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Embrace your creative side with new, on-screen entertainment.

KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature Check out Yayoi Kusama’s latest project. With a profound connection to the natural world, Cosmic Nature is influenced by Kusama’s childhood, spent in the greenhouses of her family’s seed nursery. Studying themes of obliteration, infinity, and eternity, this work is backdropped with the colors and patterns at the New York Botanical Gardens 250-acre landscape. In order to enjoy the jawdropping splendor of the gardens and Kusama’s exhibit, this spring debut promises to be well worth the wait. Ticket purchases and exact dates for the exhibition are pending New York State’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, but this multisensory presentation has been rescheduled for the spring of 2021.

Akhnaten at the Metropolitan Opera In the performance world, the Metropolitan Opera is streaming the third installment of Phillip Glass’ Portrait Trilogy, which focuses on revolutionary figures from around the world. Entertainment meets history lesson in the composer’s inventive finale, which follows Akhnaten, an Egyptian pharaoh. The performance fuses an orchestra-conducted score with choreographed visuals and performances on stage for a mind-boggling sensory delight. Originally recorded in November 2019, the hypnotic performance is available via streaming from the Met Opera™ on Demand, which is available for Amazon Fire™ TV and Tablet, iPad®, iPhone®, Apple® TV, Android™, Roku™, and Samsung™ Smart TV.


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