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By Jim Lochner

From a bird’s-eye view to under the sea designs that are (and on) off the wall.

01 Whale of a Tail Spanish artist Maximo Riera has created a striking set of animal-inspired chairs. Each richly upholstered black leather piece is made from compressed foam sections of high-dense polyurethane and contains an internal metallic frame, which holds the structure and weight of the composition. Each piece is manufactured to order, hand-built and hand-painted by a team of over 30 professionals. The Animal Chair Collection is a limited edition project and only 20 pieces of each chair will be produced. In addition to the Whale and Octopus chairs (shown), other animals available in the collection include Beetle, Rhino, Walrus, Toad, Elephant, and Hippopotamus. Prices range from approximately $53,000–120,000.


GAME ON The Tetris Chair’s playful design is inspired by the classic videogame and Deconstructivist architecture. Composed of five pieces made of recycled materials, this unique piece of furniture is reminiscent of the videogame translated into 3D, inviting you to become another piece of the puzzle. Also available in black and white. 36 inches x 27 inches x 27 inches. $3,000

03 SHELL SHOCK Created using a mathematical program and origami techniques, this beautiful Mendori Lamp is Japanese fashion icon Issey Miyake’s first lamp design. Made in Italy out of PET fibers sourced from plastic bottles, the gentle spirals of this seashell lampshade display the same tasteful elegance as Miyake’s pleated clothing designs. 17.5 inches x 19 inches x 19.75 inches. $1,200

04 UP LINKS These hi-tech cufflinks deliver cutting-edge connectivity to any mobile office. One cufflink houses a 2GB USB Flash drive to store digital files, while the second serves as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. Impress your coworkers at your next meeting, or use the cufflinks to discreetly avoid annoying additional Wi-Fi fees. Router is compatible with Windows and Mac. 7/8 inches x 3/4 inches. $249.95


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