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GET YOUR DAILY DOSE OF RUBBER CHICKEN SOUP by Tom Pender, MyTown Monthly copy editor. This daily blog encourages readers to find humor in life because, well, life is funny... A new blog is posted each day. Link to Rubber Chicken Soup from MyTown Monthly’s website:

WHAT THE READERS ARE SAYING... Title: Four-Word Film Review I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Great post! You make 100% valid points in a concise and pertinent fashion. I will read more of your stuff. Thank you for your time.

Title: Racism is SO last Millennium Bravo. Wish your story could be reprinted and handed out in every church in America. o, in the world. o, let’s make that every temple, Mosque, Tibetan Buddhist Center... you name it, for all the world to see that bigotry is just what you called it, a big’ot, or Big Idiot.

Title: Brutus’ Finest Hour: A True Story Told From A Ficonal Point-of-View I love it! So cute this story… Your story got to me, Tom, because I had a dog who acted like Brutus, but he was a small terrier mutt named Kazan.

Title: “Sck”ing to the Past As someone who only buys stick shift cars, I can tell you the appeal of a manual transmission isn’t the “cool” factor, but the “fun” and “control” factors. Fun – There are a lot of things in life that increase pleasure with the output of labor. Likewise, shifting gears at the right time for economy or power, downshifting into a corner, getting the engine to assist your halting momentum, then ramming the gas and popping the clutch while exiting a corner are experiences a right-footedonly driver just can’t match.

6 MyTown

February/March 2010

Title: Anthem Reader Comment: Pure talent at its best! I am I am me And no one else is allowed to be me They can’t see what I see They can’t feel what I feel And I am proud Proud to be me I am not arrogant Because I know that I am not beer than others Just different Unique I think I dream I fear I love I hate And I cry And each feeling that I feel Is mine alone Things touch me Like they touch no one else And I touch others As no one else can What others feel toward me Good or bad Are their own feelings And I will not let them change me In any way Because if they change me I will be someone else And not me And me is all I want to be For no one else is allowed to be me And me is a fine thing to be © T. Michael Pender. All rights reserved.


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Rubber Chicken Soup - Reader Feedback  

Rubber Chicken Soup is a daily blog published by MyTown Monthly magazine. It 's goal is to find the humors in life, and share them with you...

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