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AERO by Thomas O’Brien, Suite 1500 AERO is the combined creative studio and gallery of designer Thomas O’Brien. O’Brien is known for blending vintage modern elegance and serene classicism across interiors, architecture, garden, and product design collaborations. The legendary gallery offers refurbished traditional and modern antiques, fine art, housewares, and accessories, alongside O’Brien’s home furnishing collections. Archetypal Imagery Corp., Suite 419 Archetypal Imagery is dedicated to delivering unparalleled custom hardwood flooring in all categories, such as antique, modern, and classical. Archetypal is world renowned for its intricate end grain mosaic wood floors, parquets, and bespoke inlays, as well as super wide, super long plank wood floors. BRADLEY USA, Suite 802 BRADLEY is an innovative furnishings company specializing in artisan, American-made furniture and lighting, as well as a growing roster of emerging textile artisans. Jiun Ho at Dennis Miller, Suite 1208 Jiun Ho at Dennis Miller NY is an intimate, integrated, and personal environment conceived and designed to evoke the experience of home. The showroom features an edited selection of furniture/lighting designs. Lobel Modern, Suite 915 Lobel Modern showcases important vintage mid-20th century design focusing on exceptional craftsmanship and materials with an emphasis on furniture that crosses over into art. Lobel Modern also features talented contemporary artists and designers.



Crosby Street Studios, Suite 1303 (expanding) Since Tony Mott, Jim McFadden, and Nicholas Di Donato initially opened the doors to the Crosby Street Studios, it has served as a creative atelier for designers to work directly with the Crosby Street Studios’ staff on project-specific solutions for residential, commercial, and aviation interiors. With Mott, McFadden, and Di Donato’s considerable talent and industry experience, Crosby Street Studios has been able to provide clients with exclusive access to innovative and time-honored materials, technologies, and artisans from discrete sources worldwide. The firm, a partner of GoodWeave, enjoys long-standing relationships with loyal producers and suppliers of qualities in a variety of handmade products from The East to Western Asia, North and South America, as well as European boutique suppliers.

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