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Jayne Michaels (2Michaels) “My favorite thing right now is Richard Filipowski’s New Flame sculpture, from the Weinberg Gallery at NYDC. Filipowski’s mid-century sculptures are vibrant and unusual. He’s a bit under the radar, and for a collector this is good news. His pieces will only increase in value.”


Jessica Geller (id 810 Design Group, Inc.) “This photo of my grandfather and my father was taken at my dad’s bar mitzvah in 1959 and I have always been enamored by it. I love imagining the conversation between the two of them as they lit my dad’s first (and probably last!) cigar to celebrate this special occasion in his life. My grandfather looks so dapper in his white tux and reminds me of Cary Grant. I blew this photo up and it’s hanging on my wall amidst a gallery of other old family shots.”

“I am drawn to photography as art, and I especially love this piece “The Day Dream,” by Cig Harvey, because it is both architectural and emotional. What strikes me is both the symmetry and asymmetry of the composition, the lack of color, and the bold red color. And as with much of Harvey’s work, you can’t see the face of her subject, which leads to endless conversation and thought about who she is, and what she is feeling.”



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