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Inspired by the narratives, food and the outdoor life from around the US, these must-haves are both beautiful and practical additions to your daily life.

HAMMER TIME Danish Designer Roger Arquer has cracked the code of functionality and beauty with his ingenious nut cracker, which makes cracking a nut simpler and more stylish than ever. The sleek tool features a real wooden handle, along with a cast iron top and a black silicone holder. Place a nut in the silicone holder, attach the holder to the iron top, slam the hammer on a hard, even surface—and voila! Your cracked nut will be cleanly contained with the silicone holder. The nut cracker can be used for a variety of different nuts, from walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Available at:, $39.95


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FLOWER GROWLER With the growing trend for craft beer, you want a method of storing and pouring that matches. This 64 oz. Charcoal Stoneware Growler adds flair to your at-home bar with its smooth, silky finish and elegant lines and a sleek matte black exterior that makes any brown glass growler look basic. The red seal pops against the black stone and white lid, and the growler is easy to hold Fill it up at your local brewery and pour your guests a cold one with style. Not a beer fan? It makes a unique single-stem vase, too! Available at: $62

THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER Sharpen your shucking knife! For those who enjoy fresh oysters but find the process of shucking them messy and inelegant, the Littledeer Half-Sheller board is the perfect combination of design and practicality. Use the center of this solid maple wood tray to hold an oyster in place while you shuck it, and then arrange them around the edge to serve, with no chance of them spilling that all-important salty liquid. Wipe down the smooth surface and use for sushi or other snacks. Available at: product/half-sheller-board. $45

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