aroundkent Magazine Vol 13 2017

Page 34

Continued from page 33 taking a good walk every day, a Retriever, Terrier, or Boxer-type breed might fit your situation better. The point is to plan and get some good advice from an educated and appropriately trained animal professional. This last sentence is the key. Remember from the beginning; now let’s talk planning. Who would be someone that has appropriate training and education in the matters of all things dog related? Well, at the top of that list would be your local veterinarian, not Google, or Dr. Google, and probably not, the young person working, part-time retail, in the pet store. He or she will take full advantage of

selling you all the stuff you need last minute when you are standing there in a panic with your new family member. Number one on your list of things to do when looking for a pooch is establish a relationship with your local veterinarian. They have been educated in all the areas of your new pup’s health, from nutrition to preventative care. Ask your veterinarian what breeds would mesh well with your lifestyle and current living condition. Nutrition is a key component to your dog’s health; don’t buy the hype with the fad diets that use all the buzz words, like grain free, raw, raw-infused, gluten free, all natural, etc. These are all terms and diets that are geared towards

human fad diets; they have no relevance or scientific basis in canine health. Your veterinarian isn’t going to sell you a brand of food; they are going to recommend a food that is going to be beneficial to your pup’s health. Please remember that your local veterinarian is there to help you and your new pup through all life stages; puppy to adult to senior to the final day. Proper nutrition, vaccinations, and preventative care will ensure that you and your pup will have a good, long, healthy life together. Build a relationship with your local veterinarian, trust their expertise, and allow them to help you plan for the new furry family member.

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