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Photo Courtesy of todd v The Angie Haze Project. (Pictured from left to right) Angie Haze, Meryl Hornyak, Gina Wilson, Justin Tibbs, Rik Williger and Chris Dudley.

Angie is a serious multi instrumentalist, as well. On any given evening, you may see her play piano, guitar, melodica, drums, and other percussive instruments. This may occur all at once, such as in her song Asleep or Awake. But, this is not a gimmick. Angie simply needs the song to include each of these voices. On other songs, such as Hey Kid in the Corner, she may simply play a guitar as she walks up to you with her giant blue eyes and stares right into your soul. It’s then that most people begin to feel their eyes well up in reaction to her vulnerable approach, begging you to open up your heart. I have worked with her for some time, but it never ceases to amaze me when this moment happens. Almost like a switch, you can hear the crowd reacting to this shared emotional experience.


Angie wants the world to know how important the arts are, and how they can even be life saving. She created an interactive artistic/ musical program called the Bigger Picture. The first production of the Bigger Picture happened late last year at the Miller South School of the Performing Arts. The program tasked these middle school children with the challenge of taking Angie’s music and expressing it through their own art. The result was a magical evening that is scheduled to air as an hour long special on Western Reserve PBS in April, 2017. (Check your local listings for that one.) It is Angie’s goal to expand this program to more schools, and perhaps even into her own performance space. It is her belief that once people find that connection to the arts, they will begin to see

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