Array Magazine - Spring 2016

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By Katie Doyle

By women, for women... These products—designed, sold or curated by the fairer sex—promise to add a punch of panache, productivity, and prowess to a day in the life of a lady.

01 Ethical Taxidermy Here’s a trophy animal of an entirely different sort. With a nod to whimsy, these friendly felt creatures turn taxidermy on its head. Hang these three species, all mounted on matching wood plaques, as a trio to add a rustic touch of humor to your child’s playroom. The menagerie will surely delight children and adults alike, especially your vegan friends. After all, no animals were harmed in the making of this product. 3–4 inches in diameter x 4 inches deep. $32 each.

02 A Fresh Take on Jerky

03 To the Moon and Back Though smart phones these days can take exceptional photographs, sometimes there’s just nothing like being behind (or in front of) a real camera—especially when it’s as sexy as this one. And this camera is a genius balance of beauty and brains. Hasselblad cameras have been around since World War II, but shot to fame when the astronauts of the Apollo mission used them for almost all of their photography in space. This special edition is outfitted with wood detailing and an Italian leather wrist and neck straps. The Hasselblad Stellar also includes a custom-fit lacquered wood box and velvet-like bag, so your camera can get some beautiful beauty rest when it shutters down. 4.3 inches (W) x 2.3 inches (H) x 1.4 inches (D). $2,195.


It will be a few months and many more temperature degrees until we see fresh, whole watermelons appear in grocery stores, but watermelon jerky is making the juicy pink fruit deliciously non-seasonal. Thanks to Sakara Life, purveyor of nutrition-packed raw vegan food favored by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigen, and the Victoria’s Secret Angels, this jerky is just a click away. There’s only one ingredient in that botanic beauty of a bag—100-percent pure, organic, dehydrated watermelon, leaving a chewy texture and a sweetly robust flavor. $11.

04 Flying First Class Though this Gold Tarmac stapler is stately enough to earn our admiration even without knowledge of its origins, its backstory is just as intriguing as its elegant contours and glam gold finish. The stapler arrives on your desk all the way from Cologne Mongeze, a city located just outside of Milan, but it’s more than just a gleaming globetrotting beauty. It’s also a product of excellence carefully assembled, inspected, and tested by specialists before flying out of Ellepi’s focused four-person factory. $60.

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