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Requirement for multivendor site Project Synopsis: (Provided by client) Features of Website/Website functionality requirements:

 

 

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Menu Bar: Home, About, Vendors, News, Forums, Account: including login and register sections. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, email integration Customer is able to register as a user through Facebook button Map location, Vendors near you. Visitors can write reviews on their experience with the ordering process and product buying. Website must be mobile friendly. Will later develop iphone/android apps. Messaging on order form stating that "if ordered by certain time than you can only pick up order next day" Restrictions on the number of Items allowed to purchase based on where a State Drivers License or Identification Card was issued. Example: If customer has an Ohio Drivers License than he is allowed to purchase 10 items. If the customer has a Drivers License from New Jersey than he is only allowed to purchase 5 items max per day. A section on the landing page asking for age verification. Allowing the vendor to add text/images/pictures to vendor’s profile (Provided in Example 1 below) When order is complete, a email is sent to the vendor directly. (As well as us) Email should contain: Vendors Name, list of items ordered, total price, along with an emailing system that notifies the vendor that an order has been placed. Also the customer should get a confirmation code, than can be tracked and/or printed. This is currently a free system so no need for any type of currency to go through this website at the moment. Vendor must be able to easily upload inventory info for this website. Must be done via spreadsheet or inserted manually. Later will be integrated via API. (Provided in Example below) Vendor must have an option to where he can post for example 10 items of 10 left. Once someone buys one item it will go down to 9 of 10 items left just like on Smart search functionality Must have a database for tracking customer purchases Must include some sort of "earning points" system for buyer

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Basic Features for site: o o o o o o o o o o

User registration Cart functionality Vendor login and profile maintenance Membership management Order form and order confirmation email. Mobile compatibility Login through social sites Admin features Review and rating system. Landing page with age verification

Module wise details: Membership: Registration Types:  

As Buyer As Vendor

User Registration: We would provide registration feature allowing users to create an account on the site. Create a new registered user.        

Guest will be asked to select account type ( Buyer) Guests fill in the «User» entity data with password in 2 fields. If the passwords don't match, warning is shown and Guest is returned to previous step. If the email already used, the system offers Guest to reenter the data or retrieve password. E-mail ID and password provided by the user during registration will be used by him to log into the system. Primary email added by the user at the time of registration can’t be changed in future. After getting registered on the site, user will receive a registration confirmation e-mail. If no problem occurs, the new user is created and guest becomes logged in as the new user.

Using the link received via confirmation e-mail, user will be able to confirm registration. Registration Element (Buyer):  

Name Email

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     

Password Re-type Password City Country Phone Number Pin Code  Agree terms and conditions (check box)  Preference for newsletters etc.

Registration Element (Vendor):         

Name Email Password Re-type Password City Country Phone Number Website Pin Code  Agree terms and conditions (check box)  Preference for newsletters etc.

Vendor profile Details (buyer view): Following are the details which will be available on vendors profile         

Location Map Description Photos Rate/ review/ follow vendor option for buyer Contact details Deals and coupons box. And space for ads. Social media integration Box for timings

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Hover Effect on product for end user as well as for vendor.

Logic for adding vendor to our site: How will the dispensary be added to the website? They will have to contact us first. After contacting us we create a username and password for their profile page so that they can log in and edit all their info. They must be able to edit hours of operation, contact phone number, email address, dispensary website (if no website exists than they will not need to input info), member since - this will have to be calculated from the day of registration.

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Vendor Profile (vendor view)

Vendor profile (buyer view)

Companies ICON

Plymouth Park Organix Mayfield Heights, OH

Dispensary Rating Description Menu Upcoming Specials Map Photos Rate Dispensary Follow Dispensary 6538 Maplewood Dr. Mayfield Hts. OH, 44124 View Full Map - Link

Hours of Operation Monday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Include a rate bar here Ask me for image artwork.

This will be an area to where the dispensary owner will put specific information that he/she will want to catch the eye of the user. Basically this is just a text area for the dispensary owner.

Tuesday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Wednesday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Contact: 440-553--3714 Last Menu Update: 14 Days Ago Email: Dispensary Site: View Our Site Member Since: 2012

Thursday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Upcoming Specials Will be shown here - this is also only a text area.

Friday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Sunday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Follow Dispensary

Post a Review

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Click here for more details - this will take them back to the Upcoming specials tab to show them the upcoming specials

Login Steps:   

Guest fills in email and password. If the entered email and password match a user in the system, the Guest becomes logged in as the new user. If there are no matching users, warning is shown.

Facebook / Twitter Connect: We would integrate social media APIs like Face book/ LinkedIn to the project. A user would be able to login via Facebook account.

Facebook / LinkedIn /Twitter connect would allow user to login on other web sites by using their Facebook account. It would connect their Facebook/ LinkedIn identity, friends and, privacy to any website. It has four main features: Trusted Authentication, Real Identity, Friends Access and Dynamic Privacy

Forgot Password  

Users can request for password if he has forgotten the password. They need to provide e- mail address used during the initial registration. If a Login Name/Password is found in the database for that particular e-mail address, then e-mail will be sent to the user with appropriate login information

Change Password User can change the password after successful login   

Old password New password Confirm password

Login Section  

User will be asked username and password for login. Member will get welcome message (Ex: Welcome “Username”) after successfully logging in.

Payment Process: We would provide feature allowing users to make payment online.

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The step goes like: Billing Information          

First name Last name Email Password Address1, 2... Phone City State/Province Zip code/Postal code Country

Payment Information        

Card type Credit card no. Expiration date Acceptance of terms and conditions(check box) Payment Gateway PayPal, Credit cards etc. (Integrate with the PayPal payment gateway) Login/Register Users can also buy credits to use paid features of portal.

Cart functionality Ecommerce cart functionality will be implemented in this site and it will be similar to

Vendor login and profile maintenance Vendor can login to site and can do following tasks:  Update payment method  Update Email id  Update items for sale  Add new items  Add/ update price for items  Change profile pictures  Change overview and other details  Change location

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Admin Features : User Management     

Add/Remove user Admin would be able to activate or deactivate user’s account. Admin would be able to add/delete/edit the field’s users account. Admin would be able to add/delete/view the profile updates made by user. Admin would be able to view the messages send and received by the users.

Membership Management    

Add membership level (criteria for buying goods) Make changes in membership level Change membership level Change access level for user

Content Management   

Add contents to site Change contents of site Edit terms and privacy policy of site

Reports 

Generate reports

Subscription management This will be a basic addon. After the customer is logged into our website he/she should also have options of "signing up with a subscription fee" This means that the customer will be charged a "monthly fee" for using this service vs. a "per transaction fee" For Example: At checkout instead of paying $3.00 for every transaction, the customer will have an option of paying $20.00 monthly which means they can process as many transactions as they would like for a flat rate fee of $20.00. Site Maintenance Payment Management  

View transactions Review payment activity for particular account.

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  

Track payments by using the Dates and interval. Track payment by username. Track by payment type (if other payment types are included like Moneybookers, skrill etc.)

Review System: Buyer can review vendor on this site, it will be similar to general review system however icons will be like this:

Customer can see page like this way. Marijueana Leaf Rating Icons

How'd We Do? Price Quality Service Staff Atmosphere

This was my first visit Which Strain/s did you purchase?

Post Review

Comment/ Suggestions:

Order form and order confirmation email: Once buyer books herbs on our site and make payment for that, confirmation mail needs to be sent to vendors

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Local Deals: When user selects his location then we will display local deals depending on recent list updated by vendor

Upcoming specials: Vendor can post upcoming special event from there end. Other Features:

SEO friendly

Homepage and landing design

Buyer login through homepage only

Upcoming specials System will update customer upcoming specials depending on vendors update.

Mobile compatibility

Site Design: Site design will be similar to with some changes in it.

Deliverable Milestone Wise: Design approval Milestone    

Website design and first demo. Homepage design Inner page design Form designs

Initial site development and delivery features as per agreed:       

User registration Cart functionality Vendor login and profile maintenance Membership management Order form and order confirmation email. Mobile compatibility Login through social sites

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Admin features

Final development and bug fixation    

Order form and order confirmation email. Review and rating system. Smart search functionality All remaining features

Deployment and final handover Deployment of site on live server and complete handover to site admin including all credentials and training if needed

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Kindly contact us for any further clarification you may have. We look forward to your business Thanking you.

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Remaning part in the site  
Remaning part in the site