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From the kitchen to the garden, this spring you can honor heritage in your home with everyday items.

CALIFORNIA EXTRA-VIRGIN This west-coast company was started by Aishwarya Iyer, a former venture-capitalist who left her job with a mission to create sustainable, small-batch olive oil. Containing nothing but cold-pressed, single-origin heirloom olives, each glass bottle of 100% extra virgin heirloom olive oil protects the contents with a UV-powder coating on the exterior. The design of the bottle itself was inspired by the cutouts in Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude. Whether it’s part of a spring vinaigrette or drizzled over a plate of fresh pasta, the bright and fresh notes in this heirloom olive oil makes all the difference in a dish. $37.


2 TOTE-ALLY CHIC The city’s plastic bag ban is the ideal reason to shop for a new carry-all that can hold everything you need while running all your necessary errands. Hand-made with locally-sourced grasses, this basket is the perfect tote for your farmer’s market or an ideal carryall for everyday use. Artisan weavers in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave each individual basket from thick, durable, and beautiful elephant grass. These Bolga baskets derive from the crafts center of Northern Ghana, in which the surrounding villages represent the largest producers of fair-trade straw baskets in the country. $68. Search for “Bohemian Market Basket” at


Muubs’ vision is to make long-lasting, honest, unexpected design with objects that age gracefully and express the beauty and intensity of nature. The Jar Lona is made solely with glass and copper, measuring nearly two feet tall. This decorative jar fits everywhere in the home. Use these to store your favorite kitchen pantry items like coconut flakes, chia seeds, steel-cut oats, or pasta. $50.


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