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The Gifted Children And The Maze Of Talents. By: Austin Rowland

Chapter One Jeff the swimmer Swim Meet for today went better than expected. While I was in the locker room, I saw a note on the ground, it had my name on it. Now, I'm naturally not one to go around picking things off of the floor, but since it had my name on it I couldn't resist. I decided to open it. When I was finally able to open the letter (It was taped shut), it realized it was just a blank sheet of paper. I saw that there was a foot print across the middle of the paper. I was thinking about why my name would be on this. I must have been

very deep in thought because the next thing I knew the bell was ringing. "Hey, Is there anyone in here?" yelled Mr. Pierce, the coolest teacher in school Mr. Pierce has blonde hair with very light blue eyes. Whenever a child gets sick or needs to call home they report to him. His room is decorated with things from various Movies and Games. He has a TV with DVD's in case anyone has to wait in his office. He gives out candy to random passionate students, and he is captain of the swim team. "I'm in here Mr. Pierce." I replied back to him "Allright Jeff, just hurry up. Do you need a note for class?" "Sure, that would be great." As I leave the locker room, I meet him on the way out. He hands me my note and tells me to have a nice day. I look down at the note. "Dear Whoever, Jeff Brown was helping me tidy up a little. Please excuse him into class. Groovy!"

See, I told you he was cool. I quickly head to my locker and get my stuff out. I pull out my Invisible Ink kit that I like to mess around with. "Hmm, Maybe this will reveal the writing" I thought. I quickly make my way into my Science Class. I hand Mrs. Dee my note. She laughs and says that I just made it. I take my seat. "Ok kids, Time for the Chemistry Test" If you finish early, find another thing to work on!" I studied so I finish early. I pull out the paper and my kit. I drop a little ink onto my paper and I start to see some words. "What are you doing Jeff?" asked Mrs. Dee as she is standing behind me "Science" I replied back to her. I finish appling the ink to the paper and I see some words and numbers... Dear Jeff, Hello! This is the Gifted Organization. You are reading this letter because you are talented in

SWIMMING. Please report to 122 G.O street tomorrow at 12 pm for your first orientation. Others will be awaiting. Thanks, The Gifted Organization ( "Ok kids, time is up" Chapter Two Brooke the Cheerleader. (Written in Diary) Dear Diary, It's me Brooke. Today was the weirdest day. After the big Football game, I was handed a letter by a strange man in a dark coat. I tried to call to him, but he ran away. Well I'm gonna tell you that noone does that to Brooke Collins! I tried to catch up, he turned a corner

and disappered. I'm serious! It was crazy! The letter had my name on it. It was sealed with scotch tape. I took it home and cut it open. The letters were blotched out! I only saw: H l O, This is the G E OR . You ar Rea th bec y ar talent in TUMBLING. P come t 122 G.O street at 12pm Tomo From, The Gif Org I finally pieced the pieces together and I am not sure if I should go tomorrow. I'll ask my mom. My mom and I have a very good relationship. I can ask and tell her anything. She is there for me ever since my dad died. Once I asked her she said this was a good

oppertunity for me and it might be helpful for college. So she is going to take me. I'm still not sure what this is for but I am probably not the only one who has got this letter. I am going to call Chad, My Boyfriend (He's a jock. In case I haven't mentioned before.) He said that he hasn't recieved a letter like mine. After a good nights sleep last night I finally decided to go. Today is the day. I will keep you posted. Brooke Chapter Three Randall the Nerd. Let's just say I am not the most popular kid at school, but I'm the smartest. I have straight 100's and know any fact known to man. I only know one person who respects me. That's Isabelle, the SECOND smartest

person in school who has all 100's and one 99 on her report card, and knows most facts known to man. We are in all of the same clubs together. Book, Chess, AV. You name it. We are in it. We do everything together and I even lend her books. So I let her borrow one of my favorite books. She was done with it in a day of course. She met me in the hall today and gave my book back. "Did you enjoy it?" I asked her. "Yes. But there was a page missing. It was a good part of the book too." "Huh?" I asked. I never mess up my books. NEVER. I know she wouldn't either. "Yeah, see?" She opened the book and pointed to the page. There was a gap between pages 578 and 580. "Wait a minute. Have you been talking to Chad? You know Brooke is going to kill you." "Yes. He took the book but I didn't see him rip any pages out."

"Come with me" I marched her down the hall to Chad's locker. One thing is, even though I'm a nerd, I'll stand up to Bullies. I kicked Chad's locker. I kicked as hard as I could. I screamed as I felt a hand on my shoulder. A brutal force pushed me around and suddenly I was staring in to Chad's muscular face. "What are you doing to my locker, Dork?" he asked "Chad, I don't want to fight, just give me my book page back and I'll leave." "Fine, but next time. Don't. Understand?" "Yeah. I guess" He pulls a paper out of my pocket and hands it too me. It's the page! I was so happy I could explode! But I didn't. I just walked away. Like a wimp.I didn't care. All I wanted to do was get back to my locker. Isabelle was standing their motionless. She followed me back to my locker. When I got to my locker, it was already open. There were ripped up peices of paper inside it. I took them home with me. When I

had finally peiced them together I saw this: Dear Randall, Hello! This is the Gifted Organization. You are reading this letter because you are talented in SMARTS. Please report to 122 G.O street tomorrow at 12 pm for your first orientation. Others will be awaiting. Thanks, The Gifted Organization I called Isabelle and told her about this letter. She recomended that I go and report back to her. I don't know what's in store for me but, I hope it's good... Chapter Four The Children Unite (Jeff) Before I went to the orientation, I decided to take a swim in my pool to think about what was going to happen to me. I did my dives and my flips and realized that I WAS incredibly talented. Perhaps they

can put my Swimming to good use. I walked into my house and got my clothes back on. I checked my watch and realized it was 11:30. I decided to walk. See, My parents fight alot and are too busy with work to really take me anywhere but school. So I usually walk to other places like the store or to a friends house. As I was walking down the street, I was already missing the pool. I hope there will be a pool here. I approach the street and realize that their is only one building on G.O street. And it's 122. I see a humongous door with an Open sign on it. I knock and see Brooke, a girl from school, open the door. "Come in, Jeff" She said When I walk in, I also see Randall, He is the school nerd. I don't really know him. There is a butler, standing by the staircase. "Well, you must be Jeff, the last guest" he says. "Follow me, Children" We willingly agree. He leads us up the staircase into a hall way. I see an olympic sized pool through a

window. YES! There is a pool! I also see a Tumbling room (This Made Brooke happy...) And a Library, which Randall automatically opened the door too. When he realized we were leaving him, he slammed the door and ran after us. We were then led into a 3 room hallway. Each door had a Nametag with each of our names on it. "Wow" Said Randall. "Children" said the butler "These are your rooms. You will stay here in the summer when you are not on a mission. Now children, Get settled in. Report to the staircase at 10:00 in the morning and you will get your first mission!" We each parted, each of us excited to see our room. I went into my room and shut the door. I turned on my light and gasped in shock. The room was Huge! My bed was a waterbed with a fleece cover. My room had a direct door leading to the deep end of the pool. Inside of the drawers were various clothing that would fit me, Bathing suits and Goggles. There was a flat screen with a DVD container that had Millions of DVD's. There was a refrigerator, which

had a ordering panel that would transport anything to my room. And there was also another door that led to an Arcade and a personal movie theater. This was going to be an exciting place... Chapter Five Brooke's Room. (Written in Diary) Dear Diary, My room is amazing! My bed is a large bunk bed, which contains ladders and slides perfect for tumbiling. It has a door leading straight to the Gym. A Flat Screen with DvD's, A Fridge, Anything I could want. Even A Movie Theater. I love to act and their was a play section in the theater where you could watch recorded plays! I decided to call Chad "Hey Chad" I said

"Hey Brooke. How's your new place?" He asked "It is amazing I have everything in this room a Gym, A Flat screen. Bet your jealous." "Am not..." "Yes you are. I know your jealous voice..." "Well glad you like it, I must go before my Jealously kills me. Ha!" He hung up on me. I hope he had a good reason... Chapter Six The Next Morning... Randall's point of view. I have a nice room, A library and A theater. My bed

has a book stand and looks like a book. I'll tell you I have been in that library since I got here. I am really tired. I think I am going to go to sleep. The Next Morning... I got up to see a Breakfest plate on my bed. It has Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Cereal, Orange Juice, Milk, and Grits. I am pretty hungry so I eat it all. I get dressed, put my glasses on, and head downstairs. None of the others are there and I realize I am a couple of minutes early. I decide to explore. There is a door to the left of me so I go in. I see a Desk, with an open Laptop. I jump as I hear the door creak open. There is the Butler. "The others are down" He said "Hurry up, get out before the master comes down." Sure enough, just as we leave, a tall man in a dark cape is coming down the staircase. He shakes our hands and says his name is Bobby. He sent us the letters and is the G.O leader. He leads us up to a meeting room. We each take a seat and he begins to talk.

"Welcome to the Gifted Organization. Each year you will have a mission. Each mission will require you to put your heads together and use your powers seperately.This first mission I am going to put you through is a Training mission. Whenever there is a mission, this button will light up." He pointed to a red button on the wall. "You will each put touch it and get transported to your mission. Are you ready? He asked "Yes." We all said In Unison. Chapter Seven Training The children landed in a dark room. Randall fell on top of Brooke. "Oh my Gosh! Randall, I think you broke my back!" She said " Wait, Nevermind, It just popped." "Sorry, Brooke" Said Randall "Jeff? Jeff? Where are you? Are you here?" Screamed Brooke. "Help me!" Screamed Jeff. "Turn on the light. I think

it is near Randall." Randall groped the wall until he eventualy found the switch, he turned it on. "Jeff? Where are you?" he said "I'm under the floor!" Brooke began to knock on the floor. " How did you get down there" She asked. "I don't know. I think we went down different pipes. Please help it's dark." "Hello" Ringed an Intercom " In this room is a note that will tell you how to unlock the trapdoor Jeff fell through, You must first bypass the lasers." "Easy Peasy" Said Brooke. "Then on the otherside is the note which you will need to bring back THROUGH the lasers" "I can than figure it out from there" Said Randall. "That's right Randall. Once you get Jeff out, You will be redirected to your mission. Good Luck."

A buzzer rang and Lasers appeared out of the ground. They went Diagonal, Zig-Zag, Horizontal. "Hmm, I believe I can do this" said Brooke. " Good Luck, Brooke" Said Randall Brooke ran to the lasers, she began to flip, jump, and tumble over many lasers. She came really close to losing her balance, but was able to catch herself. She eventually made it to the end. She grabbed the note and Flip, Tumbled, and Jumped back. "Good Job, Brooke!" said Randall. "Thanks, now do your magic!" She replied. "Let's see, it says. Spin around twice, Jump once, say the numbers under Jeff's letter and scream open!" Wait, What's the numbers? "Hey Jeff" said Brooke "Yes?" He replied. "Do you still have your Letter?" she replied "Yes, why?" "We need the numbers on the bottom."

"Sure, they are" "Thanks!" They followed the directions. The floor began to open and Randall and Brooke fell through the trapdoor. They saw Jeff, who was lying on the ground. "Jeff?" Asked Randall "I'm ok" He responded. "Good Job kids!" said the intercom voice. A door opened in the hole. The children climed through... Chapter Eight The Mission The children crawled through a nasty tunnel, bugs and spiderwebs covered them. "Ouch!" Screamed Randall "What happend?" Said Jeff "Something bit my nose!" Randall replied

"Ah, suck it up" Replied Brooke "Bugs falling is way worse. "Look, I see light!" said Jeff The children finally escaped the tunnel and found themselves in a Maze. There were three paths. "Should we split up?" suggested Brooke The intercom went off again.. "Sorry about the tunnel kids.." "Oh, no biggie." Said Brooke "Anyway, this is your mission. You will need to split up. As you venture deep into the tunnel, you will conqure your biggest fears, you will also need to use your talents to defeat your fears. Once you get to the end go into the portal. You will be transported to the headquarters (No tunnels this time) each time someone finishes they will be redirected to their room. Once the three of you are done, an announcment will be made. Good Luck" Again a Buzzer rang, but no Lazers popped out. Instead a bush came around each of the children

parting them into the maze... The rest of the story is up to you. If you want to read Jeff's story first, Go to chapter Nine. If you'd like to read Brookes First, go to chapter Ten, and if you'd like to follow Randall first, go to chapter Eleven. The kids could use your assistance... Chapter Nine Jeff's part of the maze "Ok guys, I am Heading in" said Jeff "Good luck Jeff!" Said Brooke and Randall. Jeff saw a flashlight on the ground beside him, he picked it up. He turned it on and began to walk the path. "So far so good." He thought He began to see a corner which he turned. "Hey, Guys? Can you hear me?" No reply "Hello?" he asked again "Guess there gone.."

He began to see a pond, which extended about 10 feet. "Well, at least I am wearing my bathing suit..." He mumbled to himself. He took his shirt off and sat it on the ground. He dived in and began to swim across. He felt a bite. "Ouch!" He yelled He felt another bite, this time the pain was worse "Oh my..." He realized "There's leeches" Jeff's biggest fear was leeches. One time, his parents took him swimming at a lake. He was having so much fun, but then a man across the lake began to scream. "Leeches, LEECHES!" Jeff didn't have time to get out. He swam as fast as he could but they caught up, They were faster than him. He felt a pinch. And then they attached to his skin. He has since then be afraid of leeches. Jeff began to slap at his chest to get them off. Once he pulled them off he booked it. He swam faster

than he ever has before. He could hear them approaching. He was so close to the other side. He finally made it. Right when they started Nibbiling at his toes! "Whew!" he cried "That was close." He began to venture on into the maze.This time there were two paths one to the left and one to the right. Each path had a sign. One said Volcano. The other one said Exit. He took the exit path and began to venture on. He stopped halfway in as he heard a noise. He began to shiver, he was still shirtless and still wet. A cold wind began to blow. He saw a button. He pressed it and realized he was being sucked into a portal. It took him to another part of the maze! This is where he met Randall and Brooke. Chapter Ten Brooke's part of the maze "I'm heading on." Announced Brooke "Good luck" Said Randall and Jeff. Brooke saw a glowstick on the floor and picked it up.

She began to venture on into the maze. "Guys, this is easy" She called out No Reply "Hello? Can you hear me?" "Guess not" She continued on and saw to horror a Huge Shoe. It was literally like a dinosaur! Later on into the maze she saw, in horror that that shoe had an owner, and the owner was a giant. She looked up into the face of a Giant Mrs. Jacobs. Mrs. Jacobs is the Cheerleading coach. She is the Teacher that no one likes. She goes around giving detention left and right. She is exceptionally nice to the cheerleaders, except Brooke. Brooke does not know what she did to get on her Bad Side, but Brooke Despises her. And she fears her. She has Nasty Teeth and a Mole above her mouth. Seeing her as a giant was exceptionally terrifying for Brooke. "Uh oh" Said Brooke "Brooke, What are you doing get to class!" Screamed

Mrs. Jacobs. Sending Spit flying. It made a 3 foot puddle at Brooke's feet. "Sorry Mrs. Jacobs. Can't talk now." Brooke began to front flip over Mrs. Jacobs gigantic feet. She Flipped underneath Mrs. Jacobs and ran for it. Giant Mrs. Jacobs began to run after her. Her feet making a loud thudding sound. "BROOKE! COME HERE!" she screamed. Brooke came to a stop when she saw too paths. One said Mrs. Jacob's home. The other said EXIT. Brooke began to run towards the exit and saw a light. She ran into the portal and got tansported to the exit. She turned around and realized Mrs. Jacobs was gone. She went farther down the path and ran into Randall and Jeff. Chapter Eleven Randall's maze "See you later guys!" Shouted Randall "Bye" Replied Brooke and Jeff Randall began to run down the path.

"Ouch" He yelled as he tripped over a lantern. He picked it up and continued on. "Guys? Hello? I tripped and it kinda hurt.. It's really dark... Hello?" No Reply "Oh well. I'm forever alone. I wish Isabelle was here. She'd help me." He walked on and heard a HISSSSSSS! "Oh Lord. A Snake" Snakes scare Randall. The only thing worse for Randall than Bullies is snakes. See, his brother is a hunter. And he decided to take Randall out one day. Randall was doing so good! He hit a deer! It was so fun for him! But then he heard a leaf move. "Jimmy... What was that?" "Oh, I hear sounds like this all the time. It's nothing to worry about bud." "Ok, if your certain. He heard it again. He snuck away from Jimmy. And

later regretted it. He went out into the woods. He heard the HISS behind him. He turned around and that's all he remembered. He later was told a snake bit him, and he was in the hospital for a week. Randall walked on. He saw the snakes tail turn the corner. He approached the snake. This was no ordnary snake. It had paper in it's mouth. A page from a book! "Let's see" Randall thought "If you don't provoke snakes they won't bite. Flutes help them relax" He looked around for a flute but had no luck. But he did see a jar. He picked it up and threw it at the snake. The snake Turned around to look at him. He put his fingers in his mouth and began to whistle calmly. He whistled a familiar tune that he learned in band. The snake slowly began to fall asleep. He took the page from it's mouth. The paper was Blank. He continued on and saw two paths. One said snake pit. The other said EXIT. He took the exit path and walked into a portal. There he met Jeff and Brooke

Chapter Twelve Back to the Headquarters. "Are you ready?" asked Jeff "I guess so" said Randall They held hands and ran through the second portal. They were all three redirected to Randall's Room. "So, My maze had a pond with leeches and a volcano!" Said Jeff "Mine had a Giant Mrs. Jacobs and Her House!" Said Brooke "Snakes and a snake pit for me" Said Randall. "I kinda like this organization " said Brooke. "Let's go see if we can go find Bobby" suggested Randall The children walked down to the Staircase, and saw Bobby waiting for them. "Come to my office." he said They followed him into his office and took a seat into

his chairs. "So kids." he said "How did you like the Maze?" asked Bobby "It was challening" Said Jeff "It was daring" Said Brooke "It was scary" Said Randall "Good" he said "That's how it should be." Well let's head on." "Huh? Asked Randall." "Are you ready for your next mission?" The kids were sucked up and landed in a dark area. No idea where they were. TO BE CONTINUED...

The Gifted Children And The Mze Of Talents  
The Gifted Children And The Mze Of Talents  

Three children have recieved a note. To go to a house. At a time. Tomorrow. The three kids are talented: There's Jeff, He's a swimmer. Brook...