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Amethyst Geode

Decorative Lead Skull

French Display Table

White Porcelain Elephant

Dating to the 15th century (or earlier), this gorgeous, glimmering geode from Uruguay stands nearly three feet tall and sparkles with deep purple crystals and a polished agate border.

This “memento mori”—a Latin expression for the remembrance and respect of mortality—is a rare and darkly beautiful piece of decor. The skull is cast from lead and originates from Austria, circa 1750.

Hailing from 19th-century France, this robin’s-egg-blue display table features a rectangular display case, accessorized with a handcarved wreath of flora and traces of antique-gold paint. Barley twist legs add to the charm.

A Chinese export from East India Company’s reign in the 19th century, this immaculate porcelain elephant stands upon a glowing fire-gilded bronze base.


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