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1) Cut the corners for the circles. They will be contrasting, two dark, two light.

2) Sew the 4 corners together with a Âź inch seam, with the matching fabrics opposite each other.

3) Press the seams open.

4) Place the freezer paper circle, wax side up over the back of the sewn together corners. Pin to secure the freezer paper. Gently press with the iron the end over an onto the freezer paper Âź inch.

5) Clip within a Âź inch seam allowance, if required, to insure that the pressed ledge is flat and consistent.

6) Place the pre-sewn log cabin block right side up on the table, orienting squarely or on point.

7) Arrange the prepared corners onto the top of the log cabin block. If it is to be on point, match the seams of the circle with the corners of the log cabin. If it is to be square, match the points of the log cabin square with the middle of the 4 corner pieces. 8) Blanket-stitch the circle to the square around the edge with invisible thread. Be sure to adjust the tension do that the bobbin thread stays under the surface of the finished block. Secure the end by either tying or by a lock stitch.

9) Trim away the excess of the log cabin block on the reverse, being careful not to cut into the corners.

12) Gently remove the freezer paper circle. You will be able to reuse this circle multiple times.

13) This is how finished blocks will look. One is on point and one is square to the circle.

14) These are the blocks before actually being sewn together into the complted quilt top. Note that the dark corners are all oriented in the same direction, but the interior log cabin blocks are randomly arranged.

How to place a log cabin block into a circle block  

Photos and step explaining how to make an unusual quilt block.

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