama Bender Cricket Delilah Heidi Huey Louie Maddy Princess Peach Ranger Stormy Tessa Caesar Frankie Candie Niemi Sadie Zoe Sherlock Valentine Banjo Dopey Christian Alanie

Dear FAPS Friends,

Perhaps you recognize one or more of the 400+ FAPS alumni names listed on the top of this card. Maybe one of them is curled up in your lap right now safe and warm! Many of these animals would not be listed had it not been for the generous support of our FAPS friends.

The names on the card represent just a fraction of the thousands of companion animals FAPS has rescued over the past three decades. Each one received love and the best possible care until they found their forever home. Please remember FAPS on your gift list so together we can continue to give homeless animals a second chance!

Peace, Love, Joy, Woof, Meow, Celebrate, Donate, Adopt!

Happy Holidays,

The Board of Directors & Staff of the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society

Your Donation Can Help!

Your gift of any amount, large or small, ensures that Fayetteville Animal Protection Society can continue to rescue, care for, shelter and find loving homes for companion pets! Thank you for supporting FAPS.

Mail to FAPS, PO Box 58195, Fayetteville, NC 28305 o Yes: I/we want to support the vital work that Fayetteville Animal Protection Society is doing for the homeless companion animals in Cumberland County. Enclosed is a gift of $ Please change my

Given by: o Visa

o Master Card

Credit Card #:

for a gift of $ 3 Digit Security Code:


Signature: Address: City:



Email Address:

You can honor special ones in your life with a gift in tribute of an individual or occasion. o MeMorial: I/we would like to give a gift in memory of o Person o Canine o Feline o Other o HonorariuM: I/we would like to give a gift in honor of Event: (check one) o Birthday o Marriage o Anniversary o New Baby o Mother’s Day o Father’s Day o Other Address of person: City:


o Graduation


o Please use my donation where most needed. Or direct your donation to one of FAPS’ special funds listed below –

o I/we want to support Sydney’s Fund for sick and injured animals. Enclosed is $ o I/we want to support Sunshine’s Fund for heartworm treatment. Enclosed is $ o I/we want to support Spay/Neuter Fund Enclosed is $ Acknowledgement of your gift is sent immediately, the amount is not disclosed. Gifts to FAPS are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

The mission of Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Inc. (FAPS) is to provide a licensed, no-kill shelter for homeless animals until adopted into a loving and caring lifetime environment; to reduce the population of stray animals; and to promote responsible pet ownership. FAPS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. NC Charitable Solicitation License SL000743. CFC Code 46693. Shelter: 3927 Bragg Blvd. • Fayetteville, NC 28303 • 910-864-9040 Tues-Fri: 1-5pm • Sat: 11am-5pm Business Office: PO Box 58195 • Fayetteville, NC 28305 • 910-864-2077 •

Renewed Sight:

The Vision Resource Center

Written by Amy Garner

“My life was forever changed. I needed a job.

And I got this job…and it changed my life.” Terri Thomas is the executive director at the Vision Resource Center, whose mission is to “enhance the lives of adults and children living in the Cape Fear Region who are blind or visually impaired”. I met Terri briefly at the recent Out of Sight Dining, an event focused on raising funding and awareness for VRC. I was immediately struck by her dynamic energy. As I watched her mingle with people throughout the event, I noticed that she was never still, literally never sitting down. It was evident that she is a force of nature, a figure whose determination shines no matter where she is. The Vision Resource Center (VRC) was founded in 1936 and was originally called the Cumberland County Association of the

Have You Found It?

Hidden somewhere in the magazine is this leaf . Once you find it, head to to fill out the Green Leaf Hunt submission form to be entered in a chance for some green!


Blind, and is a division of the United Way of Cumberland County. In 1976, the Association became incorporated and set up services at a facility on Robeson Street. In 2000, they changed their name to the Vision Resource Center, and seven years later, they moved into the Dorothy Gilmore Therapeutic Recreation Center at 1600 Purdue Drive. According to Terri, there are over 600 visually impaired and blind citizens in Cumberland County. “We are reaching less than twentypercent of those in need right now. Most of our people are in the house and are not getting any help. Many of them are just too uncomfortable to leave their homes due to the challenges created by their loss or lack of vision.” Terri talks a mile a minute. So when her voice got softer and she began to speak slowly, I knew it was time to listen even more closely to what she had to say. “When I first got this job, my instinct was to baby them. They showed me really quickly that it wasn’t going down like that. They broke me in really well. The people in this program, and blind and visually impaired in general, only want direction and assistance maneuvering. Literally they needed minimal guidance only. They didn’t need me to pull them around.... that’s a common mistake with our new volunteers and with family members learning to live with these challenges. It was a mistake that I made very early. What I have learned is that just like

anyone else they value their independence.” The VRC provides training in independent living skills and programming. The “family members” consist of 100+ adults and children. They participate in different activities including shopping, exercise classes and arts and crafts. Many of the members developed blindness and impairment due to other medical conditions like stroke and diabetes. Terri shares that reaching out can have its challenges. “We have a lot of participation from children and older adults. My challenge is finding ways to engage the 21–40 year old age group. Some of the money we raised from the dinner is going to help us develop a transitional group for them. I want to include mentoring on both ends of this particular population. I would like to see them mentoring younger children and being mentored by the older group.” The VRC celebrated its fifth annual Out of Sight Dining Gala in November, hosting over 250 guests to dinner, dancing, music, art and a silent auction. The evening could almost be described as romantic, complete with low lighting and the smooth sounds of Soul Decree. Goldy from WFNC emceed, paving the way for special guest Christopher Duffey, a 15-year-old blind singer whose video went viral and landed him in appearance on Good Morning America. Jamie Peterson, an artist from Washington, D.C., was also on hand, capturing the night on canvas. Her piece was later purchased during the auction. One of the highlights of the evening was dining while blindfolded, an experience to reinforce the needs of the blind and visually impaired community. According to Terri, the dinner event is critical for those members, as the state of North Carolina does not have enough manpower or funding to address the needs of this particular population. “It is up to us on a local level to assist our family and neighbors who are blind and visually impaired.” The Out of Sight dining gala raised over $24,000 this year. “Those funds will help us to continue to educate our community and work with consultants to improve our programming. We will also purchase equipment for facility and in-home independent living skills training.” If you would like to volunteer or donate to the vision resource center you can go to their website or contact Terri Thomas at 910-483-2719. •A•


Healthy Living

Written by Dr. Shanessa Fenner

The Christmas Holidays

Christmas is my favorite holiday and no matter how old

I get, I still get excited about it. The holiday season can be exhausting and keep you busy. Here are some holiday tips to help you get through this busy time:

Holiday Home Safety

1. Make sure your live Christmas tree is watered on a regular basis. The needles can dry out and become a fire hazard. Check the water level on a daily basis. 2. Check the lights on the tree and in other decorations for frayed wires or broken sockets. Replace bulbs as needed. 3. Keep holiday candles away from anything that can burn. Blow out the candles before leaving the house or going to bed. 4. Be careful if you are using a ladder to put up lights. You do not want to fall or cause bodily injury.

Crime Prevention

1. Always park in a well-lit area when shopping. Do not walk to your car alone. Try to walk out with a group of people. 2. Don’t fight or resist someone if they take your belongings. You can always replace the items but not your life. 3. Do not carry large amounts of cash. Only carry the amount needed. 4. Place your shopping items in the trunk of the car. Do

Come Join Us! 8AM every Tuesday at On The Border 115 Glensford Drive Fayetteville, NC

- Meet other business owners

- Meetone other business owners - Support another with referrals

- -Exchange bright ideas & concepts Support one another with

referrals - Engage in passionate conversation

- Engage in passionate conversation


not place them where they can be seen. 5. If you have to visit the ATM machine watch your surroundings.

Sticking to a Budget

1. Make a list of the names of the people and the gifts you plan on purchasing for them. Stick to the list and your budget. 2. Try to use cash. It is so easy to use credit cards but when the bill comes in January you will be singing the blues. 3. Shop when things are on sale and use coupons if you can. Every dollar makes a difference.

Beat the Holiday Blues

1. Everyone does not feel that Christmas is a happy season. Many people experience depression during the holidays. It is important to seek help if it interferes with your normal relationships or everyday routine. 2. The holiday is a time for giving. You can feed the homeless, sponsor a child for Christmas, visit a nursing home, read to the blind or visually impaired, make holiday treats for family and friends, etc. 3. Decide that you are going to be happy this holiday season. Focus on the positive and cherish the memories.

Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday season! •A•

Stiletto Thoughts

, k s i R e h Take t Game e h t n i W

Written by Lisa Thomas

According to Psychology Today,

fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger—if we didn’t feel it, we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats. But often, we fear situations that are far from life-or-death, and thus hang back for no good reason. Traumas or bad experiences can trigger a fear response within us that is hard to quell, yet exposing ourselves to our personal demons is the best way to move past them. When there is a fear of growth in business, there is no vital physical or emotional danger, but rather a fear that often feels logical. The business owner will justify their “concerns” with logical reason. They’ve done the research, studied market trends, identified internal infrastructure gaps, honed in on financial impact and capital needed, yet for some reason or another they won’t (or

don’t) expand. However this plays out, fear is not considered to be the reason, but rather the “best” decision for the company right now. In some cases, that might be true, however with all of the research and historical data and market trends pointing to growth, “fear” is the driving factor. After all, what successful business owner would truly admit to being afraid? Be aware of these red flags when considering if fear is driving your decision: 1. Data points to growth. You have a sustainable model. The industry is booming, you have a unique selling proposition, you’re in position to expand, your brand is known in small markets. 2. Your instincts say you are ready, but there’s a nudge that keeps you

complacent. 3. When considering expanding, you experience discomfort. 4. Questioning the process - lack of trust in you, your ability, your staff or your vision. Fear manifests itself in different forms - fear of failure, success, losing, winning, being embarrassed, a tarnished name, brand or reputation, etc. All are at the helm of delay in growth. Most fear isn’t real - it’s just something we create. While you’re pondering, the competition is soaring to new heights. So, what’s your game plan for 2017? •A• Lisa Thomas is CEO of The P3 Group, Inc., a revolutionary training and development company; President of NetWorth; freelance writer and radio show host.


Let’s Eat!

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Written, baked and eaten by Angel West (with a large glass of milk)

What is better than warm chocolate chip

cookies and a glass of milk? Some warm mint green chocolate chip cookies! While in the past, while my children were young, I made sugar cookies from scratch I now like the easy peasy quick version! You can just pick up a package that has everything you need to make sugar cookies and add a few ingredients and be in and out of the kitchen in a few and back to reading the latest issue of ARRAY!

Ingredients • 1 pouch of Sugar Cookie mix (1 lb. 1.5 oz

size) • ¼ - ½ teaspoon of mint extract • 6-8 drops of green food coloring • ½ cup of margarine, softened • 1 egg • 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chunks • 1 cup crème de menthe baking chips 38


Heat the oven to 350°F . In a large bowl, stir in the cookie mix, mint extract, food coloring, margarine and egg until a soft dough forms. Stir in the semisweet chocolate chunks and crème de menthe chips. You can use a small spoon or if you are fancy you can use a small cookie scoop. Drop the dough about 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet. I still like to give my cookie sheets a quick spray so things don’t stick as my cookie sheets are well used and loved. Bake about 8-10 minutes or until set. Cool 3 minutes, remove from cookie sheet to a wire rack. Serve these yummy and festive cookies warm with a glass of milk or you can let them cool completely before serving. If there are any left you can store them in a plastic container at room temperature. If you want to wild and holiday crazy, add some red hard shelled candy in with the chocolate chips or just place one red candy in the middle of the cookie right after pulling out of the oven!! Happy Holidays!!

Ask Tina

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home? Have a question about real estate? Ask Tina. Gina J. Hope Mills, NC asks…

I have only lived in North Carolina one year. I was NOT prepared for the effects of Hurricane Matthew. What things should I consider as a home owner and just in general when it comes to disasters?

Your safety and the safety of

your family are paramount in all situations. If you feel like there is eminent doom coming and you have notice – get out and drive to a safe place. Know the location of the closest shelter should the need arise for you to go there. Any damage to your home can eventually be repaired, but once the safe time for you to travel passes, you may be trapped in an unsafe situation. There are some things you can do to get your home ready. Make sure all windows and doors are appropriately caulked. This will prevent water damage in the event we get an abnormal amount of rain, like we did with Hurricane Matthew. Have your roofing checked to make sure you don’t have loose shingles that might fly off in a high wind. Do the same for the siding on your home. Storm doors do wonders to keep out wind, cold

Answered by Tina Renee Dawson

and rain. In some low-lying areas, you may want to consider sand bags for in front of your garage door and other entrances that are ground level. This may prevent some water damage. Make sure to secure outdoor patio furniture and grills. Even you think they are heavy, a strong wind can make them very dangerous. Smaller propane tanks also should be secured. Double check your fence gate as well. Have a tree company come and assess the threat posed by trees and limbs on your property. Some trees have very shallow root systems and do not hold up well in high winds. Having trees trimmed

back and dead limbs removed, may save you hundreds in repair bills. If your water is on a well and you lose electricity, you will not have any water. It might be good to fill all your bath tubs or large garbage cans outside. You will need this water to manually flush your toilets. Drinking water, canned food, and foods that do not need refrigeration are critical to you waiting out a storm. Candles can be dangerous, especially with children in the home, so stock up on batteries and flashlights. You may also want to get a supply of hand sanitizer and baby wipes. These will come in handy for freshening up. •A•

Send your real estate questions to Tina Dawson at, or give her a call at 910-988-1969. Your question may be featured in an upcoming edition of Array.


Catastrophe Primed

Gone, but Not Forgotten Hurricane Matthew, Halloween and Thanksgiving have

all come and gone, however Hurricane Matthew and the flooding that followed will not be forgotten and will be a long-term recovery for some residents that were affected. I do not have any stats yet with the number of affected people by the flooding, but I do know that the numbers are high. It is my hope that anyone that was directly affected has acted and done their due diligence by filing an insurance claim, applied for FEMA and the SBA loan. All clean outs and debris removal should have been taken care of by now. And now comes the time for rebuilding and restoring your home and lives back to normal. If you have any unmet needs and live in Cumberland County NC, I have good news. The Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition is here to help with unmet needs. The CDRC is not an insurance company and cannot make any guarantees as to how and to what extent they will be able to help. In short, once all other resources have been exhausted the CDRC is activated. Please contact them at to get further information for any unmet needs you may have. Christmas is already here? How many readers start the day after Halloween or before to start putting up or buying Christmas decorations and gifts? That is called prepping. Do you do it for emergency situations, like having a 72-hour kit,


Written by Steve Rogers

a home inventory completed, a family communications plan, etc.? On the other hand, last minute Christmas shopping may be fun for some and not fun for others, preparing for emergencies is not something to do last minute and should be done by everyone. And you know what, you can make it fun and you can start any time, preferably, before disaster strikes. Remember disasters happen in many forms, any time and any place. Sing- A – Long - On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me a bucket for my 72-Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72-Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 4 AA Batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72-Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me $500.00 BUCKS. 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72-Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 6 waterproof matches, $500.00 BUCKS, 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me

7 tools for tooling, 6 waterproof matches, $500.00 BUCKS, 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 8 feet of plastic, 7 tools for tooling, 6 waterproof matches, $500.00 BUCKS, 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 9 - $1.00 flashlights, 8 feet of plastic, 7 tools for tooling, 6 waterproof matches, $500.00 BUCKS, 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72-Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 10 photo copies of all our important papers, 9 - $1 flashlights, 8 feet of plastic, 7 tools for tooling, 6 waterproof matches, $500.00 BUCKS, 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72-Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 11 rooms full of stuff (to inventory of course), 10 photo copies, 9 -$1 flashlights, 8 feet of plastic, 7 tools for tooling, 6 waterproof matches, $500.00 BUCKS, 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars, and a bucket for my 72Hour Emergency Kit. - On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 assorted band-aids, 11 rooms full of stuff (to inventory of course), 10 photo copies, 9 $1 flashlights, 8 feet of plastic, 7 tools for tooling, 6 waterproof matches, $500.00 BUCKS, 4 AA batteries, 3 gallons of water, 2 protein bars and a bucket for my 72Hour Emergency Kit.•A•

More safety, security and emergency preparedness tips will be in each monthly article. Any questions can be directed to Steve Rogers, Owner of Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC He can be reached by phone 910-884-7021 or

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An ARRAY of Expressions Greater Fayetteville Chamber Oyster Roast The Greater Fayetteville Chamber held its annual Oyster Roast again this year at Paradise Acres on November 3rd. The original event date had to be changed due to Hurricane Matthew but everyone attending enjoyed oysters or a low country boil, seeing friends and fellow business owners, listening to music and winning some great door prizes. Photography by Wanda Walters

Thursday, November 3, 2016 Paradise Acres

George Breece, Dena Breece,Kathryn DeAngelo, Toni Morris & Johe Thomas

Bill Hedgepath, Henry Holt & S. T

Paula Schronce, Michelle Willliams & Candice Faircloth

Joe Knowles & Renee Bladen


George Breece & Richard Hudson

Rob & Julie Spatorico

Joseph Williams & Shane Smith

Candice Richardson & Jalisha Pone

Elsie & Pat King


Jim Grafstrom, Tommy Foster & Stanley Seay

Brad Kittinger & Keri Dickson

Jessica Whitten & Ginny Wilson


Jack & Bobbie Rostetter

Nashjeta Dhima & Stephen Graham

Dear Shanessa, I can’t seem to get over my ex. We were together 10 years and shared good and bad memories. I am trying to move on but it is hard. I think about him all of the time. I know I need to move on. What should I do?

1014 Robeson Street, Suite D, Fayetteville, NC 28305

Looking to add people to our growing and dynamic team. Landscape experience required. 910-960-7411 On A Mission To Bring You Outside

Signed, -Gotta Get Him Out of my Heart Dear Gotta Get Him Out of my Heart, He is your ex for a reason. It is so easy to go back to what you are familiar with instead of venturing out with someone new. You most definitely want to make sure you are over him before getting to know the next person. We all have that one person who will always have a soft spot in our heart but life goes on. So in the meantime spend time with family and friends, exercise, set some educational goals, and stay busy. Take some time to heal before dating again because a rebound relationship can end in disaster. Take care,



Hip-Hip-H-ARRAY for KIDS!


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com parklanejewelry@twc. website: ning ne myparkla .com/pman

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Publisher’s Note Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. It’s hard to believe we have reached the final

month of the year. This year has been a blur and I want to take a few moments to sit back and reflect on the year…the good, the bad and the ugly of it. I think it’s something each of us should do, not just this year but every year. What I do or don’t do affects me and those around me, and I want those to be positive. Sometimes they aren’t the outcomes we wanted, and yet they work out so much better. Then sometimes things just don’t work out at all, no matter how much effort you put into it. I believe there is a reason that everything happens. While we can’t see the whole picture, or know the direction of the path we are on or where it is leading us, there is a reason we are headed down the path we are on. We have opportunities and choices and we have control over those and what we choose can affect the entire situation. I’m not saying let’s just skip down the path of life without wisely making decisions. As I’m beginning to reflect on the year I want to look at things and see how I could have made it better; better for me, better for others, better for the community and the environment. When we stop to look at life that way we can see how a small change can affect many. ARRAY hit its 3-year anniversary in August and I’m proud of that accomplishment and thankful to the many that have made that possible and that have believed in ARRAY and continue to do so. ARRAY works hard at trying to make a difference in the community, because we truly care. We share photos of pets that are up for adoption at FAPS each month in the magazine and on our website. If someone sees a pet that touches them and they follow through with the adoption, then their life is changed and so is their new pets’ life. The small things we do in life may not affect us directly but they do affect others, and the karma comes back to us, even if we don’t know where it comes from! There are small things we each can do that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or any at all! While we are amid many holidays and activities let’s remember to take the time to reflect and offer thanks for what we have, no matter how much or how little. My grandmother told me to remember there are always with less than you have, no matter how little you may think you have. Sometimes we may only have a smile and a “hello” to share with someone, but we should share it. It may be what they need at that exact moment. We can never know what a person is going through and if a smile and a nod of the head is what we


can offer, then we should. It could be what changes their life. The holidays are stressful for many, and many suffer from depression during this time, so the nod and smile could be exactly what they need to make them feel life is worth living. We have so many wonderful non-profits that need your help just with volunteer hours. Call them up and see if there is someone you could read a book to, help serve a meal to the homeless, answer a telephone one hour a month…call and ask how you could help and I’m sure you’ll hear someone very excited on the other end of the phone with many options! I know of several young girls in their early teens that make up little baggies with lotions and other toiletry items and they pass them out to the homeless anytime they see one. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them on several occasions and the smile on the homeless persons’ face causes a smile on the person giving the baggie to them. Those are things you don’t forget. What if we each set a goal to pass out one baggie each month of the coming year? I think after that first bag that number would increase, but that would be a small step to make a change. Thank you to each person that picks up a copy of ARRAY to read, to our advertisers, to those involved with ARRAY in some way, because without each of you ARRAY would not be possible. You are appreciated and we are grateful to you and look forward to growing even more in 2017 with your help!

Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things,


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ARRAY Magazine December 2016  

Array Magazine is full color, grassroots magazine printed monthly that showcases the lifestyle, businesses, and activities of Cumberland cou...

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