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Architect Pamela Paulino Fernández (2007 ‟ 2011)


Professional Experience --------------------- Pag. 1-2

2. Projects: Zipper Project ------------------------------ Pag. 3-5 Medical Facility ----------------------------- Pag. 6 Anacaona Apartment Building ---------- Pag. 7 Cultural Center ----------------------------- Pag. 8 Church “New Temple” ---------------------- Pag. 9 Urban Design “Ozama River” ------------ Pag. 10 Family House in Baní ---------------------- Pag. 11 College Internship (CONABESA) ---------- Pag. 12 College Architectural Thesis Project -- Pag. 13-15 Exterior Mural (Painting project) ------- Pag. 16 Photograph Book --------------------------- Pag. 17 Sample Work Bello & Diaz--------------- Pag. 18 Town Park in “La Caleta” ----------------- Pag. 19

3. Profile: Academic Experience & Tech Courses --- Pag. 20 Personal Experience & Activities ---------- Pag. 21 Architectural Experience ------------------- Pag. 22-23 Personal Information & References ------- Pag. 24

4. Architectural Personal Hypothesis ------- Pag. 24


„Bello & Díaz, Ingenieros Consultores (Present Job) Supervision and construction of 2nd Subway Line Stations from Metro de Santo Domingo. (Since April 2010, until current date)

RESPONSABILITIES: • In charge of As-Built plans, modifications to

Professional Experience

the architectural design of the stations; also keeping records and archives of the received drawings on sections 9 to 12. • In charge of proof and tests of concrete elements (company lab). Weather control along the Metro line Is also one of my responsibilities.

• In charge of the daily record activities and photographic checkups of the stations construction progress.


„Constructora Acosta Bello S.A. (CONABESA) Supervision of projects under construction in Santo Domingo and Bávaro (College Internship). From September 2008 to March 2009


Professional Experience

• In charge of construction timing and delivery schedule, supervising several projects developed by the company. • In charge of constructive plans modifications on villa projects, located in Cap Cana. Also drawing furniture, closets, kitchens, bathrooms and landscape details. • “Utility personal” preparing projects proposals and presentations on architectural and construction contest, concerning the company.


PROJECTS Project: Urban Renovation Contest. Zipper Project Location: Former Barahona’s Airport Land Concept: Urban Territorial unification throughout frameworks, creating a “zipper effect”. Description: Urban Contest sponsored by the JICA and CONAU, to produce a renovation of the center of Barahona through it’s urban and architectural revitalization. Period: End Design V, beginning design VI

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez

On this project, we focused on modifying the area as a piece of the general intervention. Changing land use and creating a set of normative as a start point on the development of the project throughout time.


One of the project’s attractive points is the creation of a trail system as an intern way of transportation. Followed by walk sides and bicycle rail.

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Street section

PROJECTS Project: Urban Renovation Contest. Zipper Project (Scenarios) Scale of the public spaces has been maintained due to the application of perception techniques such as retrieving buildings from the streets and sidewalks as they grow in high. On the other hand, the scale of urban furniture used in the project and the trees, makes the user have different experiences through the entire journey across the areas of the complex.

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


PROJECTS Project Medical Facility Location: Ave. Lincoln Concept: Service Integration and space direction. Description: Medical building (7 levels), including a restaurant, parking and handling spaces. Period: Design VI (Co-work with Architect Laura ChahĂ­n Cairo) Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Project: Anacaona Apartment Building Location: Ave. Anacaona Concept: Nuclear support structure with windmills energy proposal, focused on space comfort Description: 25 floors Apartment Building with recreation and entertainment spaces. Period: Design VII


Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


PROJECTS Project Cultural Center Location: Ave. Mรกximo Gรณmez Concept: Proportional Rhythm and Direction Description: Multidisciplinary cultural center to help revitalize Mรกximo Gomez Avenue (in front of the Olympic Center). Destined to bring life to an area known by it's sportive importance. Period: Design VII Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez

Relevance to planimetric elements: Functionality and space distribution. The constant use of this cultural complex attempts to contribute to the revitalization of the area.


Project Church “New Temple” Location: Quinto Centenario, Sto. Dgo. Concept: Loft. Multiple use of the building by creating unique spaces. Description: First Independent Baptist Church Design “La Fe”. Period: First Independent design work (2008) Progress: Approval Process of Definitive Plans


Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Mar Caribe

(Section: Puente de la 17) Concept: Limit, as a multiple use space generator. Description: Urban Project: Reconstruction and Revitalization, focused on the Ozama River Shore, designed in 8 different sections (8 different people). Period: Design VIII

Intervention Area

Project: Urban Design “Ozama River� Location: Ozama River


Green Space Proposal

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


PROJECTS Project: Family House in BanĂ­ Location: Catalina, BanĂ­ Concept: Comfort Description: Two stories town house, destined to be a temporal accommodation for Christian tourists. Period: Second independent Project Progress: Construction Period 2009 Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Project: College Internship (CONABESA) Location: Cap Cana, Gazcue,, Privada St. Responsibilities: General construction supervisor and confection of As-Built plans. Description: Mandatory college internship of 180 0hours. During my time in CONABESA, I completed 360 hours). Period: 2008 - 2009


Villa Cayuco, Cap Cana. D.R.

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Concept showpiece

Concepts and Images

PROJECTS Project: Architectural Thesis Project Location: Villa Mella, Sto. Dgo. Norte Title: Architecture as a Result of Surroundings Concept: rhythmic tension Description: Semi-urban project (Congo Parade). Socio-cultural unification of the Congo of Villa Mella, contained in a “Interactive Cultural Museum�. Period: Final Project for Architecture Degree (2009) Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez

Perceptive Collage


This project was presented at the

“Bienal Nacional de Arquitectura 2010”

Intersection: Charles de Gaulle Ave.; Jacobo Majluta Ave.; Hermanas Mirabal Ave.

(National Architecture Bienal 2010) Under “College Degree Thesis” classification.


Project: Architect Degree Final Project (Concepts and Scales)

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez

The Conclusions thrown by the study of preexisting plans of the area, produced recommendations for the final intervention proposed of the project.


Master plan (Approach)


Project: Architect Degree Final Project (Architectural Approach)

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez



Drawn personally in one and a half month (half time job)

Project Mural

Location: Town House in Santo Domingo (Personal Residence) Concept: Family Relationships Description: Exterior Wall Mural (40m long aprox.) done with acrylic paint Period Personal Project post Thesis I 2009 Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Pictures taken by a semi-professional camera. Some, modifyed digitally.

PROJECTS Project Personal Photo Album Titled: “Lend ’s interest” Location: Different interesting places (National and International) Concept: Natural, Personal and Architectural Lends. Description: Photo album. Pictures taken at different points of my life and activities. Period: Personal Project post Thesis II 2009 Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Bello & Diaz: Supervision work Project: Supervision of stations No. 9, 10, 11 and 12. Second line Metro de Santo Domingo Responsibilities: Supervision, y confection of As-Built plans and finish process. Period: April 2010 â€&#x; to present date


Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


PROJECTS Project: Town Park Location: La Caleta, Santo Domingo (Boca Chica) Concept: Spatial fluency, communitarian expression and interaction with the environment Description: Small Town park designed with materials from the area to reduce costs and damage to the environment. Period: Third independent project Progress: On hold for Legislation approval Period: 2010

Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez


Academic Experience & Technical Courses: •


Basic Revit (Jorge Ventura and Eddy Carlo, Architects)




2000 ‟ 2004:

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) Architect Degree Advanced Autocad (Architectural Desktop) rquigraf, Colegio Evangélico Central

High School Degree


Casa de Italia

Basic Italian •


1988 ‟ 2000:

Basic Autocad (Architectural Desktop) Arquigraf, Sto. Dgo. Colegio Dominico Español

Midle School

1992 ‟ 1998:

Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano Advanced English


Basic Computer Systems Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano

1999 ‟ 2002:

Aliance Française du Saint Domingue French


Personal Experience & Activities: Volunteer Work:


• Co-Director of the Architecture Student Committee. Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) • Volunteer work at MEBI’s (Evangelic Baptist Independent Mission) Annual Kids Camp Bonao, La Vega, Santo Domingo • Designated translator on “Compassion International” fieldtrips. Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic.

Other Activities: •Classic Valet Lessons (Escuela de Danza Lorenzo Piantinni, 1990 ‟ 1993) •Swimming Lessons (Centro Olimpico & Hotel Dominican Fiesta 1992 ‟ 1994) •Volleyball player (High School, 2000 ‟ 2004) •Piano Lessons (2004) •Tennis Lessons (Centro Olimpico, 2011)


Architectual Experience: Contests:


1. Participation on the “Decima Bienal de Arquitectura 2010”, Category: Architect degree. Project: “El Ente Arquitectónico Como Resultado Perceptual del Entorno” (Architecture as Perceptual Result of Surroundings) Work Exposition. Museo de Arte Moderno, Sto. Dgo. D.R. 2. Phograph Contest “Calendario Pinturas Popular 2010”. Santo Domingo, DR.

Awards: • Excellence Award for participating on the Renovation of Urban Center (Contest): Project Zipper. (Barahona, Sponsored by COANU and JICA) Award given by Mr. Agrispino Núñez Collado, during the Annual College Award Celebration of PUCMM RSTA.


Architectural Experience: Conferences and Workshops: „ 2004, ENEFA (National Encounter of Architecture Schools and Faculties). Universidad Central del Este, San

Pedro de „

Macorís, RD. (Workshop)

2006, Contemporary Japanese Architecture

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (RSTA) (Conference)


„ 2007, ENEFA (National Encounter of Architecture Schools and Faculties) Universidad Autónoma de Santo

Domingo (UASD) Workshop 2007, Renovation of Urban Center (Contest):

„ Project Zipper.(Barahona, Sponsored by COANU and JICA) Barahona, D.R. „ 2007, Seminario Caribe Plural (Plural Caribbean Seminar) Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y

Maestra (PUCMM) „

2007, Green Environment ‟ Architecture (Seminar)

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) „

2008, El Vedado: Habana, Cuba (International Conference)nCasa de Italia, Santo Domingo, DR. „ 2010, Conferences and workshops at “Bienal de Arquitectura 2010” Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo

omingo. D.R


Personal Information: Name ID: Marital Status: Nationality: Age: Profession: Contact


Pamela Paulino Fernández 225-0021681-1 Single Dominican 24 years old Architect Cell. 849-353-1986 Res. 809-568-5160 Off. 809-563-5512/809-565-7547 Mail.

Leyda Brea, Architect


Director of the Architecture Department at PUCMM Contact: Office: 809-535-0111, ext. 2268. Cell: 809-696-2446 ;

Gabriel Ardila, Architect Co-founder of Architectural Development Studio and professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. (pucmm) Contact: Cell: 809-224-2276;

Norys Bello, Engineer President and General Director of Acosta Bello Construction Company (CONABESA). Contact: Office: 809-566-9434;

Domingo Abreu, Architect Design Professor at PUCMM, and active member of the sustainable development of Dominican Republic. Also young communicator. Contact: Cell: 809-547-7603;

Atilio de León, Architect Doctor in architecture, and active member of the Dominican Architects Society. Contact: Cell: 809-707-0174;


Architecture must be an improved reflection of it’s environment, where space interacts with the surrounding elements, and may be read as part of the whole urban complex. Land use and every activity done in the area are an important part of the initial projection of the design, influencing on the typology of the edifications, it’s distribution and function.

Architectural Personal Hypothesis Architect Pamela Paulino Fernandez

To approach the architectural design, preexisting elements (perceptive and physical) must be taken from the surroundings. Nevertheless, new elements must be added, managing them so that the composition is not seen as an inserted object, but as something perceptually integrated.



Architecture work

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