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Top Middle: Lewis helped found the Black Artists + Designers Guild, through which he curated Beyond the Mask: Storytelling in Black Art and Design. Photographed by David A. Land Top right: In the main living area, a large canvas by Ricardo Gonzalez hangs over a West Elm sofa and Tony Whitfield coffee table. Photographed by David A. Land

experienced over the years. “She was one of the most adventurous clients I’ve ever had, because she lived through all these periods that we’re now starting to collect,” Lewis says. “She really understood craft and the diaspora of design.” In his own home, Lewis is an eclectic collector but also a personal one. “I tend to not own work from people I don’t know,” he says. “If I find something I really love and have to have, I will call that artist up and have a discussion with them about the work.” His apartment is full of art and books; it’s a calling card for his philosophy of living with the objects and things that one loves.

When Lewis talks about what he sees in the future for the worlds of art and design, his vision is one of authenticity and inclusion. “I don’t love trends and I don’t love the word style, so I would hope we avoid those things when thinking of moving the industry forward,” he says.

“The only trend I hope is sustainable is that we are finally addressing inequity – that is long overdue.”