Array Magazine - Spring 2019

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entors are not always iconic architects and interior designers. For designer Ray Booth, the look was no farther than home. “It all started with my mom who grew up in rural Georgia, outside of Atlanta, in an old house with no indoor plumbing and a wood burning stove. She would tell stories of running out to the outhouse and using Sears and Roebuck catalogue for logs.” he reflects. “Eventually she was sent to live with a distant family member (after her parents divorced) who lived in an antebellum home with a sweeping staircase and grand piano. She spent her entire time looking at beautiful houses and would take me on house tours as a child.” A self-professed “Mama’s boy,” Booth’s passion for beauty and the home was clearly a result of osmosis.

Left: Nashville and Manhattan interior designer Ray Booth Right: A circular periwinkle blue rug defines the parameters of the dining room. 24