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By Katie Doyle

When it comes to gifting, it’s the thought that counts—but these unique finds are beautiful too.

CITY PET The pigeon might as well be Manhattan’s mascot, and this cast-iron, life-size pigeon is a charming nod to New York. Though pigeons might be seen as a nuisance in these parts of the woods, pigeons and humans have lived in close proximity for thousands of years, dating back to Mesopotamia in 3000 B.C., and the birds are in fact revered by many religions of the world. This pigeon will keep watch over your space, or, if you opt to put it to work, it can even stand as a door holder. Cast Iron Pigeon, $45 at

02 THE WAY OF TEA These days, tea is perhaps best known for its positive health benefits. But with its roots in Eastern traditions, tea has long since carried deeper meanings, symbolizing the art of consciousness and the joy of finding tranquility in the present moment, no matter what that moment bears. This mindfully-crafted teapot from Kikkerland is a beautiful way to imbue these qualities into your home. With double-walled glass that makes for safe and easy handling, its removable wire infuser allows you to brew the very best loose leaf tea while preventing the leaves from getting into your cup. Ora Teapot, $45 at

 Finally, protection for your iPhone that doesn’t detract from the beautiful design that made the product so famous in the first place. Indeed, this is the iPhone “case” for the anti-case folk, though this is not a “case” in the true sense of the word. It is a premium Argentinean leather backing that adheres to your phone; the adhesive will never leave a residue and is reusable. The leather back adds grip without bulk, and is available in a variety of vegetable-dyed shades. iPhone Leather Back
Vaja, $39 at


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The slipper’s been overdue for a 21st century re-design, and Mahabis is making it happen. Designed in London and made in Europe, these felt slippers are incredibly lightweight and lined with the softest lambswool with a balance of breathability and warmth. What sets these slippers apart, though, is the removable, interchangeable outer sole that allows for true indoor-outdoor wear, perfect for late-night dog walks or early morning latte runs. Mahabis Classic, $110 at

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