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Term 4 Issue 3 31 May 2012

Term 4

Kidzone 2012 TheLead 5th Annual KidZone Variety Show, held on 17 May, was a resounding sucStory Headline cess! Forty-three students (over half of the primary school) and the primary staff performed to an enthusiastic audience, despite the impending bandh. Musical numbers on piano, harmonium, guitar, drums, voice, and French horn were interspersed with dances, recitations, drama, artwork, a science display and an impressive math demonstration. It was a joy for all of us to celebrate the God-given talents and abilities of our children and students, watching them grow and develop over the years. To Him be the glory!

End of Year Celebration Tickets are now on sale for our End of Year Celebration at Godavari Resort on Wednesday 27 June 2012 starting at 6pm for dinner, followed by the Celebration Program. Tickets for KISC students cost 400 rupees each and adults and non-KISC students are 800 rupees each. Tickets will be available from the Reception Office up until 12 noon Monday 25 June 2012. Tickets will only be issued upon payment. Transport will be provided for those that need it to and from the Godavari Resort. There will be 3 bus options. Please book your bus seats in Reception when you purchase your tickets.

KISC Talent Show Auditions

Wednesday 6 June

Mr Hall & Miss Cornelious’s Wedding

Saturday 9 June

1/2 Day for Primary School for Report Writing

Wednesday 13 June

Secondary Exam week

Wed 13 Tues 19

Primary Sports Day

Friday 15 June

No School for Secondary

Wednesday 20 June

Primary Reports Out

Friday 22 June

Blue Sky Concert

Saturday 23 June

Optional Primary Parent Interviews

25 & 26 June

Secondary Arts Day

Tuesday 26 June

Secondary Final Assembly

Wednesday 27 June 11:30

Primary Final Assembly

Wednesday 27 June 1:30

Refundable Deposit If you think your child may leave KISC in the coming academic (201213) year you must inform reception by Wednesday 27 June to receive your refundable deposit back. A Clearance Form is required to receive this years refundable deposit. Forms available in Reception.

Secondary Swimming Gala The Secondary School was very wet and a little wild on Saturday at Little Angels School as the annual Interhouse Swimming Gala took place. It was a great competition enjoyed by staff and students alike. A good display of team work and perseverance was displayed by all the students. The students clashed (or should that be splashed) in the butterfly, dove into freestyle battle, stretched through breaststroke and tried their best not to hit their heads on the end in back stroke. There was even time for fun in the pool; everyone enjoyed the free swim time and the Primary student race. Several students won 5 individual races in their age group: Jordan DeBortoli (15+ boys), Joseph Boehm(11-12 boys) , Ellie DeBortoli(15+ girls), Elseline Smith (11-12 girls) and Daniel Boehm(13-14 boys). Sammy Cho was the top performer in the 13-14 girls with 3 wins in all her 3 races. Records tumbled as Sammy Cho broke 2 KISC records in 25m Freestyle and 25m Butterfly. Joseph Boehm also broke a record of ten years standing in the 50m Backstroke. Even the adults got a record as Ms Fairchild broke the adult 25m freestyle record. The house relays saw Green house win both the Boys and Girls events. The competition concluded with a Staff vs Students race, the staff A team just pipping the Student A team to the line, but the Student B team thrashed the Staff B team! The final result: a close victory for‌ Green house. Term 4 Issue 3

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PTA Update Spring Fair: It was a great day! Thank you to all who came with a cheerful attitude and who persevered to overcome obstacles in the setting up for the Spring Fair. Thank you to the staff, who on Friday afternoon, carried down to the courtyard 100 tables from all over school. Thank you to all who worked on Saturday afternoon putting up tents while dark clouds gathered and a short but fierce storm broke out. Due to their excellent work all 4 tents remained standing even though one window broke due to the wind. Super work! The event was such a success that we actually ran out of tickets! There were an estimated 700 people that came. It was once again a great community event! Together we made about 1,50,000 NRP . Thanks to all the buyers and sellers. Thank you to the students, who at the end of the day, helped out to make the campus tidy and brought all the 100 tables back upstairs again. Great work! Already we are looking forward to next year: PTA Class Representatives: Each year group has a class representative that acts as a liaison between the parents and the teacher(s). We are grateful to have most all of our class representatives assigned already for next school year. We are still in need of a Year 2 representative. Recently we did a self-evaluation among the PTA members. All members unanimously stated that being on the PTA has been a good experience and they would recommend it to others. We would love to have some fathers join us in this coming year. As you can see, from the list below, we are in need of their perspective and voice. Please contact Astrid Smith if you are interested. Thank you to those who have served on the PTA this year! We are thankful for the service of Sun Min Cho, Madhina Hnamler and Ted Mecklenburg and we are sad to see them move out of country or onto other needs. Thank you to Hannah Kurian, Kalyani Joshi and Sue Garrison for joining the PTA for this coming year. Feel free to approach us with questions concerning school or just to chat. The PTA is in KISC to serve you, please help us to do that well. Astrid Smith, Chair PTA Class Representatives 2012-13 Jaqueline Sebastian

Year K

Kalyani Joshi

Year 7

Young -Mee Kim Korean Parents

Bethany Arneson

Year 1/2

Liz Galpin

Year 8

Sandra Oh


Nancy Fraley

Year 3

Sue Garrison

Year 9

Leslie Smith


Hannah Kurian

Year 4

Carol Smith

Year 10

Judith Ellis


Helen Kempton

Year 5

Indira Subedi

Year 11 (Nepali Parents)

Simon/ Marilyn Lewis Year 6

Shirley Souza

Year 12

Tammy DeBortoli

Martin Butterworth PTA Treasurer

Year 13

Farewells and a Welcome to Staff “Love is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.” Helen Hayes We pray that you will have caught a glimpse of eternity through our love for you during your time with us at KISC. Thank you for sharing yourself, your expertise and your gifts with us. We pray that you will feel His hand in yours as He leads you into your future. Primary Secondary Whitney Fairchild (ESL) Nina Ilomaki (French) Sarah Snead (Year 4) Rose Laing (History) Sarah Kernohan (Year 5) Jennie O’Hara (ESL) JiSun Kang (Korean) Daniel Snead (Math) Mrs. Seonhee Kang (Korean) Ingrid Estrella (Spanish) Katie Robinson (Speech Therapy) Nina Ilomaki (ESL and clubs) Kristi Loper (music for one year)

Ha Ram Lee (PE Assistant) Mrs Kang (Primary Korean) Welcome to Joel MacKinney (TA for Secondary)


Prayer Requests Year 6 students—Pray that they will be able to trust God for their future and therefore be filled with excitement and hope as they step into Secondary school. Pray that the older students would encourage and care for this new class that is joining them. Students leaving KISC—Pray that the foundation laid at KISC, both academically and spiritually, would give them courage and strength as they step into their new future. That God’s Word, spoken into their lives during their time at KISC, would produce fruit in that would draw them into a fuller & deeper relationship with Christ. Staff leaving KISC—Thank God for the quality of staff He constantly gives to KISC & the invaluable input they have into the school community & beyond. Ask that they would know God’s leading in whatever lies ahead for them. That they would say goodbye to Nepal well. Pray that they will trust God more as they begin new chapters in their lives & that they would be taken on adventures with Him like they could never have imagined! Abundant new staff coming—Thank God for His provision. Pray that in all the practicalities of leaving their home countries that they would also be able to leave well. That they would arrive full of fervour, settle & adapt swiftly. That they would soon feel very connected into the KISC community. That they would be blessed with health & protection. Pray that they would experience His loving kindness & goodness beyond what they can comprehend during their time at KISC. KISC family that are remaining in Nepal or traveling overseas over the summer holidays—Pray that they would be refreshed ready to start back with renewed zeal. For all involved in the planning of the KISC 25th Anniversary—Pray that they would have eyes to see God’s leading. That the celebration would truly highlight & reaffirm God’s complete faithfulness to KISC throughout it’s history, now and into the future thus bringing Him glory. The marriage of Simon Hall & Wendy Cornelius on June 9th—Pray for a special day of true celebration of their lives becoming one together in Christ. Pray that they would always seek to keep Christ central in their marriage. For their family, who will be travelling to Nepal, that they would be remain well during their time here.

KISC 25th Anniversary Celebration Update August 2012 Registration for the 9-11 August Kathmandu Celebration is now open! In order to help us plan for the weekend of celebrations, please fill out the registration forms available at KISC Reception or online at Please return the completed forms to Reception or email them to Reminder: 25th Anniversary Talent Show Auditions Wednesday 6 June Term 4 Issue 3

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EQUIP Update The Lord’s blessings on KISC EQUIP was displayed in many ways during the team’s recent trip to Palpa. Despite the team’s short stay (only one and a half days), KISC EQUIP was able to achieve a lot conducting two teacher trainings (mathematics and science) and two parent seminars. The parent seminars included topics such as the impact of various parenting styles on children, valuing our children and the importance of children receiving blessings from their parents. Junu Ramjali, a mother of two, said she learned how her behavior toward her children influences them. “I learned that I need to encourage my children more and not compare them,” she said. “This was a true learning experience.” The seminars also highlighted how parents, teachers and school committees can work together for the overall development of a child. While in Palpa, the team also visited all six EQUIP partner schools, where agreements of continued partnerships were signed. EQUIP agreed a number of Nepali scholarships for the coming academic year with our partner schools. Thank the Lord that despite the impending “bandhas” throughout the country, the EQUIP team arrived back safely to Kathmandu early in the morning on May 17. Please continue to pray for the EQUIP team as they strive to provide transformational trainings for Nepali school communities that will ignite positive change in all areas of people’s lives; their families, their communities. Photos: KISC EQUIP Director, Khim Kandel, shares his family’s photo at the parent seminar at Gyanjyoti Community School. KISC Primary Teacher Trainer, Krishna Bahadur Bohora, visits with students at Bethel English Secondary Boarding School.

Family Charity Concert in aid of KISC EQUIP Blue Sky Concert: Melissa Otto Saturday 23 June 6.30-8.30pm KISC Hall Tickets available at Reception 200Rps per person 700Rps per family Proceeds go to Nepali children’s scholarships Term 4 Issue 3

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Message from Simon and Wendy

College Corner PSAT 2012 to be held at KISC

"Reminder: Simon Hall and Wendy Cornelius' wedding is next Saturday! As indicated on invitations, the ceremony will begin at five. If anyone would also like to go "janti jane", (marching/dancing to the bride's house to bring her to KISC), this will begin at 4. Also, the couple is still hoping to find a volunteer photographer and videographer. If you are interested in either of these roles, please contact Simon."

Registration Deadline: June 14, 2012 Current year 10 & 11 who will be in year 11 & 12 next year. The following are reasons why your child should sit this exam. 1. The PSAT exam is a very important prerequisite to the USA college entrance exam called the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). 2. The PSAT exam is one of the best methods of preparation for the SAT. Scoring high on the SAT is the most frequent way for international students to qualify for financial assistance. 3. The online portal available to those who take the PSAT is very valuable for exploring future career interests. PSAT exam details:

KISC T-Shirts Order your KISC t-shirt in Reception from 4-12 June. T-shirts will be ready for pickup by 27 June 2012. 550-650Rps each

Location: KISC Date: October 17th 2012 (during the break after first term 2012-13 school year) Time: 8:00AM Cost: 1450 Nepali Rupees Registration instructions: 1. Send me an email stating your intent to register your child. 2. Proceed to the KISC finance office where your payment will be received and a receipt produced. 3. Next term, exam preparation and information materials, will be distributed.

Kathmandu International Study Centre P.O. Box 2714 Dhobighat Lalitpur Nepal 5522902 5522857

Please contact me with any questions. Ted Mecklenburg -9808699169

Plastic 12 oz. KISC Cups are for sale in Reception 100 nrs for one, 500 nrs for six.

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him Psalm 62 v 5

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