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HOW WE CAN GET WYNDHAM MOVING by Petronella Boonen The ‘Get Wyndham Moving’ Campaign is well underway but your support is still needed.

‘Get Wyndham Moving’ Campaign has put forward a six-point plan to tackle the issue.

The campaign launched on March 20, with Dave Hughes acting as MC. Around 700 people attended despite the traffic delays and transport issues on the night.

The plan looks at the Metro Rail Capacity Project, East West Link, bus and train connection and services, level crossings and arterial roads.

The crowd could have been greater given the annual Altona Loop Forum was being held on the same night. Since then, there has been the ‘Race to the City’, the results iindicating cycling to the city from Point Cook can take 57 minutes, where catching public transport or driving will get you there around a half hour later. The council’s research has found traffic and transport congestion is nominated as the Wyndham community’s number one priority and as a result the

Wyndham Mayor, Cr Bob Fairclough, said the campaign’s aim is to get the community behind council to tell State and Federal politicians that we are serious about addressing congestion in Wyndham. “I’m calling on every Wyndham resident to get involved in this crucial campaign to get the State Government to invest in our transport infrastructure,” Cr Fairclough said. “Wyndham City has pledged $2 million over two years to get action on priority congestion projects, continued page 3

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FROM THE EDITOR As I write this, the rain has been falling outside all day, the cars are making that driving on wet road sound, I have the fire going and the weather has done a very obvious about face. The garden is not complaining I must admit, with my dying baby hedges out front looking a little more… green, I hope. Easter has been and gone and yes, I did overdo the chocolate. If I can’t make myself sick on chocolate during Easter, then when can I, really? We did the whole have friends and family over for a BBQ thing, so there was meat coming out of our rafters as we had managed to mess up our sausage numbers entirely. I hope you all managed to have a safe and enjoyable Easter.

I managed to get out and take look at an interesting exhibition at the Wyndham Cultural Centre Fonofale (Meeting House). Look it up on the net if you are into art see if it is the sort of thing you would like. We have had a couple of volunteers come forward to offer some writing help, I am keen to see what they plan to put forward for the next issue. If you are keen on doing some writing for the paper, or you get to a lot of local events and want to update people, please email me the story and a photo. Have a wonderful month, Regards Daniel Allen

PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER Welcome to the Merry month of May 2014. This is the month of the year when all those tiresome and pleasurable holiday long weekend moments are over until Melbourne Cup time when those of us fortunate to do so can take extra leave on Friday and have another beaut long weekend. Listening to the news the main item is obviously the Royal visitors, our Tasmanian Princess and her husband drew great excitement from Royalist and Republican alike with the main news item being the sellout of every copy of the dress worn by this Australian beauty. Also the passing of N.S.W. former Premier, Neville Wran, with much interest in the work he had done and the improvements created through his efforts.

‘The best thing about the working class is getting out of it!’ So there is obviously some substance from the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed Gen Y Support Group current project whose motto could easily be: ‘If you can’t get a job Give yourself one’ ‘We’ll show you how’ 18 Free Traineeships available-contact Gordon email: lescinsky1@fastmail. com

I liked this quote accredited to him:

ABN 54 145 436 804 Advertising:


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Louise 0403 191 084


lobby the State Government through their budget process and the coming November 2014 election and fast-track key road and transport works with financial contributions from Council.” Infrastructure hasn’t kept up with our population growth and hasn’t for many years. Wyndham is the fastest growing municipality in Victoria, with 80 families moving here each week. At the same time, long, crowded train trips and stand-stills on our roads have resulted in some residents deciding to leave. Long time resident Jacqui Mallia said traffic congestion had a great deal to do with her decision to move out of Werribee.

with heavy congestion on the roads in and out of Point Cook made us decide to sell up and move away from the outer western suburbs all together,” she said. Maintenance and upgrades cost real money and with a current population of 187,788 set to grow to 332,241 in 2031, we as a community can have a strong voice to lobby our Federal and State Government demanding they allocate adequate funding for what is an essential part of everyday life in Wyndham. Lots of information can be found at http://www. or check out

“I have worked in Altona for around ten years and I’ve watched the traffic congestion double or maybe triple,” she said. “People were becoming more frustrated on the roads and sometimes it took me one and a half hours to get to work where ten years ago it only took thirty to forty minutes with traffic!” Moving out of Point Cook, Lisa Teo and her family found the difficulties in their daily commute outweighed the benefits of moving to the area. “We bought in Point Cook and lived there for three years but a lack of efficient public transport coupled


DON’T HESITATE TO GIVE US A CALL: Daniel 0408 659 940 Will 0449 834 359 Louise 0403 191 084



Cadbury has once again exceeded all expectations with its’ annual Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic at the Werribee Mansion this year. Being the largest Easter Egg Hunt in Australia, high demand for the tickets was evident in how quickly tickets for the event sold out. The proceeds from the event went directly to the Good Friday Appeal; an annual fundraiser in support for the work of The Royal Children’s Hospital. In the last 13 years the event has taken place, the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt has raised almost $1 million towards this renowned cause. Despite weather conditions casting a doubt of going home without chocolate, the high spirits of children


and volunteers alike lifted the overall mood of the event creating a competitive and wholesome atmosphere. Narrator and event presenter Stig from Live at The Library introduced the first ever Grandparents Category to the hunt, attracting a large crowd and some lively participants. Bunny ears and egg-collecting buckets in tow, many walked out with full buckets much to the delight of younger family members. Frank (84) was kindly given a ‘head-start’ in his hunting endeavours. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the children’s hunts. Starting with the three year olds (with parental assistance) up until the 12 year old category, the day rolled out with over one million Cadbury chocolate eggs being distributed in each of the four hunting pens. Every child was guaranteed a considerable amount of chocolate in their bucket, and depending on the child’s individual speed and agility, even more so, with extra support from the brilliant Cadbury volunteers. Live performances and celebrity appearances from the Easter Bunny himself all contributed to the overall success of the event, attracting both local and interstate participants alike. Predictions have been made that next year tickets to the event will sell out in only a matter of hours, so be sure to get in early! Bailey Allen


3 KEYS TO BUILDING RESILIENT YOUTHS According to statistics from youth surveys cited on the website of Youth Beyond Blue • Only 8% of high school students had optimal levels of resilience to protect them against engaging in violence, alcohol abuse and school dropout. • The top issues of concern to young people in 2012 were coping with stress, school or study problems, body image, family conflict and depression. • Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people aged 14-24. • 75% of adult mental health disorders emerge before the age of 25. What more can we do to help our young people cope with the stress and pressure of life? One way is to help every youth become an empowered and resilient individual. Meaning of resilience defines resilience as the ‘ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy’. A resilient person bounces back fairly quickly, recognizing that “This too shall pass”; a person with low resilience gives up easily, thinking “This is too hard”. Why resilience matters Imagine Wyndham City as a community full of young people who have • A strong sense of wellbeing and satisfaction • The ability to cope with the challenges that are part of growing up • Confidence and self-belief • An awareness that they have choices and the power to choose wisely How would we go about building resilience into our young people? One way is to use the three R’s of Relationships, Resourcefulness, Responsibility. Three Keys to Resilience in Youths 1. Relationships – having emotionally healthy relationships with self, peers and adults increases resilience With self Know that you are unconditionally loved and worthy, unique, full of potential, with a purpose and calling in the world. Accept your imperfections, know your limits, recognize that much of what you know and how you behave is based on hearsay, opinion, emotion and beliefs. When you have an emotionally healthy relationship with yourself, you don't need everyone to like you; you know it's not all about you anyway. With peers –


We give some people too much power over us, practically hero worshipping them, while undervaluing others who are different from us or whom we simply do not like. If you have an emotionally healthy sense of self, it makes it easier to have healthy relationships with your peers. The Golden Rule: do unto others what you would want others to do unto you, is a great guide to help us remember that despite differences in appearance, culture, upbringing and beliefs, we are all part of the human family. With adults and authority figures – Guess what? Adults make mistakes too. They do not have all the answers; they have their own struggles and limitations. Having an emotionally healthy relationship with adults allows us to learn from them and to respect that they have something to teach us, even if we do not like them, get them or agree with them. 2) Resourcefulness – It's not how much resources you have that helps you cope; it's how resourceful you are. A resourceful person solves problems. An unresourceful person complains about the problem and waits for someone else to handle it. A resourceful person says “Let’s keep trying. If this doesn’t work, we’ll try another way.” An unresourceful person says “This is too hard” and stops trying. Instead of saying no because you haven’t figured out the solution, say yes – then work out how. 3) Responsibility - Taking responsibility for your results every time is a good way to boost resilience. The opposite of taking responsibility is blame, excuses, stories, reasons, cop-outs, procrastination, and perfectionism. Taking responsibility is about stepping up, backing yourself 100% and hanging in there because you know the outcome will be worth it. Albert Einstein once said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." If we want a community with leaders and members who are strong, confident, able to engage with others meaningfully and who are responsible leaders of themselves and others, now is the time to start. Together we can build that community, one resilient youth at a time. BIO Serena Low is a career coach and workshop facilitator who specializes in positive life skills and emotionally healthy parenting. To find out when the next Emotionally Healthy Parenting seminar is, go to by Serena Low



COME ONE, COME ALL TO WYNDHAM CITY’S ‘YOUR RATES SHOWCASE’ Are you getting value from your rates? Do you want to know more about how your rates are spent? Then come along to the ‘Your Rates Showcase’ on Monday, 12th May at 6.45pm and discover the myriad of services and facilities that Council offers and what is planned for 2014/215. Residents are invited to come along and find out about the projects and activities planned for the 2014/15 financial year.

Wyndham Mayor Cr Bob Fairclough said many residents are unaware of the breadth of services and facilities that Council offers so this will be a great opportunity to learn about our services and provide feedback on what Council has planned for 2014/15. For more information, contact Wyndham City on 9742 0777.

Council will consider the draft budget and City Plan at the beginning of the evening. Residents will have an opportunity find out more about what is planned and provide feedback. Wyndham City will have display booths and will provide interactive and first- hand information about the different services, facilities and major projects that Council provides.


MAGPIES NEST LAVERTON MAGPIES FOOTBALL CLUB Welcome to our monthly instalment of the “Magpies Nest” in Around Point Cook, Hoppers and Altona.

Best Players: S. Bell, J. Wiese, S. McCann, S. Mizzi, D. Mitchell, S. Hogan

I am pleased to announce that our playing group numbers have now reached in excess of 75 which when considering where the club was at a month ago is nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to everyone who has come along to help the club survive.

Reserves R 1

The results of the first two rounds would indicate that we are a little way off being competitive in the short term however with the new found enthusiasm around the club we are sure that our fortunes will change as the season progresses and the players get fitter and also get to know one another. Seniors R 1 Laverton 4. 1. 25 v Caroline Springs 36. 19. 235 Goal Kickers: R. Schultz, A. Abdo, R. Mulroy, J. Bublenik Best Players: J. Macdonald, D. Mitchell, R. Garvey, S. Mizzi, R. Males, R. Rd 2 Laverton

1. 1. 7 v Wyndhamvale 27. 19. 181

Goal Kickers: R. Schultz


Laverton 0. 1. 1 v Caroline Springs

Best Players: S. Bell, T. Aspland, S. Fear, A. Abdo, A. ElDunawi, M. O''Brian Laverton Rd 2 0. 0. 0 v Wyndhamvale 42. 22. 274 Best Players: T. Miles, T. Aspland, L. Mitchell, R. Dickson, J. Ballestrino, B. Retallick Training is on Tuesdays & Thursday at 6pm. New players are welcome to come down and join our family friendly club. Again if interested in signing up for this season please feel free to contact any of the people below. Chris “Diesel” Smith (Senior Coach) 0425 716778 John Ballestrino (Reserve Coach)

0409 138921

President Scott Mizzi on 0401 403728 or our Aus Kick coordinator Jake Ballestrino on 0413 767325. Trainers still required – If anyone is interested in joining us as a trainer please contact Scott Mizzi on 0401 403728 John Ballestrino

A WORD FROM JILL HENNESSY MP I am concerned about the provision of health care in the west. Whether it’s the ability to access an emergency department when required or undergo surgery in a timely manner, these are issues of great importance to members of the community and to me. People expect that if they need one, an ambulance will be there to assist them in their time of need and that upon presentation at a hospital, an ambulance won’t be required to sit there for hours in a queue waiting to move you into the emergency department. Our ambulance service is under-resourced and paramedics under-valued. They deserve better and the public deserves better. It’s about time the Napthine Government ended its protracted fight with ambulance paramedics about wages and conditions. The dispute should end today.

pressure on a health system already struggling to cope. These cuts will have a terrible impact locally. At Western Health, $16.5 million will be ripped out over the next three years, enough to pay for 30 hospital beds, or 177 nurses or over 3100 surgeries. In the case of Mercy Public Hospitals, which includes Werribee Mercy, cuts of over $8.3 million will hit hard. These funds could have supported 15 new beds or 89 nurses or over 1500 surgeries. This is not a time for taking money out of the system. Our growing communities in the west require greater investment. To show your support and sign the petition, go to www. Of course, if you or your family are struggling to get the health care you need, don’t hesitate to contact me on 9395 0221.

If it doesn’t, Labor in office will formally recognise the value of our paramedics and seek to have the dispute resolved in the Fair Work Commission. Labor will work in partnership with paramedics to reduce ambulance delays and improve the entire system. If elected, we will immediately commence a process to make sure paramedics are appropriately paid for the vital work they perform. I’m also deeply worried about the effect of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s decision to slash $277 million from Victoria’s hospitals which will heap even more



WYNDHAM’S YOUNG ACHIEVER RIDES TO VICTORY Nicole Kidman isn’t the only one who got their start on a BMX. 23-year-old Werribee resident, and BMX rider, Jordan Morgan has won the 2014 Wyndham Young Achiever of the Year Award. Jordan, who is a member and track coordinator of the Wyndham Warriors BMX Club, assists with coaching both younger and older riders, and is currently working on the redevelopment of the Werribee BMX track. He also has a range of on track achievements, including five times state champion, three times national champion, finishing second in the 2013 PRA PDA Tour Series, and at the National Championships in Brisbane. He has also competed in the World Championships three times, making it into the Final Top 8 each time. His best world ranking was number 2, which he gained at the 2011 UCI World Championships in Copenhagen. He is currently the defending world number 3, and competes in the 1724 age class for men, the toughest contested class. Chaffey Ward Councillor, Marie Brittan, who was at last week’s Awards Presentation Evening, said Jordan was a worthy recipient of the Young Achiever of the Year Award. “Jordan is a fantastic role model for our young sports people and shows what can be achieved through hard work and commitment,” Cr Brittan said. “Jordan has shown tremendous dedication to his sport, training five days a week while working full

time over the past four years, writing his own training and nutrition plans, and even training and competing through numerous injuries and broken bones.” “Although used to tough contests in his BMX riding, the Young Achiever of the Year was also a competitive field which demonstrates the amazing depth of talent and endeavour Wyndham has within its young people.” “With almost 20 per cent of Wyndham’s population aged between 12-24, we are committed to providing a wide range of services and programs to support them. From our Mayoral Youth Awards and Young Achiever of the Year to recognise the outstanding achievements of our young people, through to school holiday programs and Friday night dance events at our Youth Resource Centre.” “I would like to congratulate Jordan and wish him well in his BMX career.” The Young Achiever Award is chosen from the year’s Mayoral Youth Award winners. The Mayoral Youth Award winners are chosen from the field of Sports; Music, Arts, Media and Culture and Community Service, Volunteering and Leadership and receive $500 to go towards their chosen field. For more information on the Young Achiever Award or the Mayoral Youth Awards, visit http://youth. or contact the Youth Resource Centre on 8734 1355.


THE LEGO MOVIE REVIEW parents are usually left with a mild headache. Then came The Lego Movie! An exercise in pure imagination, this film takes the term Block Buster as literally as it can. Children and adults alike are invited into the world of an ordinary Lego construction worker, Emmett, otherwise known as The Special, and taken on a journey that defies description. Licensing allows the creators of this brilliant film, full access to a cavalcade of heroes from Batman, Superman and Dumbledore, through to Han Solo, the NBA All-Stars and Abraham Lincoln. With school holidays, comes school holiday movie releases. The usual plight of the parent is to sit through uninspired animations, rehashing the same old stories we have heard a million times before. The kids are entertained for 90 minutes or so, but


A clearly enthusiastic vocal cast is led brilliantly, by the voice to end all voices - Morgan Freeman. The film’s theme song declares in infectiously, cheerful tones, that ‘Everything is Awesome!’ Never a truer song has been sung. Melissa Longo

Garden page

ROSA MERMAID model for this watercolour was “pinched” from a front garden near our home. An arched stem (I did say this rose is vigorous) was dangling over the public footpath at exactly the time I was contemplating another painting for my Beautiful Blooms calendar. I couldn’t resist helping myself to a small specimen. Of course, I told myself, I was doing a service to everyone else who strolls around our neighbourhood. By cutting that small piece, it would no longer obstruct their morning walks!

Rosa Mermaid, raised by William Paul and released in 1918, was the result of a cross between the species rose, Rosa bracteata, and a double yellow Tea Rose. It is a very vigorous climber with vicious thorns and very large voluptuous creamy-yellow flowers with bold burnt orange to red stamens. I had seen a reference to this rose in “What Rose is That?” and longed to find a specimen to paint. The

Oh, I should add that I was fairly certain this was Rosa Mermaid as descriptions in my reference books and on the internet fitted this plant to perfection. Then, two years after I had completed the calendar, I saw the owners working in their front garden and admitted to stealing a few of their flowers. They confirmed my assumption. “Yes. This is Rosa Mermaid!” Helene Wild


LAUGHTER CLUB – AN INTERESTING OPTION Laughter is the Best medicine. Is it? Do you believe this? Do you laugh every day? The answer is, for most of us, Yes but not many people really know why, except that we always feel better when laughing. In 2004 I trained as a Laughter Yoga leader with a Geelong lady Phillipa Challis who was the first person in Australia ever to start Laughter Clubs. However, Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs began in 1995 with the founder Dr Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri. I trained with these two wonderful people beginning 2006, when they both stayed in my home. Later I travelled to India and stayed with them, attending laughter sessions and also presenting all over India. I have trained, observed and experienced that as children we can laugh at nearly anything and become joyful easily but as we grow and become adults we become more serious and laugh less. Some of us even forget to laugh at all, even while watching or listening to comedies.

Do you know that we are not born with a sense of humour? We are lucky if we are born into a family who has developed a sense of humour. Even if we think we can not laugh or do not have a sense of humour, we can develop our own unique sense of humour. It only takes training, like training for exercise. The more we do something, the easier and more natural it becomes. Over the ten years i’ve been leading Laughter Clubs and working with Laughter Yoga, I have become a Laughaholic, I laugh naturally like a child and my life has become more joyful and happy. The body does not know the difference from fake laughter and real laughter, so when we do any fake laughter, the body thinks it is real and creates the same natural chemical cocktail as with natural laughter. This strengthens the immune system, lowers heart rate, pulse rate and lowers blood pressure. It relieves depression, relieves pain, keeps our stress levels down and most of all creates joy and Happiness. Even with the simple chant, Ho Ho Ha Ha ha... our body believes we are naturally laughing. Any laughter is good but laughter needs to be continues for at least 10 minutes for the benefits to effect the body. I have noticed that even while watching comedies most people do not laugh continuously. Even a fake smile, effects the body in a positive way, try it right now. You deserve to laugh, to be healthy and happy. Happiness does not come from having things, it comes from living in the moment, having gratitude and choosing to be happy right now. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha. Whatever you do, take laughter with you. I have started a Free laughter Club, at Cherry Lake, Millers Road, Altona 10a.m. every Saturday. We meet near the BBQ Rotunda at 10am then move over near the lake to laugh. Carolyn Nicholson Laughter Leader/Trainer/Coach Founder/Leader Cherry Laughter Club Dip. Counseling. A.I.P.C. Cert 4. Community Services Editor: This sounds fantastic. Thank you for spreading the word. I’ll try to get there myself!


In Brief


It is available for people over the age of 45, nearing retirement and retired. We offer a range of activities organised by the convenors. These include book club, caravanning, double 15 dominoes, games, gardening, golf, mahjong, meet and eat, movies, photography, stitch and bitch and walking.

Every Friday night we have Happy Hour in the MBar at the ISCW, where the Friday Night Raffle has become an institution. It gives people an opportunity to meet other members of the club on a social basis and its a great way to end the week. For further information contact 9741 1225.


Attention local trivia buffs! Teams of up to 8 invited to enter our trivia night fundraiser for Parkinson’s Victoria so they can support those affected by the condition. $120 per table, supper provided, plenty of great prizes on offer. Friday May 9th 7.30pm at

Wayaperri House, 106 Duncans Rd, Werribee. Proudly brought to you by the Queens Guide Association, Wyndham. Bookings essential, contact Christine 0429 962 242 or email

WERRIBEE AND DISTRICTS CANCER SUPPORT GROUP We are a positive, uplifting, supportive group for all cancer patients, carers, family and friends. All welcome for a cuppa and chat on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Wayaperri House, 106 Duncans Road, Werribee. Monthly meetings occasionally include guest speakers, or are held over dinner and

creative and therapeutic activities can be arranged upon interest shown. Contact Steve Marburg (Convenor) on 0418 587 086 or by email on or by post at PO Box 4405 Hoppers Crossing 3029 or you can contact Koula on 9734 6498.

WERRIBEE U3A We are an activity group for semi and retired persons. Come and enjoy lots of different courses and meet new people with similar interests.

Perhaps you may have a skill that you could share with members.

We also have monthly outings to places of interest.

Ring Loretta on 9749 1093.

All are welcome.


CHANCE ENCOUNTER I saw her at the deli Selecting a piece of cheese; She was so painfully pretty That I buckled at the knees. Was it love or was it lust? It really doesn’t matter, For a man will do what he must: I really had to meet her. She had hair the colour of maize And full lips that were ruby red; Her figure did me amaze: My eyes flew out of my head. Like a puppy, I was drooling Over the front of my new suit; I was on fire; that’s no fooling: This girl was well beyond cute. I followed her out of the place, And though it was rather risky, (I could easily fall on my face), I was feeling rather frisky. I said to her, “How do you do? “I’m John; my friends call me Johnnie; “I would like to get to know you; “Would you like a cup of coffee?” She said, “My name is Rosemary, “But all my friends call me May; “You look like a nice guy to me; “A cup of tea would be okay.” ‘Twas on a Friday that we met, In Wollongong, New South Wales; There followed a weekend I’ll not forget, But I’ll spare the salacious details. It’s forty years since I met my wife; We were married one month later; Most of the joy I’ve had in life I owe to that chance encounter. Jack Nystrom, Tuesday, 16 October, 2012. 18

Hoppers Xing kids

It’s All in the Stars Constellation





























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Community Newspaper Issue 15, May 2014

Around Hoppers Crossing 15  

Community Newspaper Issue 15, May 2014