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Introduction The aim of this report will be to demonstrate and provide a detailed explanation on the conceptual though process behind ‘The movie booth. ‘ this will be demonstrated from how the idea was created ; the website wire frame and site navigation; target audience; and marketing techniques of how the company will build traffic and advertise the brand and services.

Key aims of ‘The movie Booth’: 

To revolutionise the way films are reviewed

To create a fun and unique data base of reviews for movie lovers

To have key differentiations from Movie reviews websites that already exist.

Mission The main mission for the movie booth is to bring a new exciting element to movie reviews. The Synergy team have found a gap in the market that we feel we can close by bringing this fresh, and forward thinking idea to life.

What is The movie booth? The Movie Booth is a conceptual design created for movie lovers to review and critique films after being viewed at the Cinema. There are two ways you can be done. The first, by uploading a 6 minute video or less of the film that you have just watched via your smartphone, tablet or laptop and submitting it onto the movie booth website by a downloading the app or accessing the website . This will be submitted onto the website by a press of a button. The second, by going into the booths which are set up on site in the cinemas and submitting it that way. Share with your friends and family by submitting your reviews onto Facebook and Twitter, by the press of a button! 5 year plan: Year 1 (2013)- Get the website and app maximum exposure; with a following of 12,000 people in the first 3 months. Year 2 (2014)- Focus on app content and bring in ÂŁ2,000 for advertising from sponsors Year 3 (2015)- Introduction to actual booths in the cinemas Year 4 (2016)- Expansion on different Cinema companies ( not only Odeon) Year 5 (2017)-Generate a consistent flow of traffic to both website and apps; with customers frequently using the booth on site in cinemas.

Primary research Primary research was conducted in the form of an online survey discovering the target audience for the Movie Booth review service. The survey had 150 respondents in total. This research will help to reach out to the consumer in the appropriate way. The questions that were asked are as followed: 1.Gender 2.Age 3.Employment status 4. How often do you use movie review websites? 5. 5. Would it be helpful to have a movie-video review system in local cinemas when deciding to watch a film? (You are able to submit a review yourself as well) This could be accessible at your local cinema or just an online service or both. 6. Would you like to submit your own video review that other people can access online globally? 7. What media platform would you most likely use the movie review system on? 8. In a couple of sentences, give your thoughts on being able to share video movie reviews, via online social networks.

THE RESULTS 60% of the respondents were female, with 86% of them being aged between 18-24 years old. Employment Status:

As a majority of the respondents were either students and employed or just students, and 86% were aged 18-24. This would suggest that the Movie Booth review website should target young adults as they would be the main consumer.

How often do you use movie review websites?

As a majority of respondents said they use movie review websites now and again, this suggest there is definitely a gap in the market for Movie Booth – as it can been seen as a fun way to share and watch reviews, and could encourage people to use review websites more.

Would you like to submit your own video review that other people can access globally?

As a majority of the respondents said no or not sure to sharing the videos globally, this could suggest that Movie Booth can be only accessed in the UK.

What media platform would you most likely use the movie review system on?

As there are so many different media platforms to access websites on nowadays, the results to this question would suggest that an app for Movie Booth would be a success as most respondents would either use it on the computer at home or on their Smartphone.

For the last question we asked respondents to comment on being able to share the videos of movie reviews through social networking sites, and here are some of the responses:

“I'm not interested in the opinions of the general public

“I listen to what my friends say about films rather then a random person, as i can rely on there choice of film.”

when it comes to reviewing films, I want to know who is reviewing the film so I can get a better idea of their understanding of film. Certain journalists know film and review them well, others don't. The general public, on the whole, have no idea about film which is probably why so many bad films make money these days. I wouldn't go to the cinema before deciding to see a film, I would go to the cinema to see a particular film. There are so many awful films at the moment that going to the cinema is no longer a default night out, research is required before going to the cinema to avoid wasting money on a crap film.”

“It could get very crowded when not regulated via a company's website. It would be good if people could submit their videos instead to company and the company choose the best 10 everyday and post it on their social media page. Some people probably won't take it seriously.”

Target market According to Mintel 2012, The typical cinemagoer, is equally likely to be a man or a woman, and drawn mainly from the younger age groups, peaking among 16-24s and students, while they are also more likely to be from the higher-earning households and the ABC1 socio-economic groups. When marketing to this selected audience, it was important to find out what means of technology they used most frequently and also the social platforms. Synergy realised that that by knowing this, it would make customer engagement easier when launching the movie booth. The evidence backed up from the survey presented data that made this clear.

Website Website goals Serve The movie booth aims to provide a unique and enjoyable experience to its uses, ultimately bringing customer satisfaction. The website will remain up to date with the data base of movies. Also the blog will provide customers with latest deals/ offers. Speak The ultimate goal is to create a community of fans of the movie both. This will be achieved through the sign up page. Also through users being able to comment on blog post on blog posts Sizzle The movie booth offers both a web and mobile experience. Being able to comment, share, like and critique different movie reviews. The Movie booth can track data that costumers put to their personal profile. Sell Selling advertising space for Odeon on the website and app.

Website design The main objectives of the website design are: 

Content expansion

Customer acquisition

Customer expansion

Site navigation

Links clearly displayed for other links in the website

Logo displayed large for users to see straight away.

Pictures change to most recent films currently out.

Having a clear navigation around the website was fundamental to the design. When creating it , the style was made in a simple format to create ease of use for the user.

Aesthetics The design of the logo captures the personality of the brand. The Logo demonstrates how people themselves become the ‘camera’ when watching a film; in order for them to retain information and speak about their movie experiences. The Logo is placed in a position that stands prominent to visitors to the site. The colours also remain coherent to the branding and the theme throgout. The website has been designed so that font is clear and easy to read; with the text standing out against the background.

Desciption of what the website is, giving users the ability to get a deeper underanding of how to use it

Clear description of staff and who we are.

Drop down box giving further options . ‘meet the team’ and ‘our clients/’

Website Goals Online value proposition Content Content is uploaded that is meaningful and relevant for movie lovers. This will be updated by experts who know the ins and outs of film Customisation The Movie booth provides a unique experience, giving users features which are customised for them. For example, ‘Your movie booth’ page which has a collection of relevant reviews and data for the specific user. Community Community is a majpr focus point. The main aim of this is to create a sence of community for users who have signed up to the website.

Choice Users have the choice of viewing a range of genres of movie reviews; from comedy to thrillers. Convenience The convenience of having a vast amount of movie reviews all in one place is great for users.

Aesthetics The design of the logo captures the personality of the brand and is prominent for visitors to see as soon as they access the site. The colours throughout the website are coherent to the theme of the website; with font easy and clear to read.

Home page The homes page shows the latest films that are current and out in the cinema at the time displayed. This will be updated frequently to bring customers a high quality standard. This is demonstrated boldly in the centre of the home screen. All important news and the latest reviews are placed below this; with links to social networks also on the screen. Links to other section s of the website are clearly displayed, with hyper link to the sign up button clearly displayed.

Mobile application The Movie Booth will be optimised for mobile application. The app will allow users to submit their video reviews on the go.

APP VALUE PROPOSITION Content The content that will be displayed will be from movie goers by movie goers, who can submit their reviews from the submit button. Customisation The app is customised by giving users recommendations of films based on movies in which they have reviewed. Also from reviews they have liked and shared. This makes it more personal for the user. Community The movie booth app is linked to popular networking sites, Facebook and Twitter to allow users to share their reviews via these channels. Choice The app is optimised for iOs, Android and Blackberry. Convenience The app shows the closest Odeon cinemas in the users local area as well as movie starting times.

APLLICATION DESIGN Customer acquisition Allowing users to share and critique each others reviews using Facebook and Twitter Customer retention The app keeps users up to date with the very latest movies out in the cinema; giving prompts if they have a successful review. Customer expansion Users will have their own log on details. This will keep data they have commented, shared or liked. Ease of use The app is simple to use with clear and precise instructions

Sign in

Mobile application Aesthetics The app is a reflection of the main sight, keeping to detail in terms of colouring scheme and font. These factors remain the same for the smartphone application. The dark background which is reminiscent of being in a movie theatre remains the theme throughout. However, bold white writing and the blue glow help to illuminate the lettering set against the background, making it easy for users to find their way around the website. Customer orientation The homepage contains three links to the different sections of the app. This makes it easier for users to find links they are looking for. The three different sections are sign in, watch and submit. Interaction The user is able to select what networking platform they wish to use to share their video submission on. This is a key theme throughout the app and will be made easy by having the icons present in all pages of the app. Usability The design is kept simple throughout the app to make usability easy. Personal profiles of users are easy to access and are simply password protected.


Competition There are currently two ,main movie review websites available for users. These are IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes. However unlike ‘The movie booth’ they do not have a video review function. Comparisons Both IMBD and rotten tomatoes allow users to review and critique movies in the original format (typing). However The movie booth allows this to be done via video. Although there are strong comparisons; the unique feature sets the company aside from the rest. Also, having the booths actually set up in cinemas is an idea which makes The movie booth even more unique.

E-PR Electric PR according to; is mostly the strategically planned use of internetbased and new media tools and technologies to build and to maintain a dialogue (Two-way communication) between an organization and its publics. ePR also offers a major contribution to manage online crisis, when social media and online reputation are impacted. Some of the Epr tools used by professionals include, social networking sites, eNewsletters, electronic press room, smartphone applications, search engines, podcasts and e-mail. The Movie booth will team up with Odeon Cinemas. They will feature us in their weekly magazine to spread the word of the apps and the forthcoming booths that will be set up with them. The communication with movie goers and ‘The Movie Booth’ will be established to help built ‘Brand Journalism’ and help build up a strong relation with the customers. This will be done in stages.

Facebook Four weeks prior to the actual launch of The movie booth, an online campaign on Facebook will be set up. This will also have a link to The Movie booths official twitter page so the company can start to obtain followers. It will involve movie lovers to submit video reviews to the Odeon official Facebook website. The campaign will be tracked by the amount of likes and shares acquired by visitors to the page. The winner will win a free Odeon yearly pass, with unlimited popcorn. The winner will also have their review submitted as the first review onto The Movie booth website.

Twitter Alongside the Facebook campaign, The Movie Booth will run an official Twitter page, keeping followers up to date with developments with the concept and the launch date. Followers can engage with the followers; answering any questions and enquires about it.

E-Newsletters E-newsletters will be sent to followers who sign up to the website. Keeping them up to date with weekly updates on all the latest news and events taking place. Followers will also be sent money vouchers/ coupons to use in Odeon Cinemas.

Blog The Movie Booth blog will focus on most watched reviews from consumers, and will be put on the blog and shared across social networking platforms. The blog will also include updates to the website, latest offers at cinemas and any competition the Movie Booth will host. The blog will also encourage other high-profile film bloggers to comment on the site but asked them to write reviews on films for Movie Booth – in return we will promote them as a blogger and their blog site. The aim is to get the blog and website shared by as many influential people possible, so the Movie Booth gains as much digital coverage as it can. The Movie Booth website blog will have a layout similar to a personal blog like, Blogger or WordPress, as we want to encourage a personal, informal, friendly atmosphere to the blog. This will include humorous movie review uploads from users of the site, out-takes to movies, and updates that are being made to the Movie Booth website The Movie Booth Blog will appear on this page of the website, with a black, white and sky blue theme.

This can be used as an example of a personal blog hosted by WordPress, which Movie Booth will adopt.

Database plan The database is core to any business, where customer’s details are stored confidentially, and can be contacted with newsletters and relevant news and updates. The first steps in creating a database are producing a plan that acts as a guide when implementing the database and as a functional specification. A database can be simple and designed by use by a single person, or it can be bigger and more complex, for example; holding consumers bank details and storing payment transactions. The database for The Movie Booth, it is going to be on a smaller scale where consumers details such as, name, usernames, address (for demographical purposes), email address and password will be stored by also videos of consumers giving reviews on the latest films they have watched. The videos will be available to watch online globally by viewers.

GATHERING INFORMATION The information that will be collected from The Movie Booth website will be through a ‘Sign Up’ form and will be electronically stored in the websites database. Customers full name, username, password, address and email address will be stored and collected so they can return to the website and log in using the relevant details. Customers will also be able to retrieve their password or username if they forget it. Using the Odeon website as an example for a sign-up that will be enforce on the Movie Booth website.

Our website will have a simple sign-up form, which can be completed in under a minute.

Database plan Some other keys points that need to be taken into account when designing and managing our database are; 

 

Ensuring the design allows customers data to be accessed more efficiently. Ensuring the data is accurate and up to date. Making sure customer data is well protected from attacks by inside and outside the business. There must be a data back-up and recovery system, making sure that the data can be restored onto another database in case of a system failure. The performance of the database must always be controlled to

Advertisement Because of the initial exclusivity of being in partnership with Odeon cinemas, The Movie booth will be advertised within the Odeon domain.

Free magazine The free magazine will be the starting point for The movie booth. Having a page dedicated to an advertising slot for the company will bring awareness to movie goers. Also a slotted segment on the trailers of the films when shown to audiences. Odeon website The Odeon website will have The movie booth advertised on their main page, for customers to clearly see when they access it.

Advertising the movie booth

Email– marketing The method Movie Booth has used works to encourage the consumer to sign-up and become a member of the site but also to upload their video review of films that they have watched.

Opt-in Emails The way in which this can be achieved is through opt-in email newsletters which will update the consumer with any changes to the website, any new reviews which have been trending on the website. An example of this is, if a particular video review has received plenty of views in a short space of time – it will be posted in the email newsletter so it can be widely promoted to other users on the Movie Booth website.

Saving money This marketing technique is cost-effective and allows us to directly message the consumer and grab their attention – also encourage them to share the website online and also become a returning user.

Personalised for the customer Emails sent out to customers will be personalised for them. Customers will be addressed by their name and also will have relevant news for them, for example; certain film genres that interests them and alerts them when new reviews have been uploaded for films they might like to see in the cinema

Search engine marketing Search Engine Marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves promoting a website for it to have a higher rank in a search engine and be more visible to consumers. Search Engine Optimisation is also used with Search Engine Marketing to produce taglines and phrases on a website so it can be found easily on a search engine website such as, Google or Yahoo.

Recommendations To increase the Movie Booth website’s SERPs (Search Engine Resulting Pages), we plan on having the website feature on major cinema websites such as, Odeon and Cineworld, and would like to be recommended as a useful movie review site which will attract customers to the cinema website but also Movie Booth.

Keywords For effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), short but relevant keywords and phrases have been placed on the websites pages so consumers can easily search for the website and discover what they are looking for: The keywords and phrases will consist of; „movie reviews‟ „film reviews‟ „movie booth review‟ „movie booth app‟

One click links

For the Movie Booth website we have designed it so consumers only have to click once to go to the page they desire. This will improve traffic building on the website because it will make it more accessible for the consumer and easier to find what they are looking at. If customers want to view another page of the website they just have to click the link on the head mast of the website layout as it appears on every page. Head mast of the website which appears on every page so the consumer just has to click once to go through to the page they want to view.

Finance Years 1-5 Revenue and profit


Cinema sponsorship


Online advertising Labour cost Material cost Database cost App for tablet and smartphone Unit price Total fixed costs Total Revenue Profit and loss

The Movie booth will initially be sponsored by Odeon, with the use of bank loans also. This will begin on a smaller scale as we will not have major funding at the beginning. By having Odeon advertise on the main page of the website will bring the Movie booth extra funding and also drive traffic to The Odeon website. This section will be explained in more detail in the presentation part of this report. It will demonstrate the facts and figures used when planning for this design concept. The movie booth will use a cash flow chart to determine the price of the elements that will ultimately make the financial plan ( as seen above) This will be done through a five year plan, demonstrating what the profit and loss will be for each year.

Conclusion To conclude from all the research and data that was collected by Synergy, we believe that The movie booth has great potential to become a great design concept. There is defiantly a gap in the market for a concept like this that can successfully drive traffic and revenue. The website and app are targeted well to the demographic and is backed up by a strong 5 year plan and financial analysis.

References Frost, A.. (2013). Personal blog. Available: Last accessed 09/05/2013. IMBD. (2013). IMBD home. Available: Last accessed 1st May 2013. MSDN. (2013). Designing Databases. Available: (v=sql.105).aspx. Last accessed 07/05/2013. Mintel. (2012). Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Computers - UK - August 2012. Available: Last accessed 29th April 2013. Stephaneprudhomme. (2013). what are Electronic Public Relations (ePR)? Available: http:// Last accessed 29th April 2013.

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