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By Cathy Whitlock

ARRAY recently asked architect, urban designer, and founding principal of his namesake firm Jonathan Marvel to gaze into his crystal ball and share his insights on the future. Named among Fast Company’s Most Creative People of 2019 and no stranger to urban development, he has transformed everything from public spaces, libraries, and museums to housing and large-scale mixed-use developments worldwide.

find a balance.” Marvel finds that it all translates into a revisit of the 40-hour-a-week concept, offering flexibility in terms of workplace and home and establishing a common space where people can celebrate being together. Creating open spaces with big high-top tables on wheels to arrange and rearrange also comes into play, allowing employees to experience the balance of working in “isolation mode” at their workstations.

“The pandemic loosened up our daily routine in such a radical way that it freed us to think differently,” Marvel notes about how COVID-19 has impacted his own workplace. “I’m very excited about the new world of choices and flexibility. We just finished an in-house survey of 115 people on life pre- and post-pandemic – where we work, how we get to work, what our hours are like, how is our productivity – and it’s fascinating to see the openings being made as we start to assess how we want to conduct ourselves in our practice and try to

“Our work is about bouncing creative ideas, so we want a lot of interaction, dialogue, and stimulation – it’s all about celebrating the ability to create your own group of people you want to work with.”

Marvel restored a US Navy machine shop for New Lab, a think tank for forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

All the spaces are divided between individual offices, shared workspaces and meeting rooms, and equipped with working windows and lots of daylight.