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Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital at 7303 State Route 43 in Kent

Dr. Heather Wood

volume 13 | 2017 •

How to Pick the Right Pooch for You 32


hen you are looking for a new pup for the first time, there are many questions that you may have, but may not think of until after that puppy in the window has tugged those heart strings and the new edition to your family is sitting on your lap in the car going home. Now that Fido has become part of the family, he or she needs stuff. Thoughts of dog toys, beds, a crate, food, and usually, lastly, a veterinarian race through your head while en route to your home. Then panic sets in, so you detour to the local pet store. Toys, food, bed, a crate, perhaps make the panic list while you are standing in