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ARRAY is honored to showcase two amazing men and the good deeds they are doing within our community. The Barber Kings shop is located on the corner of Hope Mills Road and Camden Road, but they spread their kindness all over Cumberland County. They do so many amazing things to help out kids by creating a book talking about their first haircut, to going into the community and providing free haircuts for back to school every year. You will see them at so many events throughout the community doing what they can to help others while asking nothing in return. These two gentlemen are true kings in our community. Be sure to check out the full story on them in this month’s issue! Photography by Devon A. Wilson

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Featured 7 Green Leaf Hunt Array has a lot of fun planned for it’s readers. FIND out what!

26 Barber Kings These men are helping the community in so many ways. Learn about what they are doing next!

40 Ground Breaking Eye Care

Learn about the exciting advancements in eye care and how Cape Fear Eye Associates are right on the fore front.

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Week of August 1

• Monday, August 1st there will be a Blood Drive at Headquarters Library from 8-10 am. Did you know just 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives? Help save a life by donating. • On Tuesday, August 2nd neighborhoods around Fayetteville will be joining other communities around the country in celebrating the 33rd annual National Night Out. It’s America’s Night Against Crime, when residents come together to take a stand against crime, show solidarity and let criminals know that neighborhoods are fighting back. It is a yearly event that focuses on strengthening neighborhood bonds and building partnerships between the police department and the community. Community Watch groups will be participating in this celebration by having various activities for the community, as well as local law enforcement participating in the events. Residents that can’t make it out are asked to participate by turning on their porch light and to take a moment to interact with their neighbors. • Saturday, August 6th from 1-2:30 pm at the East Regional Library you can Decorate Cupcakes. Supplies are provided (that means cupcakes too), but registration is required by calling your local library or going online to register. Be sure to bring a container to take your work of art cupcakes home with you. • Do you have questions about Social Security? Besides picking up a copy of ARRAY each month and reading about Social Security Smarts, you can call the Gilmore Rec Center to set up an appointment to speak with someone in person from 10 am -noon on Monday, August 8th. • Staying healthy is important. Walgreens on Skibo Road provides blood pressure screenings each month. TDAP, Influenza, Shingles, Pneumonia, Meningitis, and Hepatitis B vaccines are also available. Please contact the pharmacy in advance to ensure availability, payment/insurance information and whether a prescription is necessary. This service is available the 1st Tues. of each month from 8-10 am and it is free.

Week of August 7

• Do you want to know what the City and County are doing to meet the needs of the local senior citizens? Do you want to be more involved with the senior community and have a voice in services provided? Well, the Joint Fayetteville/Cumberland County Senior Citizens Advisory Board is a commission representing senior citizens’ concerns and issues for the entire County of Cumberland. They meet monthly on the second Tuesday. It will be Tuesday, August 9th at 2:30 pm in The Lafayette Room in City Hall. Meetings are open to the general public and anyone is invited to attend • Wednesday, August 10th from 10 am -noon you can get together with friends, make new friends and win prizes by playing Senior Bingo at the Bordeaux Library. Registration is required. • If you are interested in photography the Shutterbug Photography Club meets on Saturday, August 13th at the Cliffdale Library. New members are welcome. And bring your camera! • Want to know more about the Prince Charles Hotel in Downtown Fayetteville? A local state History Room Librarian will tell you about the past, present and future of a local landmark on Saturday, August 13th from 2-3:30 pm at the Headquarters Library


Week of August 14

• If you would like to connect with some local foodies then come to the Hope Mills Library on Saturday, August 20th for a Books & Cooks-Mexican Food session from 1-2 pm. Choose your favorite Mexican recipe, prepare it and bring it to share with others. Since you know your dish will be one everyone is going to want to try at home bring copies of the recipe with you as well as a container to take home leftovers. • Want to have some fun but actually get in some exercise? Dust off that tennis racket and join the Senior Adult Tennis Club every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11 am at the Tokay Senior Fitness Center at 328 W Hamilton Street. And it’s FREE! • Do It Yourself-With Items from Your Shelf! Learn how to turn your common kitchen staples into homemade beauty products on Thursday, August 18 from 3:30-4:30 at Gilmore Rec Center on Purdue Drive! These classes will teach you methods of making velvet sugar hand scrubs, homemade body lotions and more. All materials are provided. Participants must register one week in advance for each class. There is a $5 charge per class. And if you can’t make this one they hold this class the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Week of August 21

• Monday, August 22nd from 6:30-7:30 pm at the Hope Mills Library will be “Inside the Lines-Adult Coloring Book Club”. Schedule some “me time” by joining in on the new craze of adult coloring. Did you know if can help lower your blood pressure and rejuvenate your creativity---and it’s fun and relaxing! • Want to see an afternoon movie without spending a fortune? On Thursday, August 25th from 1-3:45 pm you can watch “October Sky” at Headquarters Library. Bring your own snacks! • A great way to end the week is by enjoying our beautiful Downtown area during 4th Friday, which is Friday, August 26th this month. The fun begins at 5 pm and you can stroll, shop, eat, and enjoy the arts and entertainment. And I’m sure you can join in with the Pokémon Go craze! • Scrap It In A Year! Each month you can design or create one sheet that will grow into a completed scrapbook by the end of the year. This creative class is held on Saturday, August 27th from 11:301:30 at the Cliffdale Library.

Week of August 28

• Let’s put on those dancing shoes and attend the Senior Line Dancing every Monday from 11-noon and every Friday from 10-11 am at the Gilmore Recreation Center on Purdue Drive. The cost? Why it’s FREE! • How I Trade for a Living in the Stock Market is held every Tuesday from 6:15-8:30 pm at Headquarters Library. You will discuss strategies for investing in the stock market. You will observe, participate, and learn during this series. • Water aerobics is one of the best forms of low-impact exercise, and is great for those 55 and older. Classes are held at the Fayetteville State University (FSU) Natatorium every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7-8 am and all for the amazing price of FREE! • Time Out for Seniors (TOFS) is every Thursday evening at the Gilmore Recreation Center to listen to various forms of music (Blue Grass, Country, Oldies) with wonderful musicians. 6:30-9 pm and it’s free! Gather up some friends or come out and meet new ones while listening to some great local music.




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ARRAY’s Green Leaf Hunt ARRAY is proud to have won the Walk the Walk Green Awareness Award from Sustainable Sandhills in June. We work hard to be as green as possible and letting others know about how they can be green as well. In honor of our award, ARRAY is going show you some GREEN as well! Each month there will be a small green leaf hidden in the magazine. It may be in or at the end of an article. It may be on an ad somewhere, or beside of it. It may be on our Table of Contents or the Publishers Note, you just never know! But we want you to find it, go to our website at and look halfway down the HOME page on the left hand side and you will see ARRAY’s Green Leaf Hunt submission form. Just fill out the form with your information as soon as you find the leaf with the contact information and a description of what issue, page number and where you found it on that page. At the end of the month we will have a random drawing and you could be the winner of a gift card (that’s the GREEN part for you). It may

be for a local restaurant, a local business, or just a gift card to use anywhere or any way you want! This will continue each month and we will let you know where the leaf was in the previous issue, just in case you didn’t find it. So you will want to pick up the current month’s issue, find the leaf and then go to our website ( and submit your answer and you could be a winner and walk away with some GREEN for your pocket. If you are a business and would like to donate a gift card or gift certificate just email us at What a great way to get your business name out there because we will let folks know where the gift card came from and promote you and your business! So, let’s get started finding the Green Leaf in our August issue, which is also marking our 3-year anniversary!

Happy Hunting and remember to BE GREEN!


Methods of Ingenuity

You Manage Your Life Written by Daniel Martin Outsourced Ingenuity

You manage your life.

Whether its relationships, hobbies, Pokemon GO addiction, or running a business, you’re the captain of the ship. Agreed? Now before we get any further, answer this question; have you ever been caught up in the moment and done something, only to reflect a few minutes later and wish you hadn’t? Or maybe you’ve done or said something that just “isn’t you” and you have no idea why? If the answer is “yes”, well, welcome to being human. It’s normal. If the answer is “no” then you’ve either won the game of life or you’re a sociopath. For the purposes of this article, I’m assuming

you’re as human as I am and one of those statements resonated with you. Whenever we experience these things, it’s because our feelings have taken over. Going back to our “captain of the ship” example you could think of it as emotional mutiny. Logic and emotion are the two places we can work from and they’re both necessary to be an effective individual. However, emotions are the ones that normally get out of control and cause us to wonder, “why did I DO that?!”. If you don’t manage your emotions, they’ll be more than willing to manage you. That’s an important piece of everything I do at Outsourced

Ingenuity and it’s worth repeating; if you don’t manage your emotions, they’ll be more than willing to manage you. We agreed earlier that you manage your life. Now, if your emotions manage you, then don’t they manage your life? I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience emotions are pretty unreliable. Excitement, anxiety, fear, and anger can show up seemingly out of nowhere and take you on one hell of a rollercoaster ride before you finally realize what’s happened and decide to get off. Emotions are part of who we are. They can be a wonderful enhancement to our experience of life. But

Did you know? Think eight weeks of summer vacation is too long? In Chile, summer vacation lasts from mid-December to early March, meaning Chilean children are off for about 12 weeks. And in Ethiopia, vacation is 12 to 15 weeks, depending on the school. 8

if we let them call the shots we’re limiting our success, happiness, and quality of relationships. I don’t know about you, but these are definitely not areas where I want to create unconscious limitations! Check in and see if any of these scenarios resonate with you: • Sometimes I snap at my employees and/or loved ones because you were in a bad mood • I’ve blown important client meetings or presentations because I got nervous • I get excited about new opportunities in the moment and make decisions that really aren’t in the best interest of my business • It can be difficult to focus on the task at hand because I’m analyzing the past or worried about the future When these things show up consistently, it’s easy to toss your hands up and say, “Well that’s just the way I am”. And you know what? That may be true. But it doesn’t have to be. Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, as well as to handle interpersonal relationships effectively. Here’s the good news; just like you can improve your IQ by training your brain, you can improve your EQ (emotional intelligence) as well. Each month, I’ll be sharing tips and techniques to help you manage your emotions and take control of your life and business! •A• Daniel’s passion is helping you and your business improve performance by changing behavior. Specifically improving communication skills, emotional intelligence, and sales performance. Daniel is also training to teach meditation, which helps people remove stress, anxiety, and worry from their lives (who doesn’t need that, right?). It may sound like an odd combination, but all of his coaching, training, and strategy work is infused with selfawareness, common sense, and a healthy dose of truth.





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Written by Samara Sheff

Fayetteville, North Carolina, is home to one of

the largest military bases, but still struggles with a crippling issue: homeless veterans. Veterans Empowering Veterans is an organization that provides services to veterans who are currently experiencing trouble, including housing, resume writing, gently used furniture clothes, food, and employment assistance. They also provide additional help for female veterans with children: case management, counseling, childcare assistance, along with aid in placing their children into Head Start. The desire for this non-profit arose from great pain and loss. Renee Elder, a veteran herself, created the organization after her friend - who was a homeless veteran - died. When he passed away without resources and ties to family, their mutual friends vowed to keep in contact with each other. Remembering this and his unfortunate circumstance, they adopted the slogan, “I am my brother’s keeper.” They established a stronger bond between the veterans, making them realize that is important to take care of each other. It hurt Renee to see other people from her community hurting. “It’s very near and dear to my heart because it affected my people, the


veterans.” In the beginning, she began holding meetings in her house. She saw that many veterans did not have plans after leaving the military service and witnessed how detrimental this was to their finances. She also wanted to help veterans cope with the invisible scars of war, and in conjunction to the original meetings, began to hold meetings for veterans with PTSD. During the meetings, the veterans discussed their experiences in the military and discussed common issues they have faced. It proved to be a cathartic experience. Renee loves most that “it’s giving them a sense of hope again.” She enjoys seeing the camaraderie and sense of community among the veterans that the services provide for. She believes that everyone makes mistakes and these mistakes should not cause veterans to be marginalized. In addition to helping veterans who had honorable discharge, she also assists those with dishonorable discharge, because, she said, simply, “Why should society turn their backs on them? I think the scale should be a little more balanced.” In order to serve the needs of homeless veterans better, Renee believes more funds need to be put out there where local agencies can get them. She explained that while communities “memorialize us with parks, we need jobs, and, affordable housing, just to name a few of the needs. We need veteran service organizations.” Working with the veterans, especially as a veteran herself, has been highly rewarding. “The uniqueness about serving vets here is a lot of them have the skills to survive - they just need the push to get over that hump. You can see the hope in them again.”

“The uniqueness about serving vets here is a lot of them have the skills to survive they just need the push to get over that hump. You can see the hope in them again.” Soliloquy Movement Arts, an aerial performance, just to name a few of the myriad of entertainment provided. Available activities include an auction, door prizes, and prizes for the best costume. The organization will also be selling Buffalo Soldier prints and veteran-made jewelry. Pick up your mask and come spend a night helping our local veterans, while enjoying an evening you will not soon forget. And if you don’t have a mask, they even have them at the door for purchase. •A•

Renee & Calvin Elder Renee does not work alone – she has a powerful team that accomplishes much. Her husband is a primary supporter, along with other volunteers that work hard to make the nonprofit successful. One cheerful, energetic volunteer is Carla Levi, a veteran who has once utilized their resources. She works for the organization, attesting to their passion for veterans. “They want you get you back on your feet. They ask that you volunteer - to help yourself. And when you do it’s a volunteer experience that also helps yourself.” An upcoming fundraiser for the organization is the Masquerade Ball. The idea of a masquerade ball is a direct metaphor for the daily struggle many veterans face. Renee explained. “Veterans come back and we mask who we are on the inside, masks from the scars of war. We hide behind several masks when we’re hurting. We have to put on a happy when we’re hurting.” The event is the major fundraising event for the year and it features many forms of entertainment. Some of this year’s entertainment will be gospel violinist Eric Taylor, saxophonist Chaplin Jon Cone Sr., A Breath of Fresh Air, belly dancers from Hayat Hikam, as well as

The Ball will be held at the Cumberland Coliseum Complex on August 20th. Tickets can be purchased at their website, or at their location near downtown Fayetteville or call 910-223-3213 for information.

3522 Cedar Hill Drive • Fayetteville, NC

Cake Designer • Event Planner

(910) 849-6568


Small Biz Doctor

What Would You Do With Your 1 Hour?

Written by Michael McCollum “The Small Biz Dr.”

Hey everyone, I overheard

a conversation the other day and thought that it was very interesting, to the point where I sat back and said “hmmmmmm”, while pinching my chin, looking up at the ceiling, and feeling kind of Albert Einstein-ish! As we all know, there are only 24 hours in a day, at least that’s what I was taught in class. Taking this into consideration, I thought that it might be a good idea to break down the average fulltime working persons’ daily schedule, to see just how much time is actually OUR TIME! Ok, here we go: 24 HOUR DAY • 8 hours - a good night sleep • 1 hour - preparing for work (w/breakfast if you are lucky) • 1 hour - travel time to work (if you are lucky) • 9 hours - a good days work w/avg. emp. working 1 extra hour per day (if you are lucky) • 1 hour - a good lunch (if you are lucky) • 1 hour - travel time from work (if you are lucky) • 1 hour - cooking and eating (30 min. fast food time) • 2 hours - personal or family TV time 24 HOURS USED = 0 HOURS LEFT I know, I know, you looked at this and said “either this is wrong, or we need more hours in a day”! 12

In all seriousness, these numbers are extremely true, and the brutal truth is that our weekday is divided into three 8 hour segments: • Sleep • Work • & Other Good sleep time is vital because without it, the other segments will suffer tremendously. Work time is vital because without income, the other segments will suffer tremendously. If we really sat back and evaluated all of the above, why is it that what’s most important to us and our families, all fall under the category of Other? Just imagine if these numbers were slightly adjusted to accommodate our lives… would life change, or have we become so structured & institutionalized, that things like this don’t even cross our minds? What if life was like this?

work w/juice and healthy cereal (mandatory) • 30 Min. - travel time to work (mandatory) • 6 hours - a good days work 9am-3pm (mandatory) • 1 hour - a good lunch (mandatory) • 30 Min. - travel time from work (mandatory) • 1 hour - personal or family cooking and eating (mandatory) • 2 hours - positive or educational personal or family TV time (mandatory) • 1 hour - personal or family talk time (mandatory) • 1 hour - personal or family walk or dance time (mandatory) • 1 hour - personal thought time (mandatory) • 1.5 hours - OTHER 24 HOURS USED = 0 LEFT So instead of what’s important to us falling under the category of OTHER, why can’t OTHER be exactly what it is….OTHER or even better OPTIONAL? •A•

24 HOUR DAY • 8 hours - a good night sleep (mandatory) • 30 Min. - preparing for

Contact us for more information: (web) (email)


Dollar &

Contributed by Alan Porter, Strategic Wealth Strategies

The first Sunday in March

had some bigger-than-normal news to report. NFL legend, Peyton Manning, announced his retirement. Nancy Reagan, devoted wife to President Ronald Reagan, passed away the day before. These two great individuals remind us of the inevitable: all of us will at some point, “shuffle off this mortal coil,” as Shakespeare said in Hamlet, and there will come a day—no matter how good we are or how much we love what we do—when we are no longer willing or able to work. The Wall Street Journal, as it commented on both events, also had a two page spread in their “Investing in Funds & ETFS” (exchange-traded funds) section titled “How to Retire in a Bear Market.” The article talks about something I have been telling my clients for years: when the market is down and you are taking withdrawals from your retirement, you’re taking a double whammy. It’s called “sequence of returns” risk. The Journal gave some standard advice to equity investors to avoid the devastation sequence of returns can cause: downsize, cut costs, shop carefully, and “consider a ROTH conversion.” But it also gave some not-so standard recommendations: exit the stock market completely and thereby “lock in” your income by holding your retirement in the bank; shop carefully and don’t panic. But it also talked about tapping a “buffer” asset—equity in a home or a life-insurance policy. Equity in a home can be accessed through a reverse mortgage and that’s what the article concentrated on. It said nothing else about life insurance.


Thinking Outside The Box For Retirement What a shame. Life insurance is an asset class that’s not just for the “just in case” moments when the market is low. Permanent life insurance, when it is properly structured, can do so much more than just tide a person over in a bear market. Life insurance is not just about the death benefit any more. It can give a stream of income that can last far longer than a qualified plan account, and the tax advantages (like incomefree policy loans) are worth looking into. The stock market is a scary place to have money—especially retirement money. Why risk it? For as Peyton Manning said in his farewell to football: “Life is not shrinking for me, it’s morphing into a whole new world of possibilities.” Retirement should not be constant worry about whether or not you’re spending too much money at the grocery store or whether or not your money is going to run out before you make your final departure. It’s taking a page from Peyton’s playbook and realizing that the end of one career is “just the beginning of something [you] haven’t even discovered yet.” If you do prepare properly,

if you know your options, if you’re willing to look at some of the more “out of the box” ideas about how to plan for your retirement, then the world can be your oyster—meaning you have wonderful choices, and you never know the valuable surprise you might find when you look. Remember this three statements, it will make a huge difference in your financial future. 1. If what you thought to be true, turned out not to be true, when would you want to find out about it. Obviously, immediately, think outside-the-box! 2. It is not how much money you have in retirement, but how much money you have AFTER TAXES! 3. You may be the smartest person in the world, or your advisors, but it is what you or they don’t know the will cost you hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of dollars in undue fees, taxes, and lost opportunity cost! Here’s to a world of possibilities. •A•

1. 2. post/_/id/19274/transcript-

Strategic Wealth Strategies Maximizing Your Investment Dollars



Dear Shanessa, $aving You Hundreds!

I am so tired of the dating world. It is so frustrating. All I want is a man who is motivated, has a job, his own place, his own car, goals, and will love me for me. I seem to meet the opposite.

Curb Damage • Custom Color Change Bent Wheels • Powder Coating • Cracked Wheels 5409 RAEFORD RD



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Signed, -Tired

Dear Tired, Me too. The best thing to do right now is to focus on becoming a better you. Work on you and your goals and the right person will enter into your life. Spend time getting to know who you are and what you want. Relationships do not validate you. Do not rush and end up with the wrong person. not quit. Good luck,



Doctor Working Beyond Borders Written by Samara Sheff

Creating bonds within the community is essential,

especially for Dr. Parker, family practitioner and owner of Village Family Care Center. A family practitioner since 1999, and now married with four children, he champions community service and operating with a pure heart- and he has firm foundation. Growing up in rural North Carolina, he was raised by his mother along with his three siblings. His family were tenant farmers in Vinson, North Carolina, that struggled financially, having no source of heat or bathroom use during the cold winter months. It was then that the Salvation Army touched his family in a way that forever left an impact. Irene Herald and her family adopted his family during the holiday season. However, this adoption did not consist of toys and stocking stuffers she visited the family’s home to understand their true needs. Due to the recent passing of his father, his mother was working every moment she could to try and provide for her family, but it still wasn’t enough. Irene was able to assist in the purchase of a stove and

necessary staples. His mom befriended Irene, and Irene was able to get his mom a job cleaning the bank and the local Presbyterian church. While his background is one of overcoming adversity on its own, Dr. Parker’s journey to medicine is one that is unique and inspiring. At eight years old, he had a hernia that required medical attention. While receiving treatment, he established a relationship with the doctor, and was in awe of his patience and kindness towards him as a young child. And when Irene asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he told her that he “wanted to get the babies well”. When asked who inspired him to go into medicine, he plainly answered, “Virginia Parker [his mother]. That’s how I got into medical school - I wrote a paper on her… because we had a very close relationship and I had an appreciation for what she did.” His mother placed her children as her sole priority, working multiple jobs to provide for them – and most of the kids she knew were in DSS and adopted kids.

Come Join Us! 8AM every Tuesday at On The Border 115 Glensford Drive Fayetteville, NC

- Meet other business owners

- Meetone other business owners - Support another with referrals

- -Exchange bright ideas & concepts Support one another with

referrals - Engage in passionate conversation

- Engage in passionate conversation


To this day, he is still in awe at how she was able to juggle all of her responsibilities. His mother dropped out of school after the 8th grade. She later received further education and received a degree from Liberty University. And when he went to medical school, she helped provide the financial means for him to attend. Now, every year Dr. Parker and his family adopt at least three families through the Salvation Army, though the bonds last longer than the holiday season – once, he provided one of the students from the Salvation Army with a scholarship to Methodist University. “People forget that’s an opportunity is to create ongoing relationships. I guarantee many would enjoy that.” He wants people to know that that the Salvation Army does more than provide material resources. However, one of the biggest community service projects he does are medical missions. Dr. Parker teams up with a North Carolina 501(c)3 organization called Barnabas Bar Petra, to travel to different countries and treat those with serious medical conditions. Even the words are significant, meaning “to come alongside”. Dr. Parker also provides screenings, health fairs, and health education. He believes that it is imperative that one is not limited to one area in community outreach. In addition to performing the medical missions, they provide training to the physical therapists in the area on how to treat the children. The medical team also

goes to several countries throughout the year. Dr. Parker himself goes to Belize regularly, and has been doing this for 17 years, treating children with diseases like Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy. When they travel overseas they contact the local government, and ask what the medical needs of their citizens are, to ensure the best possible care. Locally, Dr. Parker also trains residents at Southern Regional Area Health and Education Center to provide medical treatment to people overseas. When performing these missions, it can be a hectic time. “We see eighty people every day. We are very, very busy.” Dr. Parker’s story is one of hope, strength and triumph. Dr. Parker has taken what happened to him as a child and instead of using it as an excuse he has used it to motivate himself and to provide not only help, but inspiration to others---much like the doctor who helped a small boy with a bedside manner that spoke volumes. Though his family struggled in his early life, he has been able to impact many people, even beyond the borders of the United States. For more information on the non-profit organization he is affiliated with, visit •A•

>>Connect! >>Become a member! Establish your business in the Hope Mills area Chamber of Commerce today! email us at Office 910-423-4314 Fax 910-423-6796 P.O. Box 451 Hope Mills, NC 28348 Follow us online: Hope Mills Chamber @HMChamber


Pure bred Adoptions Written by Rosemary Teague

It’s hard to believe we are already more

than halfway through 2016! Fayetteville Animal Protection Society has had a great start to the year with some pretty amazing rescue stories and adoptions. As we look back through our adoptions, we are struck by the quantity of purebred animals coming through both FAPS and our local animal control. So far this year alone, we have taken in dozens of purebred pets, many coming directly from breeders themselves. Some were confiscated because of neglect, some were surrendered to animal control due to residence restrictions, some were purchased and then later abandoned and some were picked up as strays and not reclaimed. People who buy, rather than adopt, usually say it is because they want a specific breed. The fact is, with a little patience, most breeds can be found through rescue! We don’t believe purebred animals are in any way superior to mixed breeds. We love all cats and dogs, but often times a mixed


breed makes a better pet because they have not inherited traits that come with specific breeds. We encourage folks to choose a pet whose personality and temperament compliment their lifestyle. Don’t base a lifelong commitment simply on how a pet looks. That said, we do all have our preferences! If you, or someone you know, has a preference for a specific breed, we ask that you ADOPT, don’t SHOP! Check out FAPS…your perfect match may be right around the corner! And don’t forget our fun filled, annual fundraiser, Woofstock. Save the date, Friday, October 7. It’s the best party in town, under the tent, down on the river. All the proceeds from your sponsorships and participation go to saving as many homeless animals as we can and placing them in forever loving homes. For more information about FAPS, Woofstock and our adoptable pets, Please go to our website or call our shelter office at 910-864-2077.

Did you know that FAPS has all these different breeds?

Harmony - ShihTzu

CafeMocha - Ragdoll

Violet - Siamese

Vienna - Dachshund

Skippy - Jack Russell Terrier

Mr.-Meowgi - ScottishFold


More Than Skin Deep

Written by Brenda Howell

The start of a new school

year is just around the corner, and if you have high school age kids you most likely have already started the fall sports schedule. And with the start of these fall sports comes the potential for sports related injuries. According to the Myers Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center, knee injuries are the second highest sports related injury (ankle sprains were in first). I also asked several trainers and

Avoiding Knee Injuries This Fall physical therapist in the area what the most common sports related injury they saw and they all answered with knee injuries. With knee injuries being so common in our youth, it’s important to understand why they happen so you can help prevent your child from experiencing one. Many of these knee injuries happen because of improper landing techniques, lack of mobility and lack of stability in the knee joints. Your child may be healthy,

and play in multiple sports, but life is not like it was 20 years ago. Kids sit all day at school, come home from school and sit again for homework and then in their free time sit to play video games. Our children are more susceptible to knee injuries today because their joints are not strengthened properly. 20 years ago kids ran around, and if you think back to your childhood you remember games where you made quick stops, quick turns and went into a full

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sprint again. Unknowingly you were conditioning your body, building the strength in the ligaments and tendons. Today when our children spend the majority of their day sitting and then get up to play a sport with everything they have, their knee joints are not ready for that type of strain. One wrong landing and next thing you know you are dealing with sprains, tears or other knee injuries. Most sports related knee injures can be avoided by simply following a good strength and conditioning program as well as programs that teach proper foot positioning from a stop and go position. Workouts that are the same routine every day is a huge mistake our youth make when it’s comes to strengthening their bodies. A work out like this creates instability. It does not strengthen. There are numerous muscles that cross the knee joint, and they cross the joint at multiple angles. If you continually strengthen only one set of muscles, those muscles will get stronger as the opposite muscle remain untouched or untrained. Our muscles are like a pulley system, and if every muscle is equally strengthened, than our

bodies work in a beautifully balanced rhythm. If not balanced, then injury is far more likely if not inevitable. For athletes that want to play competitively, the hour practice they have each day is not enough. This is especially when that hour is more dedicated to skill training than strength and agility training. Young athletes today need to spend more time in strength and agility training. Parents can help accomplish this by enrolling their young athletes, or their kids in general, into specialized athletic programs at a reputable, local gym as well as a targeted massage therapy program. Should and injury occur in your young athlete, seek the proper medical treatment. Regardless of whether the injury is a sprain, break, tear or other type of injury make it a point to get the injury treated as soon as possible. Doctors can do a great deal to treat injuries but with sports injuries it is also important

to seek both physical therapy and targeted medical massage therapy. These treatments, when put into practice together, can improve the healing and recovery process. •A•

Brenda is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and owner of Healing Hands Body Therapy, 5843 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC. 910-5023596. She and her team specialize in medical massage by using a variety of modalities to reach your goals. Brenda and her team are constantly taking more training and education classes to help you realize that becoming pain free is not just a dream but is something that is attainable.

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Chiropractic Physician, Certified DOT Medical Examiner, Author 1411 Ft. Bragg Rd. Fayetteville 303-2690


Military Matters

Getting Involved Written by Vanessa Lech

There are numerous issues that impact the military community. Some of these issues include federal and state legislation. There is also the issue of Veterans Affairs, which impacts the military community. Many of us are aware that that managers and employees inside of Veterans Affairs receive generous salaries, bonuses and promotions after having engaged in various types of misconduct. This exact same scenario is playing out right now at a Veterans Affairs in Albuquerque, NM where a manager encouraged data manipulation to make it appear that Veterans received appointments sooner than what they actually did.

21 Veterans died during this time. Veterans Affairs takes no responsibility for those deaths. Instead, the two managers identified as having encouraged the data manipulation retained their jobs, salaries, received bonus money and one of the managers was even promoted. The Albuquerque Journal has done a fine job reporting extensively on this matter. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2017 is 1,576 pages has passed the House and the Senate but as

of the writing of this article has not yet been signed into law by the President. The NDAA has become a vehicle utilized to sneak in cuts to earned military benefits. This is not only wrong but also immoral. The politicians love to pretend that they are patriotic and loyal to the military community. However, these same politicians are quick to cut military benefits while simultaneously enabling themselves to collect life long 6 figure annual retirement checks after just 6 years of time in Congress. Politicians routinely receive 6 figure salaries for their part time jobs. Politicians receive the highest quality medical services while cutting military health care benefits. I have come to realize the reason that the military community is horribly represented in Congress is due to the lack of military community members voting and the lack of overall engagement in the political landscape. I have met too many people in the military community that do not vote and do not plan to. If every single person in the military community actually voted for candidates that will actually support and protect the military community instead of sitting out the various elections

than our community would see real representation. Every service member, veteran and military spouse needs to know the issues, the candidates and vote in every single election no matter how big or small. We need to vote out politicians that refuse to support the military community and ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear. So vote, sign petitions, write your elected representatives and protest when needed to ensure that your voice and our voices are heard. We must unite to fight off the merciless attacks on the military community by the DC politicians. VOTE: BE HEARD: •A•

My name is Vanessa Lech. I am a Passionate Independent (Indie) Author, Devoted Wife, Military Veteran, Tireless Public Health & Military Community Advocate. Visit for more information.


Ask Tina

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home? Have a question about real estate? Ask Tina. Denise P. Fayetteville, NC asks‌

We are in the process of trying to buy a home. The lender is not requiring a termite inspection. Should we do one anyway?

There is absolutely value in having a termite inspection done even if the lender is not requiring it. People in the trade call it a WDIR, or a wood destroying insect report. Much of North Carolina, including Cumberland County, is considered an area of high risk for termites. Termites are very destructive to woods used for common building timbers. They can quickly eat out the middle of timbers, leaving them just a shell. This seriously compromises the integrity of the lumber. It is estimated that one in five homes in this area has or has had some type of termite activity, which is why most lenders require an inspection as a condition of the sale. Termites can infest a home at any time, usually during the spring. Termites like moist, dark, damp places. So the rainy spring is a perfect breeding ground. The main type of termite in this area is called the eastern subterranean termite. These

the new nest and the termites will continue to do damage. There are several steps you can take to minimize termite infestation. You should have an initial inspection done of your home, any additional buildings on the property, and the ground as well. If there is evidence of termite activity you may have a chemical soil treatment done around your home and on the sub-floor Answered by Tina Renee Dawson of the building. You may also choose to do termite baiting. This involves placing bait stations at termites swarm in large numbers key locations. This method relies and can cover a vast area. They on the termites finding the bait only need moisture and a wood stations and eating enough of the supply to start nesting. It takes several years for the nest to develop bait for it to be effective. As a home owner, you can to majority and it can typically minimize the risk of termites by contain millions of termites. improving sub-floor ventilation, The nests are usually located below the frost line in the ground. removing any timber that comes in These termites make mud galleries contact with the soil, and sealing that look like tubes. They get into any cracks in the building. Your pest control professional the home through cracks and is the best source of information under flooring. Once in they can and recommendations for your establish smaller nests if there is moisture present, say from a small home. There are several excellent companies in this area. •A• leak in the plumbing or water pooling under the home. Send your real estate If you see any sign of termite infestation it is very important not questions to Tina Dawson at to disturb them. Termites have a, or high survival instinct. If they feel give her a call at their nest has been compromised, 910-988-1969. Your question they will move from that area to may be featured in an another area in the home. It then might take some time to locate upcoming edition of Array.


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9am FREE Diabetes Clinic 1422 Bragg Blvd 10am Parent and Child ArtFascinate-U Children’s Museum, 116 Green Street 6:30pm Cape Fear Toastmasters - Methodist University, 5400 Ramsey St




10am Pre-School Pals - Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex, 801 Arsenal Ave 10:30am Hula Hoop Club Kiwanis Recreation Center and Honeycutt Park, 352 Devers Street 6pm Lupus Foundation Support Group – Cumberland County - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices All American Homes

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Branch 6pm Bull Riding on the Farm Shady Acres Rodeo

Branch 6pm Bull Riding on the Farm Shady Acres Rodeo

Branch 6pm Bull Riding on the Farm Shady Acres Rodeo


center, 301 Ruth St, Spring Lake 7pm Zumba Class - Kiwanis Recreation Center 7pm JAVA JAMS: FAYETTEVILLE’S PREMIERE POETRY OPEN MIKE - The Coffee Scene

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Library 10:30am Tots and Toddler Story Times - West Regional Branch Library 7pm JAVA JAMS: FAYETTEVILLE’S PREMIERE POETRY OPEN MIKE - The Coffee Scene

Pines Public Library, 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines 11am TAI CHI for HEALTH Cape Fear Botanical Garden, 536 North Eastern Boulevard 12pm Third Tuesday Talks Pizza Inn, 1138 W Broad St, Dunn

12pm Al-Anon, Serenity Seekers Group - Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, 701 Westmont Dr 7pm Chess Club - Kiwanis Recreation Center and Honeycutt Park, 352 Devers St,

Honeycutt Park, 352 Devers St 6:30pm Cape Fear Coin Club Kiwanis Recreation Center and Honeycutt Park, 352 Devers St 7pm Weymouth Jam Session with Irish Guests - Weymouth, 555 E Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines

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nity Drumming wanis Recreation oneycutt Park, reet



8:15am How to Make Goat Cheese - 301 E Mountain Dr 6pm Taekwondo Classes Kiwanis Recreation Center and Honeycutt Park, 352 Devers St 7pm FREE SENIORS DANCE & LESSONS - Retire Military Association, 120 Old Elizabethtown Road




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Lafayette in Fayetteville - 13 9am Cars and Coffee Meet 12 11am 325 Franklin St, Fayetteville Millstone Towne Centre

te in Fayetteville St, Fayetteville ry & Open Mic S. Eastern Blvd) nity Drumming wanis Recreation oneycutt Park, reet

Mother Goose & Tots 18 10am and Tales Story Time - North

Civil War 19 11am Sesquicentennial Exhibit - 325

11am Make it, Take it! 20 Fascinate-U Children’s Museum,

Zumba - Fit4Life, Spring Lake Exercise Class lvd betes ClinicParks and Rec Elementary School Road,

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Cruise-In for 4th Fridays 26 7pm at the Museum - Downtown

Day Umoja Festival & 27 All Health Fair - Smith Recreation

tate House to 25 Franklin St rket at the etteville n Museum,325

ille ART Attack op Musical Hall, ng Street

te in Fayetteville St, Fayetteville rket at the etteville n Museum,325

ille ART Attack op Musical Hall, ng Street

Regional Branch Library 10am Fayetteville Ladies Power Lunch - Holiday Inn Fayetteville-I-95 South, 1944 Cedar Creek Rd 6pm Wine Tastings at Luigi’s Luigi’s, 528 North McPherson Church Road

Regional Branch Library 5pm Third Thursday Dine and Stroll Downtown Dunn Downtown Dunn 8pm Social Ballroom Dance Retired Military Association, 120 Elizabethtown Road

12pm Plant Propagation: From Seeds to Cuttings - 301 E Mountain Dr 6pm Diabetes Clinic - 1422 Bragg Blvd

6pm Jazzy Friday - Cypress Bend Vineyards, 21904 Riverton Rd, Wagram 8:30pm Live Music at Luigi’s - Luigi’s, 528 North McPherson Church Road

Franklin St 6pm Jazzy Friday - Cypress Bend Vineyards, 21904 Riverton Rd, Wagram 6pm Oldies, Rock and Blues Music - Hope Mills Recreation Center, 5766 Rockfish Rd Hope Mills

Fayetteville, 433 Hay Street 7pm 4th Fridays at the Market House Museum - Market House Museum, Downtown Fayetteville 9pm Birthday Dance & Potluck - Retired Military Association. 120 Elizabethtown Road

10am Parkinson’s Disease Support Group of Fayetteville Kiwanis Recreation Center and Honeycutt Park, 352 Devers St 2pm MakerBox Saturdays - 170 W Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines

116 Green St 7pm Cape Fear Ballroom Dancers - Roland’s Dance Studio, 310 Hope Mills Rd 7pm VerseUs Open Mic and Discussion - The Big Apple Restaurant & Sports Pub, 5900 Yadkin Rd

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Where You Are Treated like Royalty

Shawn Morris

Lumumba Quow

Written by Samara Sheff Photography by Devon A. Wilson

The Barber Kings, located in Hope Mills,

operates not only as a business, but as a fundamental part of the community. While the name, “The Barber Kings” was inspired by their faith in God, owners Lumumba Quow and Shawn Morris have a philosophy that drives all of their actions, a philosophy that was instilled within them from childhood by their mothers: to take care of their community, wherever it might be. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago the pair relocated to Fayetteville to experience something different and to have a change of scenery. Lumumba and Shawn started a business out of the Hope Mills area in order to merge their talents in one location. In the beginning, they were working in separate areas in Fayetteville and wanted to create their own space to work. The owners have also worked to create an environment in which all nationalities and their cultures can be celebrated. When walking in their barber shop, one will hear a myriad of music genres. The philosophy of their mothers is reflected in the work that the pair does in the community. During the last holiday season, Lumumba and Shawn held a fundraiser that supplied over 1,000 meals during Thanksgiving, called Operation Turkey. Additionally, the shop provides free haircuts for the homeless and

When asked about their future goals, the owners would like to see their barbershops across the nation, creating a positive movement that emphasizes education and community outreach. the elderly population, recognizing how one haircut can instantly lift someone’s mood. Their compassion for others is what motivates the owners to also provide haircuts to those who are in drug rehab programs as well. Beyond providing free haircuts to many disadvantaged groups, the Barber Kings are planning an event on August 10th, from 10am4pm at Rockfish Elementary School, called “Cut

Just some of the fashions Dumei220 offers


Tools of the trade my City”. For this first annual event, Shawn and Lumumba will gather 100 barbers from the local area to give haircuts to children who are returning to school. The event also provides free food and entertainment to those participating. The owners also know the importance of mentorship and its effects on youth in the community. Shawn and Lumumba have coordinated with a nonprofit called “From Boy to Kings”. In the organization, they mentor young men, giving them guidance and skills necessary for adulthood. “We teach them how to be a gentlemen and how to tie a tie,” Shawn explained. If interested, young men can learn more about their trade along with social

etiquette. Both Barber Kings have done work to promote the organization, including shooting a short film called “From Boy to Kings” that provides information about the work they do. The barbershop has tremendous success in not only their nonprofit pursuits, but in establishing a large, loyal base of customers. When asked what the business has done to create so much success, Lumumba emphasized advertising and marketing. With the growing relevance of social media, the company also has a Facebook and Instagram account that allows it to reach its customers in a different realm. The owners also believe it is important as a business to establish a bond with their customers, working to build a relationship that

Always hard at work, always with a smile 28

can establish a connection with their broad range of customers. The owners have also helped make the barbershop a comfortable environment for young children. Shawn and Lumumba designed a coloring book that can soothe kids who might be distressed because it is their first time going to a barbershop. The coloring book features all of the tools used in the barbershop along with crossword puzzles, and can be purchased at the barbershop for wholesale. The company also has a clothing line. The line features t-shirts that promote the barbershop. The shirts may be purchased in person at their barbershop in Hope Mills, or online at Shawn and Lumumba have found another surprising way to reach out to the local area: radio. They appear regularly in the “I Cut Shop Talk” show. The radio talk show airs every Friday from 1 to 2 p.m. through RTVS on 91.9. The talk features barbers and entrepreneurs that discuss what is going on within the community. In the future, the duo hopes to franchise the company. When asked about their future goals for the company, Lumumba said, “Being able to take this across the nation is something that we want to make contagious.” The owners would like to see their chain of barbershops across the nation, creating a positive movement that emphasizes education and community outreach. •A•

If one is looking for a barber shop with excellent customer service, in a welcoming environment, visit Barber Kings in Camden Crossing at 2945 Hope Mills Rd. or call 910-485-3111.


Alzheimer’s isis an devastating our Alzheimer’s anepidemic epidemic devastating families, our finances and our future. The our families, our friends and our future. disease The is all around us — but the power to stop it is disease is all around us - but the power to within us. If your company would like to hear stop is within us.toif join youruscompany would moreitabout how in the fight to endlike to learn more about tobreakfast. join us in the fight Alzheimer’s, come joinhow us for to end Alzheimer’s, please visit

Bringing Memories Home Safe Baseball Game BECOME A SPONSOR.

Saturday August 4th, 2016

WALK TO END ALZHEIMER’S CORPORATE BREAKFAST MARCH 24, 2016 | 8:00AM Game begins 7:05 This event is by invitation only. If Dogs you would like to learn more please call or Swamp Stadium email Debbie Waitley: or (910) 997-1325.

2823 Legion Road, Fayetteville |



Array of Pets

The Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Inc (FAPS) provides a licensed, no-kill shelter. Anyone interested in these animals or others should phone 910-864-9040 or visit 3927 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville. Photos by and Jenifer Fennell Photography Name: Skippy Age: 5 years Sex: Male Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Hi, I’m Skippy! Appropriately named if I don’t say so! I can skip and hop around like no other! I’m a happy, excitable pup, my only downfall? I’m not a big fan of other dogs! I want to be your one and only pup! More attention for me! Come meet me to play today!

Name: Katnip Everdeen Age: 2 years Sex: Female Breed: Domestic Short Hair Hi, I’m Katnip Everdeen. Clever, huh? I was found outside of FAPS, my babies were actually stuck half way up a tree in their parking lot! I am really sweet, and I’m glad they were kind enough to help me! I would really love a nice cozy home to call my own!

Name: Petey Age: 5 years Sex: Male Breed: Pitbull Terrier Hi! I’m Petey and I Looooooove you! Well, I love everyone and I love dogs bigger than me too! (That’s not hard though, I’m just a little guy at only 30 pounds!) I have a HUGE smile and a HUGE heart, and I would really like a big family so that I have plenty to spread my love to!


Name: Shakespurr Age: 8 months Sex: Male Breed: Domestic Medium Hair Hello, My name is Shakespurr! I am a young, sweet kitty. I have really come out of my shell since I’ve come to FAPS! I love pets and I love to play and swat around cat nip balls! Come meet me today!

Name: Roscoe Age: 5 years Sex: Male Breed: Chihuahua Terrier Mix Hello I’m Roscoe! I am a really cute guy that desperately wants to be someone’s fur-baby! Sometimes I get scared and could use a boost of confidence. A quiet home might be best for me. Come meet me today!

Name: Millie Age: 2 years Sex: Female Breed: Beagle I’m Millie! I could probably be the smallest, cutest beagle you’ve ever met! If you’d let me, I can sing you the song of my people! I have a beautiful voice! I might be able to track things down for you too with my powerful hound nose!

See more Array of Pets on our website:


Back-To-School Tips Written by Belinda J. Wilkerson, Ed.D

Did you know August is the month to celebrate National

Catfish Day, Peach Month, Women’s Equality Day (only one day!) and Friendship Day? The eighth month of the year, bearing the name of the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar, is the birthday month for President Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss in The Hunger Games, and two of my best friends, Karen and Valarie. As we meander headlong into August, still enjoying time at the beach, cookouts and all that the outdoors has to offer, August means a return to school for many students throughout the country and Cumberland County. With that in mind, I want to share some back-to-school tips for parents and students. Parents. Stay up-to-date on the expectations of your child’s teachers by reviewing the information published on the school’s website. In Cumberland County, parents have access to the Home Base Parent Portal to monitor grades and assignments to support their child’s educational progress. Teaching at the middle school and high school level where my sons attended school did not protect me from the blank stares received when I asked questions about their school assignments. Find ways to be involved in school activities such as the PTA, chaperoning school events, or attending Open House, concerts, plays and sporting events. Do what you can to keep the lines of communication strong between home and school. Open House and scheduled teacher conferences are excellent ways to gather information about each teacher’s expectations and policies. Having this information allows you to ensure that your child has the tools and resources to achieve success throughout the school year. Encourage your student to work hard academically and do one or more of the following depending on his or her


strengths and interests: • Participate in a sport or volunteer to be the team’s statistician. • Play an instrument in the school band or join the choir. • Join the Key Club or another student organization. • Try out for a school play or work behind the scenes. • Offer to tutor another student. • Read, read, and read every day! Parents, support the Cumberland County School’s Every Minute Counts! initiative. Making it a habit to attend school regularly and being on time allows your child to participate fully in all his or her school has to offer. This habit will serve each child well during K-12 and beyond. Take advantage of the back-to-school lists available at retail locations like Office Depot before you purchase school supplies. Remember that learning continues outside of the classroom. Visit the public library, explore the variety of museums in our community, engage in service projects and enjoy the natural world by walking, hiking and biking in some of the beautiful trails and parks we have. Students. Take ownership of your learning. Your teachers are there to guide you and facilitate your learning. Your parents provide support to ensure that you have what you need to achieve your goals. However, it is up to you to take full advantage of the support, tools and resources available to you. In addition to the activities listed earlier, I recommend students: • Ask for help early in the school year. • Participate in class discussions. • Do your homework and ask questions when you do not understand something. • Use a planner to keep track of assignments and due dates.

1014 Robeson Street, Suite D, Fayetteville, NC 28305

Looking to add people to our growing and dynamic team. Landscape experience required. 910-960-7411 On A Mission To Bring You Outside

• Break long-term assignments into manageable chunks to help you meet the due date. • Come to school prepared to learn with all your textbooks, notebooks and writing instruments. • Use your school’s online student portal to get information and stay on track. • Make new friends and reconnect with old ones. High school students, you are in the last years of your secondary education. Whether you decide to transition to a four-year college, two-year college, the military, certificate program or direct employment, use your upcoming year in school to strengthen your academic record, engage in meaningful activities, improve your communication skills and reflect on your values and what is important to you. Additionally, in preparation for your next steps, I suggest that you: • Challenge yourself by taking AP and/or Honors classes. • Prepare for standardized college admission tests by practicing. • Commit yourself to extracurricular activities for which you have an interest, not to pad your résumé. • Strengthen your relationships with your teachers and school counselor. • Seek opportunities for leadership like running for student office, organizing a school event, or leading an academic club. • Take time to pause and express gratitude for the support given to you on your journey. Returning to school is an opportunity for a new beginning so let this year be a time of learning for you. Marian Wright Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund states, “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” •A•

Belinda J. Wilkerson is the owner of Steps To The Future, LLC, a college and career counseling service. With more than 30 years’ experience as an educator, Dr. Wilkerson taught Social Studies at the middle and high school levels, worked as a high school counselor and directed a statewide school counseling program to help school counselors implement the ASCA National Model. Currently, a member of the Board of Directors for the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Belinda is available to work with students in person or through virtual conferencing and speak to groups on the college admissions process.


Hidden Nuggets

Are You Chasing Rabbits? Written by Anissa Short

The first time I heard the phrase “chasing

rabbits”, I was a small child. I overheard an adult in my family use this phase in describing the activities of another. Of course, I didn’t fully understand what the phrase meant, but I was pretty sure that it didn’t really involve rabbits. Many years later, I not only gained an understanding of the idiom, but I had a revelation. I had been guilty many times of participating in the rabbit chase. For the sake of clarification, we should define the phrase. The urban dictionary defines “Chasing Rabbits” as “doing something totally irrelevant or being distracted from what you intend to do.” Now that we have a definition, what would “chasing rabbits” look like, specifically from the perspective of building a thriving business? Believe it or not, much of what could be identified as a “rabbit” are those activities or distractions that were taken on with good


intention. They are never initially seen as something that could sabotage success; nevertheless, they can and often do. Let’s be clear, building a strong business requires following success principles and one of the most important is staying focused.

As a business owner, how often have you found yourself “chasing rabbits”? Better yet, could you be “chasing rabbits” now? Are you: 1. Participating in too many extracurricular activities. An activity that allows you to promote your business, your products or services are the activities that support your goals. If the majority of your activities only serve a social need, they are likely a rabbit. 2. Representing multiple start-up businesses simultaneously. Please understand that multiple representation does not mean multiple streams of income, especially when you are starting up more than one business at the same time. Is success even possible when your focus, time, personal energy and finances are divided? 3. Easily distracted. One of my mentors uses the reference of “Shiny Ball Syndrome” to describe those who are all over the place. The next best thing, the awesome promotional startup, and the excitement of the moment can be so attractive sometimes. Who could say “no”, right? One other point worth mentioning is the detrimental effect that “chasing rabbits” has on your reputation as a serious business owner. Bill Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada, said it best, “You can’t be chasing 15 rabbits. Otherwise, the public mind cannot follow you”. Your vacillation from one thing to another does nothing to create

reliability. In business, credibility is everything. One last point. Chasing rabbits may keep you busy but it is very counterproductive. When you commit your energy to one, you are simultaneously taking away energy from another. When you are investing your time and finances in one area, you are taking away time and finances from another. While you are promoting one business, you cannot effectively promote another at the same time. In my concluding, I add the comments of a very influential person in my life who once shared, “It is impossible to catch one rabbit by chasing it. An attempt to catch multiple is suicide.” In other words, one rabbit is more than enough. •A•


Moments of a Mom Written by Amanda Loftus

As a stay at home mother of three boys, two dogs, and six cats, the night time is a magical time for me. I’ve been trying to finish an episode of the Game of Thrones for a few days now, and I just can’t get past the 29-minute mark. Tonight though, I was ahead of schedule. It was 10:10pm, everyone, including the dogs, was sleeping and I am finally sitting down on my overpriced couch. But then I get a sudden hunger for something, even though I had dinner just a couple hours earlier. When I peek in the pantry, I see the 20+ cans of Chef Boyardee that I picked up on a great sale at Target earlier today. Perfect! I don’t know what it is about Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli, but I LOVE it. Even during the five months that I couldn’t eat it when I was pregnant with my oldest son, I have always looked forward to my next can. That was a rough five months, to be honest. My mom had made me a care package with the HUGE can of Beef Ravioli, and I ate half of that thing in one sitting...but then subsequently vomited it all up. I had terrible morning sickness for the following five months. Anyway, I got pretty excited when I pulled it out of my neatly organized can display that the kids would surely destroy in less than 24 hours, and got prepared for a wonderfully filling two-hundred-and-twenty calorie nonsense meal. That is when things took a turn for the worst. The pull tab busted off before I even got the seal loose, and of course, the grooves in the can made it impossible for my fancy can-opener to tear through. So, seeing as I REALLY wanted those raviolis now, I decided to push the top down to release it from the can. I swear I saw it in slow motion. The can then squirted ravioli sauce all over the counter, up in the air, and of course, on my relatively new dress. I know, I know...I should be wearing my pajamas, but I have run up and down those stairs way too many times today, so I planned on sleeping in my dress, on the couch, after watching my Game of Thrones. Well, it is now 10:42pm, and I have to rewind the episode once more to the 29-minute mark, while waiting for yet another damn load of laundry to finish. Currently, I have a mild fear of opening another pull-tab can, but I am sure that I will, yet again, take the chance of totally screwing up my night...just for some Chef Boyardee. Love,

Saucy Red Head


Healthy Living

Written by Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Back to School Tips for Parents

School starts on Monday, August 29 for traditional schools. Now is the time to reestablish routines and get your child back into the mindset of learning. Here are some ways to make sure your child has a wonderful start to a great school year: 1. Attend the school’s open house to meet your child’s teacher. It is important to know your child’s teacher, the principal, and the assistant principal. Fill out the forms and return them to the school as soon as possible. 2. Make sure your child is on time for school each day. When your child is tardy they are losing quality instruction and every minute counts. Getting your child to school on time is a priority. 3. Make sure the school has the correct phone numbers so if there is an emergency you can be contacted. Emergencies take place and if the school has disconnected phone numbers it will be hard to contact you. 4. Establish a consistent form of communication with the teacher to keep in touch throughout the school year. You want to know about grades, behavior, and other important information about your child. Do not wait until the end of the school year to find out what is going on. Consistent communication should begin day one and continue throughout the school year. Schedule regular parentteacher conferences with the teacher and communicate via agenda, email, or text. 5. Talk with your child about the importance of obtaining an education. Your child has a role and a responsibility in their learning too. They should know that you have high expectations for them and their education. Learning begins

at home. 6. Your child should read on a nightly basis. Ask your child questions for comprehension. Talk with the teacher about other ways you can assist your child with their learning. 7. Read over the student code of conduct with your child. Their behavior is expected to be on point and school rules should be followed at all times including on the bus and at the bus stop. 8. Attend curriculum night and parent nights to learn more about your child’s learning and strategies to assist them with their classwork and homework. 9. Become a volunteer and help with the various events that have been scheduled for the school year. You can join the PTA, chaperone a field trip, become a testing proctor, or run a station at field day. 10. Check your child’s homework folder on a nightly basis and if you do not see homework call the teacher immediately to see why. 11. Become an advocate for your child. Do not only show up to the school when your child is in trouble or let your child see you argue with the teacher. It is important to work together to ensure a quality education for your child. 12. Read and discuss your child’s report card with your child. Sign it, return it, and let the teacher know if you would like a conference. Ask the child’s teacher to fully explain the report card if there are any questions.

Have a happy and successful school year. 38

Stiletto Thoughts

Is Your Husband Holding You Back?

Written by Lisa Thomas

Looking at a list of current female

CEOs, it becomes clear that a lot of them have husbands who don’t work outside the home. Xerox CEO Ursula Burns joked at a 2013 conference, “the secret [to success] is to marry someone 20 years older.” Her husband retired as she was hitting her career stride, allowing him to take primary responsibility for their kids. In order to be a successful woman in business, does the husband need to stay at home? A recent study of Harvard Business School graduates shows that high-achieving women are not meeting the career goals they set for themselves in their 20s. Why? Not because they’re “opting out” of the workforce when they have kids, but because they allow their partners’ careers to take precedence over their own! About 40% of Gen X and boomer women said their spouses’ careers took priority over theirs, while only about 20% of them had planned on their careers taking a back seat. Compare that with the men: more than 70% of Gen X and boomer men say their careers are more important than their wives’. When you look at child care responsibilities, the numbers are starker. A full 86% of Gen X and boomer men said their wives take primary responsibility for child care, and the women agree: 65% of Gen X women and 72% of boomer women—all HBS grads, most of whom work—say they’re the ones who do most of the child care in their relationships. So why is this? Why are women still expected to be the ones to take care of the kids? Even millennial HBS men are little more egalitarian than their older peers; half of the youngest men still assume that their careers will take precedence, and two-thirds of them assume their spouses will do the majority of child care. It can’t simply be because men still earn more than women. Women would make more if they didn’t break their earning path by leaving the workforce to have children, or

if higher-paying professions were more family-friendly. Men wouldn’t face the often unwritten penalties of extended paternal leaves from their jobs if new fathers banded together and demanded change. It seems as if momentum toward that rebalancing is pushing against a century of expectation that men went off to work while women stayed home. Until that very distant and unlikely turning point, stay-at-home fathers may make all the difference for individual families, but their

presence won’t make a dent in the numbers of high-potential women who are forced to choose between family and career. Will stay-at-home dads ever become the norm? What do you think needs to change before men and woman have an equal chance at success in their careers? •A• Lisa Thomas is CEO of The P3 Group, Inc., a revolutionary training and development company; President of NetWorth; freelance writer and radio show host.


Ground Breaking Eye Care

Written by Samara Sheff

Cape Fear Eye Associates goes beyond the regular

practices of a business. When interviewing the doctors and staff about the work done at their establishment, the doctors exude a humility that makes it evident that providing excellent patient care is their top priority. All doctors and staff have extensive training and perform the latest treatments for issues of the eye. The doctors have accolades that far exceed the ordinary. The leading eye surgeon, Dr. Riggins, is a retired Colonel in the Medical Corps Army Reserve who has numerous accomplishments, including being named one of the leading physicians in the world. Dr. Toth is a very distinguished eye surgeon with several research publications, and was named among the Top Ten Women in Medicine in 2012. For Cape Fear Eye Associates, providing patient’s access to the highest technology in eye care is imperative. Dr. Riggins emphasized this when he explained that devices can be difficult to obtain, but “but there is a tremendous need especially since glaucoma is one of the biggest causes of blindness in the country.” Cape Fear Eye Associates has the latest technology for cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, as well as specialized tech for refracting your prescription to diagnose nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Cape Fear Eye Associates is also one of the first practices to perform Intacs in the area. Recently obtained is a new laser treatment device,

used to treat glaucoma, that the surgeons will begin treating patients with next month. The business not only provides patients with top-notch care, but each doctor has a deep passion and zeal for innovating the field. One of the noteworthy projects Dr. Riggins recently finished was a collaboration with Duke University, a study that researched retinopathy of NICU babies. They used an imaging device that allows a nonmedical doctor as a care extender to diagnose those children that have retinopathy. They are then sent to Duke to work with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. The study is important because rural, less developed parts of the world will be able to do a diagnosis of retinopathy without a board-certified ophthalmologist. This would allow developing countries more accessible healthcare. Beyond his scholarly pursuits, Dr. Riggins lives by a mantra of compassionate care and providing resources to the community. “We do a lot of community work and we invest in the community, because we like that other folks see that if you make your living here, that you invest back in the community.” He believes that is important for businesses of any type, to be engaged in the not only with patients or customers, but citizens around the local area. Serving beside Dr. Riggins is another exceptional eye surgeon, Dr. Patel. He is one of the best corneal specialists in the area, and has been honored as being one of the top doctors in America in Cornea

“We do a lot of community work and we invest in the community, because we like that other folks see that if you make your living here, that you invest back in the community.”


Dr. Riggins

Dr. Toth

and Lasik. When speaking with Mr. Williams, the Chief Operating Officer, he said, “You will not meet a more professional or personable person.” He continued describing Dr. Patel as someone who “has the skills and the mindset that if people need it, he will do it.” If there is a corneal issue with someone in Eastern North Carolina, they come to him. Praise aside, Dr. Patel is intent on informing patients about Intacs, one of the latest eye surgeries to be available to Cape Fear Eye Associates. The procedure is an innovative corneal implant procedure, which primarily benefits patients with mild to moderate keratoconus or other similar causes of corneal degeneration. According to Dr. Patel, the surgery can be life-changing for patients with keratoconus who are unable to achieve functional vision with glasses or contact lenses. Patients can be evaluated to determine if they would be a candidate for this procedure. Qualifications include age (the patient must be 21 years or older), cornea conditions (the patient must have clear central corneas), have experienced a

Dr. Patel

progressive deterioration in vision, making vision only clear with contacts or glasses, and have clear corneal transplantation as the only option to improve their functional vision. The stress upon Intacs is significant, groundbreaking, even. Dr. Patel explained that the surgery could “potentially restore functional vision to patients in a much less invasive fashion than fullthickness corneal transplantation, which is reserved for the most advanced cases.” He emphasized the greater convenience of this surgery, citing that it can help improve a patient’s vision with much lower risk and healing time as well as decrease the chance of needing a future corneal transplant. Altogether, the Intacs procedure can be a less intimidating alternative for patients because it can be performed in the laser suite, in-office instead of a surgical center. For questions regarding this, or other, excellent treatment, Cape Fear Eye Associates is a wonderful resource in the Fayetteville area, and can be reached at (910) 484-2284. •A•

Did you know? In the US, $7.7 billion was spent for back-to-school clothes shopping in August. Add on the $2.4 billion spent in bookstores that same month, and you notice how many people go shopping right before schools let back in.





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Protecting our North Carolina community, one security installation at a time. We offer a variety of home and commercial security packages. Ask about our custom packages. Please contact us today to learn how we can provide you with a better “peace of mind” in home security.




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Social Security


Written by Brenda Brown

Don’t Get Schooled – Be Prepared With Social Security

Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Fayetteville, NC

Your summer job has ended, so there is no better time

Brenda Brown has been with the Social Security Administration for over 40 years. She began her career with Social Security as a Service Representative in the Reidsville, NC field office. She transferred to the Fayetteville, NC field office in March 1975 as a Service Representative and later promoted to a Claims Representative. She has worked as a Public Affairs Specialist since 2008. As the Public Affairs Specialist, she is responsible for providing information to the media, other employees and the public regarding Social Security issues and policies. She covers the Southeastern and Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Brenda is available to speak to groups in almost any setting in her efforts to educate the public about their Social Security Program. Brenda is a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC.

than now to start planning for retirement. You can easily be ahead of the game and secure your future with a few simple steps. As a millennial, you are in the best position for planning, investing, and saving for your retirement, growing that nest egg as large as it can be. The sooner you start, the more money you will have. There are two easy ways to prepare for retirement at a young age: Start a my Social Security account. Having a personal and secure account is easy, but better yet, it empowers you. You can access the services you need in the convenience of your own home without traveling to a local office and waiting in a long line. To view your social security statement, go to www.socialsecurity. gov/myaccount. As you can see, many of our resources are available online and my Social Security is one of the best places to access vital information about your retirement. We are constantly adding new features to make your experience with us faster and more convenient. You can even Sleep Apnea | Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) | Insomnia | Narcolepsy replace a lost or stolen Social Security card in certain states. You should also start a myRA account. It is never too early, and the more you save now, the more you will have later. myRA is designed for people who don’t have a retirement savings plan through their employer, or are limited from other savings options. Check it out at www.myra. gov. If your employer provides a retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k), learn more about that plan’s potential matching contributions or other benefits. Did you know that a 20-yearold worker has a 1-in-4 chance in becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age? Social Security will be there for you if you become for appointment call disabled and cannot work. Accessing your online account can also help (910) you determine your estimated future disability benefits. To learn more 10 Page Drive Pinehurst, NC about disability and to apply, go to apply.html. Remember, that summer job might be behind you, but you have a bright future ahead. Social Security is there, helping you every step of the way, securing today and tomorrow. •A•



Sleep Disorders Lab

For your health and wellbeing


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Let’s Eat! Written and Eaten by Angel West

What better way to end the summer

than using fresh local ingredients to make an amazing and refreshing salad after a day in the hot and humid Carolina weather! You may pick your most of these items at one of the many local farmers markets that we have or you may be able to get them out of your garden. We have some great local honey in the area, which can also be found at the Farmer’s Market. I just love visiting the markets or stopping in at some of the local farms that sell produce. There’s nothing like a fresh tomato sandwich…but that’s another recipe!!! LOL I also like to add strawberries and blueberries sometimes to change this up. And I’ve been on a kick recently where I like dried cranberries, pecans and feta cheese in my salads. You can add all of these or switch it up and add one or more and it’s like a different salad...but always delicious and refreshing! This will only take a few moments to make, but take your time eating and enjoying this fresh, refreshing salad. The flavors complement each other and will go with a nice piece of fish if you want to continue the healthy route. Or sometimes a really good salad like this is all you need! I hope you enjoy these last days of summer…and this salad.

Honey Salad

Ingredients • 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice • 1 tablespoon of fresh orange juice • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin avocado oil • 1 1/2 tablespoons local honey • 1/2 teaspoon grated orange rind • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt • 1 teaspoon whole-grain mustard • 12 ounces of cubed watermelon • 12 ounces of cubed honeydew • 1 small English cucumber, cut lengthwise into thin ribbons (about 1 cup) • 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion • 3 tablespoons torn mint leaves (it’s so easy to grow your own)

Directions Place the lime juice, orange juice, oil, honey, orange rind, salt, and mustard in a large bowl and stir with a whisk. Add the melons, cucumber, and onion and toss to coat. Let the mixture stand for about 15 minutes or so at room temperature, then sprinkle with mint. Then enjoy!! •A•


Hip-Hip-H-ARRAY for KIDS!


School Daze Crossword Puzzle 1 2





7 8 9



Created with Crossword M

Across 2. This sticks things together 4. This person is in charge of your school 6. This subject teaches you how to add 9. This person is in charge of your class 10. What you write on 11. When you get to play outside


Down 1. 3. 5. 7. 8.

What you write with These cut paper These help you color pictures This subject teaches you to paint or draw This subject has experiments

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ng ebsite myparklanw man ning


Publisher’s Note Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life it’s about what you inspire others to do.

While I was going to find a quote about imitation

being a form of flattery, I found this quote instead, which is a much better way to look at things and a positive way to think about life. Here it is August 2016 and we celebrate our 3-year anniversary! We’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time and still have a long way to go. With the team work of many, ARRAY has won many awards and you can see those on our website and in the front of the magazine each month. ARRAY also has many other projects we hope to be a part of or spearhead during the coming year that we are very excited about! Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all we are doing. Many people have been a part of our team, and we appreciate each of them. We have given many folks opportunities to learn and hone their skills and then they move on to other jobs, positions, and opportunities. We are glad we have helped them make that step onto the path that they desired, when others would not have offered them the opportunity before. We are always excited to have interns joining us for the summer or a semester and we were honored to have Samara this summer. She joined in, attending various events and doing many interviews. We have great memories of her and wish her the best of luck with her studies and her future. As we grow we are looking for people in all areas from photography, videography, writing and more. We have a couple of new ladies, Angela and Tanya, that are part of our distribution team and we thank them for their hard work! We are glad we are able to give back to the local community and inspire others to begin to give back as well. At ARRAY we believe if you give back that goodness will come back to you, although it may take a while. At least we are able to get up each morning and look at ourselves in the mirror and be happy with what we see in our heart and soul. We are glad that others are able to see that as well and want to be a part of it. We still have a lot of work to do in our community, and in our world, and we can accomplish that by working together. It takes a village to raise a child, and we are the baby of the community and appreciate those that recognize the good work of Team ARRAY. Thank you to those that have believed in ARRAY from the


beginning and continue to do so, and to those just discovering us. Be sure to check our website regularly as Alysa keeps us on our toes with changes and improvements! You can now read the online version, even on your phone or tablet. There is now an ARRAY of Wedding tab with a countdown clock on there for the Wedding Festival! So mark your calendar for October 2 from 12-6, whether you are part of a wedding, planning a wedding, in a business that services the wedding party in some form, or just attending a wedding! And we will have some exciting things for the guys that they don’t want to miss! Gates Four Golf and Country Club is going to be the amazing venue for this unique event, with lots of great door prizes! We have folks that are going to donate door prizes that aren’t going to be able to make it to the event. ARRAY is very proud that there will have a representative from Fayetteville Urban Ministries collecting donations of non-perishable items at the Wedding Festival. So for 2 or more non-perishable food items donated that day your name can go into the drawings for our thousands of dollars of door prizes a second time! It will be an amazing day! Be sure to like our ARRAY of Weddings Facebook page and keep up with our exhibitors and updates on our Wedding Festival. Remember to thank our advertisers by shopping with them and be sure to pick up your monthly copy of ARRAY. Our locations are increasing each month. so there should be a location near you, and if not go to our website and send us a message from there…on any topic! Also, send us your Senior Moment and activities and events for those 55 and older, where you can catch us on 105.7 each week. Thank you for our THREE YEARS and we look forward to many more!

Working to inspire others!


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1 NiGHt of MUSic & LOVE for FaPS

Friday, Oct. 7

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Shelter: 3927 Bragg Blvd. • Fayetteville, NC 28303 • 910-864-9040 • Hours: Tues.-Fri. 1-5pm, Sat. 11am-5pm, Closed Sun. & Mon. FAPS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. NC Charitable Solicitation License SL000743. CFC Code 46693.


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