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Issue 27 • • February 2013 Our Strong Debbie Cooper

By Sandra Voutour Debbie Cooper started at the Boys and Girls Club as a young child and grew up through the Club. She started her career as an afterschool and youth worker from 1968-974, then became Girls Program Director from 1974-1977. Debbie left the club for just a short period to work for the YWCA and the City of Saint John Recreation and Parks Department. Debbie returned to the club in 1987 as the Executive Director and has held that position ever since. Debbie’s life passion has always been, and will continue to be, to improve the quality of life for the children and youth and to treat children with the respect they deserve. Just a few of Debbie’s accomplishments while being the Executive Director have been: receiving the Queen’s II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, being inducted into the Softball Hall of Fame in 2011, and being the City of Saint John’s Community Torchbearer for the Vancouver Olympics torch run in 2009. Debbie was also very active in our “Heart of the Possible” Campaign, with a goal of raising $750,000 and raised $1,000,000. She also initiated and was a founding member of Youth SJ (Youth Organizations United Together Helping Saint John), with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, YW/YMCA, and the Resource Center for Youth (TRC), and many, many more. Debbie will be pursuing another career with the Boys and Girls Club of Canada in the Spring, as the Regional Director of the 23 clubs in the Maritimes. We will miss Debbie and we wish her all the best!!!!

YMCA Early Learning Expert Recieves National Recognition

By Cindy Floyd Janet Towers was recently presented with the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. Janet, the Vice President of Child and Family Development at the Y of Greater Saint John, has pages of qualifications and experience under her belt. She encourages her team to work with each child as an individual to optimize their development at their own pace. Janet has been instrumental in establishing the first Saint John Early Learning Centre, working closely with the Early Childhood Development Coalition. For the past 30 years, Janet has been committed to the development of young children ensuring that they have the opportunity to grow and thrive in their environment. She is one of the provinces leading advocates for early learning and has made a difference in the lives of many children in our community.

A Message From The Minister: Celebrating Strong Women Dear readers,

I would like to start by saying thank you to the members of the team responsible for publishing Around the Block. I am truly honoured to participate in this edition dedicated to the women in our communities This issue highlights the strengths and abilities of women thus empowering others to do the same. These are the things that make a difference in our communities. As the Minister responsible for women’s issues, I encourage all New Brunswickers to make a difference by empowering our next generation of women leaders to follow their dreams. As we continue to grow together as a province, we must provide even greater opportunities to the young girls and women of New Brunswick. ****************************************************************************************************************** Chères lectrices et chers lecteurs, Je tiens tout d'abord à remercier les membres de l’équipe de publication du bulletin Around the Block. Je suis sincèrement honorée d’avoir l’occasion de contribuer à ce numéro consacré aux femmes qui font partie de nos collectivités. Ce numéro met en évidence les forces et les capacités des femmes et incitera d’autres personnes à emboîter le pas. Des activités de ce genre font une différence dans nos collectivités.

Hon. Marie-Claude Blais, Q.C. Minister of Justice and Attorney General Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

À titre de ministre responsable des questions féminines, j'encourage tous les citoyens du Nouveau Brunswick à contribuer au changement en donnant à la nouvelle génération de dirigeantes la confiance dont elles ont besoin pour réaliser leurs rêves. À mesure que le Nouveau Brunswick continue à se développer, nous devons offrir davantage de possibilités aux filles et aux femmes de notre province.

Coordinators Comments

Juanita Black, 647-4850, Welcome to issue 27, of Around The Block. We are proud to partner with the Women’s Issues Branch of the Government of New Brunswick, to bring you stories from around Saint John. The stories from the Strong Women in our communities, our non profit agencies and service groups. Stories and pictures that celebrate women and their accomplishments. Barbara, who completed her GED to show her daughters you can accomplish anything when you set your mind to it. Debbie Cooper who worked tirelessly for years for our city’s youth. To programs like the Go Girls Mentor’s who are crafting our future strong women. Do not miss a page or story on these 16 pages of Around The Block that celebrate our “Strong Women.” Page 1

Mrs. Patti Slipp

Annual Wellness Fair By Diane O’Connor, Go Ahead Seniors On Nov.19, 2012 the 3rd annual Wellness Fair was held at Stephenson Tower/Charlton Place in Saint John. The Fair was organized by a wellness committee of seniors and partnering organizations to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle. It was opened by Minister Trevor Holder and was attended by over 130 seniors from various senior complexes in the city.

Pictured above: Bob Wood, Minister Holder, and Debbie McLeod competing for Wii Bowling Championship

With as many as 32 booths, a Health Check, interactive games, as well as an exercise and nutrition break and door prizes, the seniors enjoyed a lively, active and informative afternoon.

ONE Change Updates

By The ONE Change YIP Team When thinking about writing an article about strong women in our community, Mrs. Patti Slipp who works at Lorne Middle School, immediately came to mind. For those of you who don’t know her, Mrs. Slipp is part of the Central Cluster team of guidance counselors from grades k-8. She is an outstanding team player who is a lifeline to many of our students and staff. Regardless of her many years of service, the stress she Pictured above: Patti Slipp with Scott faced on that day or how she Crawford is feeling personally, she goes (Photo Courtesy of Gina Reid) out of her way to make herself available, always greets with a smile and is there to offer support or share a tear. Patti, we are grateful for strong women like you who make our community such a great place to live and work. You are an inspiration to us all!

A Strong Women Neighbourhood Leader

We will be offering our free tax clinic again this year. Please note the days and time when it will be open. The tax clinic will begin on Mon, March 4. The clinic will run from 10 am to 2 pm, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please call our office for more details about our e-filing tax clinic.

By ONE Change Susan Keating has lived in the Old North End for the past nine years and is an active leader in her neighborhood. Susan has worked on projects such as getting a crosswalk on the corner of Main and Albert Street through Learn & Go and is currently working with ONE Change to start a women’s tea with topics related to women’s issues. Susan likes to volunteer her time to help out in her community, especially for the kids because if they are interested in organized activities they are less likely to fall into the wrong crowd, and can feel as if they have someone who will listen to them. Susan’s future plan is to find steady employment and continue to volunteer in her neighborhood.

Our Old North End calendars have arrived. ONE Change would like to thank the residents who submitted the pictures, judged the pictures and helped organize this project. This calendar shows how beautiful our neighbourhood is through the eyes of the residents. ONE Change would also like to thank the sponsors of our calendar. Don’t forget to start taking pictures for 2014!

A Little Piece Of History

What Makes A Strong Women

The Mabel Peters Playground on the Allison Grounds on Tilley Avenue in Saint John recognizes the role of Mabel Peters, who died in 1914, in the playground movement, a cause promoted by the National Council of Women of Canada. In 1901, Mabel wrote a paper promoting vacation schools and playgrounds as a way to provide children with opportunities for healthy play and for the next 12 years she headed a committee on this cause. Many communities across Canada established playgrounds with the assistance of local Councils of women during these years. The first public playground was established in Saint John in 1906. Mabel Peters was also an energetic advocate of women’s right to vote and member of the Saint-John based Women’s Enfranchisement Association. Her mother was Martha Hamm Lewis, who led a fight and tolerated difficult conditions in order to be the first woman to attend teacher training in the province.

Here are the things a group of young girls ages 11-14, said they believe makes a strong woman: • Don't believe in bullying • There, when you need them • Positivity • A good role model • Confidence • An inspiration to others • Courage • Caring for others • Standing up for what's right • Imagination • Faith • Dreams/aspirations • Helping others • Guidance • Understanding • Love. • Open-minded


North Neighbourhood Contact Wendy Barron-Belmore Phone: 635-2035 Email:

Where Communities and Compassion Unite Please Support UCT TV Bingo Tuesdays at 6:30 Rogers Cable Channel 10 Cards Available at most Convenience Stores

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The Beauty Of Our Neighbourhood Club HOPE

Comings And Goings At P.U.L.S.E.

By Mary LeSage Rainbow Park has gone to dogs?! What!? Ooops, sorry folks, that should read, there is a fully operational dog park now at Rainbow Park!

By David Goss Club HOPE is a service group at Saint John High dedicated to Helping Other People Everywhere. It has about 60 members and some of its activities this past fall included volunteering for Run for the Cure, putting on a Ghoul School for children during SJHS's Haunted House, organizing a South End clean up in November, offering a free pancake breakfast and, most recently, a free turkey dinner at Trinity church, which was part of the Dickens Bicentennial Weekend.

The weather is perfect! How about you lace your skates up and go for a skate at Rainbow Ice Surface! Remember, no hockey sticks please! Our Wellness Clinics are going strong. Remember the third Tue of the month! Feb 19 and Mar 18 are the next two clinic dates! 1:30 – 4pm

John (Jack) T. Little

By Carl Trickey It is a great honour for me to express to the family of the late John T. (Jack) Little, on behalf of the citizens of the lower South End, our gratitude for the contribution to the rededication area of Rainbow Park. Jack, a lifetime resident of the City of Saint John, recognized the need for financial resources to assist in the completion of this important initiative. He died in July, but prior to his death, made allowances in his last will and testament to contribute to this project by providing P.U.L.S.E. Inc. with monies received from the sale of his van. This contribution has made it possible for P.U.L.S.E. to purchase the memorial marker to be placed within the rededication area.

We enjoyed having Michelle Richardson as the temporary Community Police Officer (CPO) for the West Side. We would like to give a warm welcome to Jeremy Edwards as the full-time West Side CPO. As always Sgt David Hartley-Brown is available Mon from 8 am to noon or by appointment. He can be reached at 648-3700 or by email david. Do you have an idea that you want heard? Come visit me at the office. We are open Mon 9am -2pm Tues 9am -1pm Wed closed Thurs 9am -1pm Fri 9am – 2pm. Follow us on Twitter LIKE us on Facebook.

What Is A Strong Woman?

“For me it is hard to define a strong woman in one line. Strong women have a multitude of personality types and attributes from the quiet and strong like Rosa Parks to the outspoken like Margret Thatcher.”

Redediction Of Rainbow Park

By Carl Trickey After public consultation, it has been determined at the Spring Rededication, the area will contain: • A memorial marker that dedicates the park to all children who have suffered or died as a result of neglect and/or abuse.

“Here is my best effort: A strong women is an individual who is true to herself and her values and is willing to lead by saying what must be said and doing what must be done.” Mayor Mel Norton

• A Japanese Weeping Maple (donated by Landscapes & Gardens).

“Confident, assertive, speaks her mind “-Sgt David Hartley - Brown

• A living planter bench with plaques recognizing Jacqueline Brewer and John Turner - the two children that were central to the revitalization of Rainbow Park (provided by P.U.L.S.E. through our Municipal Stimulation Grant (2012).

“Independant; a woman who survives anything on her plate”- Anonymous

• A flag pole (provided by the City of Saint John - Leisure Services)

Mabel Penery French, who had graduated in 1905 from the Law School in Saint John (corner Princess and Canterbury), was refused admittance to the bar by the NB Barrister’s Society. The Society asked for the opinion of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick on whether a woman was a “person”, for only “persons” could be admitted to the bar. Five of the Supreme Court judges ruled that she was not a person, while one abstained. Four months after the ruling, the New Brunswick government passed a law that allowed women to be admitted to the bar.

• A flag to be designed by students from South End Schools. - (money for the design and development of the flag has been generously donated by a private citizen).

Income Tax Clinics at P.U.L.S.E 251 Wentworth St, for more information call 632-6807.

These clinics are available for: Single person: $30,000 or Couple and family: $35,000 March 9 & 23, 11:00 am - 1:30 pm and March 13 & 27, 5-7:30 pm. April 3 & 17, 5 -7:30 pm and April 13 & 27, 11am - 1:30 pm.

A Little Piece Of History

Mr. Dickens

By David Goss Ranall Ingalls presented a talk on Mr. Dickens, highlighting the book he wrote only for his children and published long after his death: The Life of Our Lord. Other presenters on the morning of December 15th included Harold Wright, on Dickens' Illustrators; John Geffken, on where Dickens got his ideas; Marje Harrison, on Dickens' influence on England, where she grew up in the 50's; and David Goss, on Dickens' connections with Saint John. Overall, the program involved some 20 presenters who helped to mark the author's 200th birthday in a fitting way.

South Neighbourhood Contact

Rodney Weston

MP/député - Saint John

Mary LeSage Phone: 632-6807 E-mail: T 506 657-2500 email: 90 King Street, Saint John, NB

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Celebrating Heather Trecartin

By Jennifer Carhart Heather Trecartin has been a teacher at Hazen-White/St. Francis School for over 20 years. She has taught many grades throughout her career as well as holding various formal leadership roles from Literacy Coach to Intervention Teacher, to Acting Vice Principal. Heather has made providing outstanding education to the students of Cres(Picture Courtesty of Krista Turnbull) cent Valley her mission and she does this with a smile on her face and a strong sense of tenacity. Heather will stop at nothing to make sure that the students in her care get the most outstanding education within her powers. She has been a leader in our district paving the way with literacy development, as well as continually coming up with ways to engage parents and families in the education of their child. She can be described as firm and fair, has an enthusiasm about what she does that has never waivered, and she is creative, and energetic. Heather builds excellence in our students and ensures that the students of Crescent Valley have the skills to be all that they can be. She has worked at HWSF for her entire career and has taught generations of kids, and each year has had her classes achieve superior results.

My Friend, Tara Parlee By Christina MacDonald There is a woman I know who has, I feel, the strength of five . She isTara Parlee, Program Facilitator at Crescent Valley Resource Centre and she also works at the Teen Resource Centre (TRC). She not only maintains a happy family life, a married mother of two active children involved in sports and activities, but she also supports and encourages all the people she works with. There are many youth thatTara works with that she supports and there is a community at Crescent Valley. On top of that she still finds time to train avidly as a marathon runner. Wow!

Seeking Input On Milestones In Crescent Valley’s History

Crecent Valley’s Karen Rodgerson By Anne Driscoll The Crescent Valley neighbourhood is home to many strong, resilient, and caring women and Karen Rodgerson is one of those women. Karen has lived in Crescent Valley since 1999. She is involved in many community events and activities that not only make the neighbourhood a better place to live, they have given Karen new experiences and a new outlook.

Karen has been active as a volunteer, an employee and a friend - always willing to help out and encourage other residents to take part in community activities. Some of Karen’s activities include: Mother's Day Tea volunteer, Disability BBQ volunteer, CVCTA board member / second Vice President, CVRC board member, CV Caring for the Community representative, CV Walking Club member, Community gardener, Slow Cooking Program leader, Community kitchen member, CV Fun Days volunteer, and CV Christmas party volunteer. Karen has good things to say about the POWER UP! program. "If it wasn't for the POWER UP! I would not have begun volunteering and getting involved in my community", said Karen. We are very glad she has. Karen’s leadership and willingness to help and encourage others makes Crescent Valley a better neighbourhood. Karen is a strong woman!

What’s Happening In Crescent Valley?

A committee is working on a timeline of all the significant milestones in Crescent Valley’s history from the 1950s until today. The timeline will be shared with the community in a fun way. We are trying to fill in some gaps, and are looking for those familiar with positive developments in Crescent Valley throughout the years to share their thoughts with us. If you have a memory (or photo!) of something important that happened in Crescent Valley in the past 60+ years, we’d be keen to hear from you! Contact: Joanne Barry (632-5750 or Juanita Black (647-4850 or Anne Driscoll (693-8513 or

At the Blue Building: ● Nurse Practitioner: Free drop-in Health Clinic every Friday from 9 -11:30 am. See a nurse practitioner for help with your health needs. Open to all, not only Crescent Valley residents - and for all ages. Appointments are not needed. If prescription refills are needed, bring the bottle. You must bring your NB Medicare Card. ● Family Drop-in Playgroup: Monday from 10 am -12noon, the Family Resource Centre offers a FREE family playgroup for children ages 0-5 and their parents or caregivers. Drop-in, register at first visit or call for info, 693-8513. ● Bookwagon: Check out the new day and time, Saturday mornings from 10 -12 noon. The Bookwagon is a free book lending program for families in Crescent Valley. We will visit on Saturday mornings in February. Dates: Feb 2, 16, and 23. ● Food Purchasing Club: Just $10 for one bag or $20 for two bags. Please bring your own reusable bag(s) with your name on it when you pay for your order. ● Income Tax clinics: Call for info on Income Tax Clinics, coming in March and April. At the CV Community Tenants Association 55/57 MacLaren Blvd., 658-9658 ● T.O.P.S. - Every Thur at 6 pm. $3 each day ● Wii Bowling - Wed, Feb 20 at 1 pm ● Bible Study - Every Tue, 10 am. ● Rummoli - Feb. 17 at 6pm

Crescent Valley Neighbourhood Contact

Hon. Trevor A. Holder MLA Saint John-Portland Constituency Office 229 Churchill Boulevard Telephone: (506) 657-2335 Email:

Anne Driscoll: 693-8513

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Krista Turnbull - Strong Community Leader

Zoomers On The Go

By Jill Roberts The Market Place Wellness Centre, on behalf of the entire community, would like to thank Krista Turnbull for her dedication to the children of St. Patrick’s School. Krista is the Community School Coordinator for St. Pat’s and Hazen-White/St. Frances School. She works tirelessly in her position and goes above and beyond, with programs such as K Kids. Her recent application to the Hellman’s Real Food Movement resulted in a $15,000 grant that covered renovation costs to the tired breakfast room at St. Pat’s. Krista Turnbull, a strong woman, is passionate about the wellbeing of children in our community.

Mrs. Pat Calloway

By Krista Turnbull, Community Schools Coordinator, St. Patrick’s School When I think of strong women one woman comes to mind immediately, Mrs. Pat Calloway, our lovely administrative assistant at St. Patrick’s School. Our office, like most school offices, is a hub of activity with students and staff coming in and out in an almost steady stream. Then there is the added confusion at dismissal time, which is not really the ideal place to focus on a desk full of work, requests, scrapes and bruises, missing lunches, and a phone that constantly rings. This has the makings for many a headache, but Pat is always pleasant with staff and students. She always has a smile and some friendly chit-chat for our many PALS and community partners who come through the door. If you need something, Pat is always willing to help with a pleasant attitude and always goes above and beyond what her job really requires of her. We often joke with Mr. Wilson that Pat is the “real boss,” and he very honestly agrees “she is.” We all know how valuable Pat is to each and every one of us and how things would never run as smoothly as they do without her at the helm. We are so very lucky to have such an amazing woman as a colleague at St. Patrick’s School.

Market Place Wellness Updates • • • • • • • •

Specimen Collection: Tue and Wed, 7:30 am–2:30 pm. By appointment, call 648-6681 (press #3). Food Bank: Tue and Fri, 1–3 pm. Foot Care Clinic: every 3rd Wed. By appointment, call 657-2273. Are you over 50 and want to be more active? Join our free classes! Tue 10–11 am at the Hope Centre, and Tue and Fri, 10–11 am at Carleton Community Centre. Call 674-4335. Food Purchase Club: for more information call: West (674-4335), or St. Joseph’s Community Health Center (632-5537). West Side Community Kitchen Program: Free, call 674-4335. Social Development worker on site to answer questions: Tue 1–3 pm. Lending Library: “Take a Book, Leave a Book” at Market Place Wellness Centre. Call 674-4335.

By Westside Wellness Centre The term “strong women” immediately brings to mind a group of communitybased volunteers who donate their time and energy to a wonderful health promotion initiative here on the West Side. Mary, Leona, Shirley, Carol, and JJ are all involved with the “Zoomers, on the go” program.

Pictured Left to Right: Shirley, Mary, Diane and Carol (Picture Courtesty of Jill Roberts

Zoomers is a falls prevention and education program that builds strength, mobility, and better balance through exercise. The program is geared towards individuals age 50 and up. The free Tue and Fri morning classes at the Carleton Community Centre see upwards of 35 participants per class. Here’s to these “strong” volunteers who strive to promote physical strength, mental fitness, and build a stronger community!

Mom- Entrepreneur

By Meaghan Colwell Rhoda came to the west side of the city after a move from Alberta. With her son at her side, she was leaving an abusive husband behind. Without looking back, she began the journey of finding herself. Rhoda has found herself as a volunteer with St. Patrick’s School, and most recently started in the Enterprising Women program. After completing the program, she successfully started her own event planning business, ReAction Events, which provides creative eco-party planning and supplies for all occasions and for any age. Rhoda is living the true meaning of “life’s a party – have one!”

Two Strongest Women By Jeanette (JJ) Jarvis The two strongest women I know, and would have liked to know, are my mother (who did not give birth to me) and Mother Teresa. Both women gave their lives to help children in need and those who were sick. They both were there to meet their needs by cleaning them, giving them a meal (or two), and making sure they had a place called home to keep warm.

Hon. Dorothy Shephard MLA Saint John Lancaster

West Neighbourhood Contacts Saint John Lancaster Constituency Office 649 Manawagonish Road Saint John, NB E2M 3W4

Patti Kelly: 674-4335 Jill Roberts: 632-5552

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Tel: (506) 643-2900 Fax: (506) 658-9885

Vibrant Women, Mentoring Program

By Sharon Amirault Vibrant Women Saint John Mentoring Program is about uniting dynamic volunteers with amazing young moms. Jennifer (mentor) and Veronica (mom), are both single mothers. Jennifer worked full time while going to school for 13 years and recently graduated with her Accounting Certification. It is this strength and perseverance that we recognize in Veronica who has already shown remarkable endurance in the midst of great obstacles. Throughout her life she has been abused. Bentley, a handsome active 2 year old who plays a “mean” game of ball hockey had a rough start (needing 5 operations and recently being diagnosed with Autism).

Brenda Smith

By Arleen Brawley SCIC, Addictions We at Sophia Recovery Centre are pleased to highlight Brenda Smith, a strong woman who had the courage to walk through the doors in her efforts to get well and begin her journey of recovery from addiction. She states that “it was the best thing [she] did”.

Pictured Above Left to Right, Jennifer and Veronica

Veronica attends UNBSJ and shows us all that strength is the backbone of success.

Updates From Waterloo Village

These two STRONG MOMS are inspirations to all of us!

6 Strong Women In Their Neighbourhood

Pictured Left: the new crosswalk; Right: Lena Holt, Carolyn LeBlanc, Lisa Chamberlain, Kathy Green, Donna McKee, Missing is Beatrice Cook In 2012, myself and five other women from the Courtney Bay neighborhood participated in Learn & Go. It was the second time taking the program for four of us. We really wanted the safety of our children to be a priority. All of us worked together with a mentor from Irving to get a crosswalk on Brunswick Dr. The project helped us all to become stronger women, devoting our time and efforts to collecting information from partners in the neighborhood, city officials, local schools and organizations. There were many requests for crosswalks from other neighborhood groups, and we women stayed positive that we would achieve our goal. In Nov 2012, a new crosswalk was added, and this spring signage will be installed.

A Little Piece Of History

Brenda volunteers at the centre and very generously shares her experience, strength and hope with other women who come looking for help and a way out of the cycle of addiction and despair. Her strength comes from her powerlessness over her addiction and with that strength comes a desire to “embrace every moment and just live for today.”

Daphne Paterson (1905-1982) of Saint John was Canada’s first female commercial pilot (1929), air transport pilot (1937) and female air instructor (1942). Despite her qualifications, airline authorities refused to hire her. A plaque to her accomplishments can be seen on the site of the old Millidgeville airfield.

By Penni Eisenhauer & Donna McKee The Waterloo Village Association would like to introduce Donna McKee, their new Chairperson. Donna, a mother of five children has lived in the Courtney Bay neighbourhood for the past eight years, is very active in her community and engaged with the residents. She is also involved in activities at Prince Charles School, which her daughter attends. Donna took POWER UP! in 2011, and recently worked with a group of residents who participated in Learn & Go. As a result of this program, a new cross walk was placed on Brunswick Drive. Donna is an excellent example to her peers, and is always looking for new opportunities to develop leadership skills. Donna looks forward to working with the residents and community partners in the neighbourhood. If you are interested in getting more involved in your neighbourhood, please join us at the next association meeting on Wed, Feb 13, at 12 noon, at the Coverdale Centre for Women (148 Waterloo St.) or contact Donna at or 696-0196.

What Strong Women Mean To Me? By Brittnee Shonaman My definition of a strong woman is a woman who has been through rough times and can still wake up in the morning with a smile on her face, knowing she is going to have a good day. A strong woman who tries everything she can to make sure she has everything she needs from school lunches to dinner on the table. A woman you can tell anything to and know she is going to understand completely. A woman who has unconditional love, no matter what. A woman who puts everything else first, before herself. A woman who’s always there to lean on when times are tough. A woman who’s fearless, compassionate, loving, and caring. A woman comes to mind who is all of this - my mother Donna McKee.

Carl Killen

Village Neighbourhood Contact

MLA Saint John Harbour 642-9774 • 74 Germain St.

Penni Eisenhauer 343-5382

Constituency Office: Mon 9:30 – 4:30, Tues/Wed 10:00 – 3:00, Thursday 4:00 – 8:00 pm Carleton Community Center: Thursday 11:00 – 3:00 pm

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Strong Women In The Making

PALS, Strong Women

By Deborah Fisher, PALS Coordinator There are so many strong women to celebrate at our schools, in our district and with our community partners, but we can’t mention them all in 100 words! Today it is the Community Schools/PALS coordinators serving our neighbourhoods who deserve a big shout out from all of us!

By Caitlin Corkum At Centennial School and several other Community/PALS schools in the Saint John area girls are getting the tools they need to become strong women through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John’s Go Girls! Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies program. The girls are learning how to take care of themselves, feel good about themselves, and assert themselves through this yearlong, fun filled program that provides the girls with active living, balanced eating, and positive living tips each week. Go Girls! is like a slumber party, there’s food, games, lots of talking, laughing, encouragement, and friends! Thank you to Bliss Roberts, Go Girls’ Program Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters and all the strong women who are volunteering their time to help bring up the next generation of strong women!

HWSF Partners With Chateau De Champlain

By Krista Turnbull, Community Schools Coordinator, HWSF School This year Mr. Brillant's grade 3 class from Hazen White St. Francis has been travelling once a month on the Kids on the Go Bus to visit our PALS partners at Chateau de Champlain ... the reason ... CANDY BINGO!!! What could possibly be more fun than playing bingo for candy? Playing with our PALS. Each visit the number of residents who join in the fun grows and the students have made friends with some lovely folks. They are so lovely that they even give away their prizes when they win! The students have made cards for their friends, delivered artwork to be posted and have joined in lots of fun when they get together. They are looking forward to many more great visits to the Chateau. Special thanks to Mr. Brillant and Jeanne Quinn at the Chateau for their hard work in making the trips so much fun.

St. Patrick’s Partners With Carleton Kirk Lodge

These four women - Katie Heffernan, Krista Turnbull, Denise Long and Caitlin Corkum help all our initiatives and events to run smoothly, coordinate volunteers and activities and help maintain and nurture great partnerships with the community! Their passion for what they do and their support of families and children makes them “Stars” in our eyes!!

Havelock School Outreach To Africa By Margo Emrich, VP, Havelock This school year, a group of globally aware young people at Havelock have been given the opportunity to create micro-businesses to support a child in Uganda. Using a $400 seed grant from BellAliant, students have been able to buy materials to manufacture goods for sale during the Christmas season. Students from grades 2 - 5 produced products that included Lavender bathtub salts, beaded jewelry, duct tape hair accessories and silly bands, plus origami Christmas ornaments.

(Picture Courtesty of Cynthia Freeman King)

Their sales were tremendous as the super sales staff (some grade fours and fives), encouraged parents and guests at Parent/Teacher night and the Christmas concert to step up and shop. The monies raised are helping a Ugandan CHAT live a more secure life with good food each day, a roof over her head and an opportunity to go to school. CHAT (Care and Hope through Adoption and Technology) is a registered charity started by teacher, Adam McKim and his World Issues class at SJHS. The Havelock students have been matched with a specific child at the CHAT House. In the near future, the Havelock students will have the opportunity to SKYPE with the children in the CHAT house. They continue to work on behalf of Nakato Catherine.

By Krista Turnbull This year Mrs. Griffin's grade 2 class at St. Patrick's School has been visiting our PALS Partners at the Carleton Kirk Lodge each month. Visits include a sing song (Mrs. Griffin is a lovely singer and with guitar in hand it's always a good time) often joined by Mrs. Bastarache and her guitar as well. The residents love to sing along with the old folk songs that we practice at school sing songs. The students even get a chance to read with their PALS. We are looking forward to many more visits this year.

For more information about: PALS (Partners Assisting Local Schools) and how you and your business/group can become involved, please contact: Deborah Fisher 650-5116 or Susan Tipper 651-8941 Page 7

Curl For Mental Health

On March 16th, 2013 we will be hosting our 23rd annual Curl for Mental Health event! Can you believe it’s been 23 years? Wow! We are so appreciative of our community coming out year after year to help us raise funds for the programs and services offered by the Saint John Branch. We couldn’t do it without everyone attending, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our wonderful sponsors - Thistle St. Andrews Curling Club, 97.3 The Wave, CHSJ Country 94.1, Molson Canada and Domino’s Pizza. Beginning at 10am, we promise a full day of curling, with two four-end games guaranteed. There is no experience necessary. Four person teams required with an entry fee of $50 per person ($200 per team). There will be lunch for curlers, tons of prizes and the music will be rocking! Call (506) 633-1705 to register your team today!

Make Your Health Your Priority

Need a hand overcoming the challenges that stand between you and a healthier lifestyle? Take charge of your health with help from a Live Well! Bien Vivre! Health Coach. They will assist you with the support, tools and information you need to achieve your wellness goals. To learn more about Live Well! Bien Vivre! and how a Health Coach can work for you, contact: Lesley Melanson, Health Coach, Saint John Region Tel: 506.608.6498 Email: Small changes can lead to big results.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Enterprising Women (eW) is a 3 month, 36 class training program that helps women looking to start their own small business! Have a great idea?

Sea Belles Add New Members Looking for a new hobby and chance to develop your singing talents this year? If you love singing and can carry a tune, Sea Belles' Chorus can develop the rest. Chorus practice begins Tuesday, January 15th, 7pm at Forest Hills Elementary School. Women of all ages are invited to come experience the fun of a cappella singing, Discover the harmony within you and let your spirit soar! For more information, contact Vangie at 633-1811 or visit or the chorus

Want to turn a hobby into a business? We can help! Learn to write a business plan, how to manage money and day to day running of a business PLUS get 2 years follow up support and guidance after you’ve started your business! For more information or to apply, contact Melanie at the Saint John Community Loan Fund at 652-5601, email or visit us online at

Community Job Support Centre

A supportive work environment with 10 computers, printing and personal assistance available to help you find your next great job opportunity. Drop in Mon - Thur 11am - 2pm or call 632-5545 to book a private appointment. We help with resumes, cover letters, online job search and much more! The centre is located at the Community Health Centre, 116 Coburg Street

Attention Women Do you feel that you are letting life slip by you? - Do you procrastinate - Underestimate your abilities - Feel stuck and don't know where to start

50+ Friendship Games June 2-7, 2013

Start by registering for

The Key to Well Being And discover that life can be exciting and rewarding







HORSESHOES       LAWN BOWLING              






Believe in yourself and make it happen Call today and register for our upcoming course 672-7451



For the low cost of $25.00, you can participate in any number of these games, enjoy the Opening Ceremony complete with a barbeque and musical entertainment, the Awards Banquet, enjoy the company of old friends and meet new ones. For further information call Seniors’ Resource Centre 633-8781


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Where Saint Josephs Community Health Centre 116 Coburg Street Childcare and transportation costs are covered by the Dept of Social Development

Saint John Transit & Neighbourhoods In Saint John

United Way Day of Caring Day of Caring® is a program coordinated in your community by the United Way serving Saint John, Kings, and Charlotte and the Saint John Volunteer Centre. Its goal is to mobilize teams of corporate employees, labour groups and organizations as volunteers to complete meaningful, hands-on projects that will greatly assist local nonprofit agencies in our region.

GREAT NEWS! Saint John Transit is willing to develop Community Partnerships to complete neighbourhood - level improvements which will improve their service and our experience as riders, such as: • adopt a bus shelter – maintained by a neighbourhood group. • resident groups "clean up" their neighbourhood’s old, unused bus stop signs.

We are holding our second Day of Caring® on Friday, June 7th, 2013. Last year, we had over 100 volunteers who completed 14 different projects around the City. Mark the date in your calendars and start thinking about project ideas. Applications and sign-up information will be coming soon. Campaign Celebration

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 4-5pm

Day of Caring

Friday, June 7, 2013 8am—4pm

Annual General Meeting Wednesday, June 5, 2013 12:15 pm

BULK BUYING PROGRAM: Encourage your Community Groups or Employers to purchase passes/punch cards in bulk at a 10% discount and pass the SAVINGS on to YOU. Benefits of bulk buying: • reliable workforce /reliable transportation. • more affordable transportation.

Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross has a number of free services available for seniors. These include friendly visiting, and telephone reassurance which provides social networking opportunities and helps seniors stay engaged in their local communities. We also offer free transportation for seniors who need to go to an appointment or run some quick errands. The Canadian Red Cross is also currently looking for reliable volunteers to work the front desk; duties include administrative duties and loaning out health care equipment. For more information on how to receive these services or for volunteer opportunities for Senior Services contact Alicia Quann at 674-6188 or by email .

For more information please call Pat Porter at 650-0315 or Sara Stashick at 651-2229. Transit Initiative funded by the NB Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation and supported by Vibrant Communities Saint John and Partners.

The Boys And Girls Club Of Saint John Get in it to Win it! The Boys and Girls Club of Saint John Weekly Draw – Modified 50/50 It’s easy as 1 - 2 - 3 1. $2 to play. 2. Pick a number, fill out your name & phone number, put one part in the green box & keep the other. 3. Play weekly by placing a green label with you number on a toonie & drop it in the green Gold Rush Box location at the Boys and Girls Club. You can also play on line at or call 634-2001 ext 231 for more information.

Where’s Your Career Taking ki You? Y ?

(Où votre carrière vous conduira conduira--t-elle elle?) ?)

C Career Day Winter 2013 / Journée D Wi t 2013 / J é carrière, hiver 2013 iè hi 2013 Saturday February 23rd, 10:30am , 10:30am‐‐12pm Samedi, le 23 février de 10:30 à 12:00 Seniors Resource Centre, City Market, 2nd Floor Centre d'accueil Centre d accueil multiculturel et des nouveaux arrivants et des nouveaux arrivants 2ème étage

Career Day Winter 2013

 Speak with professionals about their experience  Learn about post secondary education options p y p

Bienvenu à tous!  All are welcome!  Registration Required / Pour inscription contactez: Mary Stack /642‐4242 ext. 223

Free Income Tax Clinics

Seniors’ Resource Centre Brunswick Square 633-8781 March and April Thursdays: 9:00 – 11:30 am., 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick through the Canada‐New Brunswick Labour Market Agreements. Financé par le gouvernement du Canada et la province du Nouveau‐Brunswick dans le cadre des Ententes Canada/Nouveau‐Brunswick sur le marché du travail.

For Seniors 50+ on low income: Singles: $30,000/year or Couples: $35,000/year Also wheelchair Accessible Page 9

An International Womens Day Event

As declared in 1995 by the Parliament of Canada

By Belinda Kumar Join people from across the region for a full-day celebration of the achievements of women, while exploring topics in entrepreneurship, leadership and empowerment. The event, Pathways to Empowerment, is presented by the Saint John Community Loan Fund and will be held Friday, March 8th from 8:00am to 4:00pm at the Delta Brunswick Hotel. Our keynote speaker will be Barbara Stegemann, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author. Workshops will cover topics such as Work / Life Balance, Social Networking, Sexuality & Sexual Confidence, Crafting your Pitch, and more! You can also shop, learn and network at our Exhibitor’s Marketplace.

February is

Celebrate our black accomplishments, settlements and inventions through presentations organized by PRUDE Inc. and the New Brunswick Black History Society. (NBBHS)

Black History

Limited seating is available! Register now at For more information, visit our Facebook page at or call 652-5626.

Month 0

Contact: Sheri McAulay, Cultural Diversity Officer, PRUDE Inc. tel: 634-7629 · email: ·


Delta Brunswick Hotel

Keeping Girls Cybersafe Keynote Address

What Everyone Needs to Know

Barb Stegemann

Girls use social media to be creative, communicate with friends, and to learn. Although social media can be quite useful, it can also have a negative impact on users, especially girls.

CEO of The 7 Virtues Fragrance Collection

Atlantic Canada Entrepreneur of the Year Best selling author of “7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen” Listed in Top100 Women in Canada, Trailblazer Award Honorary Colonel, Royal Canadian Air Force

6 Inspirational Workshops & A Panel Discussion

Manon Pelletier Lifestyle Coach

Nadine Duguay 21 inc.

Michèle Brideau

Michèle Brideau Consulting

Sexualization and cyber-violence can occur through social media, instant messaging and email. Learning about these technologies and their risks can help young girls use social media in a safe way.

The Facts In 2008, girls aged 12 to 17 years-old, made up 86 per cent of the victims of the “other sexual crime” category, which includes luring a child via a computer, invitation to sexual touching and sexual exploitation.1

Karina LeBlanc Sue Appleton-Elliot MotherWit Birth Doula Pond-Deshpande Centre

Jen Gorman & Jen Richard

Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Center

According to RCMP violent crime statistics for 2009, in 80 per cent of cases of luring minors over the internet for sexual purposes, the victim was female.2 Predators use child luring techniques, such as asking for help; bribery; affection and attention; authority; threats and weapons; trying to gain trust; compliments; employment; and using a false emergency.3

Diana Leitch Sexuality & Intimacy Counselor

Register Now!

March 7, 7pm

Sexual predators often use social networking sites, such as online blogs, where girls look to talk to new people.

or call: 652-5626


Over half of the young people who report being sexually harassed over the internet said that they actually knew the person.4

Presented by, ReAction Events

Page 10

More than half of the teenage victims of cyber-violence never report it.5 Online or cyber-violence is much more common among girls than boys, with 28 per cent of girls reporting being targeted by cyber-violence compared to just 15 per cent of boys. 6 You must be at least 13-years-old to use Facebook; however, there are other websites open to all ages.7 More than 80 per cent of 10 to 17-year-olds have a Facebook page and nearly all have access to email.8 On an average day, young people are bombarded by many forms of media, including more than 30 million websites.9 By puberty, girls are three times more likely than boys to suffer from depression due to low selfesteem, negative body image, and feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and stress.10 This vulnerability may be increased from exposure to social media.

Lorne Middle School 2012 Recap

By Denise Long, Community School/PALS Coordinator Here are just a few highlights: • Breakfast Program running 5 days a week, thanks to our PALS Partners, over 120 breakfasts served per week. Lorne has started composting for our future Community Garden. • Soccer and basketball team did well this year, thanks to our volunteers. • • Leadership team went on a train ride. • Main Street Baptist and St. Luke’s Anglican churches provide lunches for our students 4 days a week. Serving over 164 lunches per week. LMS thanks you. • Our students performed a Christmas reader’s theatre. • LMS had this year’s “BEST Middle School Float” in our annual Santa Claus Parade, thanks to our PALS partner Local 18. • Our PALS partner put on a delicious Christmas dinner for the students and teachers. • Students participated in Robo science club for 8 weeks. • Bingo was played during Anti Bullying week and the Mill Rats’ visit during anti bullying week. • Students participated in a “New to You Sale” and bought gifts for family members. As you can see LMS has had a busy 2012. We are looking forward to 2013.

Artwork For Clifford The Big Red Dog

By Krista Turnbull Ms Trecartin's grade 1 class was very busy creating some excellent artwork of one of their special friends ... Clifford the Big Red Dog, with some stories to go along with them.

Canadian Women’s Foundation Supports Go Girls! Health Bodies, Healthy Minds When you give a girl the chance for a better life, she moves into confidence and learns to overcome challenges like violence, poverty, and gender stereotypes.” Go Girls! Is a group mentoring program for girls ages 10 – 14 that focuses on physical activity, balanced eating and self-esteem. The single, most important goal of the program is to positively shape the lives of young women and girls by helping them build a positive selfimage – setting them on a path to reach their full potential in life. The Canadian Women’s Foundation is helping to empower girls by investing in 14 ground-breaking programs, operating in 22 communities across Canada. One of these programs is right here in Saint John. Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds is a program offered through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John and run in partnership with a number of local area schools. Bliss Roberts,Go Girls! Program Coordinator Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John, 635-1145

Raising The Roof: Toque Tuesday

They were so very excited to have their photo taken in front of their works of art. They shared that they had entered a contest for Clifford to come visit their class ... you never know who may show up to visit them sometime soon. I think Clifford would be very pleased to see all the work they had put into having an opportunity to have him visit their school.

Pictured Above Left to Right: Colin McDonald presents floor plans for the new Safe Harbpour Youth House; Right: Nicole Hachey and Ashton showing off the Raising The Roof Toques

West Side Coop Preschool

By Cheryl Brown For parents interested in maintaining their involvement with their young child’s education, the West Side Co-Op Preschool (WSCP) offers a variety of part-time preschool programs at very affordable rates for parents with children aged 18 months to 5 years. The WSCP, formed 37 years ago, is administered and maintained by the membership parents on a non-profit, non-sectarian basis. Parents, under the guidance of a qualified teacher, also assist in the classroom and participate in the children’s educational activities. A parent’s education program, carried out throughout the year, is a feature of all cooperative preschools. The efforts of parents and their direct involvement during the school day make cooperative preschools a one of a kind community learning experience! Registration for 2013–2014 programs start March 15. For more information please contact President Heather Gillis (6495169), Admissions Chair Amy Melanson (642-1980), or TeacherDirector Cheryl Brown (333-2601), or visit our website:

Page 11

St. Pats recieves Hellmans Grant

By Krista Turnbull St. Patrick's School was the lucky recipient of the Hellman's Real Food Movement Grant in the amount of $15,000. The funds received were used to tear out their old breakfast room and completely renovate the room. The dreary old room was replaced with bright new walls, flooring, and a ton of new cabinets and countertops. PALS Partners from Irving Tissue offered to do the re-build for us after the great folks with facilities at District Office tore out the old room and replaced our floor and ceiling. The funds have also allowed us to hold cooking classes with students - teaching them about how "real food" can be used in their dishes and how delicious it is. The highlight was when Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes from the Food Network visited our school in December and officially opened the new room by cooking with our cooking club and some of their friends. It was a day we will remember forever! The students had an outstanding time with their new friend, Chef Hughes, making chicken fingers and guacamole. Special thanks to the folks at District Office, Irving Tissue and Hellman's for making all this possible.

BBBS Strong Girls By Bliss Roberts, Program Coordinator As the Program Coordinator of Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds through BBBS, I have the opportunity to work with some amazing young women and girls. Our Go Girls! mentors are between the ages of 18 and 30 and the participants are 10-14 years old.

K-Kids Of St. Patricks Help Children In Guatemala By Krista Turnbull The K-Kids of St. Patrick's School were recently involved in a project to help children in Guatemala. Pastor Nick, our PALS Partner from Hillcrest Baptist Church, was making plans for another trip to visit an orphanage in Guatemala and offered to take some goodies with him that we made for the children. This was an excellent example of a PALS Partner helping our students and in turn our students helping some unfortunate children in another country so far away. Our PALS at Michaels had donated a ton of beads to us and we had more than enough for our own crafts. We decided that we would make lots of bracelets for Pastor Nick to take to the children at the orphanage. We worked on them at a few of our meetings and each made cards to include with our bracelets. It felt really great to be able to help children so far away and put smiles on their faces. Special thanks to our great PALS at Michaels for making this possible and to Pastor Nick for sharing our gifts.

Books For Christmas

Quality Learning New Brunswick was pleased to once again provide over 400 books to children in the North End, thanks to a financial donation from the Literacy Coalition of NB (they also donated 80 books)! Children in Crescent Valley, Anglin Drive and the Old North End received a book at their local community Christmas Party In the photo above, children gather under the Storytent at the Crescent Valley Community Christmas Party to read their books!

Get fit and have fun!

Last week,I sat in on a few of the sessions. I asked the girls if they could tell me what they thought a strong woman was. There was no hesitation and they all had a good sense of themselves. The group dynamics were great; it is a safe, confidential, fun atmosphere. Our hope is that these girls have the same self-esteem once they leave the room. “Never put yourself down! Respect yourself! Be who you really are.” – Sandra age 12 “A woman who doesn’t let a man push her around ever!” – Participant age 13 “A girl who never gives up on herself” – Participant age 13

Becoming A Strong Women By Mel Barrett, TRC Drop In Coordinator Becoming strong women is something we hope every girl at the TRC aspires to. We help the girls that attend our Drop In program do so by surrounding them with positive female role models and encouraging them to participate in Girl World. This 5 week program offered to teenaged girls ages 12 to 18 (Hanging with the Guys for boys) is provided both in schools and on-site. The purpose of Girl World is to give girls the tools necessary to make good decisions, have healthy relationships and highlight their strengths. We have high hopes for our young ladies and want to do everything possible to help them achieve their full potential. If you are interested in more information regarding our TRC Girl World program, please contact Mel at 632 5615 or check out our website. Page 12

New Year’s Resolutions? Let us help you reach your goals.

Memberships are just $99 for 3 months. (Expires Feb 28, 2013)

T: 693-9622

A Strong Women, Jane Demmings

HWSF’S Nicole Blissett

By Marta Kelly When I think of strong women, I fondly remember my friend Jane Demmings who died on December 30th, 2012. She was one of the strongest people I have ever met. People ask “was there ever a teacher that inspired you?” – my answer was always no – until I met a teacher that came in the form of a friend. Jane taught people not to sweat the small stuff, to be caring and to be thankful for your health. I can’t count the number of times I have channeled my inner Jane to get me through rough times in my life. She was truly an angel that someone sent to us so we could all try to be better people. She was kind, thoughtful, gracious and overall just a beautiful person.

By Jennifer Carhart Nicole Blissett is the Vice Principal of Hazen-White/ St. Francis School and has been for the past three years. Prior to this role, Nicole worked at HWSF as both a teacher and as the Community Schools Coordinator. Throughout her time at HWSF School Nicole has established herself as an outstanding teacher, a dedicated employee and above all, a strong woman in Crescent Valley. Nicole can be described as humble, open minded, possessing strong listening skills, empathy and understanding; while at the same time balancing her home/work life-her own family and the needs of the HWSF School Community Family. She is a leader: someone who can be counted on, someone who sets an example and someone who can quite simply get the job done.

Glen Falls Golden Girls

Glen Falls School has a crew of strong women who have been dedicated volunteers for the last several years. These ladies; Loretta Parsons, Gloria Mitton, Theresa Richard and Lynne O’Leary – are strong independent women who always work hard taking care of their families and community. They are great role models for all of our students. These women cook wonderful meals for our school lunch program every week. They come twice a week, arriving at 10:30 am and don’t leave until the last dish is dried! These ladies are known to us as the Golden Girls and we are very lucky to have them at our school.

My 4 Strong Women

By Hon. Trevor Holder My inspiration as well as motivation, comes from four very strong women in my life: my wife Brenda, my two daughters Margaret and Katherine, and my mom, Dorothy.

Strong Women Quote

By Adam Dunn I once read a quote that I felt described what a strong woman is. It was a simple but very powerful statement that resonated with me. It reads as follows: “A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. She is not afraid to be afraid. A strong woman is both soft and powerful. She takes compliments to heart and treats herself like the queen that she is. A strong woman is equally visionary and decisive. She is able to hope when things look hopeless. She is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence, is a gift to all the world.” -Unknown

My mom always encouraged me to work hard and never give up. When I was determined to be one of the youngest MLAs in our province’s history she never discouraged me when others said I was too young. Brenda has always been supportive and played a key role in my public service. It is very common for Brenda and our daughters to be engaged in activities throughout the community in which I represent. The four of us are a team. Brenda and I balancing our careers and trying to be good parents, while our daughters, Margaret and Katherine, are very energetic young women who remind me why I am in public life—to help build a better community for their generation and beyond. When I am on the road in my role as minister—which is quite often—I always call home at 7 in the morning no matter where I am or what time zone I am in. That quick call always sets a positive tone to my day.

A little Piece Of History

In 1785, Nancy Morton, a Black slave woman was brought from Maryland to New Brunswick by her Loyalist owner. Some of New Brunswick’s “leaders”, including some Supreme Court judges, still owned slaves. Nancy pled her case for freedom before the Supreme Court of N.B. in 1800, represented by two lawyers who volunteered their services. Nancy’s lawyers argued that since slavery was not recognized or legalized in New Brunswick, she must be freed. Nancy remained a slave. However, one of the judges who was a slave owner subsequently released his slaves. Page 13

Grand spectacle de contes et de musique avec KPG

Meet Sandra James By Debbie McLeod Sandra is a resident and a volunteer at Stephenson Tower and she is presently the treasurer for the Stephenson Tower Tenant Association. Sandra has her hand and heart into every event group and committee that goes on at Stephenson Tower and Charlton Place. She involves herself in participating with all activities which range from book clubs, walking clubs, cooking clubs, exercise programs, movie nights, and Wii bowling to helping with major events like the Wellness Fair that happens every year at Stephenson Tower and Charlton Place. Sandra can be counted on to have the tea pot on, the food ready and the tables set up and ready to go in time for each event. Sandra is an example of a strong woman who has dedicated herself to the world of volunteerism.... the residents of both Stephenson Tower and Charlton Place thank her so much for all her dedication and hard work.

The Knitting Circle

For the 3rd year in a row the kind women of Stephenson Tower and Charlton Place have worked their busy fingers to create hundreds of knitted goods for people who need warm hands and feet. These women give their time and talent every Wednesday afternoon so all of these items are produced. Wool is donated to us by church groups and people in our community. We are always thankful for all the wool we receive. We knit baby sets for First Steps, and hats, mitts, socks, and scarves for the Joshua Group. We knit items for the people who frequent the Romero House mobile bus as well.

À l’occasion de la célébration du mois (février) de l’histoire des Noires, le Centre d’accueil multiculturel et des nouveaux arrivants de Saint-John -SJMNRC- vous invite à UN GRAND SPECTACLE GRATUIT de Kientega Pingdéwindé Gérard, communément appelé KPG (Artiste-Comédien et Conteur du Burkina Faso). Le spectacle s’inscrit dans le cadre d’une tournée provinciale rendue possible grâce à la collaboration de 4 autres centres d’accueil au Nouveau Brunswick : CAFI Moncton, Kientega Pingdéwindé Gérard (KPG) Médaillé d’argent de dansressources la discipline «Conte» VIème Jeux de la Francop CAIENA Péninsule acadienne, Centre pouraux nouveaux arrivants au Nord-Ouest (Edmundston) et l’Association multiculturelle région Chaleur inc. KPG et le spectacle Médaillé d’argent dans la discipline «Conte» aux VIème Jeux de la Francophonie de 2009 et invité aux Jeux Olympique d’hiver à Vancouver en 2010, KPG vous propose sa nouvelle création de contes dénommée «Parole de forgeron». Le spectacle met en lumière différentes problématiques de la société et des questionnements qui s’y rattachent. Tout cela est savamment dosé avec humour, dérision, rire, poésie et tendresse! Programme Date : Vendredi 15 février Lieu : Théâtre Louis Vermeersch, 67, chemin Ragged Point Heures : 18h-19h Entrée : GRATUITE Ne vous faites pas conter l’événement! SOYEZ AU RENDEZ-VOUS !!!

Debbie McLeod from Social Development spear headed this knitting group which I call the Kneedle Knockers. She is a strong woman of influence in our building. Because of her we have a lot of activities that she has worked hard to get set up. She keeps a close eye on all that we do. I find she is a strong woman of influence over our lives and also over all the other communities and people she deals with.

Page 14

Strong Women In My Life

By Dr.Shelly M. Rineheart The women in my life, my mom, aunts and friends have all played a role showing me that you can balance a career, a family and still be active in your community. But I have to say that my grandmother, who lived to the age of 103, was a significant role model for me growing up. She lived during a time when working, while raising two children, was not the norm and certainly moving to the City and accepting a senior administrative role in the school where she came to teach was quite different. My learnings….Get involved; Love what you do; and Always make time for family, friends and yourself. Why Politics? When you want to make a difference you need to be willing to accept a role in making that happen. Someone told me once you have three choices in life-lead, follow or get out of the way – I have never been good at the last two so here I am and I am loving it.

Kelly Anne Kelly By Mel Voutour Kelly Anne Kelly of Anglin Drive has worked for more than two years to have a playground in her neighbourhood. “Every community needs a playground,” she says. Kelly participated in Learn n’ Go to make it happen. She’s also involved in the local street dance and even keeps a stash of crazy carpets for snow days. Despite health concerns, her volunteer and community work, she also takes time out to help and support her mom. She’s pushing forward with her Learn n’ Go project, participated in POWER UP, and is also attending the Saint John Community Loan Fund’s A$$ETS program. When asked why she does it, her response is a simple, “Why wouldn’t you want to make something better if you can?”

My Mom

By Amanda Maxwell When I heard the theme for this issue of Around the Block was Strong Women, there was no one who came to mind more than my mother Kelly Maxwell, she was an amazing woman. Kelly lived in Crescent Valley for many years as a single mother of two. She had a lot of hurt and pain inside and struggled a lot, but put her trust in the hands of the Lord and was always ready to help others in her community. She hardly went out but people came to her for advice. She is gone now and I only wish I could of had more time with her.

Developing Women’s Leadership

By Joan Richardson For several years PRUDE Inc. has been providing programs that improve the social, cultural and economic participation of minority women. Newcomer women in the Mentorship Program have been actively learning about their new community and increasing their selfconfidence and communication skills. Here are some of their comments: “I expect more of myself. I believe I have better options for my future. After working with my mentor, I know I am a better leader in my family and in my community.” “I am helping my nephew who arrived just two days ago. I am more confident and will be his mentor. I am involved in Korean society, but want to get involved in volunteering in my children's school.” “I started as a baby newcomer, but now am ambassador to newcomers, and help them adapt to new life. I am a leader when I give presentations in the Korean and the Chinese community...what you need to learn...where to go for that.”

Seniors Book Club

By Debbie McLeod A group of women from Stephenson Tower and Charlton Place under the leadership and direction of Carole MacFarquhar from the Saint John Free Public Library have been reading and discussing a wide variety of books since February 2011. The book club has pushed the group to read different authors and different styles of books. Carole has established other senior book clubs from Brunswick Drive and Danells Drive, who meet and discuss books on regular bases as well. Crescent Valley has just started their own Adult Book Club and they are looking for new participants. A big thank you goes out to Carole for sharing her knowledge and love for books!! Reading is contagious.

“Excellence in Electricity Delivery” Top 5 Energy Saving Tips: 1. Use Energy Efficient Lighting (CFL’s & LED’s) 2. Wash clothes in cold water and hang to dry 3. Purchase Energy Star appliances 4. Turn down the heat at night and when away 5. Make sure your home is properly insulated Page 15

Environmental Commitment


Strong Women, Strong World By PRUDE Staff As Programs Director at PRUDE Inc. since 2006, Jocelyn Stevens has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of minority women in the Greater Saint John area by researching funding opportunities to provide programs such as Respecting our Differences - classroom presentations on cultural diversity; Breaking Free - a leadership and skills development program for women; COME TOGETHER, the Canadian Way - a social networking and programs based learning environment for newcomer women; and the Mentorship Program for the community engagement of newcomer women and girls. In 2011 Jocelyn was invited to speak at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland at a forum on “Guaranteeing the Rights of Minority Women”. Today, Jocelyn continues to provide strong leadership with the Board and staff to create a culture of inclusivity as PRUDE Inc. moves forward with its message.

Getting Your GED Is Very Difficult

By Barbara Gillet with Mary Ashton My name is Barbara Gillet. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters. Two years ago I made the decision to return to school and work towards my GED after being out of school since grade 8. I wanted to prove to my girls that if you set your mind on anything, you can accomplish it. Getting your GED is very difficult and requires a lot of focus. I have always been a worker. I am an employee of Voila! Cleaning and also attend night classes to finish my last two GED subjects. I want my girls to know that you have to work for your money, and it is not always as easy as it looks. My girls walk me to class every night and meet me to walk home when I am finished. I want them to finish school so they can have a good education and be able to afford whatever they need or desire. I am so proud that my girls get to see how positive and happy I am. I know there are a lot of great things to accomplish in the future for my girls and for me too.

Strong Mentors, Strong Women

By Juanita Black I am a very lucky person, during the past few years I have been mentored in my job as coordinator of Around The Block and in my volunteer work by many strong women.

Mary Ashton is a Community Workforce Coach at Saint John Learning Exchange (506) 648-0202 or

June Bug

By Charlene The second floor of the City Market is not where you'd expect to find a strong woman, but here she be and man! - does she love to jive! June McCluskey, affectionately called "June Bug" has had her heart full of City Market Seniors for a very long time, serving on the board in various capacities. From the Latin word "forte" comes the English word "strong" and the card games June is well known for organizing is Forty-Fives – no coincidence that she has a loyal following who meet weekly to play. A nasty fall hasn't stopped her dancing. She's 30 years my senior and she makes me feel like dancing.

Mentors let you develop as an individual, let you learn by trial and error, and give you enough room to find your own way, but, are always there to act as a sounding board and offer advice whenever it is needed. Mentors could be younger or old than yourself, someone you meet in your volunteer life or at your job. In my volunteer life I have been guide by many strong women, two who work in Crescent Valley; Debbie McLeod and Anne Driscoll, who also guide more resident than just myself. And by my friend Michele Brideau, who encourages me to always find time for myself. In Around The Block it has been a complete learning process, from not knowing much about computers and how to bring all the stories and pictures together, to proudly saying our community paper ROCKS. Yes, I am a little bit proud but I could not have done this job without; Wendy MacDermott and Belinda Kumar, two ladies who let me learn without smothering. Remember the strong women in your life and say thank you!

Around The Block Team (Issue 27) Old North End: Wendy Barron-Belmore South End: Mary LeSage. Waterloo-Village: Penni Eisenhauer. Crescent Valley: Anne Driscoll Lower West Side: Jill Roberts Proof readers: Rona Howald, Anna O’Hara, Mark Driscoll, Belinda Kumar, Kathryn Asher, Jenny O’Connell, Celeigh Barber-Russell and Mary Collier Fleet Layout and Design: Chris Hopkins, and Juanita Black. Ad Design: Chris Hopkins, Belinda Kumar Community members: Carl Tricky, Lyn King, Amanda Maxwell, Kim Williams, Lisa Chamberlain, and Randy Hatfield.

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Around The Block, Issue 27  

This edition focuses on strong women.