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Rosรกrio Fragoso Alas Architecture & Interiors

Executive Summary  Holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, from Witwatersrand University – Johannesburg, (South Africa) graduating in 1988.  Has over 20 years experience leading Architectural, Interior Design and Interior Decorating projects in Portugal and abroad.  Started her career in South Africa for the Sage Group before coming to Portugal in 1993 to work for the Câmara Municipal de Barcelos. Moved to Lisbon in 1996 to shortly collaborate with the Intercabo SA before starting her own business in 1997 called Arquistyle Lda, operating mainly in the Estoril Coast and Lisbon area, during the following 10 years.  Decided to move to the Algarve in 2007 where she has been leading or developing several Interiors decorating projects within the Golden triangle area, for private and corporate clients, collaborating with prestigious interior designer Maria Raposo in Quinta do Lago.  Rosario’s distinctive traits are her exceptional organizational and efficiency skills, coupled with years of experience in AutoCad, Google Sketchup, Photoshop and Corel Draw software to maximize her productivity levels.  Her transversal expertise in Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Decoration represent an added value to her clients, compounded by her “hands-on” skill set onsite that drives the projects to timely completion at the required high quality levels.

 Another important asset for her clients and suppliers is that Rosário is fluent in both Portuguese and English, with knowledge of French.  Member of the “Ordem dos Arquitectos” – Nº 4779

Boliqueime, Algarve – Email: – Telm: 933 300 139

Profile, Style and Influences  Profile:  Professional client briefing and execution of project;  Strong commercial and communication skills that translates into a high rate of business closing;

 Good organizational skills and attention to details;  Good site co-ordination and liaison between the various specialties involved in the project;  Interpersonal skills.

 Favored Style:  High-tech architecture  Functional, contemporary Interiors

 Influences: Frank Lloyd Wright

Guggenheim – New York

Philippe Starck

Falling Waters - Pennsylvania

Restaurant Ramses- Madrid

Hotel Melrose Arch – South Africa

Boliqueime, Algarve – Email: – Telm: 933 300 139

Latest Achievements

Architecture Interior Design


Interior Decorating Site Supervision

 Private Projects:

 Corporate Contracts:

 Penthouse at Parque Expo

 Hotel Baia - (Cascais, Portugal)

 Villa in Quinta do Lago

 Restaurant Nood - (Lisbon, Portugal)

 Apartament in Algés

 Café Coliseu - (Lisbon, Portugal)

 Villa in Vale do Lobo

 Marina Café - (Oeiras, Portugal)

 Villa in Vilamoura

 Hotel Conrad, Palácio da Quinta (Quinta do Lago, Portugal)

 Semi-detached Vila in Cascais

 Apartament no Estoril

 Published work:

 Home in Austrália  Villa in Madeira Island  Rural house in Alentejo  Rural house in Pintada (Evora)

 Apartment Building in Cascais

     

“Casa Décor 2003” event in Cascais Apartment in magazine Grazia Deco Rural house in magazine Casa Claúdia Apartment in Algés in Grazia Deco Semi-detached Vila in Revista Activa Cover of Máxima Interiores for house in Quinta Marinha

Boliqueime, Algarve – Email: – Telm: 933 300 139

An historical landmark of Cascais ! Not only the interiors of this hotel were outdated and needed a more up-to-date look, but the renovations involved the creation of new conference rooms, lounge area and all service areas.

The existing spaces needed to be re-organized to meet the new needs of the clients - conference rooms, a new bar, re-furbish the existing restaurant, new reception area and most importantly, the exlibris of the hotel, the Esplanade that faces the sea.

Corporate contracts

Hotel Baia, Cascais (1/2)

This project lasted almost 2 years, being that all work had to be phased out as to minimize the impact on the commercial activities of the hotel. Therefore, the architectural, spatial and Interior design specifications were being projected in parallel as to the ongoing site supervision of the building work.

Corporate contracts

Hotel Baia, Cascais (2/2)

Corporate contracts

Restaurant Nood Nood is an Asiatic inspired, noodle bar. The food is healthy and simple.

The space had to project the positive eating attitude of the restaurant. The restaurant is situated near the centre of Lisbon, on the ground floor of an office block. The interiors had to be “moulded� into a restaurant space with all the technical and working specifications required. The colours for the interiors, are red and white, based on the logo.

Restaurant - Bar Marina CaffĂŠ

Not wanting to leave out the strong nautical connection with the location, various elements were used, such as the shades of blue in the mosaic of the bar, wooden floors and the ceiling which has white triangular forms, remembering white sails. The circular glass inserts on the doors as well the wall lights remind us of portholes. Special care was taken in choosing the outdoor furniture, as this is a space that will be used extensively in sunny weather.

Corporate contracts

Opened to the public during the day as well as at night, serving snacks, light meals and a variety of sophisticated cocktails. Dark colours on the walls and indirect lighting, helped to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. A video wall, displaying musical DVD’s creates dynamism and interaction with the patrons. .

The interior of an old building was restored, safeguarding the original and interesting features of it's architecture. The interiors, are contemporary and light to allow these features to shine through.

Corporate contracts

CafĂŠ Coliseu

Hotel Apartments for Colours were to be subdued and soft. The atmosphere was to be “Cool and sophisticated”.

Corporate contracts

The brief was that the apartment should be contemporary with some design “pieces”, example, and the Barcelona chairs.

Corporate contracts

Penthouse at Parque Expo

Re-design of the whole top floor of two apartment blocks, which were to be joined.

Private Projects

The client wanted an extensive garden area, outdoor entertainment area, including a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym.

A contemporary house, in terms of architecture, but the clients did not want the interiors to be overly modern.

Private Projects

I opted for simple lines and bright colours to create a happy medium

Corporate contracts

Villa in Quinta do Lago

Private Projects

Corporate contracts

Villa in Vale do Lobo (1/2) This is a holiday home for a young couple with 2 children. My work included all the interior design (bathrooms, kitchen, false ceilings etc.), site supervision for all the interior work, as well as the interior decorating.

Private Projects

Corporate contracts

Villa in Vale do Lobo (2/2) The client's brief was that the interiors had to be all white ( a stark contrast with their home in England) with just a splash of color.

My challenge was to make the interiors interesting and cozy (with limited use of color). The house has huge windows, so we had to control the glare factor, without blocking the natural light.

Private Projects

Corporate contracts

Villa in Vilamoura A young family´s holiday home. A practical and fun interior.

Villa in Madeira Island The requirement was to have a comfortable and relaxed ambience, not too contemporary.

Private Projects

The owners are English and wanted a holiday apartment that was a home away from home.

Villa in Australia The clients are a young family, which purchased a classical home, in terms of architecture but wanted the interiors to be more contemporary.

Private Projects

The master suite was very large with a wonderful view. In order for the bed to face the window and create a more private area, a false wall with shelving on one side was proposed.

Rural house in Alentejo

Private Projects

When this house was bought, it hadn't been lived in for over 25 years, It had to be totally renovated. New bathrooms and kitchen created, some interior walls demolished, to create bigger rooms - all this without changing one single aspect of the facades, which were all restored. The interior decoration is rustic, in keeping with the architecture and the surroundings.

Semi detached villa in Cascais The client had quite a few items of furniture that we had to re-utilize. Some pieces were classic and some rustic. The challenge was how to combine everything without clashing. Very neutral curtains and some walls with stronger colours helped to create the fusion.

Private Projects

This was also a published work in the Casa ClaĂşdia magazine.

Published Work

Apartment in Estoril

Published Work

Casa DĂŠcor 03 - Cascais

Published Work

T1 in Monte Estoril

Published Work Semi detached house (in Estoril)

Published Work

Apartment in AlgĂŠs

Portfolio Rosario Alas - ARQ 1por1  
Portfolio Rosario Alas - ARQ 1por1  

Portfolio com projectos de design e decoração para empresas e particulares