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Clockwise from top left: Workshop/APD kept the spaces light with a modern minimalist feel. Kline sourced building materials locally from the area. The overall design aesthetic is timeless, modern and most importantly functional. The furnishings were a mix of purchase and custom as Design Director Andrew Kline notes, “One of the cool things is we have architects, product and interior designers working across various project types.”

Kline also sourced local materials, designing with the environment and the climate in mind. “The joy of designing something appropriate for a unique spot is an aesthetic experience born out of a feeling for the site. It’s also important when you think of greenhouse gases and shipping. You have to ask yourself if using a stone from Turkey that is beautiful is worth it.” As a result, slate from Vermont and landscape boulders from the local area were used, and foam on the windows helped with solar heat. The design of the house is also a blueprint for the future. “It speaks to the way people have learned to live during COVID-19. The idea is, you have these spaces where families can be separate and be together, as the kids can play in the field house and dad can get a moment of peace with his golf simulator,” says Kline. “The sunroom is suitable for all seasons, and we created private spaces across dad’s office with a lounge and media space.” Kline feels that the house provides one of the biggest takeaways from the pandemic. “Take a moment to be outside, and your heart rate goes down.” He also feels that design in the future will be about the need for space for private work conversations.

“As spaces collapse, the dinner table has become an office, the bedroom a conference room, and there is the need to get outside and get a break, for your sanity.”