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This work intends to highlight the purposes and mechanisms related to the insertion of architectural patrimony into the dynamics of governmental and corporate communications, according to marketing logics of dynamic corporate image and the possible patrimonial “risks” incurred from patrimonial interventions subordinated to communication strategies. It consists in an attempt to understand the patrimony as a result and tool for games of social agents forces. The architectural patrimony and its appropriations constitute strategic media element, part of a complex system of communication that corporations and governments have been investing into for the creation of positive corporative images next to the public opinion, focusing in fortifying their images by establishing cultural and collective symbols of the city. A chart of difficulties of the public financing favors alternatives and strategies based in partnerships between public and private in the management of the cities, positively strengthening governmental images (idea of commitment, participation and efficiency) as corporate (social responsibility). The inquiry of the relations and appropriations of the architectural patrimony by strategies of governmental and business communications, helps in the development and explicitness of the double media dimension of the cities in the contemporary context, marked by the globalization, new technologies and the "domination and invasion" of the market in several spheres of the human life. The relative inquiries to these relations and nexuses can assist in the understanding of the use of the architectural patrimony as legitimator of these speeches and demonstrate these dynamics and their consequences, constituting an exercise in articulating analytical processes and practical processes in the conformation of the dimension “city-media” opening a field for debate on cultural patrimony and its politics, inserted in the dynamic and impacts of several interests and social agents.

Keywords: Culture Patrimony, City, Strategic Communication, Public Politics, Midiacity.


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