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Angie Haze of The Angie Haze Project Photo Courtesy of Pezzo Photography

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First, a little background on Angie. She was born and raised right here in Northeast Ohio, and she is very proud of that fact. Angie knew as a toddler that music was going to be her vocation. At a very early age, she began writing, singing, and even producing her own music, using whatever tools she had at her disposal. If you have the pleasure of spending any time with Angie one on one, you will notice right away that she IS music. It flows from her at every turn. Many times during the course of a conversation, she will stop and focus on the subtlest of sounds that may be happening in her environment. Then you can see her begin to make something out of it. A beat. A melody. She may even write a song in full on a napkin. When inspiration strikes her, the world stops, and then, in an almost obsessive reaction, she has to let it flow out of her.