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Issue 25 . October 2012 • • Block Bullying

Little Sister Recieves Prestigious Award

Pictured above: Hundreds of St.Mac’s students shoulder to shoulder around the block to say “no” to bullies. (Photo courtesy of Paul McLaughin, Global News) By Michael Whelton, Vice Principal, St. Malachy’s High School Anti-Bullying Awareness Week was observed in all schools in New Brunswick from Sept. 24-28. St. Malachy’s High School students and staff had an open dialogue about bullying in our school and we will work together to reduce and prevent bullying. On Mon., Sept. 24, the St. Malachy’s School community “BLOCKED BULLYING” in a sign of solidarity. Students, teachers, school and district administrators and civic leaders stood shoulder to shoulder around the outside of St. Malachy’s in an effort to bring awareness to bullying. Students were dressed in school colours (red and white), and participated in an “Iron-Out Bullying Cheer” followed by “The Wave” in unison around the city block surrounding St. Malachy’s. Every participant had a graphic display with the words “Iron Out Bullying”.

Coordinators Comments

Pictured above: Alisha Wilson and her Big Sister, Tashia Boyce (Photo courtesy of Laurie Collins) By Laurie Collins Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John celebrated a year of success at their Annual General Meeting. Little Sister Alisha Wilson was among the celebrated at the event. Alisha was presented with the George Hitchcock Award which is presented annually to a deserving Little to provide them with the opportunity to attend a summer camp of their choice. George Hitchcock was an instrumental volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John. He spent tireless hours raising money and promoting the agency whenever the opportunity presented itself. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John is proud to have Alisha as part of their agency!

By Juanita Black, Coordinator, Around The Block, 647-4850. Email:

PALS Make A Difference

This is issue 25, with a theme of Youth and Around The Block’s 4th Anniversary. We are very proud to partner with Mariner Partners In Innovation, to celebrate all the amazing youth that are being mentored in the PALS programs, supported in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and volunteerism around Saint John. Our young leaders, themselves, are mentoring their fellow class mates and friends. I was witness to the Block Bullying rally on Monday, September 24, as students from St Malachy’s Memorial High School stood shoulder to shoulder around their school block to show bullying will not be tolerated. The 16 pages in this issue have, stories that will fill you with pride, with the dedication and commitment our youngsters, teenagers and young men and women bring to our great city. Our advertisers and community partners celebrate Around The Block’s 4th Anniversary in congratulatory ads; ads that issue after issue allow us to print our ‘good news’ newspaper. During the past six issues, we have shared with you: 289 stories, 256 pictures and our non profit and service groups have shared notices of 125 different programs. Thank you to Mariner Partners In Innovation for this sponsorship, the many volunteers who write stories issue after issue, take pictures with whatever they have, the community groups who coordinate their own pages and the volunteers who hand deliver our regular 16 page, 9000 copies bi-monthly. This is your paper, your good news stories and your 4th Anniversary.

By Krista Turnbull, Community Schools Coordinator The past few weeks students and PALS partners have been excited to reunite for another school year. PALS partners are involved in our schools in so many different ways from helping with the breakfast program, Pictured from left to right: Kayla to coaching noon hour and McQuinn, Rachell Morrell, Marta after school clubs, volunteerKelly and Sherry Ingersoll ing in the class, visiting readers, providing financial support to our schools, and Big Brothers Big Sisters In--School Mentoring program. Students are paired with a mentor who shares similar interests as they do, getting together. During school time, on school property for one hour each week to share in games, cooking,crafts, and many other exciting activities. Many wonderful friendships are made in the community room at St. Pat’s. Our PALS partners take on a very important role at St Patrick’s School and we are proud to have them back with us for another fantasic year.

Proud Supporter of Youth in our Community Visit us at

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Youth Learn About Poverty In Toronto

Jeremy MacDonald By Linda Doiron Jeremy, the handyman is always willing to lend a hand.

He is always available to anyone who needs a computer fixed, a phone fixed, a gaming system repaired and he does this in his spare time.

(Photo courtesy of Linda Doiron)

Even though, due to panic attacks, he does not do well socializing, this is his way of giving back. He helps with the computers at Lorne School and is more than willing to repair anything if it is broken. He has repaired computers for some seniors as well. He helped clean up the North End with the YIP group earlier this year. Jeremy is an animal lover who will take time to go look for your pet if it is lost and refuses to give up until it is found. Jeremy has Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADD and ADHD, but it does not get him down.

Seniors Inclusion Program With ONE Change YIP

By Alyson Cronkhite This past summer, the youth of the ONE Change Youth Inclusion Program partnered once again with the seniors of Stephenson Towers. This time, with summer in full force, the youth and seniors decided to mix things up with a fun activity and came together to take part in a scrapbooking session. The youth brought their own pictures from home and some scrapbooking supplies from YIP and met the seniors at Stephenson Towers. The youth had a great time connecting with the seniors and teaching them how to scrapbook. At the end of the session, when the scrapbooking pages were completed, all youth and all seniors had a chance to show off their scrapbook page and explain it. It was really interesting to hear the stories from all participants. Youth really enjoyed listening to the seniors tell stories about their scrapbooking pages and the seniors had a great time bonding with the kids. We hope to have another session like this in the near future.

ONE Change congratulates Around the Block on their 4th year anniversary!!

By Rev Renee Embree Ever wonder what it would be like to be homeless in a big city like Toronto? This past August, eight students and three leaders from Main Street Church went to Toronto to learn about the realities of poverty and living on the streets there. The team got to experience a number of different approaches to befriending and supporting those living on the streets. They made a lot of friends and want to make a lot of friends in Saint John, too. Middle-schoolers can join us on Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. or High-schoolers on Sunday evenings from 6:30p.m. to 9 p.m. to become a part of our next serving trip.

“A Trip Around The World” Learning While Having Fun

Pictured Above: Youth from the Old North End (Photo courtesy of Sheri McAuley) By Sheri McAuley The “YIP” (Youth Inclusion Program) hosted a celebration of Diversity in August put on by PRUDE Inc. More than 40 youth celebrated what they learned about eight countries around the world over the summer months. They also tried new foods such as the vegetables: cassava from Jamaica, jicama from Mexico, hodo cookies from Korea and fortune cookies from China. The goal was to enhance awareness & sensitivity to newcomers living in our community. A great end to summer and start of a new school year….


North Neighbourhood Contact Wendy Barron-Belmore Phone: 635-2035 E-mail:

Where Communities and Compassion Unite Please Support UCT TV Bingo Tuesdays at 6:30 Rogers Cable Channel 10 Cards Available at most Convenience Stores

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The Beauty Of Our Neighbourhood Trinity Church Updates

The Graffiti Guyz

On Sunday morning, Sept. 23, the culmination of months of planning was revealed with the dedication of the Trinity Jubilee Garden on the lawn fronting on Germain St. at historic Trinity Church. This will be a place of beauty for those passing by for years to come. Not only will the dozen planted perennials be visible through the year, but next spring hundreds of tulips will bloom for all who walk Germain St. to enjoy. The 8 x 20 foot garden was prayerfully dedicated by the Rector, Rev. Ranall Ingalls, and MLA Carl Killen ceremoniously turned the first sod in the presence of church wardens MarTop Picture L-R, Jim Britje Harrison and Jim Brittain. Killen also tian, Marj Harrison, Carl presented a framed photo of Queen Killen, Rev. Ranall Ingalls. Elizabeth II to the church at a reception Bottom Picture: Queen in the Bennett room which followed the Elizabeth II picture presenagarden dedication. tion

South End Community Centre

By Gino Arseneault The South End Community Centre (SECC) staff is proud to say that our after school program is running strong with activities such as arts, dance, sports, Homework Club and more. Our doors are always open to new guests. We operate from Mon. to Thu. 2:30-5 pm and Fri. 1:305 pm. Our evening program has also kicked off and we have added a few new things to join at night, including the SECC Ball Hockey Championship, Movie Night and the NHL Video Game Challenge. Let’s not forget cooking with Chef Robin. Stay tuned for more events to come. We are open Mon. to Thu. evenings from 6–9 pm. To join us, simply come down to the South End Community Centre and fill out a registration form. Hope to see you there sooner than later. Cheers!

Comings And Goings At P.U.L.S.E

We got a start on some graffiti removal in the uptown area this summer. Lets not kid ourselves, graffiti removal is difficult if you don’t have the proper supplies. Also, there are varying views on graffiti. Some think of it as urban art, while others perceive it as vandalism. Either way, if you would like it removed, we are here to help! Give us a call at the P.U.L.S.E. office, 632-6807. Also, look for our Facebook group coming soon. . . where you can write on OUR wall!

Pictured Above:Ethan McLeod and Andrew Vail

Zucchini, Cucumber and Lettuce, Oh My By Lisa Morris I have always envied people who have the beautiful gardens full of tomatoes, beans, cucumber and other yummy vegetables, so this summer my son and I had a plot at Rainbow Park. It was a great opportunity to hang out and play in the dirt and see how things grow. Our gardening skills still need work, but we did find out that lettuce will grow no matter what and taste great. Our harvest included small carrots, a cucumber and lots of lettuce and most of all, we had a great time. Gardening started great conversations about healthy food and what we put in our bodies and my son now loves to ask for zucchini. The thought of yummy tomatoes had me heading to the local market to grab lots of them and try my hand at canning. We found out how you peel tomatoes and made lots of yummy salsa and spaghetti sauce for the winter months. Now that we know a little bit more after this year, we are looking forward to getting our hands dirty and trying again next summer.

FREE Education Money For Your Kids’ Future

Four Easy Steps to get up to $2000 from the Government of Canada in a Canada Learning Bond:

By Mary LeSage School is in full force now. We had a great splash pad season. Next, the ice surface will open up. ARGH! But before that, don't forget to come and enjoy a BBQ and treats for our Safe Halloween Night!

A child must be born on Jan. 1, 2004 or later. Family income must be less than $41,544. Parent needs to know social insurance number (SIN) (you can get one on Nov. 7).

Wellness Clinics are continuing on the 3rd Tue. of the month (Oct. 16 and Nov. 20) from 1-4 pm. Flu shots will be available.

Join us on Wed., Nov. 7, between 4-6 pm at the Y’s Early Learning Centre (223 St. James Street) to open a Learning Bond. Local banks will be present – no charge to you.

Do you have an idea that you want heard? Come visit me at the office. We are open Mon. 9 am-2 pm, Tue. 9 am-1 pm, Wed. Closed, Thu. 9 am-1 pm, Fri. 9 am-2 pm.

BRING: 2 pieces of ID for parent: SIN and either a current provincial ID or driver’s license (photo ID is best) or a current credit / debit card.

Follow us on Twitter and "LIKE" us on Facebook.

Identification for child: Birth Certificate and SIN (you can get a SIN for your child on Nov 7. For more info contact Penni at 343-5382 or commorg.penni@gmail. com.

South Neighbourhood Contact

Rodney Weston

MP/député - Saint John

Mary LeSage Phone: 632-6807 E-mail: T 506 657-2500 email: 90 King Street, Saint John, NB

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CVRC Summer Squad


Pictured Above R-L: Katie Lewis reads to workers in the storytent in 2003. Katie works as a Storytent Reader in 2012 (right), reading to other children in her community.

Pictured Above L-R: Summer Squad leaders, Justin Shepard, Marlee Mousek, Alicia McLaughlin, Carly Murray, Katherine Miller, absent, Laxmi Osti

By Katie Lewis Storytent is the best place to read, because it is fun when the workers read to the kids. They have so many books. Storytent was where I learned to read. The workers helped me. The very first book I was able to read was Blue Hat Green Hat. Now,I love being a Storytent Reader, it is fun! I love Storytent!

By Anne Driscoll The Crescent Valley Resource Centre (CRVR) was fortunate this summer to have on staff six tremendous student leaders for our Summer Squad children's program. These dedicated university students provided children aged 5-12 years from Crescent Valley and beyond a comprehensive summer recreation program with a variety of activities including, games, crafts, off site adventures, swimming, lots of outdoor play time and daily, nutritious meals and snacks. The CVRC received a grant from the NB Children's Foundation which allowed us to offer the 2012 Summer Squad program. The City of Saint John's Leisure Services Department also provided two staff members to our team. Quality Learning NB/Storytent partnered with the CVRC to offer opportunities for the children and student leaders to read together and enhance the children's summer reading opportunities. The Saint John YMCA-YWCA gave us use of their various facilities for some new adventures for the children.

UNBSJ’S Book’n It Program

By Kathryn Asher The Promise Partnership at UNB Saint John has kicked off the Book’n It program for the 2012/2013 school year. Book’n It is a twice-weekly on-campus tutoring session for students who have graduated from HWSF school in the past three years. The program provides homework tutoring in all high school subjects.

Positively Growing Today’s Youth By Shundell Curran Teen Vibe is a program for youth between the ages 12-18. For the past five years Teen Vibe has played an active role in the community (Crescent Valley); the youth have been encouraged to apply themselves positively. Teen Vibe not only provides the youth with a healthy, positive, safe environment; it also provides the youth with an outlet to express their individualities while being able to acquire support from their peers. The reason Teen Vibe is so successful is due to the support of community partners, devoted volunteers, supportive parents / guardians and most importantly the youth. It is my belief, that the youth of Teen Vibe continue to positively grow, become more respectful and confident in their abilities and their future endeavors.

The Promise Partnership has also been offering parents of Grade 11 Book’n It students an opportunity to attend training on how to be a career coach for their child. Fun fact: 100% of students who attended Book’n It at least 80% of the time are passing all their core academic classes: English, French, Math, Science, and Social Studies!

Crescent Valley Walking Club

Pictured Above CV Walking Club members with special guests from the Saint John Mill Rats, Stephen DeLuca (back row, left) and PJ Young (back row, centre)

Crescent Valley Neighbourhood Contact

Hon. Trevor A. Holder MLA Saint John-Portland Constituency Office 229 Churchill Boulevard Telephone: (506) 657-2335 Email:

Anne Driscoll: 693-8513

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Fit N Fun 4 Girls

By Jill Roberts “Fit N Fun 4 Girls” wrapped up an eight week session at the Carleton Community Centre in late August, with an exhilarating ride on the Reversing Falls Jet Boat. Teen girls, ages 12-15 years got together every Wednesday morning from Jul. 4 to Aug. 29. They met for two hours, with the first hour being an introduction to a new physical activity and the second hour a time for “girl talk”. Activities included karate, Zumba, and yoga. A highlight of the program was a visit and demonstration from the Fog City Rollers, a local roller derby club. Topics for discussion included healthy sexuality, alcohol and drug addiction, and setting boundaries. All facilitators were strong, female role models. In addition to promoting self-esteem, the goal was to build peer relationships and expose the girls to unique physical fitness opportunities. A big thank you to funders, the New Brunswick Nurse’s Union and the Department of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living, for their sponsorship. Thanks to Chuck at the Carleton Community Centre, and to community based summer students, Meghan and Chantal, for their support.

Pictured Above R-L: St. Patricks School Celebrates Thanksgiving


St. Patrick’s Playground Did You Know That the Playground at St. Patrick’s School Only Accommodates One Grade Per Day? By Katelyn Owen We, as local parents, have a vision to improve a part of our children’s lives. St. Patrick’s School is essential to our neighbourhood. We take pride in knowing it is a great resource in our community. The playground is part of that. Our mission is to see the fencing repaired, rocks replaced with a safer alternative, and the equipment upgraded and expanded to accommodate more than one grade per day. Our children work hard and deserve a fun and safe place to unwind and get the outdoor physical activity they require. Together we can make a difference. Please direct any comments, concerns and/or support to Shamrock NOTE: This is an introduction to our project. In upcoming issues of Around the Block, we would like to show how we are moving forward with this project and our progress. We hope to see the communitie's support with this project for the children.

West Side Wellness Centre Updates Specimen Collection: Tue. and Wed. 7:30 am-2:30 pm by appointment only. Please call 648-6681, press #3. Food Bank: Tue. and Fri. 1-3 pm. Monthly Foot Care Clinic: Every 3rd Wed., by appointment. 657-2273. Are you over 50 and want to be more ACTIVE? Join our classes, Tue. 10-11 am at Hope Centre. Tue. and Fri. 10 -11 am at the Carleton Community Centre. Please call 674-4335. Free. Food Purchase Club: West - 674-4335, St. Joseph’s Community Health Centre-632-5537.

2011 Memorial Cup Champions Congratulations On 4 Great Years!

West Side Community Kitchen Program: Free. 674-4335. Social Development: Worker on site to answer questions, Tue. 1-3 pm. Lending Library: “Take a Book, Leave a Book” at Market Place Wellness Centre.674-4335. Free Flu Clinic: Oct. 25, 2 -7 p.m. at Market Place Wellness Centre.

West Neighbourhood Contacts Patti Kelly: 674-4335 Mary Lou Price: 693-5123

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Youth Entrepreneurship Success

Lollipops, wrist bands, cookies, chocolates, recycling, and a car wash. Wow, what a list! These are the activities or products that were created by youth as they learned the basics of starting a business. The program is called 'Youth Entrepreneurship Success' and is run every summer in partnership with other non profit organizations creating great experiences with Saint John youth. Our goal is simple: to inspire young people to be creative. We want Pictured Above R-L: Kayla to take the mystery out of Beechin and Ariel Arthurs launching a business. By (Photo Courtesy of Basil Fischer knowing the basic steps to Fox) carry out, youth will be the entrepreneurial engine of our economy. We need them! If any organization is interested in partnering next summer, or if you are young and want to get involved, give us a call at 652-5600. The Saint John Community is located at 133 Prince Edward.

Youth Engagement

By Melissa Barrett The Resource Centre is pleased to announce our first ever Youth SJ Youth Conference to be held on November 2 & 3rd, 2012. Four agencies under the Youth SJ umbrella: The Resource Centre for Youth (TRC), the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers/Big Sisters are working together to bring youth from all areas of the community to promote youth engagement, discuss things that affect daily lives, and meet other youth in our community who care. The conference will kick off at TRC with pizza and guest speakers; the evening ends with a youth dance at the Boys & Girls Club. On Saturday, November 3, teens will attend workshops at TRC and Boys & Girls Club with a ‘lunch and learn’ hosted by Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. In the afternoon, the YMCA will host all conference participants at the Glen Carpenter Centre for interactive, fun, and challenging games. For more information, please contact one of the four agencies.

Learning About Different Countries By Lisa Chamberlain Michaels and PRUDE worked together this summer and invited children from different communities to come to Michaels and learn about different countries and their cultures.

The youth from the Stephen Park, Crown Street area went to do arts and crafts over a five week period. The children really enjoyed going and learn lots.

Storytent In Courtney Bay

By Lisa Chamberlain Social Development, Courtenay Bay Tenants Association, and Quality Learning New Brunswick teamed up this summer and had the story tent come to the Courtenay Bay for eight weeks. During the 8 weeks we had 12 children that were regular readers and them meet their goal of reading 120 books over the summer. Children of all ages got to come for an hour and a half once a week to read books or have books read to them. They enjoyed a healthy snack and had a chance to sign up for the summer reading program.

Update From The Waterloo Village

By Penni Eisenhauer The Waterloo Village Association continues to build partnerships with residents, community agencies, and businesses in the neighborhood as well as working on initiatives to improve safety, beautification and communication. Just recently, the Grace of God Garden, located on Richmond Street, (across from the Teen Resource Centre) got a ‘face lift’ with the help from the John Howard Society and AIDS Saint John. The association would like to thank both Nancy and the Youth, and Diane and her crew for spending time weeding the garden. We would also like to thank Kevin Watson from Leisure Services for providing the garden with mulch and a bench that enhances the beauty of the garden. The Association continues to meet on a monthly basis (2nd Wednesday of the month) and will be working on a community plan for the upcoming year. If you are interested in knowing more about this session, feel free to contact Penni at or 343-5382.

Youth Leader Corps At The Y

By Greg Bishop The Leader Corps at the YMCA-YWCA of Greater Saint John has kicked off for another season. At the first meeting both new and returning members had an opportunity to catch up on each other’s summer news and begin planning fall session activities. An annual clean-up of Prince Edward Street, visits to the Glenn Carpenter Centre, fundraising, and hosting guest speakers are some of the activities planned. Members are very pleased to be involved with Youth SJ’s Youth Conference taking place on November 2nd and 3rd. Leader Corps members will be volunteering by providing behind the scene support. The conference workshops will focus on youth engagement and social media branding for youth members of the TRC, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and the Y of Greater Saint John. Leader Corps members (age 13-16) meet at the Y every Thursday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. New members are always welcome. Call 693YMCA for more information.

Carl Killen

Village Neighbourhood Contact

MLA Saint John Harbour 642-9774 • 74 Germain St.

Penni Eisenhauer 343-5382

Constituency Office: Mon 9:30 – 4:30, Tues/Wed 10:00 – 3:00, Thursday 4:00 – 8:00 pm Carleton Community Center: Thursday 11:00 – 3:00 pm

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Breaking Down Bullying

A Fun Week At Camp Glenburn

Each class was given an opportunity to create an acronym related to anti-bullying and in turn had their own class acronym printed on a tshirt that they all proudly wore at the celebration. Staff also turned out in jackets branded with the Breaking Down Bullying logo.

By Kassidy, Brandy and Mya (Centennial School) We went to Camp Glenburn this summer. At camp we played games like Pokemon Gaga Ball, a mail game and a pirate game. We went camping overnight, stayed in tents and tried to catch a blue frog. We had campfires every night! We slept on bunk beds in cabins with no power and we did chores like washing dishes and taking out the garbage. There was a cat, Grey, and a dog, Sam. Our Counselors were really nice; our favorites were Bunga and Gilly, we threw them in the water one night! The last night was the best because we pulled pranks! We had so much fun we want to go back next summer! Thank you Saint John YMCA and PALS for sending us!

By Krista Turnbull, Community Schools Coordinator On October 4, the students and staff of Hazen-White/St. Francis School, along with community members held their 2nd Annual Breaking Down Bullying Celebration. The event was held in partnership With the Saint John Police Force, CPANB (Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick), the Anglophone South School Pictured Above R-L: : Zoey Daley, Logan District, and the NeighborKinney Liston and Alana Marshall hood Police Council.

Students representing each class had an opportunity to speak to the crowd about what their acronym meant. A special thanks to our partners in this celebration.

Seniors And Students Walking Together

Drive One 4UR PALS School

Partners Assisting Local Schools (PALS) always has lots of activities and programs going on to support their children and youth and provide enrichment. Downey Ford and McAllister Place, PALS with Glen Falls, have teamed up for a fundraising event that will have you putting “the pedal to the metal” and supporting our PALS schools! On Saturday, October 13 from 9 am to 5 pm, come over to the McAllister Place parking lot and take a Ford vehicle out for a spin. For every test drive taken Downey Ford and Ford Canada will donate $40; a 10 minute test drive will help sustain enrichment activities and essential programing like a breakfast or lunch program. There will also be a car wash and BBQ all in support of PALS.Hope to see you there!

PALS At St. Malachy`s By Susan Tipper, High School PALS Coordinator PALS is certainly not a foreign word to anyone in Saint John but what some of you might not know is the program was expanded last school year to the high school level. The 2011-2012 school year was the first pilot program for PALS at high school and Saint Malachy's Memorial High School was the place to be last year. Some of the initiatives taking last year included a special day for students who did not have a workplace to attend on, 'Take Your Kids to Work Day'. These students enjoyed tours of Canaport, the Irving Pulp and Paper and Tissue mills. All enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Trade and Convention center at the Futures luncheon. We turned the school into a giant book club by conducting a Big Read where all students and staff read the same book at the same time. An art auction was conducted at the Hatheway Pavilion at Lily Lake where students exhibited their art and made a few dollars as well. We assisted with the musical by providing materials for the set, helped with the breakfast program, hosted alumni nights at middle schools, brought in guest speakers and established a wonderful relationship with students and teachers. St. Malachy’s is the only high school in our city that has a Learning Commons, a place where students can access the internet using their own devices. This facility exists as a result of a partnership formed with Bell Aliant, the school district, the Department of Education and PALS. We are looking forward to another successful year, continuing with existing iniatives and creating some new ones.

By Cody, Chloe, and Nick (Grade 4) Centennial students walked with the seniors from Stephenson Tower during the last year. During our walks we got to know the seniors and they got to know us. We had a lot of fun and we had good times with them. We would walk from Stephenson Tower to Pizza Shack and back and one time we walked through the Old North End and Shamrock Park. After we walked we had snacks with the seniors and we sung to them. The last day we had a huge party with sandwiches and ice cream! We miss them and hope to see them again!

Page 7

For more information about: PALS (Partners Assisting Local Schools) and how you and your business/group can become involved, please contact: Deborah Fisher 650-5116 or Susan Tipper 651-8941

Red Cross Free Services

Free Flu Clinic Schedule

The Canadian Red Cross has a number of free services available for seniors including Friendly Visiting and Telephone Reassurance which provide social networking opportunities and help seniors stay engaged in their local communities. We also offer free transportation for seniors who need to go to an appointment or run some quick errands. For more information on how to receive these services or for volunteer opportunities pertaining to Senior Services contact Alicia Quann at 674-6188 or by email .

• • • • • • •

Annual NASCAR Draw

The United Way Helps Many

The United Way serving Saint John, Kings and Charlotte counties was pleased to fund a number of great projects and organizations recently. The projects contribute to our vision of a strong and healthy community where children thrive and poverty is no more. All of the funded projects are great examples of partnerships and creative homegrown solutions to tough challenges. We are very pleased to be part of Learn and Go, Out of the Cold, Power Up, Voilà; Saint John’s Green Cleaning Team, ProKids, ARCf, and Centenary Queen Square Care Centers, City Market Senior’s Center, and the Learning Disabilities Association. For more information about us, check out our website at

Canadian Mental Health Association

Wed Oct 17, 2 - 7 pm, H.O.P.E. Centre, 4347 Loch Lomond Road Wed Oct 24, 12 noon - 3 pm, St. Joe’s CHC 116 Coburg St. Call 632-5537 Thur, Oct 25, 2 -7 pm, Market Place Wellness Centre, 120 Market Place West, Call 674-4335 Tue, Oct 30, 10 am - 1 pm, Romero House, 649 Brunswick Drive Thur, Nov 1, 4 - 7 pm, 14 Reading Crescent, Call 632-5537 Tue, Nov 6, 4 - 8pm, Crescent Valley Resource Centre, 130 MacLaren Blvd. Call 693-8513 to register

Tickets on Sale: September 6, 2012 Draw Date: January 10, 2013 (7 PM @ Boston Pizza) Ticket $10.00 each. Only 5,000 tickets to be Sold! 1st Prize Trip for two to the Daytona 500 – February 22-25, 2013 Including airfare, hotel, and reserved tickets to the Nationwide Series Race & Daytona 500! Valued at over $5,000 2nd Prize Set of 4 Tires Balanced & Installed Provided by Downey Ford. Valued at $1000 3rd Prize $1000 Cash Card. Provided by Costco

Canadian Mental Health Association Saint John Branch is pleased to announce that we are accepting registrations for our winter education programs. Beginning on January 15th, 2013, we will be hosting Depression: Help Can Make a Difference. This is a six week education program designed for individuals diagnosed with Depression. A trained facilitator and a number of health professionals will provide you and understanding of depression and ways to treat it, with a special focus on sleep, negative thinking, and relaxation. Advance registration for this program is required. Please contact us at 633-1705.

PLUS: $5 off coupon at select Boston Pizza $50 off coupon at The Travel Store Quispamsis Official Ticket Vendors Include: Select Scotiabank; Lawtons Drug Stores; & Downey Ford Locations. Loch Lomond Villa Foundation Office Tel: 506-643-7110 Email: We except Visa, MasterCard, checks, and cash

                    The Saint John Volunteer Centre invites you to participate in our 4th Volunteer Recruitment Expo October 25th and 26th, 10am to 4pm Level 1 at Brunswick Square Mall


Discover your reasons to volunteer � Make new friends, expand your network � Learn new skills � Get experience � Build your confidence � Obtain references, build your resume. � Help others, to make a difference � Fill time meaningfully

from the children, youth, volunteers and staff of the Boys and Girls Club of Saint John Celebrating 110 years from 1900 - 2010

Phone 658-1555 / Twitter@sj_volunteer

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Looking For Volunteers 1. Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for volunteer mentors to lead a group of girls towards a healthier lifestyle.

Money Matters Tip by Judi Chisholm Do you find yourself spending some of your grocery budget on other things? Do you run out of both groceries and cash before the end of the month?

Are you? 

a woman, between the ages of 18-30

Have you ever considered buying a grocery store gift card on pay day? By doing this you know you're going to have grocery money set aside until your next pay because you can only use the gift card at the grocery store. You don’t have to buy everything at once and you can wait for sales.

interested in positively shaping the lives of young girls by helping them build a positive selfimage – setting them on a path to reach their full potential in life

available for 1-2 hours per week for the duration of the school year (lunch time or after school)

interested in receiving a $1000 honorarium for all your hard work

November is Financial Literacy Month across Canada! Training and on-going support is provided!

Financial literacy: knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions

Please contact: Janelle Graham, Go Girls! Program Coordinator Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John, Phone: 635-1145 Email:

Judi is planning some fun learning events to celebrate - please watch / or call 652-5601 for details...

This program is funded by:

Kindergarden Registration

Kindergarten Registration Week was held Tuesday, October 9 Friday, October 12, 2012.Children born in 2008 will start school in September 2013. If you have not yet registered your child for kindergarten, please go to your local elementary school during regular school hours. Register now to take part in activities throughout the year that will help your child get ready for kindergarten!


To register your child for kindergarten, you need to bring your child’s: • Medicare card • Birth certificate • Record of Immunization


Energy Efficiency Tip


This month’s energy efficiency tip… Looking to buy? ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers’ use 50% less energy and 35 to 50% less water than traditional models. This energy efficiency tip has been brought to you by Efficiency NB, proud partner of Around the Block.





Books, movies and music for all ages Computer and WiFi access Programs for children Special events and author readings eBooks & audiobooks for downloading

East Branch 643-7250

~ Central Library 643-7236

! k c o l B e h t d n u o r A s n o i t a l u t Congra

~ West Branch 643-7260

From poverty All that kids can be Healthy people, strong communities to possibility Page 9

Saint John Multicultural & Newcomers Resource Centre`s Scholarship

Dr. James P. and Anita McInerny Medical School Scholarship

by Mary Stack A group of enthusiastic SJMNRC staff developed a scholarship for newcomers interested in pursuing post-secondary education.

This year, through various fundraising activities, the group was able to raise $1000! Over the summer, the scholarship was advertised throughout the community and SJMNRC received a lot of interesting applications. In August, it was announced that Cristy Shepard was the recipient of the first SJMNRC Scholarship! She is originally from Guatemala and recently moved to Saint John with her husband. Cristy is an active volunteer with SJMNRC. This fall, Cristy began studying graphic design with the Atlantica School of the Arts here in Saint John. Looking for more information on the SJMNRC Scholarship? Drop by and see us in the City Market or contact us at 642-6464 or

BIG Night Out 2012

$20,000 Scholarship for Medical School established by The Greater Saint John Community Foundation to commemorate Dr. James P. and Mrs. Anita McInerney In recognition of their long standing commitment to the Greater Saint John Community and the vision of leaving a lasting legacy the Foundation will establish a onetime scholarship for a medical school student from the Greater Saint John area. The “Dr. J.P. Pictured Above L-R: Dr. John Steeves, Associate Dean Dalhousie Medicine and Anita McInerney MediNew Brunswick cal School Scholarship” will Associate Professor Dalhousie Dept provide $5,000 a year, over a Surgery,Division Orthopedics four year period, to a student Associate Professor Dalhousie Dept entering Dalhousie’s FacMedical Education ulty of Medicine – Saint John And: Campus. Dr. Stephen Willis, Chair of the Greater Saint John Community Foundation The legacy gift provided through the McInerney Family Fund will not only provide a lasting impact on the life of a medical student but has, and will continue in the future, to provide gifts focused on improving health, education and social service for the citizens of Greater Saint John.

Big Brothers Big Sisters makes a difference in our community by providing children in need with one-to-one mentoring services that are proven to help kids stay in school, avoid risky behaviour such as bullying, and grow up to be more civic-minded adults. The agency is currently celebrating 40 years of service to children and youth in Greater Saint John, Sussex and Charlotte County and we are celebrating with a “BIG Night Out”. The event is set for Thursday, November 15th at the Delta Brunswick with a social from 6pm to 7pm followed by dinner, entertainment and recognition awards; special performances by Kyle McVea and KidSing. Tickets are $60 and can be purchased at the office in Brunswick Square or online at Everyone is welcome!

Summer Storytent In Anglin Drive By Brenda Buckley Parents and children eagerly anticipate the arrival of Storytent every summer Friday morning, 9:30 – 11:30. There is never a shortage of help from the neighbourhood teens who read and listen to the children. Our new tents, banners and t-shirts this year were provided by our generous sponsor IBEW Local 502. Our healthy snacks, comfy blankets and extra expenses were covered by a grant from the City of Saint John. Even animals get in on the fun; one day a cat crawled under our blankets and raised laughter from the children. Heather McKend from the children’s department of Saint John Library, Market Square was a guest twice last summer as was Cheryl Brown from Quality Learning New Brunswick. Cheryl was pleased to present us with new books to the delight of our children. Page 10

A New Life Began At Summer Camp

Youth Vital Signs

By Harry Daley Saint John has undergone a physical examination called Vital Signs for the past few years. The project aims to grade our city in regards to things like transportation and health. This year the Greater Saint John Community Foundation is very excited to announce that we have received funding from Telus to undergo the first ever Youth Vital Signs project. A committee of eight teens from around the region have been hard at work all summer developing a plan which seeks to uncover how high school aged youth feel about living in Saint John area. Eight indicators have been developed which the teens agree are vital to Saint John’s livability. In order to find out what other teens are thinking, a survey has been developed which will be distributed within the area high schools in November. Teens will also have the opportunity to voice their opinion on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube beginning October 16th and throughout November. Real changes can come from this survey which should improve our city for youth. The success of the project depends on you! Youth are encouraged to participate online and by doing so are entered to win some awesome prizes from Tablets to gift cards. If you’re an adult, this is a good chance to hear firsthand the things we can do collectively to improve our area from young people. Stay Tuned to Facebook, Twitter, and the newspaper for more information on how to get in on the conversation!

Learning About Different Countries Through Crafts

By Heather Oldfield Fourteen year old Matthew Olsen has attended the Integrated Summer Camp at the YMCA-YWCA's Forest Glen Community Centre since 2007. As a child with severe autism growing up in a single parent family, his mother Angela struggled to find an affordable daycare centre that could meet Matthew’s needs. “It has helped us out tremendously as a family,” said Angela. “Without the support, understanding and partnership of the integrated summer camp, my ability to work and support my family would be compromised.” With the supervision of the staff, Matthew’s personality gradually shone. For the first time he began to participate in group activities and made friends with other children. He has achieved many milestones during his time at camp. By exercising and playing with other children he has begun to tackle his health issues and one summer he was able to lose 12 pounds and this summer he participated in his first sleepover at the Centre! The staff at the Y are very proud of Matt and his accomplishments.

Youth Contributing To Changing Face Of Saint John

By Alyssa Maxwell with her Mom Amanda This summer kids from Anglin Drive went to Michaels’ Crafts to learn about different countries. We had lots of fun making different crafts and there was a lady from PRUDE called Sheri. She would tell us fun facts about different countries. The one country that stood out for me was Spain. In Spain they do not call it the tooth fairy; they call it the moose fairy. Wow, I can not imagine a moose fairy taking my tooth. The last day we got to try different food from different countries. It was a lot of fun. I learned it does not matter where you are from everyone is different in their own way. It is nice to have friends no matter what they look like or if they talk differently.

By Sheri McAuley Welcome to the beginning of a new school year. PRUDE Inc. is excited to be offering a new workshop that challenges youth to examine their assumptions, stereotypes and how that can lead to discrimination. The “Accepting Differences” will build on last years Pictured AboveL-R, “Respecting Differences” preChris McCready, Prince Charles, sentation that approximately Monica Forestell, KVHS, 3700 students and teachers Brandon LaCombe, Woodlawn participated in. The message is simple, we are all different but more the same! We need to become aware of how we think and how it affects the way we act toward others. Students are responding to the message through essays and we celebrate our winners, “Champions for Change”.

Job Opportunity

Around the Block, Saint John’s community newspaper is looking for an individual in the position of Advertisement Sales. We are looking for a highly-motivated, team player to help us grow ad sales. The focus will be on identifying potential clients, driving leads, and closing sales. This is a part-time position for 15 hours per month.

Congratulations Around the Bock on your

The successful candidate will require access to transportation and a computer. This will be a home based position.

Fourth Anniversary!

If you like meeting new people, want to get to know your community, and to help grow one of our communities’s greatest assets please send your resume and cover letter to too, Juanita Black at by November 9, 2012.

From Quality Learning New Brunswick (Storytent/Bookwagon)

Page 11

Valued Sponsors of Around The Block On a budget? Concerned about electricity bills this Winter?

Are you tired of being hit with high electricity bills during the Winter when your budget is already being stretched to its limits? ....then sign-up for Saint John Energy’s Equalized Payment Program. The Equalized Payment Program spreads out the bumps and dips so that you pay the same amount every month. Your quote is based on your previous year’s consumption plus a small percentage to account for higher than expected consumption. The vast majority of our customers end the year with a credit to be applied against their September invoice. Don’t delay, call today! For more information or to sign a contract to begin your plan, contact Saint John Energy at:


Excellence in Electricity Delivery

Congratulations on 4 Years of Around the Block


We wish Juanita and the volunteers who put together each issue the very best success for the upcoming year. Around the Block keeps us informed of neighbourhood developments and connected to the people we work with each day. Look to Around the Block for our program starts and $ tips.

Congratulations to "Around the Block " Community newspaper on 4 successful years of great stories

Money Matter$ - money management and more Power Up (with UCSN) - women’s leadership A$SETS - gaining skills and savings for employment Enterprising Women - women’s business program YES! - summer youth business program Loans - for business, work and housing

and information about our Community. “We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too”. Helen Hayes

652-5626 133 Prince Edward St.

The Saint John Learning Exchange Adult Education, Essential Skills & Workforce Literacy

Congratulations to Around the Block on your 4th Anniversary! 162 Union Street Saint John, NB E2L 1A8 Tel: (506) 648-0202 Fax: (506) 658-0785

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Neighbourhood Police Council, Inc. Congratulates

Congratulations to “Around The Block”

“Around The Block”

on your 4th anniversary of publication.

On their 4th Anniversary

We wish you continued success in sharing good news community stories SAINT JOHN POLICE FORCE

People United in the Lower South End Inc. would like to congratulate “Around the Block” on their third 4th anniversary edition.

The Executive & Board Of The Crescent Valley Community Tenants Association Would Like To Congratulate “Around The Block” On Their 4th Anniversary

We look forward to many more issues.



The staff and clients of St. Joseph’s Community Health Center would like to congratulate staff of the local

Congratulations to Around The Block on the occasion of its 4th anniversary.

Community Newspaper “Around the Block” in delivering their 4th Anniversary issue October, 2012.

Saving lives and property since 1786 Page 13

Perserverance Pays Off

À SJMNRC : Le programme de francisation pour enfants de 3 à 4 ans qui a fait ses preuves!

By Jason Draper My name is Jason Draper. As a child, I was beaten, treated badly, and told constantly that I would never amount to anything. I was adopted but I never felt love. My family does not help or support me.

I have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and it is hard for me to deal with at times. I dreamed of having an education but it seemed impossible! At 27, I went to the John Howard Society GED program. The teacher, Carla McAffee, was very good at helping a person like me. It was not until I met Carla and the staff at John Howard, that I felt some hope and support. I would also like to thank my employment counselor, Jan McDevitt, and Hazel Pickering at Options Outreach for their help and support.

By Rahma Kouraïch 642-1134 Le programme a été conçu par l’équipe francophone du SJMNRC en 2010 afin de permettre à l’enfant de vivre la meilleure intégration possible au sein de la communauté francophone. Quoi de plus stimulant que d’apprendre une langue par le jeu, en se transportant dans le monde imaginaire des éducatrices et en suivant ces petits personnages débrouillards et créatifs dans toutes leurs aventures ! Des ressources ont depuis été créées pour les enfants de 3 à 5 ans. Le programme a su, au fil des ans, favoriser un apprentissage accéléré du français, particulièrement chez l’enfant de 3 ans à la maternelle issu d’une famille francophone ou non-francophone.

Now at 30, I have my GED Diploma! I believe that with hard work and support you can do anything you put your mind to.

Housing for Older Canadians – New Online Guide Older Canadians are a growing demographic group and have unique needs and preferences. A newly released online publication on the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) web site now offers more insight into this market. “Housing for Older Canadians: The Definitive Guide to the Over-55 Market Volume 1: Understanding the Market’’ provides a broad overview of the seniors market in Canada and of trends in seniors' housing arrangements, incomes, and retirement. To view the online Guide, search key words ‘‘Guide 55’’ on *************************************************** Le logement des aînées au Canada – Nouveau guide publié en ligne Les aînés canadiens constituent un groupe démographique en croissance qui a des préférences et des besoins particuliers. Un nouveau guide, publié sur le site Web de la Société canadienne d’hypothèques et de logement (SCHL), nous permet maintenant de mieux comprendre ce marché. « Le logement des aînés au Canada : Le guide du marché des plus de 55 ans - Volume 1 : Comprendre le marché » dresse un panorama du marché du logement pour les personnes âgées au Canada, ainsi que des tendances au chapitre des conditions de logement, des revenus et de la retraite des aînés. Pour consulter le Guide, allez sur le site Web de la Société, au, et tapez les mots clés « Guide 55 ». Page 14

Movie On The Hill

YMCA-YWCA Forest Glen Community Centre

By Penni Eisenhauer The East Side Motivators (ESM) celebrated the end of the summer with an evening Street Dance and Movie on the Hill on Sat, Aug 25. Lots of kids and parents danced to the music sponsored by the Glen Forrest Community YMCA and enjoyed the popcorn during the movie: Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The ESM would like to thank: Rick and Sheri Stagg for committing their time to help plan and set up the event; Scott Crawford for coordinating the movie screen; Helen Bridgeo for the popcorn salts; and Diane Clarke for the movie projector and supporting the event. The ESM are always looking for resident support in their neighbourhood projects. Anyone interested in being involved can contact Penni at 343-5382 or check out our Facebook page.

Local Businesses To Be Recognized For Inclusive Hiring Practices By Rachel Kelly Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program will hold its 4th Annual Business Awards Luncheon on Wed, Nov 7, 2012 from 12–1 pm at the Howard Johnson Fort Howe Hotel and Convention Centre. The luncheon is an opportunity for Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program to recognize local businesses who have created inclusive workplaces by hiring persons with disabilities. It will also be an opportunity to recognize former participants of the program who have been successfully employed in Saint John. If you would like to attend the luncheon or receive more information, please contact Laura Anderson, Employment Coordinator, Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program: 635-2272 or

Pictured Above R-L: Rachel Kelly of the Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program and award recipients in 2011 Karin Lindsay from the Bulk Barn.

By Heather Oldfield There are many things to do at the Forest Glen Community Centre this fall. The wide range of activities provide opportunities for children and youth to be active and enjoy social time together. There are even activities for adults. Monday night is soccer night. Children from 5 to 12 years of age can join in the action. On Tuesday, there is ball hockey (ages 5¬–12) as well as fun gym games and crafts for all ages. The Y van provides transportation to and from Reading Cres and the Mystery Lake apartments. On Wednesday night children can attend cheerleading. The cheerleaders will participate in the Santa Claus Parade this year. Also on Wednesday is gym games and crafts with transportation provided. On Thursday night there are games room activities. Parents are also welcome to attend Zumba, and child minding is available during the class. Every second Friday there is a dance at the centre, which is always a highlight. Visit the centre on Oct 26 for the Halloween Howl featuring spooks, ghouls, and family fun. Preschool, before school, and after school programs are also available at the Forest Glen Community Centre. For more information, please contact Heather Oldfield, Director, at 658-2816.

Surf City Syncro Club

The sport may appear graceful from poolside— serene and feminine—but a closer look shows a dizzying test of skill, strength, and flexibility. The Surf City Synchro Club offers programs for all ages and abilities. Surf City Synchro works on the athlete’s individual development from the first day of recreational programming straight through to the elite level where they can compete nationally. Whether for fun, friendship, or mental and physical development, Surf City Synchro is about building teamwork and having fun! The Surf City Synchro Club is proud to work with P.R.O. Kids for inclusive sporting. For more information email surfcitysynchro@gmail. com

Albert’s Meats New Owners Specials $49.99 Budget Special 4 lbs Chicken Legs 3 lb Ground Beef 3 lbs Beef Steak 3 lbs Pork Steak 2 Pkgs HotDogs 1 lb Bologna 1 Ham $69.99 Budget Special 4 lbs Beef Steak 4 lbs Pork Steak 4 lbs Spare Ribs 4 lbs Ground Beef 2 Pkgs Hot Dogs 2 lbs Stew Beef 3 lbs Boneless Chicken Breasts Page 15

217 Churchill Blvd. Ricky’s Shopping Plaza 652-5313

Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision Spotlight: Alicia Raymond

By Claire Ashton with Alicia Raymond Alicia Raymond leads a busy life. She works, cares for her son, and begins college this fall. That combination is challenging, but it never seems to dim the bright smile and friendly personality Alicia is known for. In grade 10 Alicia became pregnant. It was tough. She missed school often, and eventually left. In 2010 Alicia gave birth to Riley, her love and motivation in life. Alicia knew that to get a reliable career she would need to return to school. Alicia came to the Learning Exchange in 2011. The mature and flexible environment suited her role of mom, and she started to meet new friends and mentors, and began to learn. “Just do the best you can—it will come eventually. I had a lot of doubts when I failed my GED, but, my facilitator helped me so much. It’s okay to ask for help.” Alicia passed the GED in 2012, and enrolled in TIES 2 Work, where she rediscovered her love of cooking through the Community Kitchen project. After TIES, Alicia collaborated with Workforce Coaches to find employment. She was accepted into the LPN program at NBCC the same week she took a job at the new Taste of Mediterranean. The future looks busy, and bright! For more information on the Learning Exchange’s GED programs, Workforce Programs (like TIES), and Workforce Coaches, call 6480202.

New Community Nurse For SJ North

By Joanne Barry Twelve years ago I joined the St. Joseph’s Community Health Centre team. As a nurse, I have been working with community seniors and also focusing on chronic disease. In September, I began introducing myself to the North End priority neighbourhoods. I have already met many amazing residents and those groups, organizations, and partners who are doing great work. I hope that my skills and background will add to what is already going on and look forward to joining everyone in making the North End a better place to live, learn, work, and play. Please take the time to stop and chat with me when I am in your neighbourhood, or give me a call at the health centre (632-5750) or email Thanks to those we have already welcomed me into the neighbourhood!

New Brunswick’s new dental and vision plan for children of low-income families. Guidelines:

 Live in New Brunswick  Have dependent child(ren) 18 years old or younger  Not have dental and/or vision coverage through any other government program or private insurance

 Have a family net income not exceeding the following amounts based on the previous year’s NB Income Tax return(s) or Notice of Assessment(s):

Family Size 


2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people

$22,020 $26,969 $31,142 $34,817 $38,141 $41,196

This plan will provide the necessary coverage for specified benefits: Dental plan: Will cover basic items: regular exams, X-rays and extractions, with focus on preventative treatments (sealants and fluoride treatments). Vision plan: Will cover basic items: yearly exam, lenses and frames. Current coverage through the Department of Social Development will be automatically transferred to the Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision plan. Social Development clients do NOT need to apply. To apply, download the application form or pick up a copy at Service New Brunswick centres or Saint John’s regional office of the Department of Social Development. Mail or fax completed application to: Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision 644 Main Street P.O. Box 220 Moncton, NB E1C 8L3

For more info,  contact Medavie Blue Cross toll free at 1-855-839-9229.    

Around The Block Team (Issue 25)

Old North End: Wendy Barron-Belmore. South End: Mary LeSage. Waterloo-Village: Penni Eisenhauer. Crescent Valley: Anne Driscoll. Lower West Side: Patti Kelly, Jill Roberts and Krista Turnbull. Proof readers: Anna O’Hara, Cindy Bishop, Mark Driscoll, Rona Howald, Kathryn Asher and Belinda Kumar. Layout and Design: Chris Hopkins, and Juanita Black. Ad Design: Chris Hopkins. Community members: Carl Tricky, Lyn King, Amanda Maxwell, Kim Williams and Lisa Chamberlain. Vibrant Communities: Barry Galloway and, Cathy Wright Page 16

Around The Block Issue 25  

4th Anniversary of Around The Block

Around The Block Issue 25  

4th Anniversary of Around The Block