aroundkent Magazine Vol 13 2017

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#446, Re-echo ©8/15, 73 x 66.5”, cotton, wool, digital jacquard, power loom woven, hand made felt

The power loom jacquards are woven on large industrial looms made accessible to the artist through digital technology. The loom and the personal computer can be linked through coded/programmed information generated through the use of certain image based software. Pixels viewed on the computer monitor correspond to the intersection (matrix) of threads on the loom and, as such, provide the blueprint for the woven output. A palette of color or value is determined through the calculation of weave structure formulas which

#453, Local Journey: Dry Air ©6/16, 57.5 x 57.5”, silk, linen, cotton, digital jacquard, hand woven TC2 loom, painted warp, shifted weft ikat

represent the interlacement of threads on the loom. The nuance of detail is a distinctive attribute of these weavings with high thread count. Janice Lessman-Moss received a BFA degree from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University (1979) and an MFA from the University of Michigan (1981). She is currently Professor of Crafts/Textile Art at Kent State University. Her work has been exhibited in England, Poland, Japan, Israel, China, The Netherlands, Korea, and extensively in the US, including solo shows


at the Museum of Fine Art and Culture, Las Cruces, New Mexico; the Kent State University Museum; William Busta Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio; and Marcus Gordon Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, among others. Two solo exhibits were held in Lodz, Poland. She has received grants from the Ohio Arts Council on numerous occasions and her work has been featured in national publications including American Craft and Fiberarts Magazine.

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