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By Cathy Whitlock

Design a Healthy Home: 100 Ways to Transform Your Space for Physical and Mental Well-Being Oliver Heath DK August 2021 192 pages $19.99 Design a Healthy Home simply tells it like it is, offering ways to make your humble abode the best it can be. British author and sustainability architect Oliver Heath’s practical, no-nonsense guide will help both homeowner and interior designer create interiors filled with calm and comfort. Heath offers 100 research-based ideas on ways to support your well-being, such as the use of reflective surfaces to brighten your space, replenishing the air to remove pollutants, and designing a tech-free, sleep-enhancing bedroom. Based on biophilic design research, the book offers guidelines for designing a nurturing environment, whether you’re in an apartment on a budget or reside in a mammoth estate. The epitome of userfriendly, Design a Healthy Home is divided into topics of light, sleep, planting, activities and color, pattern, and texture, presented in a coffee-tablebook format.

The Secret Life of the Modern House: The Evolution of the Way We Live Now Dominic Bradbury Ilex Press April 2021 352 pages $34 Architectural design journalist and author Dominic Bradbury delves into the evolution of the homes we live in today in his new book, The Secret Life of the Modern House. Our lifestyles and homes have changed dramatically over the past century as triedand-true traditional styles have given way to clean, modern, open-plan interiors. Bradbury follows the journey of the house from the 19th century to the 21st through eighteen thematic chapters. The work of pioneers of Art Déco and the Arts and Crafts movement are detailed, as well as that of Modernist luminaries Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, postwar innovators Eero Saarinen and Philip Johnson, and the practitioners of 21stcentury vernacular. Other themes include the works of Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, and John Lautner in chapters titled “California Dreaming” and “Houses of the Future.” The author does a deep dive into the progress of modernity and how we arrived at the style through the stories of 90 iconic houses and the architects who created them.

RETHINK Design Guide: Architecture for a Post-Pandemic World Edited by Nicola Gillen, Pippa Nissen, Julia Park, Adam Scott, Sumita Singha, Helen Taylor, Ian Taylor, and Sarah Featherstone RIBA Publishing February 2021 244 pages $34.95

Sustainable Minimalism: Embrace Zero Waste, Build Sustainability Habits That Last, and Become a Minimalist without Sacrificing the Planet Stephanie Marie Seferian Mango January 2021 320 pages $18.95 Becoming popular after World War II, the trend of minimalism gained major traction in the past decade. Credit the concept of eco-minimalism, whereby living with less goes hand in hand with saving the planet, and the rise of sustainable living for creating the lifestyle. Author Stephanie Marie Seferian, whose philosophy is one in which incremental minimalism is the key to sharing our planet, recommends that readers begin by “stepping back from the consumerist culture.” She believes that breaking the consumption cycle and stopping the addiction will result in the need for less storage. The book is an empowering and therapeutic holistic manual, offering a look at how to declutter and organize while saving the planet, ultimately improving one’s finances, and creating a stress-free, practical, zero-waste home. The result is a win-win proposition: a cleaner home and a healthier world.

Change is inevitable as architects and interior designers face the aftermath of life in a postpandemic world. Perfectly timed, RETHINK Design Guide pulls together experts in key architectural sectors of housing, workplace, hospitals, hospitality, education, and civic and cultural areas for insights on how to navigate the brave new world of design. The book also features client perspectives, looking at their needs as crucial for planning for the future. As the design world faces a new frontier in reinventing residential, hospitality, and workplace environments, the book offers a unique window to the future and is a must both for sole practitioners and for those working in large practices.





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